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April 22, 2017

Enigmatic Epidemic

The release is live :)

Speak to Ash in Book 3 Falconreach to embark on the next quest in Inanitas's Thorn Saga!

You... will have to repeat the previous quest, though (Dark Devices), because I made a booboo.

The residents of Clearwater are being plagued with not only a mysterious Disease, but the Thorn as well. It is up to you and an unlikely ally to put an end to the Thorns plan and cure the people of Clearwater... before it's too late!

Also, Verly has added an Easy mode to the Tournament of Champions in Book3 Swordhaven!

Tags: Inanitas Thorns Tomix

April 21, 2017

Next Thorns quest tomorrow

Hey guys, so...

Flash hates me. I had technical difficulties with Flash ever since I installed it on my new machine.

I lost some time this week while trying to figure out how to fix it.

I didn't, and the release suffered for it.

Next Thorns quest will be coming out tomorrow.

Here, have a sneak peek of a new character that you will meet in the new release!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And now, for some good news: since the Calamity saga is over, we can get back on track with the main storyline now!

Which means the next main story quest is coming next month... and it will be... the Gala!

The esteemed guests on this very important royal event will wear outfits designed by the renowned... umm... fashion designer Blade!

Tags: Tomix

April 14, 2017

Banshee by the Well

The release is live!

San Robin has prepared a quest for you!

A mysterious new message has appeared on the Swordhaven message board.
A seemingly simple quest somehow directed at you, the hero.
Just a banshee that needs to go.
Simple right?

Or is it?

Log in and visit Swordhaven Book 3 to find out!

Tags: Tomix San Robin

April 07, 2017

Return to Lymcrest!

Hey heroes!

This week is the first quest in Aeon's new questline: Six Heroes.

Lim's looking for some missing shipments of metals from Lymcrest, and it's up to the hero to find out what's happened.

Time to revisit Lymcrest. It can't have changed that much, right?

Head to Ash in Book 3 and look for a NEW quest button!

PS: Due to the number of quests that now require completion of the Tournament of Champions from the Bk3 Swordhaven Quest Board, I will be adding an easier mode for those 2 quests in the near future.

What's next? Have theories or ideas?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Tags: Verlyrus Aeon Six Heroes

March 31, 2017

The Leftovers!

Hey guys, I'm afraid Book 4 was cancelled due to some unusual... "threat"?

I can't explain it, you have to see for yourself.

Book 4 will still be coming... after Book 3 ends!


Did you really think a new book would start NOW?

Haha, joke's on you.



I'm so funny...

A = Z

Z = Y

Have a Merry April Fools!

Tags: Tomix

March 29, 2017

Announcement From the Barber Association of Lore

Hey there, Heroes!

Due to popular demand, barbershops across Lore are starting to offer many of their hairstyle options to all genders!


Note that this does not include all hairstyles, and not all barbers may be participating. However, if there's a hairstyle that you'd like to see available that is currently still gender-locked, please let us know on the forums or on Twitter with the name of the hairstyle, and we'll file a petition to the Barber Association of Lore to see if it's possible to make it available.

Also, the Barber Association of Lore assumes no responsibilty for any accidents that may occur from the use of dangerous hairstyles.



Splitting hairs over this decision? Have a suggestion for an existing hairstyle to become un-gender locked?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

You can also find us on Twitter at

Tags: Verlyrus

March 24, 2017

A New Discovery

Hey there heroes!

Last week, we saw what appeared to be a good side of the Rose. But this week, Sir Leon in the Shears is looking for some assistance. Elryn wrote this week's release, and I'll let him take it from here!

It’s Friday!

Last time you were in Swordhaven for the Tournament of Champions, you received a missive from Sir Leon beckoning you at The Shears, but then you had to face Caitiff and you had other things on your hands. Now that that’s past though, it’s time to return to The Shears and find out just what’s going on with The Rose over there. What could be going on now? Is it the Thorn? Akanthus? Or something else?


Let’s say there might just be strange, old or new discoveries to be made.

Hate The Rose? Love The Rose? Think you know what's going on?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

If you need any battle help, there's always the official Battle Strategy forum section as well:

DragonFable Battle Strategy Forums!

Feel free to make or join an existing thread there if you're having any trouble!

Tags: Verlyrus

March 17, 2017

The Nest!

The release is live!

A word from San Robin:


Today we have prepared a quest for you that doesn’t have anything to do with cheese! (Incredible, I know!)
Ash received a letter addressed to you.
Now that’s not the strangest thing ever, you obviously get fan-mail ALL the time.*
The strange thing here is that it has a Rose seal on it.
The letter seems genuine, but...
Will you discover the soothing fragrance of the Rose?
Or be pricked by its thorns once more?
Log in and start the first quest of an all new quest chain!

*Do you? I don’t know, maybe discuss it on the forums?

Head over to the map (in Book 3 Falconreach), navigate to the Greenguard region and locate the new pin!

Tags: Tomix

March 10, 2017

Swordhaven Quest Board!

The release is live!

Head to Book 3 Swordhaven to find two new requests for help posted from the citizenry at the Swordhaven Quest Board.

The Capitol’s infamous Cheese Seller needs a gouda hand to transport a special delivery of cheese for a mystery client in Falconreach! It’s a LOT of cheese so he's going to need someone to protect him while he is transporting all that fine cheddar.

Secondly… we are not sure WHO submitted the second request... Was this really requested by one of the citizens? It’s a bit strange really…. Maybe the kids from around the market are playing pranks again? Perhaps you should just ignore this one.

Anyway, have a wonderful questing weekend!
~The DF Team

Tags: Tomix

March 03, 2017

A Legendary Artifact

Hey there everyone!

This week, we have a quest written by the one and only San Robin! Get ready for the cheesy puns!
Head on over to Serenity's Inn in Book 1 Falconreach and find San Robin to play the next chapter in his tale!

Also, the Hero's Heart Day Storybook and item shops will be leaving on Monday, March 6th!
And now, a word from San Robin himself!


With that greeting, you probably know what time it is!
Yes! The dreaded fondue friday is back!
San Robin* has yet another quest for you.
He may or may not have found a clue to answer something he has been wondering for years.
Where are the bandits who attacked his merchant family?

A fair warning in advance:
If you’re allergic to dairy and/or puns, it’s best to keep your anti-allergy medicine at hand!

Dracelix made an awesome (and oh-so cheesy) weapon to go with the quest as well. 

Now enough writing!
Go on a quest with San Robin to find the legen-dairy artifact!

*It feels so weird to write your username when talking about an NPC.

Tags: Verlyrus

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