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June 29, 2018

Cana the Barberian!

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release is here, and it's... very hairy!

We have added OVER 30 new haircuts to the game!!!

You can find them in the Inn at the Edge of Time. A door has opened upstairs, as Cana the Barberian is ready to give you the hair you ALWAYS wanted... but were afraid to ask for! Keep in mind, Cana is very picky about her clientelle- she only provides her services to Dragon Amulet holders!

Cana also will allow you to change your hair and skin colors using hex code input!

I have also updated some more classes (I think... that'd be all of them now?) with new face models, so that you can enjoy these new haircuts as they should be enjoyed!

Make sure to share pictures of your new fashion with us on twitter!

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here with some bugfixes and updates!


  • Crystalline Staff (All Levels), now properly do Magic damage instead of Melee.
  • Avatar of Time's Temporal Reset no longer messes with pet damage values.
  • Cuddles in the quest Mission Improbable no longer does undefined damage with its DoT.
  • Treasure Golems no longer do Wood Damage.
  • Made it easier to enter the front door of the Inn at the Edge of Time without hitting the Challenge Board.
  • Male Gnome Wig and Female Gnome Wig now properly require Dragon Amulets to use.


  • Black Market Moglin's items have been upgraded to level 90.
  • All of them.
  • Except for the Obsidian Dragonblade.

Still investigating:

  • Dragon Mage projectiles sticking. This is a super weird issue. Still can't find the cause, although I have a couple leads.
  • Can't save house item equips on the Artix Games Launcher version of the game. Another very odd bug. But it's known!

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June 24, 2018

Very Hairy Question!

Hey guys, Dove here!
I have a question for you... just a simple, innocent, little question.

If your hero could have some of the hairstyles that are unique to DragonFable characters/NPC, which haircuts would you like to get?

Just asking, no ulterior motives! I absolutely have nothing planned!

Please let me know on the forums!

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June 22, 2018

Creepy Crawlies

Good Friday everyone!

Tomix and Verly have been working on some other projects over the past few days. Some progress has been done on Epoch’s animations!

This week, you’ll be going back to Grandiflora to give him another hand looking for his missing soldiers. You haven’t had any luck on the northern side of the Branden Quarter so now you will try by the south. Be careful though! Lots of icky, creeper crawlies are to be had so thread carefully and make sure not to get swarmed by the many-legged while on your search. Good luck and don’t forget to take some down time after your excursion! Grandiflora doesn’t mind having a little chat.

Cheers and happy questing

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here- This week, I've been spending time tracking down bugs and preparing DragonFable for the Artix Games Launcher! The Artix Games Launcher is a project that I am personally very excited for- it will allow you to play DragonFable and other AE games without using a web browser!

Read more about it and download the Alpha Test (May be buggy!) here.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Weakness seeking now properly ignores non-damage resistances

  • Weakness seekign skills used to target Health and Immobility resistances. My quick fix unfortunately made it so that if an enemy had All resistance > lowest resistance, listed after their lowest resistance, it would target the All resistance and do untyped damage. This has been fixed. All resistance is no longer considered in weakness seeking.

Fixed: Dragon Mage's Dragon Fire now counts toward Dragon's Tempest.

Fixed: Ruby now only sells her food to heroes with Dragon Amulets.

  • Ruby's food was only usable by DragonLords. However, other than Hardtack and Seaweed, it was still purchasable by all players. As the food is only usable by DragonLords, all of Ruby's food can now only be bought if you have a Dragon Amulet.

Fixed: Improved Character Loading

  • For a while now, there has been an issue with some of the loading when loading a character in the game. Sometimes, players may have encountered a greyed out screen that prevented them from interacting with anything. This has been resolved, and should no longer appear.

Fixed: Decadere Eldest no longer has NaN resistance

Fixed: Skull Crusher Blaster now does proper damage and has had bugged non-applying effects removed.

Fixed: The DragonFable Friends trinket has had its damage reduced by 66%. It was simply way too powerful, and if left alone, would have skewed balance very poorly toward it being a rare item.

