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June 13, 2015


Retro Arcade Game Made in a Day

If you thought Flappy Bird was hard, you gotta try this app. It is hard, retro, hard, simple and super hard. Lasting 10 seconds pretty much means you are a gaming god. Tell you what. Get over 1,000 points and the entire internet will bow down before you claiming you are the ultimate gaming god of the universe.



Hurl down a wormhole in an 8-bit spaceship… that has a proven track record of exploding… in this retro arcade runner (technically speaking, a space-time continuum flyer). Your only goal is to survive as long as possible. The longer you last, the faster you go, and the higher your score climbs.

Simple, right? HA!

Survive breakneck turns as you dash through geometric wormholes that will shatter your spaceship — and hopes of a high score.

Luckily for you, you have infinite lives (and, apparently, an amazing mechanic), so you can replay the game without hesitation or remorse for the rocket you just destroyed seven seconds earlier.


  • Amazing 8-bit graphics
  • Classic arcade soundtrack
  • Simple yet skillful tap button controls
  • Original gold coin collecting system (no one’s ever done that before, right?)
  • Colorful and vivid 3D geometry cubes that change color like WOAH
  • Infinite lives! You don’t even need to be a cat (wait, what?)
  • Unlock new rockets and spaceships featuring state of the art pixel art
  • Totally free! But we make you watch an ad every once in awhile, ‘cuz, you know, someone has to pay your spaceship mechanic bill…

This ridiculously hard twitch game was created as an overnight project by Rolith and the CRIT Team at Artix Entertainment. May you enjoy countless hours of frustratingly, addictively-beautiful space-travel with VelocityAE!

velocity arcade mobile game

velocity arcade mobile game

Share Your High Scores!

If you think you can beat my high score, or Cysero's, or Rolith's - show us!  VelocityAE is up on the iTunes App Store and Google Play store right now.

Please show Rolith and his hard work some love by giving VelocityAE 5-stars and help us spread the word, then tweet screenshots of your runs to RolithArtix, or Cysero!

Rolith's Surprise Mobile Game Release: The Story

If you’re a long-time player of Artix games, then you probably recognize this fellow.That’s Rolith, our resident code monkey. He’s been Artix’s longest coder, cracking away at DragonFable in 2006, and has dabbled in just about every Artix game ever since.

But, man, Rolith LOVES his job. When he’s not typing code at breakneck speeds here at the Secret Underground Lab, he’s at home writing even more ridiculous code “for funsies” (Rolith’s words exactly). I bet his dreams are in C#.

So it should come to no surprise that Rolith decided to make a game in his spare time... because, funsies. So one night, Rolith started building something he was really passionate about (retro arcade runners), and 24 hours later… VelocityAE was born.

But before anyone could ask him why, Rolith quickly pulled aside Cysero and Korin, asking for their help to build some assets for his overnight game. Cysero whipped up the 8-bit artwork for the spaceships and Korin was on 3D mesh duty.

“Have you told Artix about your game, Rolith?” Cysero asked. “Um, No...” whispered Rolith, “Don’t tell Artix about Velocity yet. 


Finally Rolith approached Artix and said, “I know you got a ton of games coming out this summer, but what would you say if I had one ready to go…. right now?”

A skeptically-curious Artix was given Rolith’s iPhone and he started playing. He died 3 seconds later. “Hard. Retro. ...and SUPER HARD!” exclaimed Artix as he spent the next 17 minutes replaying the game over and over again, trying to beat his high score. He didn’t last longer than 10 seconds. “I love this! How long until we can release it for the players”

Rolith smirked. Artix went o_O, leaned in and asked, “Did you, uh… already submit it?” Rolith was taken aback. “Should I have waited?” “No, no…. this is great!” Artix reaffirmed. “At least you did not use your spare time to making another game about Ponies! Let it go live secretly, we can make fixes and then tell the whole world about this!"

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February 16, 2013

Rolith's Bachelor Party

Looooongest day ever! Rolith is sick, Alina is sick, Verlyrus is the most amazing person ever helping us code on his birthday (so totally wish him happy birthday), Tomix was up until 4am his time working on the cutscenes, Dracelix made another weapon for you guys, and Cronix did last minute awesome art on the ninjas today too (after creating the ghouls as his first ever monsters last week and the Alina monster this week) before he had to go! It's been a craaaaaazy day! 

