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January 31, 2011

Weaving threads of Chaos

Since the death of their Queen at the hands of the interlopers, lost and unsure ChaosWeavers have been staggering about the city, searching for a purpose and a leader, knowing only that the seed of rage taking root inside of them will begin to grow, and grow fast.

A susurrus of whispers is echoing through the streets of Ravenloss, calling to individual ChaosWeavers and groups alike, enticing them into the shadows, where secrets and plans are being made.  Passed from soldier to noble, artisan to guard, what two weeks ago was a scattered, broken nation has formed into an army of warriors bent on the destruction of those who have violated their race: the greedy Spirit and the SoulWeaver, the Hero, the Spy. Enemies of the Nation, enemies of each other.

The urgency of the whispers bores into the hearts of each ChaosWeaver who hears them.  The message, passed from warrior to warrior, is this:

There is no meaning to the adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."  The ChaosWeaver Nation has no friends. The ChaosWeaver Nation has no leader.  But each ChaosWeaver is a warrior trained and a hero born. We will fight until those who have wounded our Whole are rent into pieces, good only as carrion to feed scavengers.  Our race will rise again.  We will take down those who would hold us back; we will climb over their corpses until we reach the AboveGround.  We will take back Ravenloss, and then we will soar higher until we are dancing under the open skies as their cities burn. The battle is for our city. The war is for our Nation!



The shadows suffocating the dark undercity were once empty, stretching tendrils of inky black towards any point of light hapless travelers might dare to bring below the surface.  But now, oh now, the shadows are filling, and they are filling rapidly. Filling with the sounds of a frenzied Nation poised to rage into action.

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January 28, 2011

A Release Full of [classified]

So, on Monday geo gave me a rough outline for her quest this week.  It sounded pretty fun.  Then, just now, Rolith poked me with a silver Sharpie and said "Hey, hey Alina! Check this out! Quick, you're going to miss it!"

So I rolled over (all our chairs have wheels. And spin.)* to Rolith's computer (roughly two feet and around the corner of the table from me) and saw something REALLY cool! And glowy! I'm probably not talking about what you think I'm talking about, but if I am, you know how cool it is! It is pretty nifty, but that is all I will say about that.

Actually, it's not. From what Rolith tells me about this quest (I haven't run it yet, I've been working on the Ravenloss War), it has two REALLY spoileriffic cutscenes, so when you go to discuss it on the forums this weekend, PLEASE use spoiler tags! They're such spoilers I can't even HINT at them because they will knock you out of your chairs, onto your floors, and propel you under whatever piece of furniture is closest. (I hope you don't have any 2-week old pizza boxes under there. Yuck!)

So what CAN I tell you about this week's quest? Let's see...

  • Some of the hardest battles in-game (according to Rolith)
  • The return of two VERY dark and VERY doom-filled villains: En and Tropy (hey, aren't those minions of Sepulchure ChaosWeavers? Why yes, yes they are. What's THAT all about? You'll see.)
  • Enemies that get STRONGER after dying!
  • You have to battle En and Tropy while Trey and Valencia whisk Fae to safety! (In an undisclosed location, of course!)
  • You'll need to do LAST week's quest over again.  (Sorry about that, we found an error in the code, so no one's quest chain saved.)

It's going to be an awesome release! Ooooh, this just in!  If you buy the SunTome in VerteRoche and take it to Maya in Oaklore, you'll be able to merge it into a new weapon! And check back throughout the weekend as we add new weapons to the weapons shop in VerteRoche!  And just as cool (if not cooler), on Monday we'll be releasing TWO new walk-around maps! Bonus!

Have a GREAT weekend! We'll see you on Monday, when we begin the countdown to WAR!

*Note: Do not take a running jump and land on a wheelie chair, because you WILL go flying across the room. And then the chair will fall. And you will hurt yourself. And your co-workers will try not to laugh. Didn't happen to ME, but it DID happen here in the Secret Underground Lab.

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January 24, 2011

I Dare You to Watch the Next One!

So, this past weekend, Rolith rushed home because he had some action-packed plans!

He was planning on doing a game-making challenge where programmers have 48 hours to make a full game.  You might remember in December when he and Artix each made a game in 48 hours.  This was the same kind of contest, but this one was a little different. For a couple reasons.

1) It was an all new theme.

