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March 18, 2014

ChronoZ in Testing Now!

2014 Calendar Class is Almost Here!

So, there's a funny thing about time travelers. USUALLY they arrive where and when they want to be pretty close to their target. But THIS time... We'd wanted the ChronoZ to arrive 3 months BEFORE the New Year. Looks like this guy got reversed, and is approaching 3 months AFTER!

But never fear... the time IS almost here! This week, Verlyrus is taking Tomix's AMAZING art and animation for the ChronoZ Class and working on the its skills, breaking everything and putting it back together.

If you want to help, you can leave ideas and feedback (and any bugs you find) in the forum thread here! Keep an eye on the Design Notes, because as soon as WE know it's ready to go live, YOU will, too!

Wait, wait, wait! What IS the ChronoZ Class?

It's about time you asked! You can get your very own ChronoZ Class when you pick up the 2014 Calendar from HeroMart, our online real-life swag store!

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December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from your video game family here at Artix Entertainment! Even when you are not on our servers, you are still in our hearts. We have done so much together this year and made so many great memories... and we could not do it without you! 

P.S. Thank you to everyone who upgraded with a Dragon Amulet  or purchased DragonCoins to support our weekly releases. We are very grateful that you give us the opportunity to keep making all our games better each week.

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December 14, 2013

Battle Wedding: A Love Story

Zorbaks LOVE Ebil... and now so can you!

The Artix Wedding Celebration shop will arrive soon! The pet file is off to Verlyrus. If you have not yet played through the wedding event in AQWorlds, /log in now, because you will NOT believe how this release ends! (No, really, it's got multiple endings.)

Mehehehe marriage.

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December 13, 2013

Frostval the 13th is Live

The Cultists have returned!

Frostval is here, and so is Friday the 13th! BRRRRRing your sharpest gear and get ready to knock the Cultists out cold! If you don't, YOU are the one who is going to feel the chill touch of Death's hand upon you!

Fear the Sisters' icy stares!

What could the devious Cultists be planning this time? Log in this week and stop them before it's too late...again!

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December 12, 2013

Battle Wedding: A Love Story

Lord of the Wedding Ring AQW Event and DF Shop!

Every young video game creator dreams about his wedding, and Artix's creator, Adam Bohn, was no different. You know, something traditional. White flowers… musical preludes… and the onslaught of armored groomsmen, swordfights, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, WWE’s Jimmy Hart, and evil bellhops all taking place during the middle of the very organized, formal ceremony.

Don't believe me? Watch the video!

Organized? Formal? Not THIS Battle Wedding!

AQWorlds' servers can hold over 20,000 players online at once, but the hotel where Adam and his bride, Michelle, got married is just NOT equipped to do that...  So we decided to recreate the wedding in-game at some twists and additions that are most definitely not legal in Florida. Like dungeons. Possibly zombies. MAYBE some cross-dimensional traveling...) 

This Friday, in-game Battle Wedding event arrives in AQW... and it's NEVER leaving! Expect to find:

  • True love
  • Traps, pitfalls, and pratfalls
  • Ninjas
  • Bellhops
  • a Rares Shop
  • and the unexpected!

A permanent merge shop will also release for those who battle through the event in the future! We will be releasing a "Zorbak Loves Ebil" pet and weapon to celebrate Adam and Michelle's wedding!

Lord of the Wedding Ring: Expect the Unexpected!

The groom and his groomsmen, all clad in armor-plated suits, ushered close friends and family to their seats. Even Adam’s battle Pomeranian, Daimyo, was dressed in a tuxedo for the magical occasion. The wedding ceremony was beautiful … until the Catholic priest said: “Should anyone have reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace…”

Suddenly... the BATTLE portion of this most-unconventional wedding began! It wouldn't be a Friday the 13th event if SOMETHING unexpected didn't happen!

If the previous in-game weddings in AdventureQuest Worlds imitate life, and Adam’s real-life wedding was imitating Artix games, then this is a prime example of “life imitating art imitating life.” And YOU are going to have to make sure the ending of THIS wedding ends in victory: with the bride and groom becoming man and wife! (As the Hero, that's your job. And we KNOW you are up to the challenge!)

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November 02, 2013

Mogloween: Saturday Update

Hello all!

Alina here lending the DragonFable team a hand to keep you all in the know about what's new, gnarly, and still needs to be done.

So since YOU all want to know about the DragonFable release that was scheduled for today, and Mogloween is all about tricks, treats, sweets, and superhuman feats...