Now, though, you get to play through the real-life-inspired quest of Rolith's Bachelor Party! Artix did an amzing job planning the real life event and has even more to tell you and show you!

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October 21, 2012

The Future Looks Bright

And we've got all the time in the world to enjoy it!

We're MARRIED! Man, it has been a CRAZY adventure getting to this day. The wedding took a lot of planning, work, and help from friends. And you guys were a big part of getting it all started!

Rolith and I have known each other since 2007, when we were both working for Artix Entertainment remotely. We talked a lot online, and worked really well together, but neither of us knew we would work SO well together that we'd want to spend the rest of our lives with each other - playing, working, and building a future. In joining the AE crew, we found friends (who grew to be as close as family) and got to create games for all of you!

It's not a real party unless you've saved the world first!

Building a friendship starts with shared interests, and one of the things we both love is playing videogames with great stories. And getting to share that love with you guys gave us even more enjoyment... and more things to talk about. (After I transferred to the AQW team in 2011, some of the topics changed, but we just had more news to go over at the end of the day.)

After DragonFable players learned of our engagement in 2009 (and got to play the EPIC proposal cutscene Rolith and Ghost made), we've been flooded with support from the AE community.

Codemonkey (and codemonkey balloon*) thank you!

All of that led up to this October. We have had an INSANE month here at the Lab. In between working with everyone to get the Artix Entertainment 10th anniversary / AQWorlds 4th birthday / the Alina and Rolith in-game wedding event / fixing bugs and planning future releases... I ALSO had to make sure our real-life wedding happened and that we both survived to enjoy it!

But no wedding between AE team members could go as planned, of course! At the wedding rehearsal on Friday, we found the boat still being built. The crew was sanding tables, nailing down carpet, varnishing wood trim. (That sounds a lot like a standard Friday at the Lab - cleaning up code, nailing down item art, vanishing bugs!)

The server hamsters run EXTRA-fast on Fridays!

When we got there on Saturday for the wedding, the boat had been turned into a floating palace-ballroom and Rolith and I were treated like the King and Queen (sorry King Alteon)! Polished woodwork, candles, peacock feathers, the works. But every palace needs at least one knight in armor... and every bride needs to be prepared for unexpected surprises!

Artix (the best man) and I are ready to take on any party-crashing bugs!

It was a magical night, something out of a fairy-tale... or a fantasy RPG! Rolith and I danced, blew bubbles off the side of the boat, danced more, ate cake, and had an incredibly fun time with our family and friends! (There was even time to sing him his wedding present!)

Geopetal made a Tog-shaped Groom's Cake!

The entire night - and the entire time leading up to this amazing night - is going to be something neither of us ever forgets. We are so excited to officially start our lives together, and we're so excited that you all saved Artix Entertainment's games before Friday so you'd have time to make our in-game wedding go off without a hitch (so that we could GET hitched)!

Rolith says "This picture file shall be saved as Kissyface.jpg!"

Thank you all so much for supporting us as we've battled through bugs, bad luck, and unforeseen surprises and cheering us on as we've worked to bring you epic releases and the crazy stories that go along with them! We're looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together... and to building an awesomely-epic future with our family, friends, and you!

* Codemonkey balloon by the talented Beleen!

PS: Both Rolith and I REALLY want to get a wedding release in DragonFable finished. As soon as we have the time, we will put that together for you all to celebrate with us! In the meantime, please enjoy the Alina/Rolith wedding shop in Falconreach!

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Code Monkey
October 18, 2012

Out of Time

How’s it going guys?  It’s been a while.  I wanted to stop by and give you a heads up as to what’s going on with me and DragonFable lately. 

As many of you know I’ve been helping out with Oversoul as it gets ready for beta.  I’ve been working on the Server while Warlic has been making great strides on the server.  That said, DF is still my number-one priority whenever possible.  We’re making great progress into Book 3, and while I’d like to be keeping up the to-do list in front of me is very very long.

Here’s a list of things I am not sworn to secrecy about and are on there.  These are not ordered by priority, and not all may be accomplished “soon” but will hopefully all be accomplished.

