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March 31, 2014

ChronoZ is Live!

Hey everyone!

If you have an Artix Entertainment 2014 Calendar code, you can re-submit here it to redeem your ChronoZ armor.


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March 28, 2014

Desolation Ruins

The latest quest from Dracelix is live! Tomix has been working hard all week to bring Sir Leon's latest quest to life!

Log in now to find and explore the Desolation Ruins and find the mysterious Runestone!

DragonFable Shears

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March 26, 2014

Enchanted ChickenCow!


Cronix is secretly working on a super secret class for you.

It's so secret, that I will post its name and skills for you to check out!



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March 22, 2014


The Latest Sulen'eska Quest is live! Travel the Swordhaven Path and pass inspection to get to the notorious Runed Fortress! (Note: You might have to redo Mission:Improbable to get the next quest to open! We had to make an adjustment to the quest string.)

Brand new rings await if you can sneak inside!


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March 21, 2014

Not Enough Time!

Tomix is working away but, unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day and the cutscenes are too long! Our Sulen'Eska release will be delayed until tomorrow. 

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March 20, 2014

ChronoZ Update!


BoxcatZ here!

This is the story of a cat and a box, and their quest to find a planner.

This morning, I woke up and thought to myself, "You know what you need? A planner to keep track of everything so you aren't caught by surprise when something needs to be done the next day!"

"Good idea," I told myself.

Naturally, I strolled over to the nearest bookstore and demanded to see their finest planner.

"We don't have any in stock," I was told.

"You see, it's that time of year when the yearly ones have sold out, but the 18 month ones haven't arrived yet. Try coming back in a month."

A month! Who knows what I'll have forgotten to do by then?

Being the resourceful boxcat that I am, I immediately returned to my box and converted it into a time machine. (All it takes is a marker and some imagination!)

I promptly set off for 1 month in the future in order to secure a precious planner.

Unfortunately, I must not have set the box flaps correctly, because I ended up in some sort of orangey swirly place. The blue carpet was nice and cushy though.

And then I saw them.

ChronoZ wearing heroes! A guy and a girl, looking as ChronoZ as can be!

They were arguing about something, but I was too far away to hear, so I scooted closer.

"blahblahblah...blah... new skills.. blah blah..."

It was suddenly clear to me! My time travelling escapade had cost these ChronoZ heroes their new skills since I wasn't around to code them! Abandoning my quest for a planner, I turned back the flaps on my box and sailed back to present time.

Plannerless, I got down to work.



The ChronoZ armor has recieved an update!

Better flavor text (fewer calories, more flavor!), tweaked numbers, squashed bugs, and 3 awesome new skills await!
Other than some fine tuning of numbers and some bugs that have escaped me, this should be the general feel of the final armor.


New skills:

Blink forward: Attack twice in a row after using this skill. May interact oddly with potions. (I suggest this + Bow + Bow for a quick multi. But I'm sure you'll find other crazy ways to use it! Drinking potions does not count toward the two turns.)

Reverse Time: Instantly heal half of your health and mana!

Kick: Stops your opponent from fleeing. But using the power of time.


Let me know on the forums if you end up breaking anything!

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March 20, 2014

Void Ship Crew: Izaac

When the hero was frozen, Izaac spent all his time down in Pellow Village studying the void, chaosweavers that were infected by it, and the impact of the void itself on the lands of Lore.

He will be able to help you with identifying void beings and their weaknesses, as well as researching void artifacts you may stumble upon during your voyage.

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March 19, 2014

Sneak Peek from Cronix!

This is Arester. He will be a class trainer, but what class could he possibly be able to improve?

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March 18, 2014

Void Ship Crew: Yashta

Yashta, a mysterious Atealan whose destiny is to aid the Hero and Tomix in their quest.

He is an unael, Atealan equivalent of a hero. Other than being incredibly strong, his abilities are yet unknown.

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March 18, 2014

ChronoZ in Testing Now!

2014 Calendar Class is Almost Here!

So, there's a funny thing about time travelers. USUALLY they arrive where and when they want to be pretty close to their target. But THIS time... We'd wanted the ChronoZ to arrive 3 months BEFORE the New Year. Looks like this guy got reversed, and is approaching 3 months AFTER!

But never fear... the time IS almost here! This week, Verlyrus is taking Tomix's AMAZING art and animation for the ChronoZ Class and working on the its skills, breaking everything and putting it back together.

If you want to help, you can leave ideas and feedback (and any bugs you find) in the forum thread here! Keep an eye on the Design Notes, because as soon as WE know it's ready to go live, YOU will, too!