Fixed: Manaphages have had their damage reduced significantly.

Known issues:

Character pages are currently not functioning correctly. Saved Dragon and Player colors are not loading properly. The cause and fix are known, but may take some time to be resolved. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Dragon Mage projectiles stick on close enemies. This bug is very odd, and I am still not entirely sure of the cause, or a fix for it. I am still working on this, though.


There's only one week left to pick up an Anniversary Scythe, and to also purchase Dragon Coins and recieve 50% more free! Get them while you can!

Join us on the forums to discuss this week's release, And all things DragonFable!

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May 18, 2018

The ship embarks... on Saturday!

Hey guys, this week's release has been moved to Saturday. Things added up and we were unable to bring this to you today. Here is a preview of what's to come!

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April 18, 2018

Return to Stoneheart Fall!

Can you feel it?

That chill in the air?

It’s a bitterly cold wind, curling down the mountain. Something stirs up there. Something ancient. Surely you can feel that gaze turned on you. The weight of the centuries is held within that gaze.

This week, a return to Stoneheart Fall, where you will continue your journey at the top of the world in a harsh and inhospitable environment.

As an added bonus we bring you an all new weapon from the increasingly elusive True Mortal!

Tags: Tomix

April 13, 2018

Friday the 13th: Ghoulidays!

Friday the 13th is upon us!!!

The dark clouds are gathering, they begin to thicken, the ominous atmosphere is palpable, the masked undead are advancing and the...






...the skies clear out and there is a commotion on the Falconreach beach.

It looks like the undead... are invading our beach and are having fun!

This shall not stand! To arms, heroes!


Join the war discussion on the official forums!

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April 01, 2018

Fleshweaver Testing!

Fleshweaver is out for testing!

Please tell us what you think about the class and help us squish all of the meaty bugs!



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March 23, 2018

Lucky Day 2018!

It is finally time for the Lucky Day to return! It has been a while, hasn't it.

So open up that book of yours and see what's in store for you this year!

It looks like Cysero has an unusual request for you. His golden eggs went missing, but he might know who is the culprit!


Have ideas about egg locations? Want to discuss the clues? Think you know what happened to the eggs?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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March 09, 2018


Hello everyone! Elryn reporting!

This week is the last quest of the Atgasedd mini-series, Unigedd!

I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and pondering on the comments about the weird nature of this mini-series. Now, all five atgasedds the mysterious poster requested have been gathered and brought together and only one last thing has to be done...

But what exactly?


You will just have to find out! Haunting memories and the Hero... The Rose and its heavy burdens and costs.... It is hard to say what all these strange apparitions mean....

Head over to the Swordhaven Board in Book 3 and enjoy!

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February 28, 2018

Epoch Art Preview!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the 2018 calendar class Epoch has its art finalized!

Well, the male version at least... but still!!!

And here is the HD image!

With the art done, I can start animating, and believe me, we have some cool things planned!

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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February 23, 2018

Ninjas, Ateala, Colors, and More!

Hey there, Heroes!

In this month's Reimagined update, we've revisted Shadow of the Wind Village in Book 1.

Dracelix has given it a complete makeover, along with the Ninja class' graphics, ninja helms and various ninja monsters across the game!


A Ninja Training Arena has been added to the Ninja Inn too! Fight ninjas to earn gold and experience!

Tomix has also added new color custom options for the Atealan Base Classes: Riftwalker, Ascendant, and Cryptic.


Atealan CC Base Classes, CC Ninja, and Old Ninja have been added to the Armor Closet too!

On top of all this, we've gone through and changed up color customization shading across the game. While you may have to tweak your colors a little bit as a result, these changes create a much cleaner look overall.

Tomix has also lowered the volume of the new element sounds! We are still tweaking the specific sounds to be better- this is something that we are still working on, and we appreciate all the feedback we've recieved!

Tomix has begun work on Epoch, too!


I can't wait to see how it looks in the end!

And that's not all!

I've added a new option to the options menu.