  • Mogloween Badge Bugs – I’ve got to play through all of Mogloween 100% legitimately to test the fixes I’m working on for these.  I’ve been doing that while live streaming with you guys (Follow me on Twitter to see when those happen) but it’s a big process. We’ve had a LOT of Mogloween content to play through and a lot of masks to unlock.
  • Warmonger badges – These require a special unique bit of code that we don’t have in the engine, and new engine builds are usually pretty big projects.
  • New Badges added to the Character Pages.
  • Fixes for DragonLord, both sound and color customization issues. – This is being held up by Ghost’s recent computer issues.  We were trying to make sure we weren’t walking over each other’s progress on them and are still trying to sync up. 
  • Fixing the boat minigame for the bay release.
  • Player Created Content design finalized – The new plans for Player Created content are a massive improvement over the original goals and still very much in the cards.  But it’s also such a large scale project that we more or less need it 100% designed before we really start getting involved.

There’s a lot of other things that need doing, but the major one (Pyromancer) is already in Verlyrus’ capable hands.  He’s making huge progress and we’re loving Tomix’s animations on them.

There is one other thing... Something small.  I’m forgetting it.  Man…

Oh Right!:

  • I’m getting married to Alina in a week!

That puts a lot of the rest of my todo list in a bit of a perspective, huh?  I’ve been running around the state of Florida (home of the Secret Underground Lab) and calling people across the continent to make sure everyone we can manage will be able to be here in comfort and style for our wedding.  It’s been a long, crazy, process that started over 2 years ago.

Now, it comes to the point of the design notes I’ve been dreading.  There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll be blunt:  I ran out of time.  There were big plans to get a wedding event in both AQW and DF now that Alina is running AQW’s releases and I’m lead coder on DragonFable, but things just aren’t going to work out.  I’m not going to have time to get a wedding event in DragonFable.  There will be a huge party in AQW, written by my lovely wife-to-be, but DF’s not going to have one by Friday.

Alina tells me she won't accept that answer, but I've convinced her to wait until AFTER the wedding to try to put something together. She needs to stay as sane as I do.

It stinks, but it’s the only way I’ll be getting through this week happy and as calm as possible.  We love you guys, and thank you immensely, and I’m sorry I’m disappointing so many of you. Alina promises that she'll have a Wedding Shop in Falconreach for you, though, so look for that this Friday! (Remember the Cysero wedding shop? It'll be like that.)

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October 05, 2012

Locks, Books and Bugs!

Well, unfortunately, some things went BOOM this week! So, we're not going to be freeing those docks just yet....

What we wanted to do for this week was present you with this!

Where you can capture a ship from The Rose and then explore Falconreach Bay! You would be able to visit a few of the islands in Bay and eventually make your way to other towns (though Verteroche doesn't look so welcoming...) and Deep Water Fish off of your boat!

As we realized today though, as I heard the sounds of mixed laughter and crying coming from Rolith's Coding Lair and Emporium... this ship exploration engine was one of the very first things that Rolith ever helped to build, along with Warlic and Ghost.

And that this can happen.

So, now that Rolith finally has his hands on the engine, he's going to fix it and break it and twist it and break it some more and squash some bugs and then the other bugs that popped up and then you will be able to go saaaaaaailing!

For This Week!
For this week, though, the Mogloween Storybook is available through your quest log! You'll be able to replay, or catch up on, the previous Mogloween stories. See if you can race with Rolith and get all the masks before he can fix the badges!

That Storage Closet in Oaklore... you know the one... rusty, complicated lock... you need to be level 999 to enter... think you can break in? Pick that lock? I dunno... it looks like hours of work to just get into an empty closet. If you do decide to try for it, make sure to write down the combination... though, I'm sure that nothing but more dust gathered in that closet between Book 1 and Book 3... right?

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Code Monkey
July 31, 2012

My Long-Term To-Do List


  • Alex Saga reward
  • War finale
  • Player-created quests (back on my to-do list!)
  • Wedding event

PS - Sorry I haven't been talkative lately. Lots to do on other projects. Server coding is boring.

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June 08, 2012

Happy Birthday DragonFable

Hey guys!  Just dropping in to let you know you should go check out the all-new, MUCH more titanically-awesome DragonLord class, which Ghost and I put a LOT of effort into.

This new skill set is not finalized.  I'm still working on tweaking the skills and powers, so expect buffs and debuffs next week. But I can promise that it will be worthy of the noble Order of DragonLords. A DragonLord should feel powerful! That's the whole point of commanding a dragon, right? We hope you enjoy it!

