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January 21, 2017

Doom Amulet!

Thanks for waiting patiently, guys!

The Black Winter war finale is heeeeere!

Log in, go to the war screen and experience... something epic! (hopefully!)

This is a war finale, revolving (mostly) around your dragon... but the real finale to the Caitiff saga is coming out next week.

Got theories on what wil happen next? Want to talk about the quest?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

If you need any battle help, there's always the official Battle Strategy forum section as well:

DragonFable Battle Strategy Forums!

Feel free to make or join an existing thread there if you're having any trouble!

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January 20, 2017

Saturday release :(

Hey everybody!

I took on more than I could handle... again!

The war finale will be coming out on Saturday, it's taking a while to animate, there's a lot happening in the cutscenes.

I hope you can wait patiently :(

As compensation, here, have these screenshots from what I have already finished animating!

Tags: Tomix

January 18, 2017


You have done it!

Caitiff gave you 13 days, you've finished the Black Winter war in 12 days!!!

Simply amazing!


*insert more cheering here*

Although... that still means you'll have to wait until the friday release night for the war finale quest. Or saturday, depends, the quest is quite long. 

Nevertheless, winning the war before the deadline, means that you, well... won! And not lost! So I'm not gonna insert a scene and nothing long-term is going to happen to your dragon!

Please stay tuned for the war finale and, again, congratulations!

Honestly, watching you all work together to push the final waves, how this (nowadays) small community warred hand in hand... it brings me joy!

This war was such a huge undertaking for Verly, me and the rest of the DF Team and we am glad that you have enjoyed what we've planned for you!

Tags: Tomix

January 13, 2017


Friday the 13th is here... and it's not looking great, heroes.

According to Caitiff, you have 6 more days until the 19th of January.

The F13 quest has been unlocked and something ELSE has begun to happen in the war waves.

Tags: Caitiff Friday the 13th Tomix

January 10, 2017

Fun fact!

Did you know that Caitiff, in one of many realities (within this multiverse), became an innkeeper?

That's true!

Sadly... not in this one.

So go and win this war, heroes!!!

Show Caitiff that the Darkness will not win!

Tags: Caitiff Now you know! Exciting facts! Tomix

January 03, 2017

Just a question!

Hey there!

I have a question (or a request, depending on how you look at it!) for you all.

Tell me some... interesting, funny, tasteful (etc.) grave inscriptions/headstone epitaphs, that would fit in the world of Lore.

Just asking... for NO reason at all.

No ulterior motive.

Just a harmless question!

Also... what's with these strange DNs that keep appearing? Who is doing that? And why can't I delete them?!

Tags: Tomix

December 23, 2016

Snowfang the dragon!

Well, that was quite a story! Chilly as a villain!?

Let's hear what Holly has to say about that!

Oh my...


Aaaalso, I've added capes to Riftwalker! Yay! (finally...)

Verly has also fixed an obscure show/hide items bug!

Remember guys, the promotion is still going! Dragon Amulet holders get 50% more Dragon Coins when they purchase a Dragon Coin package this December!

Tags: San Robin Frostval Tomix

December 16, 2016

The Nec-snow-mancer!

Frostval is heeeeere!

Forget about Doom Dragon, Caitiff and the Rose, at least for a while.

It's time for celebration!

This year, things are a little bit... different. Going for a little spin this time. It turns out that you have already saved the village of Frostvale!

However, exactly how did you do it?

Sit down and listen!



If any of you are having troubles with fights in-game (currently, or in the future), go over to the DragonFable Strategy forum!

It's precisely there to help you out!

Tags: Frostval Tomix Inanitas

December 09, 2016

Darkness is Coming!

The time is almost night...

This week's release is a two-parter! Head up to Symone and play these two new quests now, because the finale... is almost here!*

*After Frostval is over! Aaaaand Frostval starts next week!


Dragon Amulet holders get 50% more Dragon Coins when they purchase a Dragon Coin package this December!

Happy holidays!

Tags: Caitiff Doom Tomix

November 25, 2016

Black Friday!

Hey guys!
We have a special offer for ya!

4 weapons coming back, changed juuuuust slightly (so that they are new... that's how it works... right?!)

The shop will be available from the Book of Lore (quest log, whatever you call it), starting from today until monday.
So from 25th of November, until 28th of November.

Happy Black Friday... day...!

Tags: Black Friday Tomix

November 24, 2016

Thankstaking 2016 Finale!

Happy Thankstaking!

I have written past Thankstakings, so the holiday wasn’t something new to me. What WAS new was working with Elryn. He has a keen intellect, and is a pleasure to write with. He has some clever ideas, and, admittedly, some really strange ones. I suppose we’re both guilty of that. Working with Elryn on this holiday was fun though. We had a lot of laughs, and some of the funny ideas we came up with you may well never see.  I honestly look forward to working with him on other things. He’s been a great sounding board for some of my ideas, and it was input from him that helped me make some of my other recent work what it was.

