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September 04, 2015

Plumbing Problems

We have a small update for you today in Book 1 Oaklore! Melissa4Bella and Niki heard about an amazing new business that Sir Prize has started and think you should check it out! What could go wrong?

Be careful, though, level 1, 10, and 30 versions of something... unpleasant... might follow you home!

Don't forget to check in with us next Tuesday, September 8th, for the Fight for Late Night! 

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October 05, 2012

Locks, Books and Bugs!

Well, unfortunately, some things went BOOM this week! So, we're not going to be freeing those docks just yet....

What we wanted to do for this week was present you with this!

Where you can capture a ship from The Rose and then explore Falconreach Bay! You would be able to visit a few of the islands in Bay and eventually make your way to other towns (though Verteroche doesn't look so welcoming...) and Deep Water Fish off of your boat!

As we realized today though, as I heard the sounds of mixed laughter and crying coming from Rolith's Coding Lair and Emporium... this ship exploration engine was one of the very first things that Rolith ever helped to build, along with Warlic and Ghost.

And that this can happen.

So, now that Rolith finally has his hands on the engine, he's going to fix it and break it and twist it and break it some more and squash some bugs and then the other bugs that popped up and then you will be able to go saaaaaaailing!

For This Week!
For this week, though, the Mogloween Storybook is available through your quest log! You'll be able to replay, or catch up on, the previous Mogloween stories. See if you can race with Rolith and get all the masks before he can fix the badges!

That Storage Closet in Oaklore... you know the one... rusty, complicated lock... you need to be level 999 to enter... think you can break in? Pick that lock? I dunno... it looks like hours of work to just get into an empty closet. If you do decide to try for it, make sure to write down the combination... though, I'm sure that nothing but more dust gathered in that closet between Book 1 and Book 3... right?

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September 15, 2011

An Icy Saga Begins

True Mortal's saga continues this Friday as we delve into the mysterious Ice Cave being guarded north of Dragesvard! What secrets lie hidden inside and just what are the mysterious Khy'Rhians after?

Nordic! Mace and Staff rewards for the quest tomorrow.

Chapter One is over but there's still some closure to be had. The cutscene quest will touch on some of the major characters in the chapter... and hint at what may come in the future!

Oaklore and Falconreach
There will be significant updates to the new opening towns tomorrow as well. Ghost has been hard at work on an update to "A Hero is Bored" and the "Return to the Intro"quests in Oaklore and the southern part of Falconreach in addition the bug smashing!

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September 12, 2011


A new week is here and it's time to roll up our sleeves and get started with the bug smashing! We're going to start right at the beginning and focus on Oaklore this week, getting bugs and errors fixed up. Feel free to join on and help with the smashing!

Dragon*Con Pet!
May I also present a preview of the 2011 Dragon*Con pet! Tomix is working hard on wrangling this fiery little DragonPony as we speak and it will go to all of those fans who visited us at Dragon*Con. Thank you for coming out and supporting us!

DragonPonies and Fire and Ponies and More Fire!

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March 02, 2011

Coming sooner than you think! (But not quite yet.)

Many people makes jokes about S.O.O.N. lists in Artix Entertainment games (that stands for Sometime Or Often Never) when referring to projects we plan to release in the future. But the sneak peeks we're about to show you are DEFINITELY not on a S.O.O.N. list; they are scheduled for release in the coming weeks!

The new art and content in Oaklore will take a little longer than planned, but we are re-arting an entire zone. The Earth Orb Saga preview we'll be showing you today is coming up MUCH faster than that!


Lets start with the Earth Orb preview! I give you the Entropy Dragon! (Yes, that's the official name, though you guys came up with some REALLY good versions on the forum last week!)

If that doesn't whet your appetite and sharpen your interest in the Willowshire storyline, then... well... I could make a "dull" joke to keep up with the theme, but we here on the DF team are not that rude. So we'll just say that the above preview is on the cutting edge of sneak peek animation!

Be sure to log in to DragonFable this weekend to see the next installment of the Earth Orb storyline, because it's going to be AWEsome! (I just sent out the newsletter, so I'm still in pun-mode. My apologies.)


And now on to a preview I think many of you are interested in. A glimpse at some of the new Oaklore art!

I will warn you, it IS going to be different from what you know and love. But we think it is a definitely improvement, and we're looking forward to seeing the entire zone re-done in the updated art style!

Here is the outside of Oaklore Keep as it is now:

And HERE is the outside of Oaklore Keep as it will be

For a side-by-side comparison with larger images and more detail, just click THIS link.

