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February 13, 2016

Heroes Hacked Day!

The release is live :)

But Geo's sick :(

Big Daddy needs your help :)

But something will go wrong, I just know it :(

*Sad face*

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February 08, 2016


I found these... /runsaway

Tags: Embarrassment Art Disgust Tomix

February 06, 2016


The next Roirr quest is here!

Go to the map, bring up the Tkaanie region, select the red dot and play the newest quest in the chain.

We are slowly getting closer to the finale, only 2 more quests remain.

Tags: Roirr Tomix

February 02, 2016

The chase continues!

Hello heroes!

This week's release should be the next installment of Roirr's story.
In previous quest, Roirr and Vaal had reached the Capitol, Roirr jumped bodies and Vaal is no more!
Meanwhile, Danyel and Baltael are on the chase, getting closer and closer to the Capitol.

On another note, take a look at the Chinese New Year set, made by Cronix!

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January 25, 2016

The Return of the SoulWeaver!

We start off this week with amazing news! Tomix has returned!

"Hey guys, I'm back! I'm starting arting and animating after I procure myself some laser eye optic enhancers!" ~Tomix

With the return of our lead artist and animator we'll be able to get back on track with the main storyline, finish up the Roirr Saga, dive into the 10th anniversary chain, and check up on Hunter's Paradise! We are going to start off slow though to make sure we don't overload those new laser eyes....

BioBeasts Escape!
This Friday, Aria will need your help to save escaping BioBeasts from an invading collector from another dimension! If you're lucky, you might be able to earn the trust of one and adopt it as a new pet!

Book One Crossword!
The DragonFable forum staff have gotten together to make a crossword for you guys!

DragonFable Book 1 crossword 

DragonFable Book 1 crossword clues

How well do you remember all the trivia from Book One of DragonFable?

Tags: Tomix BioBeasts Aria geopetal

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January 15, 2016

A Lost Orb of Cysero!

One of Cysero's Orb seems to have found itself on the edge of the Void! Despite not having any idea where it is, the Orb totally has some neat stuff for sale for your houses!

DragonFable Pellow Village House Golden Bonsai

A new Pellow Village background, two Pellow end table options, Pellow columns, floating rocks, framed Void Ship Plans, and a few older items, are now available in Book 3 Pellow Village!

The quest is coming tomorrow (we swear!)!!! oishii got most of the animation sequence she was working on done but AQ3D stuff had to take priority. We could have gone with geomations but everyone... it's... it's... awesome. 


It's pretty sweet. 

There's only a short sequence left at the end of the Fwend Attempt that oishii was working on (I got the other ones!) and it totally gives me a few more hours to play around with the rest of the quest which has a lot more sitting, sleeping, and standing very, very still in it.... /cough.

Tags: Pellow Village Ravenloss Twig Twigsmas Oishii Tomix geopetal

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January 12, 2016

The Search for a Fwend!

FwendQuest is going to be coming on Friday now! Which means you get another guaranteed week of Twigsmas!

What started out as a simple quest for the player to go out and find a new friend for Twig ended up growing as we got more and more ideas. So, to give all those ideas the proper due process and give you guys a better experience in your search for Twig's new best fwend we've delayed the release a bit! oishii has also offered to help out with one of the more complicated animation sequences since my geomations weren't exactly... gneiss.

DragonFable FwendQuest storyboardoishii has ideas!

Archivist Testing
DragonLord testing of the calendar class began on Friday! Archivist armor is unique this year in that new skills will be added and implemented over the course of the year alongside an epic quest chain that will highlight some of our heroes greatest moments. This means that the armor will change, evolve, and be rebalanced a lot over the course of the year so your feedback now will help to shape the armor and how Verlyrus and Tomix will build the rest of the skills.

Just to be clear, the quest chain is something that will be available to all players in-game! Archivist armor, once it goes live, will only be available to those who purchased the 2016 calendar from HeroMart.

We will be having one more week of DA-only testing and then the basic calendar armor should, barring any large explosions or giant bugs being found, go live for those who purchased the calendar at the end of next week!

Tomix Update
He's learning how to utilize his laser eyes and it seems to be going well! There have been no reports of supervillain activity from Poland so we think he's decided to stay on the side of good. Or he's setting up a sweet underground fortress somewhere (I, personally, think a volcano would be cooler…). One of those things.

He does have a doctor's appointment at the end of January though and, hopefully, after that appointment he'll be approved for work and you'll no longer have to put up with my geomations!


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December 30, 2015

Fishy Icecreamguy

That was Twig's best fwend!!! He's gonna be super upset... all he wanted was a fwend. Someone to hang out and eat ice cweam and fwish with....

Poor little guy. If only someone else liked those things... (wait... do you like ice cweam and fwish? Or maybe you know someone else who has an insatiable appetite for dairy?)