2) It was a team challenge, so Rolith could get help from other AE team members.

3) His Ustream (live video-streaming) showed him making the game, and this time we had an audio hookup so we got to talk to you guys all weekend!

At 8PM Eastern, Rolith went to the challenge homepage and found out the theme.  He immediately went to the Ustream chat-room where dozens of you guys were already waiting to support him.  He told you the challenge and asked for ideas!

Between the 35 of us in the room at the time, we came up with a steam-punk spring physics action game called 1888.  (Unfortunately, Zeronius' idea for a steampink game- it's AMAZING what ideas a typo will give you!- was shot down, but I just told Beleen about it and she LOVES the idea! So who knows what will happen with that?)  It might eventually look like steampunk art, but for now, it's got placeholder art made by Randor the Red (thanks Randor!).

This is George. George bounces.  George used to be just a smiley face until Randor the Red stepped in and sent Rolith some awesometastic art to use!

Rolith wrote line after line of code while about 60 players sat and tested version after version throughout the weekend.  While you guys chatted online, Rolith and I responded vocally to your questions and comments thanks to the audio feed.  I sang song after song suggestion ("Still Alive" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" were my favorite suggestions), told stories about the Lab, gave teasers about DragonFable's Ravenloss storyline (AND managed not to give out a lot of spoilers), and was, in general, completely random, all to keep you guys entertained while Rolith worked on bugs and coded.

It was a BLAST!  We had SO much fun!  And you guys seemed to be having a pretty good time, too! And an educational one.  I mean, who wouldn't want to learn more about coding a physics engine in Flash?  Which you did if you were watching us, since Rolith wrote the code before your eyes!  He even got some code suggestions from a helpful player watching chat. 

And if you weren't there, you missed the creation of MANY new memes (like "Peanutbutter Kitty Time!" and "RAGEBURP")!

We saw a lot of familiar players and MANY ones we didn't recognize.  Players from every Artix Entertainment game streamed in from the forums and Twitter to spend the weekend chilling, coding, and chatting with us which was pretty incredible!  Thanks to all the Beacon of Hope members who showed up, too! (Hope you guys are excited for the Ravenloss war coming next week!) 

Soooooo... want to test out the VERY barebones version of 1888 that Rolith coded this weekend? (About 24 hours of total code time, with breaks for eating, sleeping, and playing with the kitties) Then click on the following link: 1888 on the EbilGeek.com website
(EbilGeek.com is Rolith's personal website. It's safe for you to go to.)

Hope you enjoyed this look at our weekend, and we hope to see YOU at the next live video-game making challenge!  We'd like to get more staff members involved in the next one, so if you're interested in seeing us do another one, let us know on the forums and Twitter!

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January 21, 2011

SoulWeaver, Willowshire, and Ravenloss, oh my!

*chugs purple potion of healing and hydration +15*

I'm here, I'm here! It's a Friday, and on Fridays we must pull together and battle on, because it's... RELEASE DAY!  And we LOVE release days!  We're just as excited to get them out as you are to play them, and I wouldn't let a little unexpected illness keep me away from such an important day. No sir!

And I really wanted to thank everyone who posted on the forum and Twitter hoping I felt better. I will definitely be taking your advice and imbibing large quantites of juice and chickencow noodle soup tonight!

So, what do we have for you today?  I have a feeling you guys already know!  Yep, it's a HUGE Friday for us, and here's your release lineup:

  • DA-only SoulWeaver class preview and testing
  • Ravenloss quest for the final Gate Key
  • WillowShire quest in a race for the Nature Orb

If you're a DragonLord and haven't heard the details about the SoulWeaver class (or you're a really really excited free player), scroll down and check out all the awesome bits and bobs about SoulWeaver here!

So head on over to Falconreach, take a moment to take in the beauty of the setting sun, and then click that VERY shiny button which will take you to the screen that will let you load the SoulWeaver class preview!  You've got to have a Dragon Amulet to try it out, though, so if you've got one grab it and go go go! Weave those souls! Gooooooo SoulWeavers!

We've ALSO got a nifty little Ravenloss quest tonight! Yes, that IS two Ravenloss quests in a row! We are moving steadily towards the Ravenloss finale. I HOPE it will release next week, but we've got a TON of things planned for it (like premiering your SoulAllies!), so we want to make it as good as it can be. 

