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November 17, 2017

The Felonious Five!

The Thankstaking release is LIVE!

Straight from under Eric's pen! (Or keyboard? Hmm...)

The last decade has seen a HUGE surge in movies based on comic books. Among the most popular of those movies are the big team movies like the ones recently produced by two major comic book companies. As I was working on this, I was thinking about a quest I played in AQ where several villains teamed up.  I thought to myself, WHY haven’t we done this in DF? We’ve even got our own established superheroes. While the two quests surrounding Thankstaking are being written as a fun holiday quest, I also feel like it lays groundwork for some entertaining future quests.  
I often ask myself, if the Hero were to suit up as a superhero, what costume would the hero wear?  The answer, of course is that it’s impossible to say because ultimately, YOU, dear friends, ARE the Hero, and everyone’s vision is different.
For twelve years, villains have taken a shot at destroying Thankstaking.  They always had their own reasons, not necessarily good ones, but reasons nevertheless.  This time I wanted to bring some old friends together for a bit of mayhem.  The reason given seems transparent enough, but these villains are a cagey lot, and things aren’t always what they seem.

Thankstaking is a fun holiday for me to write stories for because we can step out of the seriousness of major storylines and have a bit of lighthearted humor. Thankstaking is a time to enjoy yourself, enjoy the company of your friends and family, and reconnect with them. It’s a time of celebration, and taking the time to be thankful for all the good that keeps our lives bright. To be quite frank, I’ve come to think of all of you as friends, and an important part of my own celebration. Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy this year’s holiday feast of entertainment.
Eric Greydawn

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November 24, 2016

Thankstaking 2016 Finale!

Happy Thankstaking!

I have written past Thankstakings, so the holiday wasn’t something new to me. What WAS new was working with Elryn. He has a keen intellect, and is a pleasure to write with. He has some clever ideas, and, admittedly, some really strange ones. I suppose we’re both guilty of that. Working with Elryn on this holiday was fun though. We had a lot of laughs, and some of the funny ideas we came up with you may well never see.  I honestly look forward to working with him on other things. He’s been a great sounding board for some of my ideas, and it was input from him that helped me make some of my other recent work what it was.

Now, I’d like to take a moment to mention family gatherings. It doesn’t matter what size the family is, there are ALWAYS those who will somehow disrupt the proceedings. This is just the natural state of things. As I worked on the character of Joules, I was somewhat thinking of my experiences with both of my sisters as it applies to the holidays. So I suppose Joules is carrying a bit of them within her. This week, Joules has a surprise waiting for you. It wouldn’t be polite to disappoint her, now would it? 

Have a Happy Thankstaking… and for those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great time, and make sure to try a bit of everything. You never know… you might be surprised.
Happy holidays!

Eric Greydawn.

Hello everyone!

The last quest of this year’s Thankstaking is upon us and… at least, hopefully... the grand Thankstaking feast the Hero and his curious bunch of friends are eagerly waiting to chow down for…. If you can best what Joules has in store for you that is. Writing and collaborating with Eric on this year’s Thankstaking has been quite fun: we had strange and whacky ideas that came to life in odd and, perhaps predictably, strange ways; all in good fun and in the Dragonfable spirit of things.

Beyond just Thankstaking however, there is something that must be said about co-writing with Eric: it has been a blast and a valuable experience of writing since it started. Both Eric and I were in peculiar situations when he returned earlier this year. Eric still had his own troubles that had prevented him from working on the True Mortal Saga despite his best efforts and I had taken a 13 hours car trip to take another temporary full-time job. While both of our Terran analogs had desired to do more, I started lending my hand to Eric on a few things.

I suppose it is something that came with the writer territory. Eric told me what he knew about Celtic, Viking and other mythos and lore and I returned with my own. Our knowledge as respective lore buffs quickly inspired Laguzoki and before long, Icy Beginnings was created. Through helping work with his own creations, Eric has been tremendously helpful in inspiring my own writing. I certainly look forwards to creating more with him.

Have fun, eat your fill this Thankstaking!


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November 18, 2016

What's that Whistling Noise?

Part 2 of this year's Thankstaking is live! Head over to the Thankstaking book and continue the storyline.

Eric and Elryn have a few (few? more like a wall of text, am I right?!) words for you:

Hi everyone!

In this next part of our celebration, we’ve had a bit of fun. The holiday season is all about having fun. Light-hearted stories are a long-standing holiday tradition with DF, and I remember fondly my first time playing around with Thankstaking and Frostval. I was only able to play a limited time each week due to work constraints, but the light-hearted nature of the holiday quests meant that the time I spent playing our beloved DragonFable was all that much more meaningful.