Now, I’d like to take a moment to mention family gatherings. It doesn’t matter what size the family is, there are ALWAYS those who will somehow disrupt the proceedings. This is just the natural state of things. As I worked on the character of Joules, I was somewhat thinking of my experiences with both of my sisters as it applies to the holidays. So I suppose Joules is carrying a bit of them within her. This week, Joules has a surprise waiting for you. It wouldn’t be polite to disappoint her, now would it? 

Have a Happy Thankstaking… and for those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great time, and make sure to try a bit of everything. You never know… you might be surprised.
Happy holidays!

Eric Greydawn.

Hello everyone!

The last quest of this year’s Thankstaking is upon us and… at least, hopefully... the grand Thankstaking feast the Hero and his curious bunch of friends are eagerly waiting to chow down for…. If you can best what Joules has in store for you that is. Writing and collaborating with Eric on this year’s Thankstaking has been quite fun: we had strange and whacky ideas that came to life in odd and, perhaps predictably, strange ways; all in good fun and in the Dragonfable spirit of things.

Beyond just Thankstaking however, there is something that must be said about co-writing with Eric: it has been a blast and a valuable experience of writing since it started. Both Eric and I were in peculiar situations when he returned earlier this year. Eric still had his own troubles that had prevented him from working on the True Mortal Saga despite his best efforts and I had taken a 13 hours car trip to take another temporary full-time job. While both of our Terran analogs had desired to do more, I started lending my hand to Eric on a few things.

I suppose it is something that came with the writer territory. Eric told me what he knew about Celtic, Viking and other mythos and lore and I returned with my own. Our knowledge as respective lore buffs quickly inspired Laguzoki and before long, Icy Beginnings was created. Through helping work with his own creations, Eric has been tremendously helpful in inspiring my own writing. I certainly look forwards to creating more with him.

Have fun, eat your fill this Thankstaking!


Tags: Elryn Eric Greydawn Thankstaking Tomix

November 18, 2016

What's that Whistling Noise?

Part 2 of this year's Thankstaking is live! Head over to the Thankstaking book and continue the storyline.

Eric and Elryn have a few (few? more like a wall of text, am I right?!) words for you:

Hi everyone!

In this next part of our celebration, we’ve had a bit of fun. The holiday season is all about having fun. Light-hearted stories are a long-standing holiday tradition with DF, and I remember fondly my first time playing around with Thankstaking and Frostval. I was only able to play a limited time each week due to work constraints, but the light-hearted nature of the holiday quests meant that the time I spent playing our beloved DragonFable was all that much more meaningful.

I’m really excited to continue to be part of the holiday traditions of DragonFable as we’re moving forward. It’s been fun to explore new characters and new scenarios as DragonFable has continued to evolve! Here’s to hoping we get to spend many more holiday seasons together, as friends and compatriots.

Eric Greydawn.

The Anatomy of Barrel

The work of a Moglin Cooper is no job to simply barrel right through. It takes a good amount of precision in putting a juice barrel together correctly especially given that juice barrels are made without a drop of glue. They are required to be airtight and leak proof which is important for all juice barrels. Some types of woods cannot be used as the wood is too porous and a good few juices would simply leak through the pores of the wood. Lastly, the type of wood used can have various effects on the taste and quality of the juice in the barrel and so the making of juice barrels takes the combination of the right wood, the right precision and the right knowhow and experience in putting one together.

Making one usually starts with making the "staves" which are long, plank-like pieces of seasoned (aged) wood that make the frame of the barrel. Oak is often used because the chemicals oak wood releases usually improves the taste of the juice it contains.

The width of each individual stave varies, but everyone of them will be wider at the middle and narrower at the ends. This is what gives a barrel its trademark, curved frame that is larger at the middle and smaller and the tops.

Once the staves are on hand, the Moglin Cooper places them around within the coil a metal ring. The staves are kept together by the sheer pressure of the staves lined up neatly in a row one after another and restrained by the ring. To reinforce and keep it that way, the Moglin Cooper adds one or more heavy iron bands over and under the metal ring. At this point, the barrel’s curved shape appears… well, half of it. The other end is still a bunch of staves that spread out like the petals of an opening flower.

In order to bend the other end of the unfinished barrel, the staves need to go through a combination of heating, steaming or soaking in order to be made flexible enough or the staves will break rather than bend into shape. At this stage, a fire is lit either under or in the barrel to heat and singe the inside. Singeing the inside of the barrel has a determinant impact on the flavour of the juice so a Moglin Cooper must be careful in how much singeing is done.

