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December 30, 2011

Frostval Follies and Frantic Fighting!

Merry Frostval, Heroes!*

It is wonderful to see you all again, and at such a joyous time of year! But I must admit, I am sore vexed with you. WHAT have you done to ROLITH?! For months, he'd be fine day in and day out. But when a chill wind blew or a moglin crossed his path, he'd get a look in his eye. A dangerous glint. And I knew Trouble was coming. He loves those moglins as much as he does those dratted, raucous togs of his.

He didn't want Chilly to catch a cold!

And you killed his TogTog. His most beloved, cherished TogMount. I near wept to see him so heartbroken. All he was trying to do was protect those moglins! I know it's not your fault they get attacked every year! But sometimes Rol just gets... fixated. He finds a project or an idea - like revamping the Keep - and just goes all out. Right now, it's protecting those moglins.

I've NEVER seen him THIS angry! This is his RAGE face.

He did everything he could to make their time in his Safety Camp fun, frolicful, and Frostval-y. I mean, he even did that silly Silly Hat thing! Do you KNOW how many times I pricked my fingers sewing those hats? ... They ARE pretty adorable, though. I hope you'll keep yours! But then you had to test him. Didn't you trust that he'd keep his moglin friends safe? Rol is the gentlest Captain I know. I've never SEEN that expression on his face before!

You HIT my Fiance!** Ooooh, if we weren't such good friends, hero...

I know you are charged with protecting Lore. You have a destiny to fulfill and without you, we'd all be doomdust ground beneath villains' heels. I see you almost every day, making your potions, crafting your helms and hats... We're good friends, aren't we? But Hero, let me just be clear. My Sees-All Solution - the one that shows the future - showed me something that was NOT very merry!

Attacking Rolith was just... MEAN! He was only trying to help the moglins. So he was a bit misguided. A little delusional. We all have bad months, right?

Merry FrostRol to all, and to all some good loot!

I don't know if we can come to an understanding, but I will continue to hope. It is Frostval, after all! Please, Hero, remember that Rolith has been your long-time friend. Do not hurt him if you can help it! In the spirit of Frostval, forgive and let live. The moglins are safe, the Togs (all except TogTog *sniff*) are rolling in the snow and enjoying Gorillaphant Rawhide Treats.

Let's all come together to celebrate the season! And speaking of celebrating... I'd take a look at your backpack if I were you! Seems to me your presents might deserve a looksee or two.

Merry Frostval from the DragonFable team, and all of us at Artix Entertainment!***

* With Rolith suffering from the Plague, I thought I'd hop back onto the DF team for a night and help him get this release out. Sorry about the Saturday morning release, but we hope you enjoy Frostval!
Rolith definitely plans on making the boss battle harder. But right now he's mumbling incoherently about lemons, rawhide, and presents, so I'm sending him to bed.

*** Be sure to keep an eye on the AQW Design Notes! Artix is going to make a big "AE Year in Review" post later today!

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December 29, 2011

The PA Plague and other Unhappyness

Two weeks ago I snuck out of the underground lab a week early to get a head start on my holiday wanderings.  My brother graduated college and I was determined to be there if at all possible.  A week later Alina joined me and since than we've been bouncing between families, extended families, and one flight halfway across the country.  During these wanderings I caught what I'm calling the PA Plague, a wicked sinus infection that has left me still reeling almost a week later.  

That said, I've been hard at work on four things for you guys.  

  • A fun micro-challenge for the final quest of this week
  • An insane boss fight using a feature we haven't used since a holiday many years ago (let's see if the current engine can handle it!)
  • One is the ChronoCorruptor class you guys have been taking a look at for the last couple of days
  • And the last is this year's Frostval present, the Togslayer Armor. (Those of you who have been around for a while might know exactly how amusing that sentence was for me to type.)

Here comes the point in the design notes where the two different topics come slamming together.

While I'm having a lot of fun getting the monsters and quest ready for you guys (it still could be a late one, we'll be doing things rarely done in the game)  I don't think we'll be getting the classes out when we originally planned.  My plague has left me cloudy-headed and without much of a mind for the complicated process of designing and implementing the epic skills necessary to make these classes EXPLODE on your screens.  