I’m really excited to continue to be part of the holiday traditions of DragonFable as we’re moving forward. It’s been fun to explore new characters and new scenarios as DragonFable has continued to evolve! Here’s to hoping we get to spend many more holiday seasons together, as friends and compatriots.

Eric Greydawn.

The Anatomy of Barrel

The work of a Moglin Cooper is no job to simply barrel right through. It takes a good amount of precision in putting a juice barrel together correctly especially given that juice barrels are made without a drop of glue. They are required to be airtight and leak proof which is important for all juice barrels. Some types of woods cannot be used as the wood is too porous and a good few juices would simply leak through the pores of the wood. Lastly, the type of wood used can have various effects on the taste and quality of the juice in the barrel and so the making of juice barrels takes the combination of the right wood, the right precision and the right knowhow and experience in putting one together.

Making one usually starts with making the "staves" which are long, plank-like pieces of seasoned (aged) wood that make the frame of the barrel. Oak is often used because the chemicals oak wood releases usually improves the taste of the juice it contains.

The width of each individual stave varies, but everyone of them will be wider at the middle and narrower at the ends. This is what gives a barrel its trademark, curved frame that is larger at the middle and smaller and the tops.

Once the staves are on hand, the Moglin Cooper places them around within the coil a metal ring. The staves are kept together by the sheer pressure of the staves lined up neatly in a row one after another and restrained by the ring. To reinforce and keep it that way, the Moglin Cooper adds one or more heavy iron bands over and under the metal ring. At this point, the barrel’s curved shape appears… well, half of it. The other end is still a bunch of staves that spread out like the petals of an opening flower.

In order to bend the other end of the unfinished barrel, the staves need to go through a combination of heating, steaming or soaking in order to be made flexible enough or the staves will break rather than bend into shape. At this stage, a fire is lit either under or in the barrel to heat and singe the inside. Singeing the inside of the barrel has a determinant impact on the flavour of the juice so a Moglin Cooper must be careful in how much singeing is done.

Now comes the tricky part. Once the frame of the barrel has been made flexible, the Moglin Cooper must supervise a pack of Moglins that will bring the other end of the barrel tight enough to place bands upon it. To do so, the Moglins gather around in a circle and with the strength of their collective hugs, hug the frame of the barrel on the end into the desired shape. This process infuses some Moglin hug magic into the barrel which in turn will give the juice its potency.

The Moglin Cooper replaces the heavy iron bands by sturdier and lighter metal or wood ones. At this point, three steps remain to complete the juice barrel. First, the cooper carves grooves and neatly fits the circular wooden covers of the top and bottom of the barrel. Next, he sands down the exterior of the barrel into a polished finish. Finally, he drills a bung hole and plugs it to allow the barrel to be filled and emptied with juice at will.

And there! Now you have a complete barrel of juice, ready to be filled and stocked with juice for years to come.


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December 07, 2015

New Anniversary Items!

Happy Monday! We're going to start our week off right with brand new items to celebrate DF's tenth anniversary!

First off, from Tomix, if you visit the pirate barber, Mince, in Osprey Cove, he has two new hairstyles for you! Both styles are available to male and female characters but, keep in mind, the earring is not included! Tomix couldn't talk Captain Mazurek into parting with it....

DragonFable Mazurek pirate hair
Sail the Lorian Seas in style!

The Charisong scythe has been added to the 10th Anniversary shop in your Book of Lore! This beautiful sword from Ghost is the partner to his Spooky Blade of Hotness and is said to embody the soul of a certain princess!

Now you can save all the princesses in other castles!

The Ethereal Devourer is now available in the DC Anniversary shop! This fiery blade from True Mortal glows if you click on the skull! It's said the glow, though it may make them less critical, will let your strikes land precisely... (i.e. it switches the crit and bonus values of the weapon)! 

The blade hungers...

The Storybook of Good and Bad Eats will disappear for another year on Friday! Make sure to fill up on all the leftovers while you can!

The Black Friday, Half-Off, and Twig's Shops will disappear on the 14th of December!

Fondue Friday!
Anyone else feeling cheesy this week?

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December 04, 2015


Joules is ready to serve up some pain... and she's not alone! Her masterpiece, the GRAVENATOR, is finally done cooking and it's being assisted by an old enemy of yours! Can you take out this robotic gravy-filled monstrosity and its pet? Or will you be overwhelmed with saltiness?

DragonFable Gravenator

This is the last weekend for the Thankstaking Storybook!

Celebration Shops
Keep an eye out for new items in the special shops this weekend! Cysero's scythe and Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness have been added to the Anniversary Shops and True Mortal's blade, and another surprise from Ghost will be added! 

