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November 30, 2013

The Worst Thankstaking... Part 2

The second half of the quest is live and the bugs from the first half should be mostly squashed (we hope)! Enjoy and have a wonderful Thankstaking weekend filled with delicious foods that, hopefully, won't fight back!

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November 29, 2013

The Worst Thankstaking... Part1

The first half of Thankstaking is up tonight with the second half coming up tomorrow!Get ready to travel back to even before the beginning of DF!

Black Friday
Cronix has made up some amazing items and weapons for Black Friday as well!


Cyber Monday
The Half-Off Shop will appear on Cyber Monday as well! 

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November 27, 2013


This Friday, it's not who or where, but When! And it vill be zpectaularz!

Also, the Thankstaking Storybook is now live in your Book of Lore! Get caught up with Thankstakings past before Friday!

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November 26, 2013

New Mobile Game!?

Battle Gems is coming soon

Do you have an iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, iToaster, iSock or iWeirdSenseOfHumor? This holiday season we plan our releasing our first major mobile game! It is an RPG/Battle-Puzzle game calledAdventureQuest: Battle Gems.

You battle by touching the screen and connecting 3 or more gems of the same type. We got creative and added slime levels, lava challenges, bombs, cages, and a bunch of other crazy game mechanics. As you read this we are in the home stretch of creating the game's 140+ monsters and 256 levels.

BattleGems is coming soon!

Yes, it will be free. Probably an optional upgrade in it -- but we do not know what yet, we have been competely focused on the gameplay and level design. We want you to fall in love with our first mobile game.

The Battle Gems project was started to "teach us how to make mobile games" so we would be ready to create a mobile version of AdventureQuest Worlds. It turned into something really amazing... we hope you will be one of the first people to download it and try it out when it is ready this December.

Want to be the first to know when it goes live!? Like the BattleGems Facebook page!

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November 22, 2013

Sir Stephan

Handsome. Debonair. Intelligent. Practical. Brave. Patriotic. Not fooled by bears. Handsome. Generous. Strong. Unafraid of asking the hard questions. Oh, did we remember to mention handsome?

Sir Stephan of Coldbear wants to interview you. Yes, you! Log in now and head to the theatre in Southern Falconreach in Book3 to get started!

Sir Stephan’s serious and probing questions will get right to the heart of your alignment! Are you motivated by evil? By good? Or is your heart just filled with neutrality?

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November 21, 2013

The Theater!

If you're going to the Book 3 Falconreach Theater, you're going to need to dress to impress!

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November 19, 2013

Bring on the Cheese!

San Robin's first quest will come out this Friday! No matter what you expect, it's sure to epic!

DragonFable Cheese

Whether you want to fight off muensters, slice them up like swiss, or just give them a gouda chase, make sure to limburger up and brie there!*


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November 15, 2013

Castle Valtrith

The long awaited upgrades to the Doom weapons are now available! Fly out to southern Doomwood from the Book 3 Travel Map and start collecting more Bloody Monster Hearts to upgrade your Grisly versions to the Bloody and then the Sanguine versions!

The new Dooms also have some fancy new coding from Ash!

Interview With A Bad Guy
Unfortunately, Tomix is ill and was unable to finish the Interview cutscenes. The Book 3 Falconreach Theatre update will, hopefully, be coming out next week though! Then you'll be able to enjoy all of the cheesy goodness of San Robin's first quest! 

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November 14, 2013

An Interview to Remember!

Log in Friday to check out San Robin's first quest in DragonFable! Sir Stephen of Coldbear will be giving an interview to remember!


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November 14, 2013

2014 Poster Calendar Story

My favorite part of the design notes is sharing the behind the scenes stories of how we make things. Many of you have been with us for many years-- you have seen what I am about to talk about first hand. But if you are just joining us, this is an interesting point in the story to jump in! Behold, this year's brand new 2014 Artix Entertainment Calendar Poster!

2014 Artix Entertainment Poster Calendar

We created our first calendar 4 years ago. We worked really hard on it, using mostly Oishii's art (Oishii was the first artist to join the team.) It featured all of our female characters. The reaction was overwhelmingly "Uh... this is girly!" We even recieved a phone call from a parent asking if we had any that were more... you know... for boys.

So, LOL, the next year Diozz joined the team. He created a more villain oriented calendar and it was recieved really well. We were able to make it thanks to Toys"R"Us to helped cover the costs of production. It sold out completely HeroMart, but, unlike our card game, it did not do well at all in Toys"R"Us. We actually bought calendars back from Toys"R"Us to put more on HeroMart that year. The following year, we created our first Calendar Poster. It was the coolest thing we had ever created. We made it double sided. The front side had the calendar on it. The idea was, when the year was over people could flip it over and it would be an awesome stand-alone-poster. Players loved it!

This year, Diozz drew the scene above as a personal gift to me. It was so... dark, dangerous, with a feeling of action and no matter how many undead surrounded Artix he was going to fight and fight and fight and win! I asked Diozz if we could use his art for this year's 2014 calendar and he smiled and said he was honored.