Let's play a rousing round of

Bad News/Good News: Mogloween Edition!

Bad news:
The version of this week's new minigame, which Rolith finished on Thursday, was corrupted.

Mogloween tip: Wearing a mask does NOT make you a real unicorn.

Good news: 
Good news: Rolith is currently on his way home from the Secret Underground Lab with the new version of the minigame 90% done! He is really REALLY happy with how it is turning out!

Bad news:
Today's release has been pushed back.

Mogloween tip: Beware of strangers with laser eyes.

Good news:
The release - and all the sweet and spooky tricks and treats the team has in store for you - will release SOON!

I hope you had an AMAZING time Trick or Treating, if you went out in search of sweet treats. If you ran the streets tricking your family and friends, I hope you weren't caught! We hope to see you soon for the DragonFable release!

Late late Sunday update:

The engine for the minigame was completed early Sunday evening. Geopetal is rocking out the final touches on the release and getting testing underway! She will have Design Notes for you later today (Monday afternoon) with news on the release. 

Forum question: Do YOU have any silly, fun, or funny Mogloween tips for your friends?

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October 15, 2013

Need Account Help?

Use the Help Pages!

Player Support is the first line of defense whenever you have ANY issue, be it payment, account, technical, or game-related, and we personally read EVERY email sent to us. We’re a small team, but we are MIGHTY in our power to help solve your problems and make sure you enjoy our games as much as possible!

The Player Support team is made up of:

  • Nythera, head of Player Support
  • Zazul
  • Neveya
  • and Lady Tomo
  • Stratos helps too, when he has time!

Where Else to Get Help?

You should only email the Help Pages! For us to help you in the best and fastest way possible, we NEED you to use them, not Twitter, Facebook, or the forum!

If you post on Twitter, Facebook, or the forum, that just means our team members need to redirect you to the Help Pages anyways! (It's also very easy for our team members to miss your important posts on social networking sites, because sometimes they need to sleep.)

 Using the Help Pages right from the start means we can start helping you confidentially and directly as soon as we read your email. (Remember, because real people read each email we get, it may take between 1-3 business days to respond!)

Where ARE the Help Pages?

You can find them linked on each of our game websites!

Account Safety Tips

There’s nothing I enjoy less than a stolen account. I’m sure you feel the same way - who wouldn’t?! So here are some tips to help keep your account safe and out of the hands of thieves.

  • Never share your account with anyone! Not even a friend. Every person who knows your password makes your account less secure.
  • Use a secure password! Use oth letters AND numbers, use both upper and lower case, and make sure your password is at least 8 characters long.
  • Confirm your email with us! This makes sure your email can’t be changed without your permission.
  • Never enter your account name and/or password into any site or email that isn’t owned by Artix Entertainment!

We Don't Want to Ban or Mute You!

We have rules in place to help keep ALL our players safe and having fun in AQWorlds! Make sure you follow the rules so you don't have your account muted, banned, or disabled! Not sure if something's ok to do? Review the rules!

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October 03, 2013


Dracelix has been busy...!!!


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July 19, 2013

Rock in Knee-d of Repairs

DragonFable Release Delayed Until Tomorrow!

Alina here with some not-very-gneiss news that may make some of you a bit dis-jointed. Geopetal has been put through a rock tumbler, and will not be able to complete the release tonight. Rolith and Tomix are also out sick, and cannot finish it for her.

Geopetal is broken like this crystal. :(


Never fear, DragonFablers! Your rockster is hale and mostly-whole. She's got some bruises and busted-up facets, but with one of my trusty Fissure-B-Fine draughts, once she's had a bit of sleep, she'll be right as new! (Or as new as an eons-old rock can get.)

She's got a short but meaningful update almost ready to roll, and she says to expect that tomorrow. The pebble of power should be back to full strength then! 

I told the codemonkey: "No working while sick!"

Remember, Heroes: never take your balance for granite. Concrete stairs can nerf your health, and there's not always a Healer around to get you back to full HP!

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May 01, 2013

Become a Bug Hunter

The BugMaster General Needs YOU!

Stratos, the BugMaster General, writes: Bug Hunters... unite!

OUR MISSION: To confirm every bug, mistake, glitch, hack, typo, and error in DragonFable that other players report at! NOTE: We are Bug Hunters... not player support! We do not fix bugs other players' characters, accounts, or upgrades.

"The bigger the bug, the more satisfying the squish!"

