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October 29, 2010

The Greedling is BACK!

One of the most popular characters in the Ravenloss story so far is Greed's little minion, the Greedling.  I know many of you have wondered what happened to him after your hero and Tomix let him go in the first quest.

Well, that's easy to answer.  He's been wandering around mournfully, sadly searching for his Master: Greed.  And tonight that search is over!  After Greed escaped from the clutches of the Chaosweaver High Priest, he put out a call to his most loyal minion.  And this week YOU get to play AS the Greedling as you and Greed finally reunite!

But Greed's not all roses and sparkles and candy canes, oh no no no. Greed has a REASON for calling the Greedling to him, and you're about to find out what that is!  He demands your help, but first he must ascertain whether or not you, as the Greedling, are bright enough to assist him.  So take Greed's memory test and see if you meet his high standards.

Rewards for this week's minigame quest are the Horned Greedling Mask in levels 26, 36, 46, and 56! A junk item copy of Greedling Game (non-functional) will also drop for you to sell for gold.

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October 29, 2010

Resident Sneevil: Survivors!

The battle against the Z-Virus is won! Congratulations to the uninfected who soundly beat back the Zardbies (even with Rolith and I both succumbing to the virus)! As your war challenge reward Ghost has made up a special Moonridge weapon set that can be found in a chest behind... The Zemesis! Will you be able to beat back the ultimate Z-Virus victim? Defeating him will give you a chance to win the coveted Spy Gear previewed last week!

The Cauldron Sisters are all ready with their candy anti-virus and they need someone to distribute it... you! After you finish the boss fight get on out there and get to Trick-or-Tricking! There are 22 masks this year (yeah, Lim went a liiittle crazy) and, if any catch your fancy, Cysero has a few stocked up in his SuperStore! You can also get a hold of the brand new holiday rare, the HarvestReaper Scythe!

There are also brand new versions of the much requested Spooky Orange Cape as well as a Spooky Violet Cape available for gold from the Sisters!!

Next Week: Bug Squashing!
Next week will be a round of bug squashing, so there will be no major release. Don't worry though, I hear True Mortal has been busy stocking sinister looking chests and locking them tight.... I wonder what he could be hiding in them? Next Friday the hunt for the chests will begin!

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October 27, 2010

HRggGh nHRrrrHARZ! AR'm a zaMZGBbARrrrrHA!


/The Mid-War cutscene is now live!
//HRggggGHHHrrr! The Zardbie have evolved! (clear cache to see them)

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Code Monkey
October 26, 2010


Birthdays are interesting. 

So, Alina’s birthday is today.  Happy Birthday!  She certainly deserves some well wishes on the forums.  The Birthday hat in the hair shop’s been updated. Rejoice.  Or else.

To celebrate, and to get into the festive spirit of Mogloween, we carved some pumpkins over the weekend, as those of you who follow our Twitters know.   Here are the results:

Alina’s Scaredy Kitty-Vampire, and my Derpkin.  I’m a little biased, but derpkin has won a special place in my heart.  All and all, I like to think of October as my own personal party SEASON.  Once one event is over, my birthday, it’s time to start celebrating something else, Alina’s then before you know it, it’s Mogloween, and time to hand out candy!  The trick Is to not think of any event as a single day, and enjoy the entire week of the holiday!  And eat the candy and cake leftovers.  Lots of leftovers. *crosses fingers* So, Happy birthday Alina!

Oh, and speaking of pumkin carving, check out the AQW Pumkin Carving Contest for all of you who play our wildly popular MMO, or just like to be creative!

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me hasn’t it? Well, things have been busy here at the underground lab and I’ve been moving around from project to project.  Zardbie armor, mostly coded  by Khelios, took up a large portion of my time last week, along with secret projects galore, and some much needed bug fixes. 

But this war’s why I’ve decided to make this post (besides the birthday wishes).  The War’s progression is all well and good, I’m happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Zardbie Infections are the best infections of all time.

…Am I out of date in Memetime?

But, since the Zardbies are being so profoundly defeated, I’ve recently laced up my… … plate armor?  And joined the fray, so you uninfecteds?  Watch out!  And you who are fighting for the Z-Virus spread, let us go forth and spread the infection to all corners of LORE!