Once this vile debuff wears off, rest assured we'll be releasing the class as I finish each skill so you guys can be included in it's design. That way, you will be able to provide ample feedback and input for the entire process.

It's really unfortunate that this plague had to infect me NOW, but both of these classes have amazing animations and I want to give them the time, attention and finesse they deserve, even if one of them is really, really* silly.

* Really, really, really... Really, really, really - *deep breath* REALLY, REALLY, REALLY silly.

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December 28, 2011

A Frosty Redesign!

Dracelix has revamped a very special set of weapons for the Frostval finale boss fight this week! Check them out in all their frosty goodness!

This Friday we'll have to face down Rolith and try to save the holiday! I don't think those poor moglins can take anymore silly hat days.... Rolith himself is programming his boss monster. Every time I ask how it's going he just starts twirling his moustache and laughing. Which is weird 'cause I'm not sure where he got the moustache from.

Friday is also going to be presents day! Dracelix has worked hard on some crazy awesome weapons to go with a very special gift from Ghost!

Time is ticking down on those Chaorrupted Clocks. If you want your chance at the exclusive Chronocorrupter Armor in DF, there are very few calendars left!

This armor is definitely unique to DF! 

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December 21, 2011

Frostvale Break In!

Rolith is being crazy overprotective in Frostvale this year. Will you be able to get inside and stop him? Or are you going to be stuck out in the cold during this year's Frostval? You'll be able to collect coal in this week's quest to upgrade your presents once they open too!

The TogTog House and organ furniture is also available in Chapter 6 of the Frostval Storybook too! Tomix and Dracelix made some really cool items to go inside of it!

Happy Birthday to Dracelix and Tomix as well! Dracelix has made a special glaive that can be bought through the News Post!

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December 21, 2011

Silly hat time!

That was just the best idea ever, so let's make it a thing. So um, let's see.. how about a light and fluffy contest where you guys draw a picture of (we won't be judging on art quality), build, or describe the most strange, goofy, and generally ridonkulous Frostval hats you can imagine. Bonus points will be awarded to hats that: a) Look like your gramma knit it, b) Can be seen from space, or c) Might be your weird aunt's cat that she wrapped up, you think?

However, bonus points are pointless because we are not using a point system to judge this, haha! The contest will run until Dec 26, whenever I get around to shutting it down, but probably early in the day. The winning hat will be chosen by how hard it makes us laugh. Don't worry about making up stats or descriptions, but feel free to describe it if we may not have a clue what it is... :P


The winner gets his/her hat in game, available to all at the end of Frostval! And bragging rights for having the worst sense of style ever. That's it. But come on, you know you want that title. Let's do this!

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December 21, 2011

Twas the Wednesday Before Frostval

And all through the lab, coders, writers, and artists were making such a noise that it completely ruins the meter of this story, so I'm not even going to bother.

So, preparations have continued and by the look of things we're going to have the MOST secure Frostval ever!  No sign of Xan or Zadd, either. And if I so much as HEAR the term eggnog-nomicon...  the moglin-stocks are ready and waiting.  

But that's no reason to be festive.  I'm doing everything to keep the Moglins upbeat and happy.  I even alloted a half hour every day for mandatory "Silly Hat Time!"  The moglins seem hesitant to participate.

I AM Festive, dangit!

In all seriousness, keep in mind we're trying to get this release out 2 days early, so it's likely to be a late one.  Stay tuned!

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December 20, 2011

Merry Frostval!

The stockings have been hung on the super-fortified boundry fence patrolled by fierce togs with care...

It's going to have to be a stealthy Frostval this year if you want in!

Poor Togtog was taken down too soon by that rogue ice golem. Tomix has worked hard to create a nice, cozy one room house for you to enjoy.

Sorry about the smell, but it'll keep you nice and warm this Frostval season. It shouldn't be so bad inside if you fung shui the organ furniture that Tomix and Dracelix are making!

Frostvale Break-In
The only way you're getting in Frostvale this holiday season is if you break in! Rolith has gone crazy overboard protecting the moglins this year and you have to make sure he doesn't keep out all the holiday cheer as well. You're going to have to get past his packs of roving togs first.... Better hope you can make it through!

This week's release is slated for... tomorrow! The Underground Lab is shutting down for it's own de-togging over the holidays (we can only do that when Rolith is out of town, so it's the perfect time right now.) so look for the new quest, hopefully*, tomorrow! There's a lot to do, so back to work I go to make sure the release isn't too late....