If the line up there makes your fingers itch to grab a mallet and squash something, then keep reading, because you're just what Stratos is looking for! Read on for more details:

Please post the following on the DF forum:

1. A link to your DF character page

2. The languages you speak/write

3. A couple sentences about how long you've played DragonFable, and why you want to help squish bugs.

Here are Stratos' requirements for joining the Bug Hunter crew:

1. You need to have Skype installed. This will let him contact you directly about any of the bugs you've encountered.

2. You must be age 13 or older to join the crew, but 18+ is preferred (as we can give you more responsibilities once you've gained experience)

3. Help when you can. We don't have set times for our Bug Hunters to be available, but we would like you to be available to help regularly. 

4. Must be able to follow directions... and ask questions! Stratos has a system set up, but if there's something you don't understand, ASK! He wants to help you squish the bugs as much as you want to squish them!

5. Good critical thinking skills are a plus. (Being able to see a problem and narrow down the source or reason can speed the fixing process up.)

(Please do not include your age, email address, or Skype name when posting. Stratos will be able to contact you without them. Thank you!)

So... What Now? How do I Start Squashing?

Stratos will contact you directly if you look like a good fit for this task. It won't always (or even often) be fun. You'll read reports, play DragonFable until it breaks, then go do paperwork. But you WILL be helping the DF dev team improve the game!

Reading reports and duplicating bugs over and over again not for you? That's OK! But DO we need EVERYONE's help reporting the bugs on the Bug Tracker!

We can't fix DragonFable unless we know there are bugs... and that's where YOU come in!

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February 16, 2013

Rolith's Bachelor Party

Looooongest day ever! Rolith is sick, Alina is sick, Verlyrus is the most amazing person ever helping us code on his birthday (so totally wish him happy birthday), Tomix was up until 4am his time working on the cutscenes, Dracelix made another weapon for you guys, and Cronix did last minute awesome art on the ninjas today too (after creating the ghouls as his first ever monsters last week and the Alina monster this week) before he had to go! It's been a craaaaaazy day! 

Now, though, you get to play through the real-life-inspired quest of Rolith's Bachelor Party! Artix did an amzing job planning the real life event and has even more to tell you and show you!

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October 21, 2012

The Future Looks Bright

And we've got all the time in the world to enjoy it!

We're MARRIED! Man, it has been a CRAZY adventure getting to this day. The wedding took a lot of planning, work, and help from friends. And you guys were a big part of getting it all started!

Rolith and I have known each other since 2007, when we were both working for Artix Entertainment remotely. We talked a lot online, and worked really well together, but neither of us knew we would work SO well together that we'd want to spend the rest of our lives with each other - playing, working, and building a future. In joining the AE crew, we found friends (who grew to be as close as family) and got to create games for all of you!

It's not a real party unless you've saved the world first!

Building a friendship starts with shared interests, and one of the things we both love is playing videogames with great stories. And getting to share that love with you guys gave us even more enjoyment... and more things to talk about. (After I transferred to the AQW team in 2011, some of the topics changed, but we just had more news to go over at the end of the day.)

After DragonFable players learned of our engagement in 2009 (and got to play the EPIC proposal cutscene Rolith and Ghost made), we've been flooded with support from the AE community.

Codemonkey (and codemonkey balloon*) thank you!

All of that led up to this October. We have had an INSANE month here at the Lab. In between working with everyone to get the Artix Entertainment 10th anniversary / AQWorlds 4th birthday / the Alina and Rolith in-game wedding event / fixing bugs and planning future releases... I ALSO had to make sure our real-life wedding happened and that we both survived to enjoy it!

But no wedding between AE team members could go as planned, of course! At the wedding rehearsal on Friday, we found the boat still being built. The crew was sanding tables, nailing down carpet, varnishing wood trim. (That sounds a lot like a standard Friday at the Lab - cleaning up code, nailing down item art, vanishing bugs!)

The server hamsters run EXTRA-fast on Fridays!

When we got there on Saturday for the wedding, the boat had been turned into a floating palace-ballroom and Rolith and I were treated like the King and Queen (sorry King Alteon)! Polished woodwork, candles, peacock feathers, the works. But every palace needs at least one knight in armor... and every bride needs to be prepared for unexpected surprises!

Artix (the best man) and I are ready to take on any party-crashing bugs!

It was a magical night, something out of a fairy-tale... or a fantasy RPG! Rolith and I danced, blew bubbles off the side of the boat, danced more, ate cake, and had an incredibly fun time with our family and friends! (There was even time to sing him his wedding present!)

Geopetal made a Tog-shaped Groom's Cake!