Stay tuned to later this week, Zardbies might get a new way to help the cause of the pandemic!

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October 22, 2010

Cysero, Lim, and WAR!

Welcome to another Friday!  This is a HUGE Friday, and I am cannot WAIT to tell you why! Except if you've read the other Design Notes from this week, you already know.  But if you HAVEN'T, boy oh boy, let me tell you what is coming tonight!


First up, we've got the Clashening quest chain FINALE!  You've come to know Lim and Cysero really well over the course of this quest chain and, if you've learned nothing else, you've learned that where Cysero and Lim get together, there is CRAZINESS!

And this quest is no different!  Cysero is sending you off to fight Biff the Buffed-Up Time Tyrant in order to get his Timey-Blimey thingamahickey.  Cysero needs it for... SCIENCE! And MAGIC! What do you get when you pair the two? MAGISCIENCE! Whoooooo! /cheer!

I'm not going to spoil things for you, but let me just tell you now... there is 1- no, 2, no, 3- well, MANY times the Cysero hijinks in this quest, and Lim cannot TAKE it anymore!  Your hero seems to think it's pretty funny, though.  They are really good about taking Cysero and Lim's peculiarities in stride.  I admire that.

To get your rewards for the Clashening chain, you'll need to pick up a Vote item from the end of CyseRedux, then do the "Your Vote" shop-quest in Lim's Clashening section.  Your reward for the entire chain will depend on what you vote for, so choose wisely! 

It's WAR!

That's right, the nefarious plotting of the Red Queen has finally come to fruition, and you're NOT going to like it!  Thanks to an alteration in her programming (I bet the CEO of Parasol Corp. didn't see THAT coming!), she's declared war on all the non-infected!  Yes, that means YOU!

But... maybe not for long!  You DO have a chance to become infected, and if you do, you can stay in the Zardbie Armor* and continue to fight FOR the infected side!  As you'll see from the two war meters, the amount of the Infected that have been defeated is racing against the number of Infected.  Which side will YOU choose to be on? 

If you DO get infected and want to become uninfected, just talk to the TARTS team.  They'll be right in the war camp, which you can get to from Mogloween.  And since you guys have been asking for cutscenes midway through wars, we'll be having an unlockable cutscene after you battle through 2 million waves! (If, that is, Ghost finishes in time.  It really IS a race!)

The war itself is timed (i.e. the war is going to end next Friday when the boss appears!) and that awesome spy gear we previewed in Wednesday's Design Notes will be in the War Chest, plus depending on which side wins the war, we'll add in a special challenge prize!

* Yes, that IS a new, temporary, just-for-this-war armor we've created!  What do you get when you cross Zards with Zombies?  Zardbies!  Infecteeeeeeed!



We hope you've enjoyed the Clashening quest chain!  It's been a BLAST writing it; Lim and Cysero's characters are so much fun! They're CRAZY!  If you haven't played up through the last quest, you'll definitely want to catch up, because in CyseRedux, there's a TON of wackiness that you'll need to see to believe!

Wel ALSO hope you're enjoying the Resident Sneevil Mogloween storyline!  We've thrown a LOT at you with it, and we're not done yet!  There's still a whole week of October left!

I've got to run! Time to take Miko's leetle Chi-weenie (half-dachsund, half-chihuahua!) home, because she's away and I get to puppysit! /squeal  Enjoy the release!

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October 20, 2010

A colorful Sneak Peek at the release!

What's red and green and very, very evil?

The Resident Sneevil- Code: SALL-IE release this week!  The Red Queen's programming has evolved beyond even what the genious CEO of the Parasol Corporation could have imagined... Log in this weekend to find out exactly what she has in store!

We've got some VERY green, VERY awesome rewards for the Resident Sneevil release this week, too!  Here's a peek at them courtesy of True Mortal:


What's green-not-orange or orange-not-green?

Your hero as they make up their mind on preferring Science or Magic in The Clashening's finale!  Of course, there COULD be a third option... but Lim wouldn't stand for that, would he?  Help save the future of the past of the present in "CyseRedux," this week's Clashening finale!

And we ALSO have some awesome rewards for THIS release, too!  Tomix and Lim each took a share of the work to provide you with some nifty new helms and an Energy weapon set!