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November 28, 2015

Super Dark Weekend

The Black Friday (erm... Dark Grey Saturday?) shops are now live! As we continue on through the week classic Black Friday items will be added to the shops as well! What past Black Friday and Half-Off items would you like to see return?

The challenge fight should be up sooooon (/coughhopefullycough! I need to work on it a little bit more then have our army of AKs make sure I didn't break or burn anything (again). 

Update: Chapter 10 is now live! It's just the challenge fights for now... your reward will come when Joule's is ready to serve up... THE GRAVENATOR!

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November 26, 2015

Happy Thankstaking!

Happy Overeating Day everyone!

The Thankstaking Storybook is now available in your Book of Lore! Tomorrow we'll have a small Challenge Food Fight extravaganza with Thankstaking leftovers and make sure to keep your eyes open for the Half-Off Shop and Twig's special Black Marker Shop!

We're also going to have a special release on Monday, the 30th, for the 10th Beta Anniversary for DragonFable! There will be a quest and a shop with items from oishii, Cysero, True Mortal, and more!

Artist Update!
Tomix logged on to tell us he was fine. One laser eye is slightly overtuned but he's going to get it looked at Monday. We then all promptly yelled at him to go away from bright things and rest!

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November 24, 2015

A Full Plate

This is a busy week!

Tomix is out getting his laser eyes and I'm working on reorganizing the Castle Valtrith town, getting the static version of the Dark Night war set, making the opening and middle cutscenes for Friday (Tomix got the final cutscene!), updating a few new maps for Friday for you guys to search for... things, getting items together for Twig's Black Marker Shop and the Half-Off Shop (huge thanks to Jorath and Peachii for their help!) for Friday, getting together some awesome items for the 10th Beta Anniversary shop on Monday, thinking about what monsters to try and pull for possible Thankstaking Food Fights, aaaaand trying to get a hold of my Dad to get his yams recipe for Thursday's day of Overeating.

Luckily, I have this serene background to look at to calm my senses!

DragonFable Serene

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November 29, 2014

Saving Private Practice!

You've followed the trail of crazy-eyed robots and are hot on Voltabolt's trail! Who took him? For what nefarious purpose? Vill zou be ablez to savz him in timez?!!

DragonFable Thankstaking

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November 28, 2014

Black Friday

The Black Friday shop is now live! This year we've gone simple and classy (and kept Twig away from the markers) and Tomix has recolored some of the most popular weapons and items that we've released this past year for you snatch up for your heroes! The best part is, there's no lines!

The mysterious letter you got that sent you to the Deadlands in search of a scrap of cloak has now been moved to everyone's favorite letter-keeper, Ash! So if you still haven't had time to get your relic, never fear, the quest is still available!

Unfortunately, the quest for this week does need to be delayed until tomorrow. We apologize but we need juuuuuust a little more time to defrost the tofurkey (and animate some stuff).

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November 27, 2013


This Friday, it's not who or where, but When! And it vill be zpectaularz!

Also, the Thankstaking Storybook is now live in your Book of Lore! Get caught up with Thankstakings past before Friday!

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November 20, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Today's TwT is a preview of one of the weapons that will appear in the special Black Friday shops this week! What new weapons would you guys like to see in the two traditional shops this year?

In addition to the half-off shop, Twig's Black Friday Shop this amazing Energy weapon will be in an LQS shop that will all appear at midnight, EST, Thursday night!

There will be just 2000 of these energy weapons available for 425 Dragon Coins, this Friday, starting at midnight, Thursday night. As with past LQS items, this scythe will have a special free merge item available from the Black Market Moglin to level it from 30 to 50 to 70 to 80!

Keep fighting those Turducken, guys! When you hit 50% a few of our traditional war minigames will unlock! There will also be a new cutscene unlocked, which should help with the... variety of food available this year!

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November 16, 2012

Happy Thankstaking!

This week we dug through all our old holiday folders and managed to cobble together a.... Thankstaking Storybook! Yay! You can go back and fight the Techno-Turkey Terror and the Rawrgobble or get shrunken down and explore a particularly giant feast! Have fun and enjoy!

This year for Thankstaking, two new M.O.P. members are guarding Oishii's secret instructions for cooking the feast! Well, not really instructions... but, you'll see. I really hope that nothing goes wrong 'cause then you guys would probably have to fight waves and waves of stuff.... ;)

True Mortal has made this gorgeous weapon for next week's Thankstaking finale too! The axe is the first complete weapon of what will be a set of three.

Dracelix is hard at work on Book 3 Surewood as well! It's not done yet, but here's a little preview to tide you guys over for now.