One last Happy Birthday from me. Thanks for all the memories you've helped create these last 6 years; I can't imagine where I would be, or the rest of the DF team, without your support!

Now I'm going to go take some allergy medicine and sleep.  

Alina Edit: Rolith went to bed shortly after writing the previous Design Notes. A few minutes ago I got an instant message which read:

Rolith says (11:17 PM)
Wrote the dsign notes happy birthday typos
need you to fix them make it sound happy

Rolith says (11:18 PM)
where's my cake? geo said cake

Alina says (11:20 PM)
Go back to sleep. I'll make sure they can understand your Happy Birthday Design Notes!
We don't have cake, but you can poke geo for some tomorrow.

Rolith says (11:20 PM)
Dragon-shaped caaaaaaaaaaake! Make it happen.

Happy birthday, DragonFable players! It's been a fantastic six years full of fighting, friends, and FANTASTIC stories! Thank you all for staying with us and supporting us as the game grows!

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January 24, 2012

DoomKnight Lvl 80 Tier Among Other Things!

Hey guys, just a quick check in to let you know if you're one of the people racing to level 80, you'll have the level 80 tier DoomKnight items awaiting you now.  If you have already hit 80 (wow!), then they'll be in your inventory the next time you log in!

Now I figured I'd also take some time to share some VERY INTERESTING numbers.

Total Players Created: 42294053 (since DF Beta)
Number of Players at or above old level cap: 11521 (Lvl 70+)
Percentage of players that made the levelcap: 0.000272402364%  
Number of people who made 80 28 (in last two weeks)

I love those kinds of numbers, and thought you guys would like to know them, too!

Right now, we are working on some tools to make Chapter 2 more interesting while continuing the clean up of Chapter 1, so it helps to keep track of things like how many players are at each of the different levels. Level 40 seems to be about the average for completing Chapter 1's main storyline. 

Forum question: What level are YOU, and how long did it take you to get there? How many hours a week do you play, and do you just play through the release, or farm for the epic rewards? Let us know on the Forum!

Cya on Twitter, too!

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Code Monkey
December 29, 2011

The PA Plague and other Unhappyness

Two weeks ago I snuck out of the underground lab a week early to get a head start on my holiday wanderings.  My brother graduated college and I was determined to be there if at all possible.  A week later Alina joined me and since than we've been bouncing between families, extended families, and one flight halfway across the country.  During these wanderings I caught what I'm calling the PA Plague, a wicked sinus infection that has left me still reeling almost a week later.  

That said, I've been hard at work on four things for you guys.  

  • A fun micro-challenge for the final quest of this week
  • An insane boss fight using a feature we haven't used since a holiday many years ago (let's see if the current engine can handle it!)
  • One is the ChronoCorruptor class you guys have been taking a look at for the last couple of days
  • And the last is this year's Frostval present, the Togslayer Armor. (Those of you who have been around for a while might know exactly how amusing that sentence was for me to type.)

Here comes the point in the design notes where the two different topics come slamming together.

While I'm having a lot of fun getting the monsters and quest ready for you guys (it still could be a late one, we'll be doing things rarely done in the game)  I don't think we'll be getting the classes out when we originally planned.  My plague has left me cloudy-headed and without much of a mind for the complicated process of designing and implementing the epic skills necessary to make these classes EXPLODE on your screens.  

Once this vile debuff wears off, rest assured we'll be releasing the class as I finish each skill so you guys can be included in it's design. That way, you will be able to provide ample feedback and input for the entire process.

It's really unfortunate that this plague had to infect me NOW, but both of these classes have amazing animations and I want to give them the time, attention and finesse they deserve, even if one of them is really, really* silly.

* Really, really, really... Really, really, really - *deep breath* REALLY, REALLY, REALLY silly.

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Code Monkey
December 21, 2011

Twas the Wednesday Before Frostval

And all through the lab, coders, writers, and artists were making such a noise that it completely ruins the meter of this story, so I'm not even going to bother.

So, preparations have continued and by the look of things we're going to have the MOST secure Frostval ever!  No sign of Xan or Zadd, either. And if I so much as HEAR the term eggnog-nomicon...  the moglin-stocks are ready and waiting.  

But that's no reason to be festive.  I'm doing everything to keep the Moglins upbeat and happy.  I even alloted a half hour every day for mandatory "Silly Hat Time!"  The moglins seem hesitant to participate.