The helms are like SO, being hairstyle-helms (including Lim's beard!) with some sweet stats:

And, as for the weapon-set, Flash is cranky and won't let me preview it for you.  /kickFlash So I'll just tease you with a description!  The art for the weapon-set is based off the look of the Technomancer armor.  There's a staff, hammer, and daggers and they look PRETTY SWEET!

What is brown and brown and brown and gooey?

S'mores!  Let me tell you, a GREAT way to celebrate Tuesday (or Monday, or Sunday, or really any day of the week) is to pull out the grill with your family and make delicious, ooey-gooey s'mores just for fun! 

Of course, if you prefer healthier grilled desserts, skewering pineapple chunks and then grilling those until they're carmelized and brown is a GREAT way to have a healthy snack with ALL the flavor of candy!  Mmm mmm grill marks.

Summer might be done, but there's still time to get outside and enjoy the sun and any lingering heat from last season! 

Enjoy speculating about this week's release! See you Friday!

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October 15, 2010

Answers (and more questions!)

It's Friday!  We've been working hard- going through dozens of cups of coffee, boxes of donuts and pizza, bunches of bananas (hey, a codemonkey's got to stay healthy SOMEHOW!), and a whole container of TableGum- all week to bring you some awesome new quests, cutscenes, and rewards!

First up is....

Resident Sneevil: Revelations!

Zorbak is a VERY sneaky moglin, with many hidden motives.  You left last week's Resident Sneevil: Genesis quest wondering just WHAT he was up to, and THIS week, you'll find out! 

We may be answering some of your questions, but you can bet we're going to raise some more!  (Gotta keep the suspense up, right?  It IS almost Mogloween, after all!)

And if you're a fan of the Cauldron Sisters, then this is your week!  The Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance Team is making their first appearance in Resident Sneevil, and with their ready, willing, and bubbly attitiudes, you can bet they want to help you out!  So take one or two of them along as guests as you make your way towards the Parasol Corporation's control room!

Things are getting Stringy in the Clashening!

(That's better than getting sticky, right? Ew.)  Lim is all atwitter about a new theory he's heard of, but he doesn't quite understand it.  He wants to investigate String Theory more, but to do that, he needs your help!

Help Lim map the stars by taking his telescope up to the top of the mountain (3 peaks to the left of Zeuster's mountaintop!) and mapping the stars.  While you're away, fighting Shooting Stars and the Soaring Puce Person Nommer (sure looks strange to me!)...

...he'll be readying MILES of string (he's not just stringing you along, he REALLY wants to build a model of the universe in thread!). 

Next week is the LAST Clashening quest, and boy do we ever have a surprise planned for you guys! (Not a war, sorry!  We think what's coming is even more awesome!)

Surprise in last week's Clashening quest!

If you've already done the Clashening's Velocity quest starring Clyde the Carrier Turtle and the Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2, you MIGHT want to re-run it, because we've added some drops to it!  That's right, Clyde and the Rabbitizer pets have been added as rare drops to last week's Clashening quest, just like you asked for!  (Because we love giving you guys what makes you happy! /grin)

If you don't feel like farming for the level 53 and 33 pets that drop from the quest, you can buy level 60 and 40 versions in Lim and Cysero's Clashening shops for Dragon Coins!




We can't thank you guys enough for your support and all the comments and feedback you've been giving on DragonFable, our other games, and the new and upcoming games and merchandise we've been telling you about on the Design Notes and Twitter!  

We've got a LOT planned for Mogloween, not to mention the Stone and Nature Orb storyline coming up, the end of Ravenloss and the Clashening, and the finale of the Darkness Orb!  So if you haven't gotten a chance to help support DragonFable, then this is a great time to upgrade your account and become a DragonLord or buy some Dragon Coins!

We hope you have a GREAT weekend!  Enjoy the release, and make sure you check out BladeHaven* (our first BattleOn Portal minigame) and HeroMart (our very own online store stocking ChickenCow T-shirts, CDs, and artbooks)!

* You'll get a BladeHaven Beta Badge on your Master Account achievement page just for helping test!  Be among the first to play our newest game!