The Act 33 button will light up on Friday to let you guys into the 2015 Frostvale town where you'll be able to talk with the moglins and unlock special shops filled with Twigsmas themed house items and merges for your excess Fish Heads! The Fish Heads will also be used for merging up the gifts when they open on the 1st! 

Keep in mind, this was a low stress "war" so don't worry about having tons of Fish Heads that will smell up your bags! A static version of the war will be available too in case you need to grab a few more.

SoulWeaver Eyes
Tomix is healing up well from his surgery. His eyes have seen a huge improvement from -9 to about -1/2 which means he totally doesn't have to put up with the Curse of Foggy Glasses anymore! 

I, and other glasses wearers everywhere, are seriously upset and jealous of him.

The change, though, is huge and will be an immense relief for Tomix's eye strain while he's working! He still has to meet with his doctor at the end of January, so we have a few more rockyanimation weeks left, but it looks like everything is coming into focus for our SoulWeaver!

AQ3D TwigKickstarter
The Kickstarter has less than 40 hours to go and it's over 330k! Make sure you check it out before it's gone!

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November 26, 2015

Happy Thankstaking!

Happy Overeating Day everyone!

The Thankstaking Storybook is now available in your Book of Lore! Tomorrow we'll have a small Challenge Food Fight extravaganza with Thankstaking leftovers and make sure to keep your eyes open for the Half-Off Shop and Twig's special Black Marker Shop!

We're also going to have a special release on Monday, the 30th, for the 10th Beta Anniversary for DragonFable! There will be a quest and a shop with items from oishii, Cysero, True Mortal, and more!

Artist Update!
Tomix logged on to tell us he was fine. One laser eye is slightly overtuned but he's going to get it looked at Monday. We then all promptly yelled at him to go away from bright things and rest!

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November 17, 2015

Tuesday With Tomix!

Today I have a few Archivist sneak peeks from Tomix! First up is the male version of the armor with a very important tome!

DragonFable Male Archivist 2016 calendar

Tomix also wanted to give you guys a preview of the walkcycle animation!

Out of the way, monster, this book is OVERDUE!!!

Now, remember, since Tomix will be out recovering from surgery, Archivist will only have the basic skills when it unlocks in January! Once Tomix is back and, as we work our way through DragonFable's 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain, available to everyone, that will revisit our heroes greatest moments! Skills inspired by those moments will then unlock the same week as the appropriate quest. This means Archivist armor will get one new skill every few weeks (more or less) until all the skills are finished.

Archivist will very much celebrate 10 amazing years of DragonFable!

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November 16, 2015

Laser Eyes

We have good news and bad news for you guys.

The good news is that Tomix is going to be having eye surgery next week! It will help with his eye strain, reduce headaches and tension, and he won’t ever have to worry about dumb eyeglass fog when he goes outside in the winter anymore! The bad news is he won’t be able to look at bright lights for two months after the surgery and he’s refused to try to animate without using his monitor. The extra good news is your favorite rock Twig totally might get to draw stuff for Frostval again!

Do not panic though! We’ve worked ahead (slightly) and do have some stuff ready and waiting to go! Most quests over the next two months will be cutscene light, though, or they’ll have super special look-what-geo-can-do animations in them.

The DF calendar armor for 2016 is going to work a little differently because of this. The official name of the DF Armor is “Archivist”! When the armor unlocks on January 1st it will only have a few basic skills. As we go through our 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain (available to ALL players) that will revisit the greatest moments in DragonFable! Skills for Archivist, with animations inspired by those moments, will unlock alongside those quests!

DragonFable Archivist Armor 2016 Calendar

If Tomix feels comfortable enough we’re also going to try and make sure we get updates about how he’s doing in the DNs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what if Tomix’s eyes get replaced with Evil Clown or Creepy Doll eyeballs that cause any art he draws to come to life and wreak havoc throughout Poland? He’s assured me that that notion is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, he’d request Laser Eyes because those would be awesome.

Tags: Tomix Calendar Archivist geopetal

October 02, 2015

From the Citadel With Love

Greetings! Tonight we have another quest in the Roirr saga! Roirr has finally reached the Capitol of the Shapeless Empire and the Mana Core piece is within his grasp! Danyel and Baltael on his trail, though… will they reach the Capitol in time?

The Mogloween storybook is also back! This year's event isn't starting next week, but now you have time to get caught up, or get one of those items you couldn't last year, and have some time to play through the older events again!

If you like the image above there might just be a new addition to the DC wall items house store from your orb...just saying...

Tags: Ashendal Tomix Roirr

September 29, 2015

ChaosWeaver WIP sketch

I never know how to start Design Notes...

Lighthearted "Hello"?

Pompous "Salutations"?

Casual "Yo"?

Proffessional "Greetings"?