But THIS week you'll be racing Greed towards the Bolt Key.  You and Tomix aren't quite sure where it is, and Riadne doesn't remember what happened to it after she was kidnapped, so you've got to find it again! The only problem is... a whole race of crazed ChaosWeavers is rushing your way and they want to take you AND Greed down!  It's a game of skill and chance to corner the ChaosWeavers pitting themselves against you, but if you strategize with Tomix and Riadne, you'll be able to take them down!

Remember, they key to Ravenloss is getting into that Gate, so find that last Key!  For those of you who're fans of the Elemental Gate Key art, here's a pretty picture:

We've ALSO got a WillowShire quest coming tonight, as I mentioned, but Geo's not quite ready with it.  It'll be done in 15 minutes or so.  But we know you're so eager for SoulWeaver, we're releasing it NOW!

So, I said it was a race. On your marks... get set...  PLAY!

Enjoy the weekend and the release, everyone! Remember to check back in a little bit for the WillowShire quest!  Check with Guardian Fortuna for the new Earth Orb quest!

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January 19, 2011

It's a soulful sneak peek!

Wow, you guys sure are excited for the SoulWeaver DA-only testing on Friday!  And you've got some great ideas for skills and skill names.  Tomix will be checking over the thread to see which inspire him!


I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.  I love KNOWING a surprise is coming, but I never want to know what the surprise IS. Except I do. Because surprises are awesome. But I don't. Because that would ruin the surprise.  Anyone else feel the same way?

Maybe it's just me. So... back on track.  Assuming you DO like knowing what your surprises consist of, who wants to see two of the skill animations? You do? Excellent! Because I just happen to have a sneak peek of them here. 

Does that whet your appetite for the 8-skill class preview on Friday? Good!  It will make the wait longer, but the reward will be all the sweeter when you channel your Dragon Amulet and unlock the ability to load our newest (and one of our awesomest) armors yet!

And for a bit of funny to balance out the superomgawesomesauce-ness of the above preview, here's a soundbyte from an impromptu DragonFable team meeting in the Secret Underground Lab:'

(Long detailed explanation of the Willowshire quest that you will have to wait until Friday to learn about except for the thing that's going in that will make it awesome and I love the thing and Ghost is doing the thing and it will be perfect but back to the soundbyte)

Geopetal: So, yeah, And Ghost will be adding (the thing) and it'll run every time you go into a new room.
Rolith: BIG GROAN  and a /facepalm

Alina:  Rolith groans in pain when things are funny because it hurts him to be happy.
Rolith: That's one of the most accurate descriptions of my moods yet.
Geopetal: Awwwww!

Rolith is actually a very happy person.  You just have to approach him when he's petting one of his seventy-two cats to know it's true.

That's this Wednesday's Sneak Peek.  Enjoy imagining the rest of SoulWeaver's animations, because they are SUH-WEET!

* That's a lie. He only has three cats. It's also a lie that you should approach him when he's petting them. That's the worst time to ask him to do things. Rolith needs his kitty-time. It keeps him sane.**
** Only manly men acknowledge they need kitty-time. (Rolith said I could say this! :D)

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January 17, 2011

So.... anyone want to test SoulWeaver Class?

That's right, DA-only testing of SoulWeaver Class is coming THIS Friday!

Before you get TOO excited-
Oh, who am I kidding, go nuts! Get excited! You've waited a year for this!

There IS one caveat, though.  The class isn't done.  We're gearing up for the end of the Ravenloss Saga and we want to get what we have of the class out to you for testing so that you can preview it! (Especially since so many of you have been anticipating it for so long.)

So, here's what you WILL be testing this Friday:

  • ONLY DragonLords will be able to test. (that's right, you'll NEED a Dragon Amulet to test.)
  • Only the Male version of the armor is ready. (Sorry heroines, Tomix is still working on yours!)
  • 7-8 skills will be animated and coded for Friday (But the full class will have all 14 skills.)

And here are names for SIX of the EIGHT skills you'll be testing this Friday:

  • Valour Impact
  • Soul Pierce
  • Concentration
  • Enslave
  • Sealing Slash
  • Retribution

And if you're willing... Tomix and I would like you to help us come up with names for the other two skills.  Here are descriptions of the animations:

  1. A skill which summons...magical...butterflies.
  2. A skill setting a protective field around SoulWeaver

What do YOU think we should call them?  But that's not all we need your help with!  Tomix is looking for ideas for the last two skills (number 13 and 14).  We'd like your input on those, as well!  Give us descriptions of the animations and what they'll do, and we'll see what WE can do to put them in-game!