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December 16, 2011

Merry Togsmas!

Looks like someone else has taken over the protection of the frost moglins... At least that means less work for you, right?! Nothing could possibly go wrong this year with extra help to keep Frostvale safe!

Our two apprentices have met their third and are now trying to impress her! Can Alex impress her with his levitating skills? Or will he end up destroying all the rare resource materials she needs for her studies? Will she even get her nose out of her book long enough to notice?

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Code Monkey
December 15, 2011

Merry Togsmas!

Hey guys!  Seems like every time I manage to find time to do design notes, I'm pointing out how long it's been since my last ones.  Not this time! ... Wait...

So what have I been up to lately?  Alexander, mostly.  Getting his character slot ready took a lot of work and unlocking it and opening the game engine up for our plans with him was a taxing job. Most of the time I have to work on DragonFable was filled with it.  

This story is so awesome! I've been excited for it for as long as we've known he was going to have it told. Hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I'm going to enjoy helping it come to life!

I've also been plotting... since before last year's Frostval had even started.  Merry Togsmas everyone! 

Geo's got a great script for this year's holiday and I'm looking forward to your reaction to this week's quest.  It's going to be a wild ride.

I've also been working on my own version of the "12 Days of Frostval" for Alina.  She's getting small presents every day throughout the holidays, each accompanied with the lines: "On the X day of Frostval for my true love, I give to you..."  :-P  We're up to day three.  I didn't write them ahead of time, so the challenge for ME is finding a way to work the number into the gift's name. So... any ideas of things I could get her?

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December 13, 2011

Contest Winners!

From Eric Greydawn:

Yokai Uprising Book Two  

Soldiers Journal  

It happened early this morning. A huge black panther raced into the village. It was being pursued by a large Oni. Kensai Greydawn grinned wolfishly as the Oni came in, and stepped into a battlestance. The Oni froze then started laughing. A quick slash from his nodachi into the thin air was the Kensai’s response. The Oni opened his mouth to laugh then started coughing blood. Somehow, from across a distance, Kensai Greydawns strike hit home, but I do not understand how. The Panther turned and leapt into the air taking the Oni down the rest of the way. Thorn raced across the village and stopped in front of the panther. For a moment it seemed almost as if they were conversing, then the panther turned and padded across the square and sat down in front of Kensai Greydawn. The panther seems to have attached himself to Kensai Greydawn. His name is Tsumedo.  

Congratulations to Lady_Dragonrider for providing the winning name. 

Runners Up

Axemeus for Tachi 
SeventhSword2 for Musashi 
Shaiyal for Chiyo
Asgardian Ferret for Bak Hira 
Discipline for Nakitai 

Honorable Mention:

Lady Greydawn for bringing back memories of the coolest cat to ever stride through my life.  Lester was my cat for fifteen years, and never failed to bring the laughter into our lives.  

Thank you all for your submissions.  You all have such clever ideas!  

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December 09, 2011

Swordhaven Past

That creepy, burnt out house in Swordhaven's Residential Section holds secrets... you know it! No one in town will go near it. Rumors swirl about what happened to it and what's contained inside now. All that's left is for you to explore it and see what you find... and open a new character slot! 

With the new slot you'll be able to see Swordhaven past and learn the story of a promising young wizard's apprentice! Dracelix has also made new versions of the Legendary Magma weapons that can be found in the new Mutant Caves random quest!

It's Getting Chilly!
Check out the Frostval Storybook and play through past events! Snow is coming.... 

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December 07, 2011

Welcome Dracelix!

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December 02, 2011

Lots of Random Things!

Lots and lots and lots!

Frist of all a new version of Swordhaven is up! The Guard Captain has two new random quests, with more to come next week. Fight your way through the forests and marshes around Swordhaven and collect revamped versions of weapons that dropped from the original randoms!

Ohhhh, pretty!

The residential section is also open, as well as a new shop with adorable Sewer Pets in the Market!

They flying city of Dragonsgrasp also got an update this week with a brand new house item shop! Just find your way to the Inn and the continue going left past the guard with the polearm. A brand new house style (NINE rooms!*) and lots of new house items await you there!

*Hallways included!

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