Dage spent several days digitally painting it. It was tricky because the original picture was landscape. We tried it, but a sideways poster just felt weird. So Diozz and Dage spend a lot of time repainting and re-editing it to fit perfectly on a tall poster. You probably want to hear about the class and items that come with it, but you can see all of that on the HeroMart site.

I really wanted to share the story and love that went into creating this. The poster/calendar has become a new yearly tradition and this one...  perfectly matches the new dark, epic, and heroic feel that we want to put into our games. If you get one -- I would love to see a picture of it on your wall!

NOTE: To give our support and help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, we will be donating 20% of all calendar profit to the Red Cross in the Philippines through the end of November. AdventureQuest Worlds has 1,329,791 players who live in the Philippines.  So if you are going to get a calendar, order it now—it feels better knowing your game stuff is chipping in for a good cause!

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November 13, 2013

Comedy or Tragedy?!

San Robin has written a new quest for the Book 3 Theatre in Falconreach! Will it be a comedy or a tragedy, though?

One thing is for certain, the rewards that Cronix has made are stupendous!

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November 11, 2013

Time Flies

The year is almost done! Where did the time goooooooo!

DragonFable Time Calendar 2014

Tomix is working on a new armor and Thankstaking is coming soon!

This Friday, we present a brand new quest in the Book 3 Falconreach theatre written by our own San Robin! Sir Stephen of Coldbear will be interviewing some special guests, one of which is you!

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November 07, 2013


Tomix has been sketching!

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November 06, 2013


This Friday we return to Sulen'Eska! Sulen'Eska is in danger and your help is needed. Help Kara and Melissa defend against precision strikes of the Rose! 

Mogloween Storybook
The Mogloween Storybook will be available until November 15th! Then it will be time for Thankstaking Storybook, with the holiday release following on the 22nd and this year ze feazt vill be stupendiz!

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November 04, 2013

Time to Hunt

The release is finally live!

Rolith, Verlyrus, Tomix and I worked all through the weekend to bring you the hunt for Valtrith! There's a new armor, with tons of combos to discover, new monsters, new skills for Valtrith and, last but definiately not least, a new way way to run and jump through the woods!

Rolith and Verlyrus have worked very hard to rewrite the walk engine so that your character can jump up on platforms as you move through the woods! This has gone through several iterations over the weekend in our attempt to add a platformer feel to Monstervania! The end effect is very cool and we hope you enjoy it!

Once you're set with the Forest Hunt and Storming the Castle, you'll be able to get started on the hunt for the remains of Valtrith's legions. Collect hearts from the fallen minions to get access to three new scythes and a new weapon set, as well as all eleven of the 2013 Mogloween Masks for the new badge in your Book of Lore!

The Shadow Hunter armor requires the permanent Bloody Hearts to unlock and level up, though. This is so, if you run short on time, you'll be able to level up the armor after the Mogloween Storybook leaves.

Next Week
Permanent Castle Valtrith ruins to jump around in where you can get Bloody Hearts... of DOOOOOM!

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November 02, 2013

Mogloween: Saturday Update

Hello all!

Alina here lending the DragonFable team a hand to keep you all in the know about what's new, gnarly, and still needs to be done.

So since YOU all want to know about the DragonFable release that was scheduled for today, and Mogloween is all about tricks, treats, sweets, and superhuman feats...

Let's play a rousing round of

Bad News/Good News: Mogloween Edition!

Bad news:
The version of this week's new minigame, which Rolith finished on Thursday, was corrupted.

Mogloween tip: Wearing a mask does NOT make you a real unicorn.

Good news: 
Good news: Rolith is currently on his way home from the Secret Underground Lab with the new version of the minigame 90% done! He is really REALLY happy with how it is turning out!

Bad news:
Today's release has been pushed back.

Mogloween tip: Beware of strangers with laser eyes.

Good news:
The release - and all the sweet and spooky tricks and treats the team has in store for you - will release SOON!

I hope you had an AMAZING time Trick or Treating, if you went out in search of sweet treats. If you ran the streets tricking your family and friends, I hope you weren't caught! We hope to see you soon for the DragonFable release!

Late late Sunday update:

The engine for the minigame was completed early Sunday evening. Geopetal is rocking out the final touches on the release and getting testing underway! She will have Design Notes for you later today (Monday afternoon) with news on the release. 

Forum question: Do YOU have any silly, fun, or funny Mogloween tips for your friends?

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November 01, 2013

Day of the Dead!

Valtrith’s minions continue to attack and it’s getting time to really introduce you to Symone DuBellmount, the last of her line of Shadow Hunters! Do you have what it takes to help continue their legacy?

You’ll find out tomorrow! This week we’ll be having a Saturday release just due to the sheer amount of coding that Rolith and Verlyrus need to do. I think you’ll be very pleased when you get the chance to run through Valtrith’s castle tomorrow! Then you finally be able to get started on collecting the hearts of his minions and earning your Mogloween Masks!

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