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October 14, 2010

BladeHaven's Beta is LIVE for DragonLords!

The Beta test of BladeHaven, our very own first-person-slasher sword-fighting minigame is live for Beta testing by upgraded members in all of Artix Entertainment's games!

Complete with weapons, shields, MANY monsters and more than a few scared villagers, BladeHaven is a medley of slashing, blocking, and casting your way through enemies as you make your way to rescuing the princess!  It's all up to you, hero!

But BladeHaven's Beta is ONLY available for upgraded members- that includes YOU, DragonLords- to test, so if you have a Dragon Amulet or an upgraded account in any of our other games, you can log in to your Master Account and play right now at the BladeHaven page in the BattleOn Portal site!

So what are you waiting for?  Get slashing!

PS: BladeHaven Beta tester badge has now been added!

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October 13, 2010

AE's first novel: The Dragon's Secret!

That's right, we've written a novel set in AdventureQuest during the time of the Great Fire War!

One of the most well-loved storylines in AdventureQuest's long history is the Great Fire War. Starring Galanoth, Demento, and YOU, the hero, as you battle against Akriloth and a host of fire monsters, this story has gone down in AQ's history as one of the most widely-talked about and reminisced-over wars we've done so far. But the story hasn't ended! Coming this November to HeroMart is Artix Entertainment's first full-length novel, The Dragon's Secret, and it is set during the time of the Great Fire War!

Written by Lyra Trice Solis, a member of the AdventureQuest storyline team, The Dragon's Secret tells the story of apprentice mage John Black, who loses his entire family to a dragon attack and vows to get his revenge, one way or the other. (A dragon? In the Great Fire War? Whoever could it be?) He doesn't think things can get any worse until he discovers a secret about one of his best friends which pushes his loyalty to the limit.

Come along with John and his group of incorrigible friends as they escape confinement, battle dragons, stow away on a pirate ship, face off against a terrible and evil mage, and confront the underwater Council of the Mer! Through the story, John must choose between revenge and friendship, and decide whether or not to risk everything to stand up for what he believes in! Filled with dragons, dwarves, and VERY dark magic, The Dragon's Secret will tell the tale of the Great Fire War in a brand-new and exciting way!

But it's not JUST the novel you'll be getting if you purchase The Dragon's Secret! You'll get something in AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest Worlds!

In AdventureQuest, we're releasing a full quest based on the novel along with items like the Goldenrod Staff and Gnomish crossbow weapons (available in the quest) and the Unlight Shield and the Melore's Dark Statue spell (available ONLY with the novel promo code)!
DragonFable and AdventureQuest Worlds will be releasing non-member pets available to EVERYONE while MechQuest is whipping up an awesome Shoulder item.
And the best part is, you can get ALL of these items with ONE promo code!

This is our first ever novel, one you can hold in your hands and read in bed (or in the car, or in class... ok, maybe not in class) and we're VERY excited to be able to offer it to you! Remember, it's coming to HeroMart this November!

You can read sample text from the novel here!

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October 12, 2010

HeroMart is Officially Open!

HeroMart, Artix Entertainment's brand-new online store, is open for business! Check it out at our HeroMart website!  If you've got questions about where we ship, how much shipping costs, or refund policies, you'll definitely want to read this page: Frequently Asked Questions!

We'll be stocking mounds of merchandise and stacks of swag just for you, including:

  • MechQuest Artbooks
  • Chickencow T-shirts
  • The NPCs: Critical Hits music CD
  • and even Paladin Toilet Paper! (SOLD OUT) (... Are we KIDDING?!)

Nearly all items found on this store come with special codes that can be redeemed for special in-game item(s)!

But that's not all, check back often because we have plans to stock MANY new items (a few in limited quantities, which will never be available again)! And all of the items found in this store were drawn, written, sung/played, filmed, crafted, designed or produced by Artix & the friendly BattleOn Games team! We put 110% into everything we create for you!

Shop smart, shop HeroMart!

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October 11, 2010

Good News and Great Fun!

Happy Birthday, Rolith!

It's Monday! Monday, Monday, Monday!  Let's get ready to Rumblllllllle!