We're REALLY excited to get this armor out to you for testing! It's one of the most anticipated classes we've ever done.  We're still talking over some of the features we want it to have, but we're sure that you'll gain the ability to weave MANY new tales for your hero once you equip this armor after we finish it!

Have fun speculating on what the class will be like!  We're just as excited to have you guys test this as YOU are!

UPDATE: Good news! If you don't have a Dragon Amulet on a male character but still want to be able to test the SoulWeaver armor this Friday, Rolith says we can make it so that female characters can test the male armor without you having to change gender!  Everyone give the codemonkey a banana!

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January 14, 2011

What are YOU hunting for, Hero?

I know what I'm searching for: a cold Diet Coke and a good historical novel.  Then again, I'm not a hero. 

Now you, YOU are a hero, adventuring around the world, saving babies, kissing the rainforest (or was that the other way around?) and just generally being busy doing heroic things.  You're SO busy doing them, in fact, that we should probably see about getting you a secretary or personal assistant.  Someone to keep track of your schedule.  Keep you on task.  (Man, I wish *I* had one of those!)

And if you DID have someone to point you towards your next task (hey... wait... That's what I do...!), they would tell you that you have TWO new quests to go on this week.

First up is the next Willowshire quest!  Talk to Guardian Fortuna to begin a larger-than-life adventure fighting monsters almost smaller than you can see.  And for why?  All to find the location of the Nature half of the Orb!  (It's only natural to want to find it.)  You'll need to shake off that little bout of unconsciousness you ended the last quest with and get your rear in gear, because you're running out of time!

There is ALSO a Ravenloss quest on your schedule.  You'll need to journey to the center of the undercity and up Altar Hill in order to confront the ChaosWeaver High Priest! But that's not all, because there's a titan-fight that only DragonLords can handle.  So if you don't have an amulet on hand, you'll have to step back, because this big bad bug is out to SQUASH you for interfering with her subjects!  Oh, and try to find the Void Key while you're there.  You might have some help in your battle against the Priest, too. Just a little hint.  /smile




We are restocking some of our sold out items on HeroMart! (Not the Paladin Toilet Paper, sorry!)

Starting tonight (right NOW, in fact!) we have

150 calendars
30 Twillies
10 Small Mens Chickencow T-shirts
10 Med Mens Chickencow T-shirts
5 XL Mens Chickencow T-shirts
20 2XL Mens Chickencow T-shirts
20 3XL Mens Chickencow T-shirts

Next week EpicDuel shirts will be coming in!  The shirts will go on sale next weekend, so better get ready to get this EPIC gear!

It'll come with an unlockable achievement in EpicDuel and an AWESOMELY epic Cyber Hunter armor in AdventureQuest Worlds!


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE DRAGONCOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS!  Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free BattleOn Games Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!



Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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January 13, 2011

HeroSmash Stress Test open to ALL!

This is what we call a Stress Test…. so let’s see if we can ACE it… or bomb it?

Ohhh yeah, you read correctly. HeroSmash is NOW open to everyone for a limited time! As we draw closer to Thyton’s Live Drawing Contest, we thought it would be a great idea to crash NOT ONLY AQWorlds servers… but also HeroSmash’s!

So while you are waiting for us to give Thyton a pep-talk right before the AQWorlds in-game drawing event streams LIVE from his desktop… head on over to HeroSmash and get your hero-ing on!


Remember folks, this is a STRESS TEST and it could be closed at any time. But in the meantime… and if the servers hold... anyone and everyone can play HeroSmash right now!

Now that’s what I call SUPER!


(borrowed from the super-awesome Beleen's heroic efforts on the AQWorlds Design Notes page!)

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January 13, 2011

Your ideas, share them with us!

We're looking for tshirt ideas to make and sell in HeroMart, and we'd like to see what aspects of DragonFable YOU would like to see on a tshirt!  Have a favorite NPC (or a line that has been said), background, zone, weapon, pet... the list goes on and on! 

(NOT an actualy t-shirt idea. Unless you guys want it. Then... maybe.)

If YOU like it (and would wear it), then WE want to hear about it on the forum!

