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July 15, 2016

The Gouda-Grotto!

The release is liiiiive!

After waiting for a long time (3 whole days!), San Robin has a new quest for you!
Questions will be answered tonight and perhaps you’ll learn some more about his past.
Is he just that goofy cheese-lover who lives in the back of the inn?
Or is he more than meets the eye?
Am I just ranting?
Or will these questions actually be answered today?
Go log in and visit San Robin at the Falconreach inn (book 1) to find out!

Tags: San Robin Tomix

July 13, 2016

Fondue Friday returns!

Hey guys, San Robin has "things" planned for ya!

Hi Ho Harvatti!

Gouday everyone!
This week our favorite rock is taking a well deserved vacation, which can mean only one thing!
As I’m typing this, I’m working on a quest for this Friday!
What is it about you ask?
I’m glad you asked!
Last time San Robin send you on a quest, you were left with several questions.
And maybe they’ll be answered this week!*
I could tell more, but it’s better to log in this Friday and discover for yourself!

*Keyword being “Maybe”

Tags: San Robin Tomix

July 01, 2016

Just Chillin'

The release is live!

It's a light one, your hero needs a day off after all. Go to Ravenloss Book3 (the one AFTER the Tomix Saga finale, with the Equilibrium Gate sealed shut), visit Aegis' house and you should see a new button!

This quest takes place AFTER the TS finale, but before your dragon was taken... just pointing it out.


Tags: Aegis Ravenloss Tomix

June 14, 2016

Coming really soon!

Tags: Tomix

May 26, 2016

Libraseum Unlocked!

Tags: Tomix

May 20, 2016


You've battled the forces of Darkness valiantly as they sought to conquer Falconreach. Now, your final challenge is in sight... but which Valtrith will you fight?

Tags: Tomix

April 25, 2016

Post-epilogue stuff!

Well people, with the finale and the epilogue of the First Weaver quest chain behind up, time to get down to the nitty-gritty.
This will contain SPOILERS, so if you have not played every quest written by me, you're gonna ruin some of the surprises for yourself!


Here we go!


First thing first, the lullaby. You've asked for it, here it is.
Instrumental version: Click me!
Version with lyrics: Click me!

Composed by the magnificent Ghost and sang by yours truly.

Regarding the lyrics of the lullaby not matching what was shown during the puppet show, it's because it was a lullaby.
Just a lullaby. Sang by Tanislav, to ease Roirr's pain.
Obviously the entire Roirr's family wasn't eaten by Raroog, Dola nor Skrzak!
And they certainly weren't edible!


Next item on our list... is the timeline.
The entire timeline of ALL of the events that happened between Roirr's birth, up to him being sent by Secundus back in time.

>The "Weaving Saga" Timeline<

As you can see, this thing is massive, with a lot of additional information for you to handle.
There are some events that you might have not expected to happen, but bear with me, they will be explained in the game!


That is all!
I will be answering questions you guys have for me soon-ish. Just note that if a question will be about any content that might be explained in the game at a later date, I'll try to answer as vaguely as possible ;)


Tags: Roirr Tomix

April 23, 2016

The End of the Beginning!

It's here. It's finally here!!!

The definitive epilogue to Roirr's story!

Put on your headphones, log in and experience... the end!

I will be making a follow up Design Notes next week, to answer some of your questions and to post... something usefull to help you understand one aspect of the entire saga.

Again, Fleshweaver and Chaosweaver will come out at a later date.

Tags: Roirr Tomix

April 22, 2016

Everything will make sense... Tomorrow!

Aaaaaand the epilogue is delayed.

I'm so sorry you guys. I know you've been waiting for this for a month.
I bit off more than I could chew, again.

There is a LOT happening in the cutscene, a lot of questions will be answered, but I need just one more day to finish it up.

I want it to be PERFECT!

Tags: Roirr Tomix

April 21, 2016

Roirr's Saga epilogue is coming!

The last and final quest of the Roirr's Saga will be this week's release.

The First Weaver's quest chain comes to an end and makes room for the main storyline related quests.

Fleshweaver and Chaosweaver classes will come out when they are finished.

Tags: Roirr Tomix

April 08, 2016


SoulSmithing is here!

Lanrete has finally set up the SoulForge in Ravenloss. Head over to it (the forge is just past the Card Shoppe) and create your own, soulforged items!

More stuff will be added in the future!

This is a small release (for you guys, for us it was HUGE), no storyline quests this week.


Tags: Ravenloss Tomix

April 01, 2016


||_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---__\|-//|_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---_  /_-   /\||---__\    -//\|-   /\||---__\|-//|||_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---__\|-//|_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---_  /_-   /\||---__\    -//\|-   /\||---__\|-//|-\|-//\||---__\_\|//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||--__\    -//\|-   /\||---__\|-//|||_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---__\|-/-\|-//\||---_||_-\|-//\||---__\_\

|/_-   /\||---__\|-//|_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---_  /_-   /\||---__\    -//\|-   /\||---__\|-//|||_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---__-  Cysero /\||--__\    -//\|-   /\||---__\|-//|||_-\|-//\||---__\_\|/_-   /\||---__\|-/-\|-//\||---_-__\|-//|_-\|-//\||--

Tags: April Fools Tomix

March 30, 2016

New Dimension!

With how well AQ3D is doing, I'm really excited to announce that DragonFable will also be entering a new dimension of gameplay this week!

We're working very hard to prepare a new engine that can (and will!) handle this transition!