Verlyrus suggested "Saluyolotatings" and Geo "PAY ATTENTION MY ADORING FANS! ART BOMB IN YO FACE"

I suppose I'll go with Yo.

Anyway, I've started sketching ChaosWeaver class designs. I wanted it to give a "traveling attire, suited for fighting, but imitating SoulWeaver formal outfit" vibe. Including unhealthy amounts of belts and buckles, obviously.

At first I planned to just use SW as a base, swap the art and recolor the skill effects, but I came to a conclusion CW could use a new set of animations!

It will be a DC class after all and you deserve something new, not just a simple art swap!

Note that it is in early planning stages so far, so don't go expecting it to be released anytime soon!

Click here to view the early sketch.

Tags: Tomix

August 22, 2015

Father of Mine

Next Roirr quest is live!

It's a cutscene-type quest, heavy with story. Go to the travel map, click other continent and select Tkaanie.


Tags: Roirr Tomix

August 17, 2015


Tags: Roirr Tomix

July 24, 2015


Step... Step... The Rose is on its way...

The military branch of the Rose is that is. Compulsed by Code Orange, they have but one, narrow goal: to capture whoever broke into the Runed Fortress and made cause for the code to be decreeted. To capture... The Rebels.

There is little or no time. There are portals to the island of the fortress and the Rose can reach Espina Rosa in no time at all if it wishes to. Although you might have been tempted to free more prisoners found or exploit the seemingly upper hand of the moment as Navon put it, to destroy or damage the reputation of the Rose through the symbol that is the Runed Fortress, the opportunity is not what it seemed to be. The Stars are not aligned in your favour, Hero.

Or rather, they have been aligned against you since the beginning. What had hopefully been quick mission to infiltrate in and infiltrate out turned out to be a lengthy weeks long mission ; alone and vulnerable and similarly leaving your own allies to fend for themselves. What was aimed at being a professional infiltration turned into a tenuous and personal masquerade. When you hoped to find a floor full of the most powerful enemies of the Rose, you found only dark, twisted and hollow corridors where few traces of the mighty prisoners was left to be had and fewer answers still as to why. When the time came to escape, your guise was broken. An entire, painstakingly carried out plan that almost fell through.

Flee, Hero. Flee before the Thorns of the Rose catch you and manage to bleed you. The wise  know to retreat to better fight another day.

With Espina Rosa having come to a close, I would like to quickly thank everyone. It has been a particular experience to have been able to work with the tireless Team that heads Dragonfable and to gleen on feedback from the players as they run through and explore the quests as they have with so many others before. Suffice to say, it is an experience one learns much from.

I know that a number of you may wonder about many questions, confoundations and mysteries raised by Espina Rosa even as the main storyline moves on towards Swordhaven. Know that some time in the future... you may get the chance to know more about the strange lore that surrounds Espina Rosa.

Finally... I inquired if you liked little puzzles regardless of whether or not you might earn from them much more than the fun or satisfaction of completing them...
As a last little token of fun, I thus invite you, on the forums over the weekend if you wish, to take part in a little puzzle hunt. Nothing will be lost from not partaking but perhaps a bit of fun. You will notice, I am sure, that the strange words and utterances that wander the dark halls of the Third Floor in  today’s quest... Namely, some letters are quite distinctly different from all the rest.

I challenge you to gather those letters and to sort them out into their true meaning. All of 21 letters must be had to complete the puzzle below.

_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

tips the hood of his cloak A merry weekend to one and all.

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July 17, 2015

Gone to Pieces

We're all working hard on release stuff for you guys! Ashendal is working on some new weapons and items for DC packages, Verlyrus is working on ranger-y things, I'm thinking up funny fish names and descriptions, Tomix is animating his fingers down to soul-bones, and Safiria... well, Safiria seems to be falling to pieces....

DragonFable Safiria

ergotth also created an awesome piece of art after yesterday's Design Notes!

DragonFable Tomix Orb
Giant Soulweaver Hamster Orb

See how cool it would be Tomix?!!!

Tags: geopetal Safiria Tomix

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July 16, 2015

Blood Will Flow

This weekend blood will flow in DragonFable as Frydae's plans and machinations have finally gotten Thursday in his clutches! Queen Safiria, Raven, Lon, Chaney, and the hero are all in pursuit of the gigantic bat but don't think that Lord Frydae will be caught unprepared this time....

Will the last of the Frydae line finally fall to the vampire curse?

DragonFable Thursday Darkness Tower

The Book 3 Amityvale quest has a lot of animation, a whole new monster version of Frydae, and Tomix is still refusing to live in the giant soulweaver totally-not-a-monster-hamster-ball orb that I sent to Poland, so the quest itself will very likely be a Saturday release. I've been working on a small side project though so, never fear, you'll still have a smaller update on Friday too! Just think of it as an extra day to polish your silver and stock up on garlic...