And speaking of hearing your ideas on the forum, we asked in a forum poll if you would like the Hero Plushies from the Frostval war to go into Cysero's Superstore of Savings, and your replies were a resounding "YES PLS GIVE US HERO PLUSHIES PLSPLSPLS!!!"  And we do really enjoy giving you guys what you want, so.... Hero Plushies will be sold for DragonCoins starting tomorrow!

Now I have to go feed Mr. Ficus.  His soil saturation is a little low today, and it's making him cranky. Let us know your thoughts on this Design Notes post on the forums!  See you tomorrow for a super-mega-awesome release!

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January 12, 2011

Peek peek peekin' at what's coming in Ravenloss!

It's a triple peek written in triple time! 

My fingers are flying as I race to write this Design Notes amid the other work I need to get done today.  But we want to make sure you guys learn of these new awesome things, so here you go: SoulAlly background info, SoulAlly pic, and news about the Equilibrium Gate!

Tomix sent me some information to pass on to you all about SoulAllies!

I know he's mentioned them on the forums before, but here's a good deal of great information that no one's ever known about them before:

  • In order to become a SoulWeaver, you need to have a SoulAlly.
  • SoulAllies are Elemental Spirits.
  • Elemental Spirits are a completely different beings than normal spirits and souls.
  • SoulAllies are the spirits of SoulWeavers who have been reborn.
  • Each SoulAlly has an element and an attribute, both of which are dependent on their nature while alive.
  • SoulAllies make threads, and soulweavers use these threads in weaving ritual.
  • Soulweaver can't weave without a soulally

And to set the match to the dry tinder of your imagination... a picture of your SoulAlly!

And if you're intrigued, entranced, or merely captivated by the idea of what rests behind the Equilibrium Gate, the wait to get inside is almost over!  But not before all the Keys are in the locks!  We've mentioned that Tomix has been placing the Keys in the Gate as he finds them, but the Gate itself hasn't illustrated that before now.  But starting this Friday, you'll have a visual record of what locks you've managed to open!

We've wanted to do this long before now, but there was never enough time in a Ravenloss week.  This week, though, I equipped my Chronomancer class so that I could MAKE time! (+15 time management!)

So this week when you head down underground to the dark and deadly undercity, check out the Equilibrium Gate to see just what you've unlocked. And what you have left to find!

Speculate away on the forums and Twitter! We look forward to reading your theories!

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January 11, 2011

A new week with new news!

New news is better than old news, just like new sparkleponies are cuter than old sparkleponies!  And what's better than a NEW sparklepony?  A pink, DERPING sparklepony! 

(Anything to make Beleen happy.  A sad Beleen makes for a sad Secret Underground Lab.) I put this up on Twitter last night to show Beleen that DragonFable is not totally devoid of pink (even if True Mortal rebels at the thought of having to make pink gear...) and so I put together this pet for her.

You MIGHT get the pet (I love that jonny bravo has already named his "Bob") this Hero's Heart Day.  Which... speaking of Hero's Heart Day... is coming up in a little over a month.  What do YOU want to see included this year?

And heeeeeeeeere's what coming up this week in DragonFable!

We'll have TWO new quests for you, and they'll both return to storylines we've had to delay while we celebrated Frostval.  Yes, that's right, that means you're heading back to Willowshire AND back to Ravenloss (you're going to be TIRED after all of that running around)! 

If you thought we'd forgotten the catacombs and fruity-ness of the Stone Orb Saga, you'll be happy to know that we've got plans, plots, and ideas for the rest of the chain.  And you won't expect what's coming next!

Ravenloss will take you to a whole new area this week!  A cold, hard section of the city where the captured are put on display and the unholy chants of the ChaosWeaver priests fill the air with the sound of ominous and forboding music.

Enjoy your trip to Altar Hill, the place to meet and greet old friends and new enemies!  And engage in some REALLY big battles!

And IF Ghost gets time, you might see True Mortal's NPC find a permanent home in Lore.  We'll just have to see how far we can stretch Ghost's ectoplasm! (If it gets too thin, he disapoofs until he can generate more.  Funny how ectoplasm works, isn't it?)

Tip for the day: Do not put a can of soda next to your laptop's fan.  It will turn a cold, tasty, carbonated treat into a warm, flat, tongue-curdling can of terror.  EWface!