Tags: Changes Tomix

March 26, 2016

The Beginning of the End!

It's here!

The first part of the Roirr Saga finale!

Discover the epic conclusion to the story... and wait patiently for the epilogue!

Tags: Roirr Tomix

March 25, 2016

Finale: Part 1 tomorrow

Hey everybody.

Many of you might get disappointed, furious even (I've gotten these reactions before over one-day-delays), but the first part of the Roirr Saga finale will be delayed until tomorrow.

There is a lot happening in the quest and I simply need one more day to finish it up.

I hope you can wait 24 hours more.

Meanwhile, have some screenshots from what I have done so far:

Tags: Roirr Tomix

March 23, 2016

Are you an angel?

Tags: Roirr Tomix

March 09, 2016

(Late) Tuesday with Tomix!

Hey Hi Hello.

Today I wanted to show you four things...

The helm I'm working on (for the Lucky Day):

The Ultimate Helm of EverLuck!

(Can you find all of the luck symbols?)


The weapon Dracelix is working on (Lucky Day as well):


And some NPCs that I've made recently:

Tags: Dracelix Lucky Day Tomix

has blue eyes
February 24, 2016

Fleshweaver Concepts

The Roirr Saga is almost complete! We are still a few weeks away from the next quest in the saga but Tomix has continued work on concept art for the chain and it's eventual conclusion!

Tags: geopetal Tomix Fleshweaver Roirr

February 16, 2016

Tuesday with Tomix: Fleshweaver

Hello boys and girls and everyone in between, today I wanted to show you the first look at Fleshweaver!


What you can see here is a rendering of a hero who, under Secundus' watchful eye(s), consumed Aegis and has become a murk (other name for a fleshweaver).

While being a fleshweaver, the hero can shape their body however they please and can weave with flesh, instead of soulthreads.

Left set of skills will be the fleshweaver "core" abilities, such as controling the enemy for a few turns and make them hit themselves or reforming your body into a weapon.

Right set of skills will be based on... the elemental spirits you have consumed. Yes, the feasting won't end on Aegis alone. You will unlock more skills as you eat more elemental spirits.

You will have a choice of only unlocking left side of the abilities, only right side, or both, if you're feeling particulary greedy.

The class will have its pros, as well as cons. You'll gain immense power, but lose Aegis... and maybe even humanity. I've had some other ideas, like quests being locked off, NPCs refusing to talk to you... but we will see.


You will learn more about the class from Secundus, in the future.

Tags: Fleshweaver Tomix

February 13, 2016

Heroes Hacked Day!

The release is live :)

But Geo's sick :(

Big Daddy needs your help :)

But something will go wrong, I just know it :(

*Sad face*

Tags: Heroes Heart Day Tomix

February 08, 2016


I found these... /runsaway

Tags: Embarrassment Art Disgust Tomix

February 06, 2016


The next Roirr quest is here!

Go to the map, bring up the Tkaanie region, select the red dot and play the newest quest in the chain.

We are slowly getting closer to the finale, only 2 more quests remain.

Tags: Roirr Tomix

February 02, 2016

The chase continues!

Hello heroes!

This week's release should be the next installment of Roirr's story.
In previous quest, Roirr and Vaal had reached the Capitol, Roirr jumped bodies and Vaal is no more!
Meanwhile, Danyel and Baltael are on the chase, getting closer and closer to the Capitol.

On another note, take a look at the Chinese New Year set, made by Cronix!

Tags: Roirr Tomix

has blue eyes
January 25, 2016

The Return of the SoulWeaver!

We start off this week with amazing news! Tomix has returned!

"Hey guys, I'm back! I'm starting arting and animating after I procure myself some laser eye optic enhancers!" ~Tomix

With the return of our lead artist and animator we'll be able to get back on track with the main storyline, finish up the Roirr Saga, dive into the 10th anniversary chain, and check up on Hunter's Paradise! We are going to start off slow though to make sure we don't overload those new laser eyes....

BioBeasts Escape!
This Friday, Aria will need your help to save escaping BioBeasts from an invading collector from another dimension! If you're lucky, you might be able to earn the trust of one and adopt it as a new pet!

Book One Crossword!
The DragonFable forum staff have gotten together to make a crossword for you guys!

DragonFable Book 1 crossword 

DragonFable Book 1 crossword clues

How well do you remember all the trivia from Book One of DragonFable?

Tags: Tomix BioBeasts Aria geopetal

has blue eyes
January 15, 2016

A Lost Orb of Cysero!

One of Cysero's Orb seems to have found itself on the edge of the Void! Despite not having any idea where it is, the Orb totally has some neat stuff for sale for your houses!

DragonFable Pellow Village House Golden Bonsai

A new Pellow Village background, two Pellow end table options, Pellow columns, floating rocks, framed Void Ship Plans, and a few older items, are now available in Book 3 Pellow Village!

The quest is coming tomorrow (we swear!)!!! oishii got most of the animation sequence she was working on done but AQ3D stuff had to take priority. We could have gone with geomations but everyone... it's... it's... awesome. 


It's pretty sweet. 

There's only a short sequence left at the end of the Fwend Attempt that oishii was working on (I got the other ones!) and it totally gives me a few more hours to play around with the rest of the quest which has a lot more sitting, sleeping, and standing very, very still in it.... /cough.

Tags: Pellow Village Ravenloss Twig Twigsmas Oishii Tomix geopetal

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