I AM Festive, dangit!

In all seriousness, keep in mind we're trying to get this release out 2 days early, so it's likely to be a late one.  Stay tuned!

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Code Monkey
December 15, 2011

Merry Togsmas!

Hey guys!  Seems like every time I manage to find time to do design notes, I'm pointing out how long it's been since my last ones.  Not this time! ... Wait...

So what have I been up to lately?  Alexander, mostly.  Getting his character slot ready took a lot of work and unlocking it and opening the game engine up for our plans with him was a taxing job. Most of the time I have to work on DragonFable was filled with it.  

This story is so awesome! I've been excited for it for as long as we've known he was going to have it told. Hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I'm going to enjoy helping it come to life!

I've also been plotting... since before last year's Frostval had even started.  Merry Togsmas everyone! 

Geo's got a great script for this year's holiday and I'm looking forward to your reaction to this week's quest.  It's going to be a wild ride.

I've also been working on my own version of the "12 Days of Frostval" for Alina.  She's getting small presents every day throughout the holidays, each accompanied with the lines: "On the X day of Frostval for my true love, I give to you..."  :-P  We're up to day three.  I didn't write them ahead of time, so the challenge for ME is finding a way to work the number into the gift's name. So... any ideas of things I could get her?

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Code Monkey
October 20, 2011

Code Monkey Got Up, Got Coffee

It's been a while, Wait, Really? JULY?  Wow, I'm sorry guys.

So where have I been?  Here!  Working!  Over the past few months, I've coded a new class, a bunch of new monsters, and a handful of new quest features, most of which involve making it easier to do things that we've had to avoid doing because they're so time intensive.  I've also been working on my own game.

Some of you've heard about PonyVsPony but I figgured I'd share a link for those of you who haven't.  It's a fun, addictive little puzzle game which was released at DragonCon this year and have been improving ever since.  I'm still working on making it as awesome as possible inbetween my various other projects here at Artix Entertainment. Be sure to check it out!  It features the awesome art stylings of Jemini and Yergen from the MechQuest and HeroSmash team.  Pony On!

But you guys are here for DragonFable news!  I've started working on playing through the entirty of DragonFable, all the while I've been making notes and marking down bugs to add to my todo list.  This project's a LONG term one, as DragonFable is a LONG game (3 hours in and I'm not done everything there is to do in Oaklore)  but it's already bearing fruit.  This week, i'm going to work on some of the Oaklore bugs I've found as well as changing Falconreach to make one of your favorite stories easier to find. 

I'm also returning to the Player Created Content System that has been left to sit idle for too long.  Once I get back up to speed on that project I'll post a nice long design notes about how it's going to change moving forward, because I've got some big ideas!

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Code Monkey
July 09, 2011

It is done.

It has been an honur and a pleasure to punish you guys over the last almost two months.  You've done it, 20 Million Waves.  Enjoy your well earned rest, it won't last long.  Chapter One's finale continues next Friday.

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July 02, 2011

Limited Quantity Shop Live!

As I post this, the limited quantity shop is hosting a new item!  Less then 1600 of these guys are left:

So if you want to get your hands on this awesome Sycthe, head to Falconreach now, because once they're gone? They're gone forever!

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Code Monkey
June 17, 2011

Killin Bugs and Takin' Names

Today's the one day this week I had to work on DragonFable.  I managed to actually find a hole in the schedule where I could take a couple of days off early this week and get some R&R and once I got back there were a couple of boring behind the scenes projects that I had to attend to. 

But instead of just working my metal-plated pants off to get the release done, I have ALSO put on my plate the current DF Bugs List.  I've got seven bugfixes planned, and here they are:

  • Speed up PVP and stop returning bad results
  • Stop Fire War from being Linked to current war count
  • Stop Ravenloss war from being tied to the war count
  • Stop the Nature Orb meter from being tied to the current war
    • Also make it so all waves can be triggered
  • Hiding Cape or Helm hides weapon
    • Not sure why, but can't duplicate this--it might be fixed in the engine that rolls live.  who knows.  I'll keep an eye out for new reports after tomorrow.
  • Properly set items as non-shown when armor is switched
  • Fix the 0-0 damage weapon when you unequip basic weapon

No promise of all these getting fixed, but I'll do my best.  All FIXED bugs will roll out tonight.


