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September 08, 2017

Queen of Swordhaven

The King has been wounded!!!

It's not looking good.

While you, Melissa and your hurt companion make your way to Sulen'Eska, the resistance encampment, things are being set in motion over at Swordhaven.

Head over to Kara and to the newest quest!

Tags: The Rose Tomix

August 18, 2017

The Nest Robber

Hey everyone!
As some of you might remember, while ago you were invited by Messimy to visit “The Nest” a Rose-build orphanage.
Now it’s time to see how the hero does on their second day at the orphanage.
There’s questions to answer like:
Who’s the mysterious shadow?
What does the hero need to do?
Where DOES Messimy work out?
Could Ash still be right about all this being a trap?
Will I ever stop asking and creating questions?
So log in now and travel to The Nest and maybe you’ll get some answers!*

*Answers are not guaranteed.


We've had some stupid issues with this quest and were, unfortunatelly, unable to fix them. And we tried HARD. They do however... fix themselves after you reload the game...

We've added a visual notification to let you know if your quest will play fine or not.

Please bear with us on this one and follow our instructions to play this week's quest :c

Tags: Tomix

August 11, 2017

Harboring an Alien!?

Hello there!

This week, we have for you a short, sweet quest.

A new... peculiar... request has been added to the Serene Inn's "Odd Jobs" board.

It's about a ship wreckage, deep within the waters of Falconreach's docks.

I recon it's worth checking out. Old, forgotten things often tell interesting stories.

Thorough search of this wreckage might prove... fruitful.

Also, Verlyrus has retouched the notify pop up system. Pop up notifications now last 4 times longer before fading, and can be dismissed by clicking on them.

Tags: Tomix

August 04, 2017

Artifact Heist!

Willowshire’s Guardian Tower is under attack by Manaphages and the Thorns are to blame!

What could they gain from attacking the Guardians? Perhaps this has something to do with the spell that Theano stole from the people of Clearwater? Belle needs your help evacuating the civilians and the Guardians.

Hurry and put a stop to Theano’s evil plot… Before it's too late!

Head over to Ash in Book 3 and play the newest Thorn quest!

Tags: Inanitas Tomix

July 22, 2017

Are Rocks Evil?

Thanks for waiting!
The release is live!!!

Head over to Sulen'Eska in Book 3 and speak with Kara to find out what happens after the attack on Jaania.

Did she have it coming? Can she prevail?

And can you escort the King and Princess Victoria to safety?

Tags: Tomix

July 21, 2017

"Are rocks evil?" Find out tomorrow!

Ugh, I keep doing this!

I'm taking on more than I can handle...

Today's release is being being moved to tomorrow, Saturday.

There is still a lot I have to do for the cutscenes, I need to make the magic duel look right (+ some other things), and Verly is preparing some cool mechanics for the monsters.

I don't want to cut content from this release, so we decided to move it, rather than release today and move parts of the cutscene to next main story release.

So, one extra day... I hope you can bear with us (for the nth time :c ) and wait until tomorrow!

Take a peek at what is coming up tomorrow!

There will be a LOT going on, as you can see!

Stay tuned!

Tags: Tomix

July 14, 2017

SoulForge Update!

Hey everybody!

This week we have for you a small release: an update to the SoulForge, featuring axes, wands, and scythes!

I spent most of this week on ongoing assignments, like animating the calendar class, which is very close to being complete.

I am also planning to go back to the other forgotten features of DragonFable and slowly but surely start updating them. We'll be having those as gameplay improvement releases (like today's one is) in the future!

Next week, prepare for the next installment of the main storyline!

Tags: SoulForge Tomix

July 07, 2017

Feta Finale!

Hey ho Havarti!

At long last the finale of the (if I may say so myself) cheesiest questline is here!
After getting the vision from the camembert of clairvoyance San Robin knows where to go! Join him once more to find the bandits he’s been hunting for all this time.
Will you find out more about San Robin, and perhaps, he’ll find out something about himself as well?
There’s just one way to find out! Log in and find San Robin in the Book 1 Falconreach Inn!

It has been a blast to write these quests and I hope everyone enjoyed them.
However, finishing this chain doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing quests, oh no!
I have many more ideas in store and of course the quests around the Rose Orphanage!
I’m looking forward to writing more for you guys and I hope you also look forward to my future quests.

