Monday, November 30, 2015

10th Beta Anniversary!

Happy 10th Beta Anniversary everyone!

There's a special Monday release in celebration! Log in now and visit Symone to help Elysia, Sir Junn, and Twilly aleve the creeping Dark sickness that fell over Falconreach and Oaklore when Valtrith's dark missile exploded at the end of the war!

DragonFable Anniversary Breaking Down

If you need help finding items, shadow dragon666 has the info you need

Celebration Shops
The 10th Anniversary shops kick off with two very special helms from oishii! As this week rolls on we have a scythe from Cysero, a sword from True Mortal, and more items from Dracelix, Tomix, and other artists that will get added! 

DragonFable Anniversary Twilly and Zorbak heads 
Helms from oishii! 

COMING SOON: A scythe from Cysero!

COMING SOON: A sword from True Mortal!

The Black Friday, Twig's Marker, and Half-Off Shops are also located in the Celebration Shops page in your Book of Lore! The Ebony Early Bird Wings, Dark War God Helm, and the Half of a Goldfish cape have been added to the Black Friday Shops!