The entire night - and the entire time leading up to this amazing night - is going to be something neither of us ever forgets. We are so excited to officially start our lives together, and we're so excited that you all saved Artix Entertainment's games before Friday so you'd have time to make our in-game wedding go off without a hitch (so that we could GET hitched)!

Rolith says "This picture file shall be saved as Kissyface.jpg!"

Thank you all so much for supporting us as we've battled through bugs, bad luck, and unforeseen surprises and cheering us on as we've worked to bring you epic releases and the crazy stories that go along with them! We're looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together... and to building an awesomely-epic future with our family, friends, and you!

* Codemonkey balloon by the talented Beleen!

PS: Both Rolith and I REALLY want to get a wedding release in DragonFable finished. As soon as we have the time, we will put that together for you all to celebrate with us! In the meantime, please enjoy the Alina/Rolith wedding shop in Falconreach!

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December 30, 2011

Frostval Follies and Frantic Fighting!

Merry Frostval, Heroes!*

It is wonderful to see you all again, and at such a joyous time of year! But I must admit, I am sore vexed with you. WHAT have you done to ROLITH?! For months, he'd be fine day in and day out. But when a chill wind blew or a moglin crossed his path, he'd get a look in his eye. A dangerous glint. And I knew Trouble was coming. He loves those moglins as much as he does those dratted, raucous togs of his.

He didn't want Chilly to catch a cold!

And you killed his TogTog. His most beloved, cherished TogMount. I near wept to see him so heartbroken. All he was trying to do was protect those moglins! I know it's not your fault they get attacked every year! But sometimes Rol just gets... fixated. He finds a project or an idea - like revamping the Keep - and just goes all out. Right now, it's protecting those moglins.

I've NEVER seen him THIS angry! This is his RAGE face.

He did everything he could to make their time in his Safety Camp fun, frolicful, and Frostval-y. I mean, he even did that silly Silly Hat thing! Do you KNOW how many times I pricked my fingers sewing those hats? ... They ARE pretty adorable, though. I hope you'll keep yours! But then you had to test him. Didn't you trust that he'd keep his moglin friends safe? Rol is the gentlest Captain I know. I've never SEEN that expression on his face before!

You HIT my Fiance!** Ooooh, if we weren't such good friends, hero...

I know you are charged with protecting Lore. You have a destiny to fulfill and without you, we'd all be doomdust ground beneath villains' heels. I see you almost every day, making your potions, crafting your helms and hats... We're good friends, aren't we? But Hero, let me just be clear. My Sees-All Solution - the one that shows the future - showed me something that was NOT very merry!

Attacking Rolith was just... MEAN! He was only trying to help the moglins. So he was a bit misguided. A little delusional. We all have bad months, right?

Merry FrostRol to all, and to all some good loot!

I don't know if we can come to an understanding, but I will continue to hope. It is Frostval, after all! Please, Hero, remember that Rolith has been your long-time friend. Do not hurt him if you can help it! In the spirit of Frostval, forgive and let live. The moglins are safe, the Togs (all except TogTog *sniff*) are rolling in the snow and enjoying Gorillaphant Rawhide Treats.

Let's all come together to celebrate the season! And speaking of celebrating... I'd take a look at your backpack if I were you! Seems to me your presents might deserve a looksee or two.

Merry Frostval from the DragonFable team, and all of us at Artix Entertainment!***

* With Rolith suffering from the Plague, I thought I'd hop back onto the DF team for a night and help him get this release out. Sorry about the Saturday morning release, but we hope you enjoy Frostval!
Rolith definitely plans on making the boss battle harder. But right now he's mumbling incoherently about lemons, rawhide, and presents, so I'm sending him to bed.

*** Be sure to keep an eye on the AQW Design Notes! Artix is going to make a big "AE Year in Review" post later today!

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May 24, 2011

And the War Trudges On

There was hope, for a moment.  Not of victory, we were certain of that as we determinedly dragged ourselves through the mounting hoards of undead and their waves deminished with each clashing swordblow.  

As the war counter reached towards 100% and the fields of battle, roiling with the fog of war and the smell of the sea rolling in from Falconreach Harbor, fell emptier and emptier, we were certain of victory and hopeful of something else.  Of justice.  

Justice for the shattered Guardian Tower, and the broken lives it left in it's wake.  Sepulchure had lost his fortress, and he had lost his countless minions as the battlefeild was overrun with our heros.  