Don't forget to let us know what you'd like to see in this Hero's Heart Day!  I've got some ideas already, but I'd like to see what you'd like included.

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January 07, 2011

Ninja Update!

The new random quest in the Shadow of the Wind Village is now live! Visit the Inn and help Pi Mae deliver food to the hungry ninja's out in the field!

Also, check out the new mysterious items in Cysero's Orb DC house items shop. A brand new couch, chair, fireplace (all in the Stuff shop) and candle (in the Wall items shop) created by True Mortal are for sale.

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January 07, 2011

Flashback to a ninja-lovin', chill-inducin' past!

That's right, like we mentioned earlier this week, we're revisiting the past and it's going to be nostalgic!* 

When your hero sets wearily down his or her backpack in Falconreach after wandering through deserts, over icebergs, and through not-quite-endless forests, the first thing they'll see is a blast to the recent past with a "Best of 2010" Shop!

  • Invisible Helm (level 60)
  • Invisible Cape (level 60)
  • Blind Master Sage Helm (level 60)
  • Mightier 100k Scythe (level 61)
  • Hyper Supermassive Warpdrive (level 61)
  • Hyper Supermassive Warpgenerator (level 61)
  • Hyper Supermassive Warpfield (level 61)
  • Bright Star Helm IV (level 60)
  • Bright Star Cape IV (level 60)
  • Mr. Poofles (level 61)
  • Faunus Dragon Helm (level 61)

Thanks for all your help coming up with the list on the forum!

We ALSO have two new quests coming in old towns today!  The first will take you back to the ice-covered, snow-laden burgs of Dragesvard!  Talk to Galanoth and click on his random quests button to be taken to the newest quest, in which he asks you to explore the town to see if any of the townspeople NOT at the party have seen any Dragonsbane. An Ice Dragon Scale will drop from the "Draggin' in Dragesvard" quest, just like Galanoth's other random quests.

Geopetal will have a quest in the Shadow of the Wind Village that will release later tonight, so be sure to check back in a few hours for the new ninja town and quest!  AND it will have hidden ninja NPCs who will speak ominously to you from the shadows.

Can you find them all?  Bet you can't.  They ARE ninjas, after all!

And don't forget to check out Cysero's Superstore of Savings for a SLEW of NEW Dragon Coin Rings from level 5 to 60!

  • Clocking Ring (level 5)
  • Lost Ring  (level 10)
  • Kata's Doom (level 15)
  • Ring of the Lords (level 20)
  • Pilgrim's Band (level 25)
  • Wooden Triumph (level 30)
  • Despicable Ring (level 35)
  • A Team Ring (level 40)
  • Shrieking Ring (level 45)
  • A Hole-y Ring (level 50)
  • Two Door Rose Ring (level 55)
  • Megadeath-ly Hollow Ring (level 60)

Thanks to everyone who submitted movie ideas over Twitter last night.  You guys rock!

Next week we'll get back to more storyline-related quests, but for now, enjoy the new gear and random quests! 

Rolith and I need to go meet a friend who is visiting from Pennsylvania, the land where so many good coders come from!  Unfortunately, his car broke down on the way and he was told he'll need a new car.  Poor Friend-of-Rolith! (He doesn't have an online name, the slacker. [To be fair, he didn't know we'd be talking about him to all of you.])  So while we go work on that with him, you guys enjoy the release!

*I tried to get Rolith to wear some designer-thrift store 70s gear, but he said that since he wasn't born back then, he didn't have to.  He DID flash a pretty snazzy peace sign, though, so it's all good (or "far out" as the kids used to say back then).

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January 04, 2011

What do YOU want to see? (Part 2)

Yesterday we asked what you'd like to see in a "Best of 2010" shop.

Today we want to know: What older towns would you like us to revisit with a new random quest or two?  Any town we haven't updated in a while is fair game! So if you like the pirate/ninja zones, or maybe you're a fan of the frigid Dragesvard (that WOULD be appropriate in this wintery time), then this is the week for you!

Or perhaps you're more a fan of Oaklore?  Like the shiny, shiny knights, do you? (We do, too. Thanks to the power of Flash, their armor is permanently gleaming! No polishing necessary.)

Let us know on the forums!