So, looks like 6/7 of the bugs are fixed.  I'm wating on Verlyrus to get online to help test these fixes and get me more bugs :) 

More Bugs Fixed:

  • Baffet has returned to Sunbreeze grove.  Akriloth must have scared him off.
  • Verteroche Crossing fixed on the travel map.
  • Going to Surewood via travel map goes to modern map, not outdated one

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Code Monkey
June 08, 2011

Five Candles on the Cake

Some of you may or may not know that five years ago tomorrow, DragonFable went live.  Emerging from a Beta that lasted almost a year.  That's 52 releases a year for five years.  This Friday will see our 260th weekly release.  It’s been a crazy journey. 

The amount that DragonFable and it’s community has grown and evolved over those years is something to behold as well. 

Now,  I know what you are thinking:  Every DragonFable birthday has been accompanied with a present for DragonLords, Dating all the way back to the first, with the hatching of our Dragons.  This year is no exception, or, well okay it is.  This year our big gift is for everyone.

Boy howdy those Dragons are pushing four years old!  

Still babies, as far as Dragons Go, but they sure are getting stronger and fitter then ever.  To show their age, we’re increasing the number of statpoints that you’re able to feed them to from 500 to 600!  That may not seem like a big deal, but anyone that crunches the numbers will see that this will either let you have a considerably stronger balance across all branches possible, or max out three separate trees of DragonTraining, making your constant companion even more useful.  So, save up your DragonChow!  

As for DragonLords, we’ve been showing you a lot of love this month already with the numerous titan fights, challenge battles, and epic extra confrontations but that doesn’t mean we’re done!  Ever felt annoyed that you had to sacrifice the look you’ve been going for just because your helmet is meant for someone ten levels lower then you?  Coming SOON (hopefully this week)  DragonLords will get the ability to set certain equipment to “show”, regardless of what weapons and helms and capes you have equipped.  This is a pretty big structural change to how items are handled in game, but I’m making good progress on it.

So, with five years worth of memories to be debated, which one is your favorite?  Which of the 260+ releases was the most anticipated?  Let’s get all nostalgic on the forums! 

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Code Monkey
May 27, 2011

Things are Heating up!

Many of the warmongers on the forums have been asking about our allies.  Where have they been, with Falconreach so entrenched?  Before the war there were hints of chaos brewing in major cities all across Lore that have kept the other cities’ forces close to their homes, and this week we will see it continue.  The Glacier in Dragesvard is melting, and the news is so troubling that you will need to leave the defense of Falconreach for a short while and investigate.   Good luck hero!

You are not leaving the Falconsreach completely undefended though.  There are rumors among the soldiers.  Talk from the far-ranging DragonLords say that Dragonsgrasp is on the move.  Will the DragonLords arrive in time to aid in the defense?

Now today’s release is actually a release in two parts.  The first part is the quest you guys are getting to see, but the second is coming next week.  You’ll discover more in Dragesvard, but let’s just say that we want to give the fight you’re about to experience the intensity it deserves and trying to fit it inside this already insanely drawn animated quest wasn’t making it as amazing as it could be.  So, stay tuned next week for an extra release of a titan fight, for DragonLords only!

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Code Monkey
May 24, 2011

And the War Trudges On

There was hope, for a moment.  Not of victory, we were certain of that as we determinedly dragged ourselves through the mounting hoards of undead and their waves deminished with each clashing swordblow.  

As the war counter reached towards 100% and the fields of battle, roiling with the fog of war and the smell of the sea rolling in from Falconreach Harbor, fell emptier and emptier, we were certain of victory and hopeful of something else.  Of justice.  

Justice for the shattered Guardian Tower, and the broken lives it left in it's wake.  Sepulchure had lost his fortress, and he had lost his countless minions as the battlefeild was overrun with our heros.  

And then there was quiet: a long held breath over the fields outside of Falconreach. Quiet enough for you to seek your justice? Revenge? Was there a difference? Did it matter?  

And Sepulchure answered.  He answered decisively.  Blow after blow, he toyed with you, with all of us, with the LORE he had unified against him and now threatens to dash against the shores like the Guardian Tower, and the very Order that was held inside it, only to claim the land for himself.  We know where we stand in his estimation now.  

Not rivals, not enemies, no. We are pawns.  We are embodiements of all that is good on LORE and he thinks less than nothing of us.  And after all this loss, and this crushing defeat, you are dealt a deeper, more cutting blow.  Celestia.  Akriloth's child.  