And then there was quiet: a long held breath over the fields outside of Falconreach. Quiet enough for you to seek your justice? Revenge? Was there a difference? Did it matter?  

And Sepulchure answered.  He answered decisively.  Blow after blow, he toyed with you, with all of us, with the LORE he had unified against him and now threatens to dash against the shores like the Guardian Tower, and the very Order that was held inside it, only to claim the land for himself.  We know where we stand in his estimation now.  

Not rivals, not enemies, no. We are pawns.  We are embodiements of all that is good on LORE and he thinks less than nothing of us.  And after all this loss, and this crushing defeat, you are dealt a deeper, more cutting blow.  Celestia.  Akriloth's child.  

Could you have stopped it?  Should you have seen the signs?  How could she be gone?  No answers.  Nothing from him.  He turned, and walked away.

And with that we could lay broken on the ground where our fellow heroes fought, bled, and died, as well.  Defeated victims of a greater foe.  We could watch as the skys filled with more of those horrible beasts, carried countless more undead to overrun the world and ensure his victory.  Greater men have been defeated by far less destructive blows than the ones we were dealt.  

But no.

We're not laying down.  The heroes of LORE have stood up, retaken their positons on the Falconreach walls and battlefields and taken up arms.  We may be pawns to him, less than, but we are not his to control.  We will fight.  

Falconreach is scarred, things will never be the same.  Our allies are dwindling, but not gone. And we heroes are hurt, but we're still breathing.  Still capable of standing against him.  And we will.

For The Guardian Tower and the Guardians inside. For Celestia and what she stood for in these dark times. And for Falconreach, which we will fight to keep from falling.

Together, we will stand. Side by side, we will hold. As one, we will triumph!

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May 12, 2011

Potions in Motion: Preparing for War!

Fire Dousing Draught? Check. (We're DEFINITELY going to need this one.)
Light-emitting Liquid? Got it. (That should come in handly...)
Potion of Inscrutable Mutation? Oooooh YEAH! (Who's going to turn the undead into a cute lil' fluffy BUNNIES? This alchemist!)

Standing in front of her shop, Alina takes a quick inventory of the potions in her belt-pouch. Just in case... trouble... should arise. When all the tonics, brews, and cordials are accounted for, she gazes over the land around her. Birdsong fills the air as sunlight filters down onto the newly mown grass which has finally fully re-grown. She frowns, an inner monologue turning the pleasant day dark:

Falconreach is starting to look SO nice! There've been so many improvements, and the construction moglins are finally able to take lunchbreaks again. If only the calendar wasn't such an accurate predictor of invasions! I HATE to think that in a little over a day, troops of skeletons and doom-dwellers will come marching into our fair city.


Not again.

We CAN'T let them destroy our home again.

Alina knocks on the Mayor's door, peeks in, and snorts in disgust to see him sleeping amidst gold coins piled high all over his desk. We really MUST do something about him, she thinks. Backing away and heading for the center of town, Alina uses a Boom-Voice Brew to call in the surrounding townspeople, then climbs onto an over-turned box and looks down. They gather around her, faces upturned, anticipatory dread clouding their expressions.

"Citizens of Falconreach, residents of LORE! Heroes, hark unto me!

Are you willing to let our homes- our LIVES- be destroyed again? Do you want to see Falconreach in flames, reduced to one lone board again?

You KNOW what is heading for us. WHO is coming our way. I say we can rise up and drive him back! Together we are a force of Nature, stronger than any who would oppose us with mere skeletons and constructs and golems. We CAN triumph!

Warriors- hone your weapons!
Rogues- scout for advance invaders!
Mages- ready your energies to take out his troops!

And you. You story-tellers and song-singers, dancers of dreams, and weavers of imagination- spread the word. Rally the people! Use your gifts of art and song and tales to inflame the hearts of those who are too afraid to face what is coming.

Go. He is coming and we must prepare.

Sepulchure is almost here."

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April 27, 2011

Still Alive!

I'm making a note here. Huge success! (Ok, maybe I am a few years behind the times. I will get caught up. Rolith will make sure of that.) I wanted to hop on here and say hi to you guys, we haven't spoken in a while! (Or to be more accurate, I haven't typed at you for a few weeks.)

How've you been? I've been keeping up with you guys on the DF forum and on Twitter, and y'all seem to be having a blast with what's been going on in DragonFable. And let me tell you, it is only going to get BETTER! Much, much, much, WAY better. Rolith would call that a combo-breaker. +1000 pts!