Now comes the tricky part. Once the frame of the barrel has been made flexible, the Moglin Cooper must supervise a pack of Moglins that will bring the other end of the barrel tight enough to place bands upon it. To do so, the Moglins gather around in a circle and with the strength of their collective hugs, hug the frame of the barrel on the end into the desired shape. This process infuses some Moglin hug magic into the barrel which in turn will give the juice its potency.

The Moglin Cooper replaces the heavy iron bands by sturdier and lighter metal or wood ones. At this point, three steps remain to complete the juice barrel. First, the cooper carves grooves and neatly fits the circular wooden covers of the top and bottom of the barrel. Next, he sands down the exterior of the barrel into a polished finish. Finally, he drills a bung hole and plugs it to allow the barrel to be filled and emptied with juice at will.

And there! Now you have a complete barrel of juice, ready to be filled and stocked with juice for years to come.


Tags: Elryn Eric Greydawn Thankstaking Tomix

November 11, 2016

The Great Moglinberry Caper!

Thankstaking 2016 is upon us!

Here are some words from the writers of this year's storyline.

Once again the holiday season is upon us, and I have the great pleasure of revisiting this holiday. The thing about food is that it is what draws people together.

Families gathered around the table, eating, talking, and enjoying the festivities. Families and friends enjoy the feasts, and food, in all its various forms, is the centerpiece of the gathering. Different cultures mean different kinds of food, but the heart of it will always be that wonderful feeling of belonging that comes with a joyful gathering and feast among family and friends—those nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Like most family gatherings though, there is always SOMEONE who is dissatisfied with the way things are going and ends up making waves. At DragonFable, we have a family who seems uniquely dissatisfied with Thankstaking, and the members of that family tend to disrupt things. Fortunately, our worst offender, Dr. Voltabolt, has sworn not to interfere. He promises to behave himself and be helpful in a productive way. Nothing can go wrong. Right? Right? Ah well, it wouldn’t be DragonFable if things went off without a hitch. Enjoy!

Eric Greydawn

The Life of a Moglinberry Juice barrel

It can be a rather fascinating subject you know. Moglinberries are an important part of the life and diet of the people of the Kingdom of Greenguard. The berries can be used to make high, long lasting protein mix that keeps and stores calories well for prolonged periods of times through drought and winter conditions. The leaves make good tea, but most famously the berries can be used to make a juice high in anti-oxidants, which is an all around good thing for you. Thus, Moglinberry juice barrels are vital element of Lorian biodiversity. They sustain entire ecosystems (N.B.: not me)!

Even after the barrel has been emptied, it serves as the home of several life forms known to Lore. Which life forms you may ask (since again, not me)? To find that out, you will have to play the first installment of the 11th chapter of Thankstaking this week.

Have a barrel and Happy Thankstaking!

Tags: Elryn Eric Greydawn Tomix

November 04, 2016

Can We Yix Him?

Next quest in the Caitiff storyline is here!

After recruiting Artix (who then went to get Galanoth), you pondered for a while as to who you should ask for help next.

Then, it hit you!

Their engineering skills and creative minds will surely help you in your cause.

And so, with Caitiff nowhere to be seen and with your dragon flooding the world in darkness, you head over to Falconreach, looking for Airheart.

Who will be next to help you?

Only time will tell!

The questline is getting closer and closer to a conclusion...

The items that are available from this week's quest are something new and special!

They alternate between hitting with Darkness and Energy elements when you use them in battle.

Also, the Supersized Cookie and Insane Pupkin Stack shops have been moved to the Celebration Shops button. They'll be leaving next week along with the Mogloween Storybook, so make sure to get them while you can!

Tags: Caitiff Doom Tomix

October 28, 2016

Mogloween 2016 Finale!

The time has come!

Mogloween 2016 Finale "AbracaDabra" is here!

Head over to the Book and play the newest and last quest in this year's Mogloween... and then it's time for trick-or-treating.

What's in store for you loot-wise speaking?

Well, these tasty (but certainly not edible!) items from the quest itself:

And 13 new masks to unlock! (no preview here, ha!)

On Monday, we might have something extra special in store for you, still in the spirit of Mogloween.

And now, of course...


Tags: Mogloween Tomix

October 26, 2016

First look at Abraca and Dabra!

Are you ready to meet Abraca and Dabra in this week's Mogloween finale?


Tags: Verlyrus Mogloween Tomix

September 30, 2016

A Lincoln Log to the past

Last time, San Robin’s request caused you to have more questions than answers!
What is the story behind this cheeky cheeselover?
Is he a gouda two shoes?
Or a villainous Feta?
This week you will get answers!
Find out by talking to San Robin at the Inn in book 1 Falconreach!