Could you have stopped it?  Should you have seen the signs?  How could she be gone?  No answers.  Nothing from him.  He turned, and walked away.

And with that we could lay broken on the ground where our fellow heroes fought, bled, and died, as well.  Defeated victims of a greater foe.  We could watch as the skys filled with more of those horrible beasts, carried countless more undead to overrun the world and ensure his victory.  Greater men have been defeated by far less destructive blows than the ones we were dealt.  

But no.

We're not laying down.  The heroes of LORE have stood up, retaken their positons on the Falconreach walls and battlefields and taken up arms.  We may be pawns to him, less than, but we are not his to control.  We will fight.  

Falconreach is scarred, things will never be the same.  Our allies are dwindling, but not gone. And we heroes are hurt, but we're still breathing.  Still capable of standing against him.  And we will.

For The Guardian Tower and the Guardians inside. For Celestia and what she stood for in these dark times. And for Falconreach, which we will fight to keep from falling.

Together, we will stand. Side by side, we will hold. As one, we will triumph!

Tags: Rolith Alina Rise Up Stand Tall Triumph

Code Monkey
May 18, 2011



No, seriously guys.  What?  Geo posts the challenge in the design notes, and a little while later my IM windows go berserk.  "The war waves have stopped counting!"  from 5-10 different people, all over twitter and on the forums. 

So, paniced, I went looking.  I didn't accidently break anything earlier.  There was NOTHING wrong.

There was something very right, however. You guys were killing Sepulhure's forces TOO fast.  So fast that the database was getting backed up and losing victories.

You guys are fighting so hard you broke the war.  That's kind of awesome.  I take my hat off to you.  I've fixed it and things look back to normal.  I'll keep one eye on it and make sure it's all good.

Now back to work! 

Tags: Rolith

Code Monkey
May 13, 2011


The sun is high in the sky over the new Falconreach skyline as today’s halfway point comes and goes.  Just stopping in during the massive day of coding to review what’s come out and what’s coming this weekend of the Friday the 13th.

We started out yesterday releasing the brand new Falconreach center of town.  This is the first step in the renovations that will continue moving forward, assuming of course Sepulchure’s forces don’t level all the hard work.

This morning, I released a couple of small fixes to the town.  Most notably, the Mysterious Stranger has decided that keeping only nighttime hours might cause more confusion then interest.  I also want to clarify something.  Player to player Item trading is not going to happen at the auction house.  We have plans for many fun things to happen in the auctionhouse, but we’re not going to implement a trading system in DragonFable.  

Tomorrow Morning at 7am we’re going to put out the The Miasmal Set live in our first Limited Quantity shop.  The supply will be EXTREAMLY limited, only 1666 of these items total will be produced, costing 333DCs each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE. If you want one of these amazing weapons drawn and animated by Lim be sure to be there.

A lot of you liked the potions our Royal Alchemist Alina mentioned yesterday, and it pleases me to announce that she and I are going to work over this weekend to produce trinket versions of these tinctures which will be DA only and redeemable for Defenders Medals as the war progresses. 

That leaves us with later today: Friday the 13th, and like clockwork of some insidious machine a new horde of undead is again ready to ride towards us.  But no, this feels different.  We have faced hordes beyond counting and beaten back every force the dark powers of LORE have thrown at us but there is something wrong here.  A spark of nervous energy permeates the air.  You can almost taste big things are afoot that will shape the future of our lands for generations.  This Friday is one that no one in LORE will ever forget.

If they live long enough to remember it.  

Tags: Rolith

Code Monkey
May 09, 2011

Well Hi Thar!

Last week was fun.  And by fun I mean exhausting. I don’t really remember much of it.  I don’t know how I worked until 11 on Friday.  No, I mean I don’t remember working that late.  It’s all a little hazy. 

That said, this weekend was full of sleeping and relaxing.  And working, I have been making up for lost time.  This is going to be a big week for DragonFable.  Now every Friday the 13th is more than a little special with their pension for causing massive undead uprisings, but there have been rumbles.  All over LORE there is a looming feeling of dread.