See you guys tomorrow!

Tags: Amityvale Thursday Frydae Tomix geopetal

June 20, 2015

The Feast!

It's here, the next quest in "The First Weaver" saga!

Roirr has reached Ull, and has a clear goal. Will anyone distract him from it? Find out in today's quest!

Tags: Roirr Tomix

June 19, 2015

Sick, again

Today's release is being pushed until tomorrow, sorry guys.

I woke up today with a runny nose, been sneezing all day and now I'm feverish.

I know I get sick a lot, my immune system is pretty much non existant and Geo is always suggesting that I should live in a bubble :c

The release will be coming out tomorrow... and in worst case scenario, on sunday.

Again, I'm sorry.

Tags: Tomix

June 16, 2015

Ull village and stuffs

You'll continue Roirr's story this week!

Here you have some things I'm working on for the release.

Tags: Ragsrun Roirr Tomix

June 01, 2015

More art revamps!

I have finished the pirate art revamp and Dracelix has finished the ranger art revamp.

Verlyrus is working on coding the new ranger, and the new pirate art should go live in the coming weeks.

Tags: Art Tomix

May 29, 2015

Escape from Espina Rosa

Having found the ally you came looking for in the depths of the Third Floor of Espina Rosa, all you need to do now is make a run for it and get out. That should be simple enough, right?

Although you are sort of stuck in a dark maze that has been playing tricks on your sense of direction, whether or not you have any, more than a Minx Fairy after eighteen full heals. You did find that Elryn fellow though. He should have a map, right? Better than the last one you had, right?

And wasn’t there something about Navon, Dracelix and co. heading for Espina Rosa head on? The Prison that is not supposed to be stormed?

Oh boy. That could be a problem. But you have dealt with disasters before, haven’t you? Surely you can handle that? Yes, I am sure you will manage just fine.


You may notice while playing this quest that your choice of armour… may very well make one scene look positively odd. We had several options available to deal with this tricky part of the quest, all of which resulted in some advantages but also disadvantages, and namely for the players. It was decided then in the spirit of the whackiness of Dragonfable but also due how important the players are to hand freedom of choice to them.
So pick your whackiest, craziest armours suitable for the particular moment, or simply do not, and revel in the weird and funny feelings that come out of it.

With Escape from Espina Rosa done, there is only one quest left before the Espina Rosa series is over and that the Hero moves on to Swordhaven. Before that happens I would like to know a thing of two.

I would be curious to know a few things on two elements that came out of the last quest. The first would be the unique maze like feature of the WAQ that was done. Was this too confuzing and unnecessary a feature or was it fun for a change of pace? Was the map too small or too big?

The other thing that I noticed from last quest’s release thread is that you seemed very much keen on figuring out riddles and puzzles that one might place in a quest. Would you ever be keen on having some actually difficult anagrams or puzzles that you could try to solve together like you tried in the last release even if breaking the puzzle might not give you much in terms of rewards? Although nothing is set in stone, I do fancy making puzzles some times.

Tags: SulenEska Tomix

May 22, 2015

Late release

Hey guys!
I just wanted to tell you that I've sprained my wrist on wednesday, and right now Geopetal is working very hard on the release.

She's doing her best, but the release might be late... or in the worst case scenario, tomorrow.

We hope you'll understand.
Thanks in advance.

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May 13, 2015

Art, Art, and More Art, and Fan Art!

DragonFable has some absolutely amazing artwork and animated cutscenes. Cysero, Ghost, Tomix, Oishii, Dracelix, Cronix, True Mortal, Rags, Thyton, Nulgath, Dage, J6, have all contributed artwork to the game in the form of NPCs, backgrounds, armors and weapons! One thing I would love to get together is a short movie preview for the game to share and promote it. If we were to make an epic trailer for DragonFable what cutscenes and moments just need to be included? What armor skills should be featured? What music? Let us know on the forums!

Fan Mail!
I wanted to give a shout out to Fatma and Emre! Thank you so much for the package you guys sent the office!

DragonFable Socks
The left one is now under lock and key! ~geo

DragonFable Sketchbook
A new sketchbook for Tomix!

Zhoom, Alina, Rolith, Cysero, Artix, and everyone else all want to thank you for the gifts and the awesome fanart! All our fingers are crossed for you and we know you'll rock your new venture (and, as a geologist, I'm qualified to make that assessment)!

We also got some amazing cutscenes and shop ideas from Salene! I, personally, really like the Batoro ideas!

We do get fan mail for DragonFable occasionally so, if you've ever sent anything in, we all want to say thank you! It's always awesome when we get stuff in the mail from you guys or we find fan art online and then share it with everyone on the DF Staff!

Tags: geopetal Tomix Fans

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