Turning on the "Sheathe Weapon" option will now automatically hide your weapon when you're not in battles. This can be turned on and off at any time when you can access the options menu, even in quests, or in cutscenes (just not in battles).

Like the Hard Mode option, this option affects all of your characters when turned on or off.

Speaking of Hard Mode, I've been very busy this entire month planning and plotting, and setting up things in the game engine for a major overhaul to Hard Mode! STR, DEX, and INT stats will gain extra effects, and enemies will gain special skills, abilities and stat boosts based on their race, element, and more! Scaling and rewards will also be rebalanced.

Coming Soon

Hard Mode Reimagined: Coming Soon!

Unlock the Obsidian DragonBlade In-Game Bonus Item!

Dragons are cool. Saving the world from a massive fire dragon? EPIC. Celebrate your victory and the AshFall Saga finale at with our newest collectible: the full-size AshFall Legacy Poster from HeroMart. 

Hand-painted by Dage the Evil, each poster comes with an Obsidian DragonBlade in AdventureQuest 3D, AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest,and DragonFable.

The Obsidian DragonBlade does bonus damage to Dragons and Reptilians, and can be upgraded at the BM Moglin in Falconreach, between the potion shops.

And that's finally everything!

Got feedback, or want to talk about the game?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for occasional sneak peeks and discussions!

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January 19, 2018

Three Questions

The next quest of the main story is here!

Lynn has invited you to her home for a tea party! (what's up with little girls and tea parties anyway...?)

While you are on your way, other events are taking place. The wheels are turning. The ball is rolling. The... you get the idea!

Head over to Kara in Sulen'Eska and continue Book 3!

Tags: The End of Magic Tomix

January 12, 2018

A New Student!

The Thorns quest chain continues!

After Belle miraculously survived the manaphages, the hero suggested to take her to an old friend.

Let's see if this mysterious person (it's totally Warlic, come on!) can uncover what secrets hide in Belle's body!

Tags: Tomix Inanitas Thorns

December 22, 2017

Frostval 2017 Finale!

Happy Frostval everyone!

This last week before the holidays seems to always be a rush one way or another. I look around and everywhere I see people frantically going about: final desperate preparations for final exams, tripidating plannings for trips for the holidays, anticipation for friend and family gatherings left, right, up, down and everywhere in between.

Speaking of family gatherings, have you ever had that one family member who is always in the worst of moods while everyone is trying to have a good time? If you have, Moroz might feel a bit familiar. One would think that after all the effort the Hero and co. have gone through to accommodate him he could warm up a bit… Is it the fact that they are all strangers? Possibly… The fact you showed up uninvited? Maybe but still… Is there something else that that's riling Moroz? Doesn't seem so. He really seems unnecessarily sour. Sour as an unripened moglinberry.


All in all perhaps he is just a lumberjack through and through: as sharp as the blade of his axe and as stiff as the bark of the trees he cuts down all at the same time.

For those full of impatience and expectations for a white Falconreach, Snowy Falconreach will come in January as Verly and Tomix get a bit of rest for the epic job they have done on releases this year!

I’m dreeeaming of a white Frostvaaal…

Have fun and enjoy the holidays!



Hey guys, Tomix here.

Unfortunatelly I was not able to finish up snowy Falconreach this week... so it'll be coming out at a later date, very soon!

Tags: Tomix Frostval Elryn

November 24, 2017

Black Friday!

Hey there!

For this year's Black Friday, we have something different for you.

No usual weapon and accessory deals this time, I'm afraid.

Instead, we have something very special.

Something that has been requested for a long time!

Are you ready for it?!


May I present to you... the Storybook Collection!

I wanted to name it the Holiday Excerpts, but Verly wouldn't let me...

Available now from the Book of Lore, from the Black Friday shop, on a discounted price of 2500 Dragon Coins.

Once Black Friday ends (Monday!), it will still be available, but for a full price. So get it while it's hot!

We really hope you enjoy this item, I had a lot of fun making it!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


*Reminder that house items are Dragon Amulet holders only!

Tags: Black Friday Tomix

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