Except there won't be any rumbling today.  Not on Rolith's birthday! No fighting allowed, only cake. And cupcakes. And chocolate fondue. Now THAT's an ooey, gooey birthday surprise!  Rolith doesn't know it yet, but in about an hour, everyone in the Secret Underground Lab is going to crowd into the DF/AQW room and surprise him with a PARTY!  Whoooooo!

If you'd like to wish Rolith a happy birthday, feel free to use his Twitter (@Rolith_AE) or post on the forum.  We wish we had enough cake for everyone to share, but you all know it's a lie anyways, right? (Except for the breakfast cupcakes he had. Those were real.)  Happy birthday, Rol, from all of us on the DragonFable team, and your Artix Entertainment family!

Coming this week!

That was the great fun.  Now here's the good news!  We've got some awesome releases planned for you this week!

Are you ready to continue your adventures with Resident Sneevil: Revelations?  You'd better be, because there's going to be a LOT involved in it!  Including the introduction of the mysterious Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Team....

That's not all, though!  We've also got a Clashening quest planned for this Friday's release!  It's the lead-up to the final quest, and Lim is NOT going to like where Cysero takes his experiment THIS time!  But we've got a VERY pretty star-filled night sky background planned, and hopefully an intergalactic space-monster if Tomix has time.  Anyone got a spool of string to spare? We're going to need it!

Falconreach Idle!

And in news of future releases, I promised you guys some information on the voice-acting event that will take place in DragonFable come this November.  (Artix spilled the beans about it in the AQW Design Notes on Friday, hehe!)

The event will star Lim, George Lowe (yes, THE George Lowe of Space Ghost and Cartoon Network fame*), Cysero, and Serenity as judges in our event: Falconreach Idle!  What better way to help Lim find a new Weaponshop assistant than to hold, you guessed it, a TALENT competition?! (Just look at the superstars that have exploded out of all the current TV talent shows.  Our characters are WAY more talented than that! /nod) Contestants will include Aria, YOU, and a brand-new character in a battle to explode into STARdom!

* “Space Ghost” and “Cartoon Network”are both registered trademarks of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. A Time Warner Company.

There's your teaser!  I'm off to go hunt down Faith and see where the cake is.  Mmmm, liecake!

PS: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  If you like Seasonal Rares (and we know many of you do!) then check out the Canadian Thanksgiving shop in AdventureQuest Worlds for some really neat items!


BladeHaven Beta Release

Beta for BladeHaven is scheduled to begin on Thursday. The Beta will use the ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL (Your BattleOn Portal Master Account login!) and will be open to Guardians, DragonLords, Star Captains, AQWorlds Members and... um... we have no idea what Epic Duel players that upgraded are called... but yup, them too. Bladehaven is a first person sword fighting game. It features achievements that will earn your master account EXP.

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October 08, 2010

The Outbreak Spreads!

Resident Sneevil: Genesis!

Last week in Resident Sneevil: Outbreak, you discovered the cause of the Zard Invasion in Moonridge! Or... DID you?  What you saw is only the tip of the iceberg- no, that's not the right idiom for this event.  I think we'll go with: What you saw is only the wrapper on the candy!  There's SO much more to discover inside! Yeah, that sounds better; much more seasonally-appropriate!

And in THIS week's quest, Resident Sneevil: Genesis, you'll have to investigate where all these NEW mutations are coming from!  Those spotted creatures LOOK familiar, but... not themselves!  It looks like something- or some VIRUS- has gotten to them!  Track their trails to see where they lead; you're looking for the source of the infestation and if you're very careful- and keep some hand sanitizer and a hospital-grade facemask close by- maybe you won't get infected along with all these new monsters!

As for what you'll find once you reach your destination, we're not going to spoil THAT surprise!  There've been some guesses on the forum, but I haven't seen anyone guess correctly yet. Don't worry, you won't have long to wait to find out who's behind all this! (We're sure you've waited longer at the Doctor's office.  This is MUCH more fun, and with WAY fewer chances of having to get a shot!)

The Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of

We've ALSO got a Clashening quest for you this week!  Lim is bound and determined to advance your education in SCIENCE! and this week he's got a really interesting lesson for you! So interesting the quest opens on your character sleeping through his lecture. But it gets really good really fast when Lim introduces his visual aids!  He's got a demonstration for you, and it stars the Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2 and Cysero's Mail Carrier Turtle!