On an unrelated but AMAZING note, a very nice player named Saber-guy sent Rolith and I a congratulations letter and marriage present to the Secret Underground Lab, even though we aren't married yet!  Faith was bouncing with excitement when she showed it to us this morning.  We'll be framing the letter, for sure, to remember his gift.  We knew that our players were epic, and this just PROVES it!  So, here's to you, Saber-guy, for making Rolith's and my day awesome!  Look for a thank you letter to come in the mail as soon as Faith gets to the post office.  You rock!

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January 03, 2011

New Level Cap Raise Live

Today’s been more than a little crazy here in the underground lab.  The majority of the team is back here for the first time since the Holidays began (we all worked around the country for the release last week, and I even visited Alina’s family for the first time up in the cold and windy city of Chicago) .  There were lots of things to talk about and show off (including my new hobby – Crocheting – never let it be said that I don’t have a crafty side, just that it’s not very good. 

Mister Ficus loves his new scarf (what else was I supposed to do with it in Florida? It’s like 80 out right now).

What all this is leading to was that it took me much, much MUCH longer then I thought it would to increase the level cap today. It should have been as simple as logging in this morning and entering some new data in and pressing go.  It wasn’t.

Let me tell you why, besides the normal and abnormal distractions.

We lost the formula that we use to calculate the exp-to-level.

Yup, lost.  In a digital era as far as I’m aware there is no digital copy of the formula Artix decided on when DragonFable was in its infancy.  We knew this was the case actually.  It’s been true the last couple of times we’ve raised the cap, but we got away with making it close enough that it felt perfect but this time I didn’t want to make it end up the same,  I wanted the formula!  The missing formula wasn’t as big a deal as you’d think, with an office full of geeks, nerds, and coders we were able to backwards engineer it fairly quickly and now have it saved so that it’ll never be lost again. 

Seeing the proper code and how simple it was, it was just a matter of extending it up to 70. But I decided to make a couple of small changes to the lower end of the level curve and tweak the formula a bit too.  It now advances much more smoothly in the early game and is in general about 10-20% easier to level then it was this morning.  That is, of course, until you hit 61.  Mwhahahaha.


Alina would like me to send you to post in the following forum link: Best of 2010 shop!


She asks that you please keep in mind the following points when making a suggestion for the shop:

  • ONLY weapons and accessories from 2010. (If you don't know if something was released in 2010, you can always check the the DF Encyclopedia!)
  • Please no seasonal rares (They'll come back- maybe- when the seasonal events come back.)
  • Please no DC rares (This includes the Amaterasu-Omkami and Tsukinomiya scythes.)
  • Please no requests for the Vanilla Ice Katana or Frostscythe's IceScythe. (IF we update those, it won't be in this shop.)

We're looking for the quest rewards that you'd like to see get higher/different levels so that you can use them sooner or for a longer period of time.

Have fun wracking your brains for your favorite rewards, and if you suggest them, maybe you'll see them in the shop on Friday!

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has blue eyes
January 02, 2011


In testing now! The boss fight is almost ready! Wow... just wow guys, good job!

Update: I borked something. Rolith to the rescue. I owe him some togsitting or something!

Update to the update: I'm so desperate to get this working I have Rolith working on this from a bathroom. It's the only room where he's staying that has an available outlet. So he's fixing the cutscene.... on a toilet. I owe him BIG TIME.

Update to the update to the update: Added the villain/anti-hero plushies to Cysero's Rare Pet Shop for you guys (they are permanently there).

Update x 4: I miss Ghost. He rocks. Rolith rocks too!

Update x 5: It works! It works! Thank you so much for being patient! The weapons are in and you'll notice a level 61 option. The level cap will go up on Monday!

Yet another update: Lim fixed the plushie pets already! I have to go into the database and change them to pets one by one, but if you clear cache everything should work. HUGE thank you to Verlyrus, he helped get stuff tested for you guys tonight!

Also, special thanks to my nephew, Jacob, for leaving his crayons behind after Christmas and to my Dad for the copious amount of paper I recycled. Also, that huge heart on the last page, totally not covering a mutant Maya head. Nope, def not. I hope you guys enjoyed the cutscene!

Update x7: Brand new Defender's Rings and Necklaces are now available!

Final Update: The Frostval Celebration has begun in Frostvale! Any presents still in inventories have been burst open so their plushie elementals can escape to wreak havoc in their owner's inventory and the presents shop, with all the presents in it, is now available from the storybook!

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