Hoping you all have a gouday!
~San Robin

And now a message from our forums:

DragonPedia Masters Needed!

Have you ever wanted to become more involved with the DragonFable community? Help other players learn the game just as well as you do? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, I can give you all the information that you need to know!

Do you play DragonFable every week? Do you want to help others learn more about the game? If you have said yes to both of those questions, then we need your help!

The DragonFable Pedia is always on the hunt for people to help. So, we're asking you to help us keep track of our weekly content by creating new and updated entries in the DF Pedia. This can include everything from items, item levels, descriptions and pictures.

All you have to do is read the Information for DragonPedia Masters, sign yourself up according to the simple and easy directions and then get started*!

You can get started now! Once you complete the application and turn it in, the processing takes about three days. It's as easy as that!

*Working for the DF Pedia is strictly voluntary. There is no pressure, no quotas and you get to be part of a group that helps other players enjoy the game by providing the information they need!

Tags: San Robin Tomix

July 04, 2017

The guests have spoken!

Hey guys!

I am happy to announce that Verly has fixed guests of the Inn at the Edge of Time not talking to you.

They are now ready to share their stories!

Just a note... some of them (or... you?) are quite... something, indeed!

Tags: Tomix

June 23, 2017

Hunt for Bradychwyd


This week the Doom Dragon Scythe shop is returning for Dragonfable's 11th Anniversary! You can get the Doomed Dragon Scythe of Elementals for the full price of 5,000 DCs or the Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals 500 if you have a Dragon Amulet. The shops will be here for a little while before they're gone until the next anniversary comes around.

Otherwise, there's a small quest this week! There's a new request for help at the Swordhaven Quest Board! A dragonlord and his dragon who's got a reeeeally bad case of Laryngitis are stranded just South-West of Swordhaven and need a brave volunteer (aka not the dragonlord) to administer the medicine witho—

Wait. Hold on.



The request is gone. Maybe someone took care of it already? Well! Things sure move fast in Swordhaven! I guess there's nothing to do after a—


Wait... There's a new request up actually. Things really do go fast! Let's see…


It’s a bit of strange request... Not sure what this guy is after.

Well, you’re better at this than me. Think you can do it?



I also have some preview of the next week's release for you!

It will be a challenge arena, that will be updated frequently with new ferocious monsters and incredible loot!

The first week of challenges will involve... DRAGONS!!!

Who will be giving you the challenges?



YOU, of course!

The other versions of you from other timelines of the multiverse!

Happy weekend,

~The DF Team

Tags: Tomix Elryn

June 16, 2017

Gorillaphant Warfare!

Happy Father’s Day!

Since that’s Sunday… you better not forget! To celebrate Father’s Day this year, the Father’s Day shop is back in up and running in the Book of Lore. Get your Father’s Day weapons while they’re here! They'll be gone for another year in a few weeks.

This week, you’ll return where the Hero and Sir Leon were left off in the most recent Shears quest, confronted by a previous Rose acquaintance! You might have fought them before, but don’t expect things to be easy! Gorillaphant Warfare is never pretty!

Head over to the Shears in Book 3, and if you are up-to-date with the quest line, speak to Leon!

Also, as part of our 11th Anniversary event, from now through June 30th, every character that logs in will receive 500 free Dragon Coins!


We have also updated next batch of classes with the new heads!

These are:

  • Pyromancer
  • SoulWeaver and Master SoulWeaver
  • Archivist
  • TimeKiller
  • ChronoZ

Next week, batch number 3!
Also, a word from Elryn:
Greetings and good Friday everyone
Since the end of the first part of the Dragon rider War, Dracelix and I have been wanting to do more regarding The Shears and the Storyline of Sir Leon and his friends in arms. Sanctuary’s Return is part of a new chain where we will have the chance to do just that. The chain will likely start slowly and pick up further along as the series of quests progress. There will be potential to uncover curious stories for some of the NPCs Dracelix has had for a while and perhaps more yet.
For now though, you should focus on getting out scot-free of the Rose Research facility you just casually stormed, whose Rose masters you have disturbed and unexpected prisoner found. A battle of gorillaphant tactics awaits you.
Cheers and happy weekend!

Tags: Elryn Tomix

June 14, 2017

Expressive Heads!

Mid-week DNs, yay!

Today I have some news for you. While working on the new character models, I also did some work on the heads, to make them more expressive.