You'll need to clear a path to the finish line for the turtle and the (mechanical) hare, because one of them has to win, right?  That sleepy-eyed turtle is so adorable (thanks to Ghost!) that I can't stop watching him.  And YOU shouldn't either!  Every tiny, plodding, sloooooow step is another inch forwards in a rush of cute!

Brand new Player Suggestions Weapons!

Be sure to stop by Serenity's Inn to talk to our lovely Innkeeper because she's got some brand-new weapons made just for you by your fellow heroes!  Tokijin's crafted an amazing Light Scythe and Clyde has put togther a full set of sword, daggers, and wand all in the Light element!  They're levels 55, 45, 31 (and the scythe comes in all those levels, plus level 20)!

Brand-new wallpapers!

Everyone is scared of Rolith for one reason or another, right?  Some of you are scared of his mad coding skills in the Togicides.  Some of you cower in fear when he hands you a pretty wrapped present and says "I got this just for you!"  (Oh... wait.  That's probably just me.)  But the point IS, people are frightened of our banana-munching, keyboard-flailing codemonkey!  And to remedy that, we've come out with a BRAND-NEW wallpaper just for you at our wallpaper site!  So all you Rolith-fans and frenziers, get ready to watch him FROLIC!

You know, I never realized how much "Rolith" sounds like "frolic" until we made this wallpaper.  Gives you something to think about, doesn't it?

And check out our wallpaper site for ANOTHER new wallpaper: the TART team, starring the Cauldron Sisters in their Special Ops outfits!  If you're on a Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance Team (or just wish you were), then this is the perfect desktop wallpaper for you!

Artix spilled the beans about a DF release!

You know Artix, he just can't keep a secret! (And to be fair, WE have a really hard time of doing that, too!)  But on the AQWorlds Design Notes, he mentioned that Lim (who works out of the lab now that he's back in school for his Masters in Game Design) was in the Secret Underground Lab today recording his lines for an upcoming event in DragonFable with... George Lowe!

That's right, George Lowe (THE famous voice actor from your favorite cartoons. Yes, THAT George Lowe!), Lim, Cysero, and a host of other characters will have parts in our first-ever voice-acting event!

This titan-sized event will be one you won't want to miss, but you WILL have to wait for, since it's not scheduled until November! (We can't wait, either! SQUEAL!  Well, since we like you guys, I suppose we could share some more information about it on Monday... MAYBE! :p)

Oh, and be sure to check out AdventureQuest Worlds BIG BIRTHDAY BASH happening RIGHT NOW at aq.com! It stars Paul and Storm with a cameo appearance by Jonathon Coulton!  And there are a TON of never-available-again RARES to collect!

That's it for this week, guys!  Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy the release! Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only YOU can prevent Zard invasions!

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October 07, 2010

A really friendly gift!

We'd all just like to say a BIG thank you to Eonaleth, a big fan of AE's games!  She's been telling us for a while about her awesomely friendly project that she was working on: friendship bracelets for the people in the Secret Underground Lab.

So as we were sitting around eating our Chinese food and listening to the AQW birthday cutscenes (Paul and Storm sound AMAZING!), Zazul came in with a very important envelope.  (We do not often get VIE's with gifts in them.  Usually they contain Very Important Notices from business people. Or there are VUS's. Very Unimportant Spam mails.  We just throw those out.)  Zazul handed us the plastic envelopes with THESE in them:

There were a LOT more in the package, but I borrowed the pink one from Beleen and the blue, red, and white one from Ai No Miko for the picture.  The blue and green one is mine.

We all just wanted to say THANK YOU! to Eonaleth for her very sweet and very thoughtful gift!  You rock!

And don't forget, in addition to Resident Sneevil: Genesis this week, we'll be having the next Clashening quest!  SOMEhow Lim's very elaborate demonstration of velocity gets spoiled.  3 guesses how THAT happens!  But there WILL be a mechanical rabbit AND a mail carrier turtle, which begs the question: which team will YOU be on?  Team Rabbit, or Team Turtle? (look for pictures of Cysero's turtle and the Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2 to come later!)

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October 06, 2010

Resident Sneevil: Sneak Peek!

Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Team
Mission Briefing
An infestation of highly aggresive frogzards has broken out in the area of Doomwood. An expert on scene has had no luck determining cause of outbreak. It appears that the local Sneevil population is being affected. Stay on point in case you're called in by the locals, Team!

Click for spoilerific picture!

Just who could this mysterious Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Team be? Find out in Resident Sneevil: Revelations! Coming October 15th!

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October 05, 2010

Weapons of DOOOOOOM!

If there's one thing we love here at the Secret Underground Lab it's weaponry to defend ourselves against undead invasions! Which is why I want to give huge props to Platinum and his friend, who made us a real life version of the Necrotic Blade of Doom!

Now I just have to figure out how to sneak a >5' tall sword out of the Lab without anyone noticing....

The detail on it is just amazing (that skull on the side is 3D) and I wanted to share this awesome work of art with you guys!

Resident Sneevil: Genesis
Last week in Resident Sneevil: Outbreak you made a very disturbing discovery.... the sneevils are turning into zards! This week, in Genesis, the infection is spreading! What other creatures have been infected? Will you be able to find the source? What kind of evil genius is behind this?!

Our newest intern/artist, True Mortal, has made up a wicked weapon set for Genesis as well!

Warden's Bone Weapons!

Will you be able to battle your way through the zards, the Trackers, the Wardens, the Spinners, the Bees and the mini-bosses to collect your reward?

Muahahahahaaa! See you Friday! >;D

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October 04, 2010

Technical Difficulties in Ravenloss

Hello, all!  Sadly, I have some bad news for you if you're a fan of Ravenloss.  Tomix is feeling a little under the weather and has had to take the last week off, plus an indetermined amount of the future to get better.

We don't want him to stress about work AT ALL, so we've told him not to worry about working on the Ravenloss backgrounds while he recuperates.  We knew you'd understand!


All the scripts are written out for Ravenloss; we just need the background art and cutscene animation to finish the quest chain!  So we're NOT going to forget about the chain, we promise.  What this means for you is that for the next couple weeks, we'll release Clashening quests (only 3 left!) while we give Tomix some time to relax and get back on his feet.

turtle string time machine << These words have NOTHING to do with the three quests in the rest of the Clashening chain. Nope. Not a thing.  Nada. Zilch.  But if they DID, they might give you an idea of what to expect. :)

We'll have the next Resident Sneevil quest for you on Friday (Resident Sneevil: Genesis!) along with (hopefully) the next Clashening quest! AND some new weapons in the Player Suggestion shop from Clyde and Tokijin! 

Please wish Tomix speedy healing while he rests up; we'll definitely be doing the same!

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has blue eyes
October 01, 2010

Mogloween 2010 Begins!

It's October 1st and Mogloween has officially begun! This year we're going to delve into the mysterious zard invasion that started on Friday the 13th... are you ready for a very infectious Mogloween?

The previous Mogloween's are all available for play through now too! Remember though, that Chapters 1-4 need to be completed in order. So, you'll have to go through and get all the masks before you can move on to the next chapter. (Chapter 5 is available for play now though!)

Resident Sneevil
As you can see from the Chapter 5 Mogloween town all the Resident Sneevil quests are already planned out! You may notice the mysterious naming of the final quest though.... :O! You'll have to wait until the final week (/cough, October 29th!) to find the name of the final, epic quest for Resident Sneevil!

Forum Friends!
If you were around for August's Friday the 13th war, you may remember it as a huge, frenetic event. The DragonFable forums were insanely busy and the war threads moved fast and furious! All of us on the DF team were very happy to see how much you guys were enjoying that war and to see how you all came together to beat back the 5 MILLION waves of savage zards!

As a special thank you I've asked eight of your forum friends if they would to appear in small walk-on roles for Resident Sneevil! So everyone give a huge congratulations to Eric Ravenwing, Lady Ravenwing, Dornalca, pokewanderer, ChainSword, LFAL, chisagen and Prius! I chose these eight because they were such positive, driving forces in the Friday the 13th war threads making fun, informative (even several rather poetic) posts. So, keep an eye out for these guys the rest of the month. Who knows what crazy situations Ghost will put them into! ;o

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