Wait, wait, wait! What IS the ChronoZ Class?

It's about time you asked! You can get your very own ChronoZ Class when you pick up the 2014 Calendar from HeroMart, our online real-life swag store!

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March 17, 2014

The Boxcat Revealed!

Hi everybody! Verlyrus here!

I'm here today to tell a story and talk about some of the awesome plans we've got in store for DragonFable.

All packed and ready to go!

Last Sunday, I put some stamps on my box and was shipped to the Secret Underground Lab. After snoozing through my uneventful trip, Rolith and I chased each other around the delivery area (Maybe it was hard to find me 'cause I was under my box?), and he took me home, where I met Alina!

The next day, I made my way to the lab and got straight to work. Boxcats are notoriously hard workers.

So much work, so little time.

Seriously. I didn't even take a full tour of the lab until my last day there!

But despite being boxed, I did end up meeting everyone, and they were as fantastic as I imagined.
Meeting and hanging out with everybody was so much fun!

As the week came to a close, it sadly came time for me to leave. I slapped some more stamps on my box, and Rolith and Alina took me to the post office to ship me off.

And now I'm back in my boxcat lair, typing up these design notes!

You can tell they're Design Notes and not Work.

Now for the big question: What did I work on? What was so vitally important that the boxcat had to be shipped in?

Well, it's a secret! Rolith & I are working on something that's totally unique to DragonFable! It'll be coming out mid to late summer. I think it's definitely something that everyone will enjoy. I might drop some hints now and then, so stay tuned!

This week, I'm going to be working on the ChronoZ class, breaking everything and putting it back together. If you want to help, you can leave ideas and feedback (and any bugs you find) in the forum thread here!

I've also learned how to Twitter, although I think little birds should be used more for chasing and pouncing than for talking. You can follow me at twitter.com/VerlyrusAE.

Am I doing this right?

PS: Sorry about the lack of real pictures! But it is the boxcat way to come and go, leaving no evidence! (also I forgot to take any, but shhhh!)

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March 14, 2014

Purple Day!

San Robin's latest quest is now live! Catch up on past Lucky Days and then delve into the mystery of the Purple sneevilchauns!

The ChronoZ armor is now up for DragonLord testing through the Book of Lore! 

Tags: geopetal Lucky Day

March 13, 2014

Sneak Peeks!

True Mortal prepared two sneak peeks for you. Gorgeous, detailed yet simple weapon set, and a adorably fierce pet!

Tags: Tomix True Mortal

March 12, 2014

Void Ship Crew: Riadne

Riadne is the ship's medic. She can patch everyone up in mere seconds using her arachnomancer abilities. She also has an exceptional knowlege of all kinds of spiders and their venom, so she might be able to aid you with potions as well as poisons!

Tags: Tomix Void Ship

March 11, 2014

Void Ship Crew: Eirn

I'm starting a new thing! Whenever I finish making a sketch of one of the main void ship crew NPCs, I'll show it to you guys in the DNs!

Today's NPC is Eirn, ship's engineer. He will provide useful information about ship's status and performance. He is also overseeing the Void Drive, ship's main intelligent power source.

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March 07, 2014

Void Ship!

Tomix has worked incredibly hard crafting the perfect ship to fly into the unknown, hazardous winds of the Void! This week you'll get your very first chance to trod the deck of this exquisite ship!

Find Yashta in the cabins below deck for an all new random quest to protect Pellow from Void monsters!

DragonFable Ravenloss Void Ship

Edit: Yay, Verlyrus fixed it!

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March 06, 2014

Thursday with Tomix!

This week you will be able to explore part of the Void Ship, talk with the crew and do some quests. Only part of the ship, because most of the cabins are under maintenance and locked by the gnomes.

They are still working on the ship's core, which is a revolutionary "traveling throught the void" system, based on a gnomish blueprints and Mazurek's insight!

Here is a sneak peek of the ship's deck.

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March 05, 2014

Wednesday with Cronix!

Today we will take a look at item sets created by Cronix. Sets that are probably giving away this week's release!

Tags: Tomix Cronix

March 04, 2014

Tuesday with TM!

Today shall be a True Mortal's day! Here are some things he's working on.

Tags: Tomix True Mortal

March 03, 2014

Monday with Dracelix!

Dracelix has something awesome to show you!


"Greetings players!

I thought you may want to see what i'm working on, this is a Personal project but I may make more characters in 3D so keep your eyes open.

As for Quests, I have a new Shears quest in the works, which should be as long as the ManaCrest quest but that will take a few weeks to make."

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