For example: before, eyes had two stages - open and closed. Now, they have eleven stages! Whoooo!

Mouths have more stages as well!

See for yourself.

Unfortunately, we've run into some problems with the eyes.

They do not have a separate option for color customization, so I had to link them to the "trim" CC option. This makes them sometimes... not work as intended (not saving desired colors, or reverting to a default color)

Adding a separate eye CC code is actually a very big project, so while Verly might be working on it in the future, don't hold your breath.

I am currently in the process of replacing old heads with new ones in ALL of the previous classes!

This ALSO will take a while, but I'll do it in batches every week. Starting with the DragonLord armors.

So, there's that for today. Just wanted to let you know what I'm working on, aside from new classes.

As for this week's release, you will be continuing the investigation of the Rose research base with Sir Leon!

Tags: Tomix

June 03, 2017

Too big...

Again, I bit off more than I could chew...

I didn't anticipate the gala to feature so many new NPCs, interesting interactions and 8 pages of script.

Let's see if you can discover what could happen at the royal ball from this image!

It's quite too much for me to finish. There is just TOO MUCH happening in the gala release for me to finish it this week..

I completely understand your frustration... I am frustrated as well.

I know I hyped up and promised this release for a while, and I will take all the blame.

The gala will be releasing June 9th, for real this time.

Sorry that you had no release this week... :(

Verly will also be working on something special for you for next week!

Tags: Gala Tomix

June 01, 2017


Hey guys!

The royal gala is getting closer and closer... but not close enough.

I can already tell you that this will be a late saturday release.

Still have lots to do!

Your outfits are ready, and you will be able to pick either a dress or a suit, whatever you feel like wearing for this occasion.

Yes, they WILL be color-custom!

Tags: Tomix

May 19, 2017

My Spot!

It is finally time to go back to Sulen'Eska!

Head over to Mritha, click on the New Quests button (if you have completed the Starcrossed quest!) and visit Kara.

She is back and ready to tackle the day!

And she has a new quest for you! (Make sure you also completed the Tournament of Champions too!)

This week, you will be relaying info to the leader of the rebellion, and preparing for the upcoming royal event!

You will need formalwear, after all!

Tags: Tomix

May 16, 2017

Default hero!

Hey guys!

I wanted to share with you something I've been pondering about.

You know how, for example, Mass Effect has a default Shepard or Ryder, used for promos?

I was thinking about making a default DragonFable hero, that I can put in promo images for weekly releases.

Because as beautiful as the landscape promos are, they feel... empty.

Putting in a default hero would give 'em some life... and I can do action shots too!

And I can add Draco alongside them!!!

This hero would be the "face" of DragonFable. I'd make female and male version, both very similar in design, and use female hero one week and male hero for the other.

They both would be the same class, most likely a DragonLord. And I suppose it's only fair that they both would share the same name!

And then, if you can imagine hard enough, you can replace the default hero on the promo, in your mind, with YOUR canon hero!

What do you guys think about this?

Good idea?

Bad idea?

Aaaaalso, gala preparation quest in coming out real soooooon!

Not the proper gala yet, but we're getting there!

Tags: Tomix

May 05, 2017

Mother's Day Release!

It's Mother's Day!

And Ash is trying to get his duties around Falconreach done as soon as he can, so he can spend the day with his mom!

Speak with him to see if there is anything you can do to help out, because that's what Heroes do!

Word is, that a Necromancer is roaming around the woods and he's raising an army! Put a stop to him!

In the name of all Mothers!

Or something!

Tags: Tomix

April 28, 2017

Dwarf Culture!

There’s nothing like a chip off the old block!

Cave block, that is. If there is anything you have heard about Dwarves before is that they certainly like it in caves, well underground, where their Kingdoms lie. At least, according to a certain dwarf friend. Then again, you have not really seen too many of them above ground to confirm or deny it.

That’s what Loremaster Teka sets out this week to rectify. As a nomadic wanderer, Teka has met her own share of Dwarves from other lands and wants you to find a book about Dwarf culture to bring to the masses of the North.

Happy reading and adventuring!

Tags: Tomix

April 22, 2017

Enigmatic Epidemic

The release is live :)

Speak to Ash in Book 3 Falconreach to embark on the next quest in Inanitas's Thorn Saga!