Also, the Book3 Libraseum has been updated!

If you have finished last week's quest (Cold Truth), the books found in it should appear in the library collection... alongside one additional book!

It shouldn't be that hard to find it!

Tags: San Robin Tomix

September 23, 2016

Cold Truth

By the light of the moon we would sit by the shore and listen as the waves rolled in, the steady pulsing tide having quite the soothing effect. In the summer, you could close your eyes and breathe in deep the sea air. You could almost taste the tang of salt with every breath. In the springtime, fragrant flowers bloom a bit away from the shoreline, the sweet aroma of the flowers mixing with that sharp salt scent. In the sky, the birds wheel, hunting for game, or just soaring on the wind.  Their cries split the air and reverberate over the hills.
I can close my eyes and remember it all, even now. The keen sharpness of the air in Autumn when the storm winds begin to blow and the seas became wild.  A harsh mistress she is, and yet you cannot help but love her.  She gives life of her own, just as she claims life.  All those who live near the sea are keenly aware of this, and though we are long gone from sandy shores she stays with us still, singing the siren song of yesterday when brave adventurers sailed the stormy seas, and tempted fate with every bold voyage…
(Translated from the Elder Runes)

You will want to view the books in Full Screen mode to read them. Of course, this being DragonFable, it won’t be as simple as that. You might need to find help in deciphering the books in this quest. I will say this; the key to defeating Nivalis is hidden somewhere in one of the books. The first player who finds the secret to defeating Nivalis and posts it on the forums (Spoilers please) will receive a reward. Hint: It’s a bit easier to read full screen.

It is through the eyes of memory that we can capture such an image, one once held, even if briefly, that stays with you throughout your life. As I write this quest, it is through those eyes that I see… eyes that see back across the years.
As a youth, I spent a couple of summers living near a beach. I went there with my friends as often as I could.  In writing this portion of the Nivalis story, I suppose I’m telling a little of my own past. Those summers were magical; in those days we would live forever, the summers evenings lasted for hours, and youthful vigor carried us through our own little piracies.

Just my thoughts.  
Eric Greydawn

Tags: Eric Greydawn True Mortal Saga Tomix

September 21, 2016

Happening this week!

This week, the True Mortal saga continues with a trip even farther north!

Armed with the knowledge you gain from Laguzoki, you will perhaps find an Ice Giant village. You might find more than that, if you search carefully.

... and perhaps you’ll learn the cold truth about Nivalis!

Tags: True Mortal Tomix

August 24, 2016

A New Threat

This Friday, one man stands before you and the Swordhaven championship.

Will you prevail, and achieve your goal of confronting King Alteon at last?

Or will you find yourself at the mercy of your enemy…a man who wields unparalleled strength?

Tags: Tomix

August 19, 2016

Tournament happening this... weekend

I have good and bad news.

Good news: The release will be substantial, fun and will give you some Rose behind-the-scenes.

Bad news: It's long. Lots of content and I won't have everything ready today.

So... I'm afraid we must delay the release until Saturday, at best.

Tags: Tomix

August 17, 2016

Tournament of Champions!

This week, you’ll be traveling to Swordhaven again—after your hero had some time to think.

As the Hero, you’ve proven yourself time and time again on the battlefield. Friend and foe alike can vouch for your strength.

But how will you fare against Swordhaven’s finest the arena?

Tags: Swordhaven Aeon Tomix

August 09, 2016

Next main story quest!


The last time you've been in Swordhaven, your little duel with Beastmaster was interrupted by Jaania herself!

This week the story will continue, as Jaania have some things to say to you, personally.

And it's gonna be heavy.

Tags: Swordhaven Jaania Tomix

August 02, 2016

Return to Stoneheart Fall!

This week, you'll be continuing True Mortal's quest chain!

It’s time to start unraveling the story of Nivalis’ past. Where did he come from? Why is he bent on destruction?

Find out the answers to these questions this friday! But be warned… you might find you have even MORE questions.

The man who stands at a strange threshold,
Should be cautious before he cross it,
Glance this way and that:
Who knows beforehand what foes may sit
Awaiting him in the hall?

Opening line of the Ice Giant History Chant

Tags: True Mortal True Mortal Saga Tomix

July 15, 2016

The Gouda-Grotto!

The release is liiiiive!

After waiting for a long time (3 whole days!), San Robin has a new quest for you!
Questions will be answered tonight and perhaps you’ll learn some more about his past.
Is he just that goofy cheese-lover who lives in the back of the inn?
Or is he more than meets the eye?
Am I just ranting?
Or will these questions actually be answered today?
Go log in and visit San Robin at the Falconreach inn (book 1) to find out!

Tags: San Robin Tomix

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