You wouldn't happen to know of an unlucky day coming up anytime soon. Oh, you have? Eeeeexcellent. You just keep an eye on that little square on the calendar, and be sure to keep free of commitments, because you are going to want to be parked behind your computer, Mountain Dew in one hand and mouse in the other.  It's going to be... well. I was an English major. I write for a living. And I am at a loss to describe what is coming up. Get ready to be flabbergasted!



I've got some fun stuff to talk about, too. (Not that DF isn't always fun. But this stuff is offline-fun!) You guys might remember that recently I went to Ireland. I did not meet any Sneevilchauns, but I saw some amazing scenery, multiple double-rainbows (so intense!), and had one of the best times of my life exploring an incredible country.

Only a single rainbow, but still beautiful! Irish skies were smiling!

One of the COOLEST parts of the trip was visiting Blarney Castle. Not only did I get to kiss the Blarney Stone (I levelled up in eloquence!), but I explored all over it. Even the dungeon, which do exist outside of RPGS.

Way in the back there, that is a cell.

I also saw the murder-hole, which is the hole that defenders used to attack invaders. The name pretty much says it all.


One cute story I wanted to tell you guys was about the Ice-cream Eating Collie of the Little Village of Sneem." Sneem was a VERY tiny village (I think it was big enough to be called a village) that the tour bus stopped in. In the village was an excellent ice cream shop. When we got off the bus, we were greeted by a very friendly, very soggy Collie. (It rains a LOT in Ireland.) and he seemed very happy to see us all, wagging his tail and licking our hands.

My mother, sister, and I made sure to get our ice cream cones and came out to enjoy the drizzle. We watched the Collie go from tourist to tourist, local to local, from bus to bus, begging for ice cream. And he got it! I counted 4 cones devoured by the dog. Not the healthiest dog food, but probably the tastiest. The guide told us this is the dog's regular meal-time habit.


I have WAY too many pictures from the trip (over 600!) and so I cannot share them all with you, but I wish I could! And beyond the awesome things I got to experience, my family is Irish-American, and I'd love to take some extra time on the next trip to find long-lost relatives. If you ever get the chance to go to Ireland, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a country that is hard to describe, but I know that I will definitely be going back there. Many times, if possible.

It is late, and I need to get ready to head back to the Secret Underground Lab in the morning. So I will leave you with this uber-adorable finishing note: Rolith and I adopted a hedgehog last night. His name is Hermie (short for Hermes, because he moves so FAST!) the Hedgehog, and he is too cute for words. Except the ones I just typed. He is cute enough for those words. Here is a pic of him being all grumpy and camera-shy after coming home:

That's all I've got for tonight, but I'll try to come around more often in the future. Even if it's just to say hi and see how you guys are enjoying the game! See you in the DF forums (which I still read every day) and on Twitter!

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April 01, 2011

Timey Fly... ies...?

11pm: The end of the day. A new trinket is out as well. We all survived... I think. I haven't seen Rolith. I'm starting to worry. But so tired....


Oh. Oh no.

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April 01, 2011

Zurvana Set

7pm: Tomix has made a beautiful set of time weapons. Hopefully Mr. Ficus will be appeased. Hopefully.

4 hours to go....

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April 01, 2011

Double Rainbow!

5pm: Found Tomix. Luckily before Mr. Ficus. I think the air has been infused with caffeine. He created a new scythe for you. Working on more, but time flies... who knows what the future will bring?

Oh no... I hear leaves rustling! Back to work!

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April 01, 2011

The Ficus is Eternal

2pm: I can hear the togs growling... Another level of Eternal Spring weapons for you. More new stuff to come... (Hopefully!)

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April 01, 2011

Eternity is Forever

Noon: Another level of the Spring Eternal Weapons.... Hopefully food will be here soon. Need sustenance... something other than coffee....

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April 01, 2011

Tooooo Muuuucccchh Cooofffeeeee

11am: Too much. TooMuchTooMuchTooMuch.....

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Alina

has blue eyes
April 01, 2011

Found Coffee

9am: I was sitting at my desk, work work working. The next thing I know, I'm waking up with Mr. Ficus standing over me.... Leaves dripping. Rolith found coffee though, so hopefully that won't happen again. I hope it's enough...

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Alina

has blue eyes
April 01, 2011

Even More Weapons

8am: Last level of True Mortal's weapons... Must find more to release... Must find more coffee....

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Alina

has blue eyes
April 01, 2011

Time Is Running Together

7am: Is it 7 already? More coffee... Time is all runny....

Tags: April Fools Project C8 Alina

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