You... will have to repeat the previous quest, though (Dark Devices), because I made a booboo.

The residents of Clearwater are being plagued with not only a mysterious Disease, but the Thorn as well. It is up to you and an unlikely ally to put an end to the Thorns plan and cure the people of Clearwater... before it's too late!

Also, Verly has added an Easy mode to the Tournament of Champions in Book3 Swordhaven!

Tags: Inanitas Thorns Tomix

April 21, 2017

Next Thorns quest tomorrow

Hey guys, so...

Flash hates me. I had technical difficulties with Flash ever since I installed it on my new machine.

I lost some time this week while trying to figure out how to fix it.

I didn't, and the release suffered for it.

Next Thorns quest will be coming out tomorrow.

Here, have a sneak peek of a new character that you will meet in the new release!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And now, for some good news: since the Calamity saga is over, we can get back on track with the main storyline now!

Which means the next main story quest is coming next month... and it will be... the Gala!

The esteemed guests on this very important royal event will wear outfits designed by the renowned... umm... fashion designer Blade!

Tags: Tomix

April 14, 2017

Banshee by the Well

The release is live!

San Robin has prepared a quest for you!

A mysterious new message has appeared on the Swordhaven message board.
A seemingly simple quest somehow directed at you, the hero.
Just a banshee that needs to go.
Simple right?

Or is it?

Log in and visit Swordhaven Book 3 to find out!

Tags: Tomix San Robin

March 31, 2017

The Leftovers!

Hey guys, I'm afraid Book 4 was cancelled due to some unusual... "threat"?

I can't explain it, you have to see for yourself.

Book 4 will still be coming... after Book 3 ends!


Did you really think a new book would start NOW?

Haha, joke's on you.



I'm so funny...

A = Z

Z = Y

Have a Merry April Fools!

Tags: Tomix

March 17, 2017

The Nest!

The release is live!

A word from San Robin:


Today we have prepared a quest for you that doesn’t have anything to do with cheese! (Incredible, I know!)
Ash received a letter addressed to you.
Now that’s not the strangest thing ever, you obviously get fan-mail ALL the time.*
The strange thing here is that it has a Rose seal on it.
The letter seems genuine, but...
Will you discover the soothing fragrance of the Rose?
Or be pricked by its thorns once more?
Log in and start the first quest of an all new quest chain!

*Do you? I don’t know, maybe discuss it on the forums?

Head over to the map (in Book 3 Falconreach), navigate to the Greenguard region and locate the new pin!

Tags: Tomix

March 10, 2017

Swordhaven Quest Board!

The release is live!

Head to Book 3 Swordhaven to find two new requests for help posted from the citizenry at the Swordhaven Quest Board.

The Capitol’s infamous Cheese Seller needs a gouda hand to transport a special delivery of cheese for a mystery client in Falconreach! It’s a LOT of cheese so he's going to need someone to protect him while he is transporting all that fine cheddar.

Secondly… we are not sure WHO submitted the second request... Was this really requested by one of the citizens? It’s a bit strange really…. Maybe the kids from around the market are playing pranks again? Perhaps you should just ignore this one.

Anyway, have a wonderful questing weekend!
~The DF Team

Tags: Tomix

February 12, 2017

What could've been...

You guys wanted to know what could have been if you’d have lost the war.

As promised... here it is:

  • Your dragon would have been purified by Elysia, Artix and the others, instead of Amadeus. However, it would not have been enough. There would have been long-term side effects you and your dragon would have to deal with in a later questline (since you’ve won, the questline will be about will be about something different now!)
  • Ultimately, Caitiff would have still been destroyed, but not completely, with a chance to come back one day.
  • The mask would have been entirely obliterated because of your dragon’s unimaginable rage, not just cracked and shattered. Meaning that everything that ever has been consumed by Valtrith would have been evaporated as well. This was the major change in narrative, because right now, every evil being was released… but so was Serenity. If you lost the war, every evil being would have been destroyed… but so would Serenity. I know it’s not fair, but it is what it is.
  • There would have been losses amongst citizens, as well as one of the NPCs. Who, I won't tell.
  • People of Falconreach would have not recovered that easily from Caitiff’s influence.
  • The exchange during the epilogue would have been much more heated.
  • Cultists would have picked up the remains of the doom weapon and then run.

Other than that, the rest of the things would still have happen as they did.

Tags: Tomix

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