Pyromancer Barber
Yonathan is not quite ready to open shop yet. He is coming soon though, with 11 male hairstyles and 11 female hairstyles. Remember, though, only Pyromancer's will be able to stand the heat inside his shop!

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November 15, 2012

Thursday with Tomix!

This week we'll see two new MoP members who are going to be helping out with this year's Thankstaking!

Just who could these mysterious new mercenaries be? Log in tomorrow to find out!

And now a word from the Kensai!

Well, it’s been a year (real time) since Voltabolt shrank us and left us to fight the food monsters that were all over the table.  This year, it’s going to fall on the MOP to help avert a problem.  Two new MOP recruits have been chosen to deliver a very special recipe to Oishii.  Mayor Landis does NOT want to see repeats of the problems that plagued Mayor Rayf during this holiday to celebrate the harvest.

So this Friday, you will follow the two MOP recruits who have a very special package to deliver, and soon, very soon, the Thankstaking feast will follow.  With two skilled heroes to deliver this package, nothing can go wrong… can it?  As long as Oishii follows the directions nothing strange will happen with the food right?

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November 29, 2010

War, the Stores, and more Orbs (not in that order)

Happy post-turkey day food coma recovery period! (Wow, that's a mouthful. Much like Thanksgiving Day was for most Americans!)

If you experienced the great feasting that is Thanksgiving this past weekend, I hope yours was full of food and merriment with friends and family!  I had a great time visiting Rolith's family in rural Pennsylvania, the land where so many great coders come from!  (Note: that smell you smell when you're driving over there is probably a hog farm. Or mushrooms. You won't smell chocolate in the air unless you're near Hershey, Pennsylvania. We were not. I learned this quickly.) There was VERY much food thanks to some very nice grandmas and aunts and cousins who cooked all day. And then there was VERY much napping on couches as people slept off copious amounts of turkey and side dishes.

I went with some of his family out shopping on Black Friday. That was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, probably because we went at 4 PM instead of 4 AM. All the crazy shoppers were gone already. And so were all the great deals. Sadface!

But even if you didn't get nifty discounts on Black Friday, you aren't out of luck yet! Today is Cyber Monday so if you prefer online shopping (like I do) then get your mouse-button finger in gear and get clicking for some great deals!

Speaking of great deals, have you seen the NEW electronic gift certificates for BattleOn Points at HeroMart? (Electronic means no shipping!)

You can buy them in the following denominations:

  • 5,000 BP for 25.00 USD
  • 10,000 BP for 50.00 USD
  • 15,000 BP for 75.00 USD
  • 20,000 BP for 100.00 USD

They're REALLY convenient because you don't have to do anything but click a few buttons on your keyboard, then hit print on your printer! And if you don't want to involve your printer (hey, some of us are running low on toner!), then you can just email yourself or a friend the gift certificate! If you want something to wrap, though, you can have the snazzy gift card mailed to you or a friend! 

And that's not the ONLY deal we've got going on!

Get $10 FREE! in the biggest RIXTY Promotion of the Year!

Feeling the need for some bonus game currency? From now until December 31st, you’ll earn $10 FREE when you deposit $40 or more into your Rixty account using Coinstar machines or Rixty prepaid cards.  Spend your $10 bonus in any of our online games!

Got questions on how to use your Rixty card to get BattleOn Points?  Check out this nifty and helpful webpage! Rixty How-to

Our Black Friday shops will remain in-game until TOMORROW!  Why tomorrow? Because Tuesday has no shopping-related adjective attached to it.  I'm open to hearing ideas for Tuesday names that will convince us to extend the shop another day NEXT YEAR, though.

And if you've been fighting in the Thankstaking War, don't give up yet!  The war's at 41% and you're doing GREAT!  The boss should be unlocked in another couple of days, and with it a VERY pretty Fall-themed drop made by Lim.  Also, sometime today look for a button to allow you to access the Nitro-sponge catapault quest directly from inside the war camp.  That should make you explosion-happy warriors, well, happy!

But what's coming up THIS week, you ask?  That is a very good question! And one I am prepared to answer! 

If you look at the Design Notes entry below this one, you'll see that TODAY we've updated Hunter's Paradise, and in the next couple days, the war's boss fight should go live! But on Friday we'll have TWO more Orb quests for you!  We'll have the next Earth Orb quest as well as the conclusion to the Darkness Orb Recovery mini-chain! 

We've got a LOT of work to do this week, so I'd better get back to it!  Eat some more leftovers for me, I'm too full to eat for a few DAYS, at least! Later, taters! (Mmmmm, mashed potaters!)

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