Now for what I’m working on.   Lim has been working on some amazing new gear.  The set is amazingly drawn and darkly animated to near perfection.  So awesome we wanted to do something special with them.  Starting Saturday, at 7am(Server Time) we will be putting a new kind of shop live.  It will have a stock of 1666 items.  Once we’ve sold that many of the axes, daggers, and staffs they will be gone.  Forever.  We’ve gone our research and think that these 1666 items should last a little while, but we also have a lot of rare collectors in DragonFable and if you want to make sure you get one of these epically rare items, I’d set yourself an alarm. 

The Miasmal Set!

The items will cost 333 DCs each, Evil Element, and will all be level 25. What only level 25?!? Oh, right, you’ll be able to merge your items up to level 45 and 67.  For free. So that’s like three tiers of weapons for the cost of one! 

Also coming this week? Mwhahahahaha.  Stay tuned. 

Tags: Rolith

Code Monkey
April 11, 2011

Welcome Back Alina!

Hey guys its Monday.  

Yay Monday.

Alina’s back in the UGL and she poked me to make a design notes post as she gets caught up on all that went on while she was away.  Geo’s out of the office today, but we’ve got a lot of stuff planned for this week.  Let’s just hope it goes a bit smoother than last week.

Some of you that follow me on twitter might have saw over the weekend, before Alina made it back state side, I was working on a project for her.  As a welcome home present I made her some custom-designed library software, that will help her keep track of her, and I’m not exaggerating here, thousands of books.

It’s still pretty basic, and waiting for both of us to have some time to fine tune the design before it gets finished and usable.  However, it’s working, more or less.

That said, the idea wasn’t just to make something nice for my fiancé, which is always good, it was an interesting test of a few technologies I needed to get more comfortable with.  The biggest of these is taking JSON (a type of sterilization – organizing and moving data between two point) and turning it into actual useful information on a server level. 

JSON is a considerably more size efficient format then anything we’ve used before, and so I knew I would need to use it for the Player Created Content system, but I had, more or less, no experience with it more than a month ago. Again, a lot of what we’re doing here in DF’s player created content system is UNKNOWN ground for me, so each step is taking a little longer then we’d like or expect it to.

The library software taught me a lot about working with the data objects and how to deal with them using the technology we use at AE, and it should help make the rest of the player created content system moving forward.  I think I’m going to see what I can do about getting cut scenes done as soon as possible, but I’m not even going to give dates at this point.

Cya on the forums, and make sure to welcome Alina back!

Tags: Rolith

Code Monkey
April 08, 2011


So, let's go through the list of things that happened causing this week's release to be in the state it is currently.

I was not suppsoed to work basically at all this week. I was planning on taking vacation but I'm more then DragonFable's code monkey (I was brought on to the AE team orignally as a webcoder, after all and only got put on the DF team after I blundered into the Mogloween release before MQ came out) and some behind the scenes work came up and I ended up working the second half of the week.

This left little time for me to get ahead on the DF release, but that wasn't a big deal. We've done every part of this week's release before in other quests. Never together, mind you, but each part has been done before, so while there was a boatload of work for Geo and Ghost to do, assembling the final parts of it shouldn't have been that big of a deal. Right? Right.

It was a big deal. I do belive every single component broke in this release. The cutscnes? Wern't advancing right. The Fae class/guest code? Broke and missing some skills that we wanted to go in (I'll see what I can do about getting them in over the weekend, small consolation as that might be.) Moving monsters? Well, you see the occasional sticking one? Well all of them were doing that. The amazing thing is? They're all running the same exact code. So as to why some are sticking and others aren't NO idea.  What's even more stateling is that this code hasn't changed, at all, in over 3 years since Lymcrest was fixed and revisited.  Geo's used it several times to no ill effect, but apparently Flash decided it didn't like it anymore and broke it.  Scaling on monsters didn't work, and while that's not exaclty unheard of, the reason for is (too long to go into details here...) compleatly backwards and shouldn't be wrong.  *sigh*

So, while this release ended up pretty awesome, and the animations on Fae

Tags: Rolith

has blue eyes
April 01, 2011

Tardy Is...

8pm: So tired. Must not sleep. Must release.... more.... A new house item. The Blue Box. Can't figure out how to open door....Can hear Cysero experimenting. Even more scared now.

3 hours left.

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Rolith

Code Monkey
April 01, 2011

More Weapons

6am: Another level of True Mortal's weapons... I think I can get away with this...Have you ever seen a plant angry?  Like, really angry?  Well, give that plant a tog.  The sight's not pretty.

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Rolith

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