Let us know what you think of the new art! We'll also be updating the inside of the Keep's art so that it's not so sparse (as some of you pointed out).

NEWS OF THE FUTURE (right now!)

The Hero's Heart Day storybook is leaving THIS Friday, as is the RavenLoss War in its dynamic form. Look for the Ravenloss static war to go in this Friday or possibly this coming Monday.

Also this Friday is the next installment of the Earth Orb Saga. It's going to be AWE-some!

NEXT week the Lucky Day storybook will be introduced in Falconreach! It will allow you to play though the previous years' Lucky Day events! You'll have access to the 2008 Gold Fever! war, the Ninth Time's a Charm 2009 random dungeon, the 2010 Gild the World war and all the seasonal rares that come with them!

Starting March 14th sometime AFTER 4-5pm, we'll begin the Lucky Week event! More details about that will come... hmmm... possibly next week, if you're lucky enough. Otherwise, we'll just wait until the day it begins to share all the shiny shiny details.

We hope you're liking what we have planned for DF's future releases! If you have a Facebook account, we'd love it if you'd Like our new Fan Page. You can find it here!

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February 28, 2011

Planning and doing and planning some more

Did you know there are only 13 days until Lucky Week? That does not seem right somehow, but that's the way the calendar tells it. If calendars could talk. Which they can't.

But yes, 13- THIRTEEN - days until Lucky Week! We've got a prodigious amount of planning to do before we can start implementing ANYTHING. We need a plot and a script (not the same things!) not to mention a design document which will tell the artists what prettypretty arts to art up and which will tell Rolith what codes to download from the inter-matrix.

And once the art, rewards, and code are done, it'll come time for assembly and, after that, testing. Lots and lots of testing, because we're planning on doing something just a little... different... this Lucky Week. In fact, it's SO different that it won't fit into a whole day.

But that's enough teasers about THAT. We wouldn't want to spoil anything for you. If you think hard enough you'll find the answer- like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- just waiting for you.

So I've got that to plan while Geopetal works on this week's Earth Orb Saga quest. It should be a fun one! Did you guys enjoy last week's quest? I know it got many of you talking and speculating on the forum!

With this quest chain, you should be prepared to deal with unexpected. Do you think Indiana Jones expected that gigantic ball to come rolling down the hall at him? NO! Can you expect any less? NO! So get your Adventuring Hats on (softer and more comfortable than Adventuring Helms, which are hard and metal and hot in the sun) and get ready to get your battl(ing) on!

The whole team is ALSO working on re-vamping Oaklore. Tomix is working on new background art When I say "new" I mean refreshing the old art. We will still have the tree fortress and all of the Pactogonal Knights, but the bushes and trees, etc will look more in line with the background art we produce now, instead of what we were drawing in 2005. Everyone who's seen Tomix's rough drafts so far is really happy with them, and we hope you will be, too!

So Tomix is working on art for Oaklore while Geopetal and I give feedback, Ghost is going to do some superawesome Ghost-scenes (like a cutscene but more OMGWOW) to give new players a taste of what DragonFable has to offer later in the game.

And I am working with Rolith to make things more streamlined and understandable. We'll be adding in an optional tutorial which will explain some things like battling and stats and just what to do with those blue and red bottles by your skill bar. (It's not always as intuitive as you might think, if you're completely new to videogames).

If you guys want to help us out (and we hope you do. You've been awesome with suggestions so far!), then why not create a NEW character and run through Oaklore?  Think about things as if you've never played a videogame before. What don't you understand? What could be made clearer?

This will help us make a better introduction to the game, and it will help future DragonFable players have a better experience at the beginning!

PS: We hope you're liking DF's releases! If you have a Facebook account, we'd love it if you'd Like our new Fan Page. You can find it here!

PPS: The SoulWeaver armor and "Weave with me" badge for the Ravenloss Saga have been added to the Quest Log!

PPPS: The Ravenloss War rewards will go rare at the end of this week, so farm away! Everything in the Raveloss War Chest EXCEPT the Judgement Wheel scythes will be going perma-rare, as will the ChaosWeaver Defender and Ravenloss WarMonger scythes.

The Equilibrium Gate Key scythes will NOT be going rare! They are Saga rewards.

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February 21, 2011

New project needs YOUR help!

Happy Monday!

If you're in the United States, Happy President's Day! If you're not, then again, let me wish you the most joyous of Mondays and may the rest of your week be merry.

My week WILL be merry! Now that Ravenloss is (mostly) over (apart from getting Pellow Village/SoulWeaver/ and SoulAlly out in the near future), I'm starting a new project. I'm really excited about it, because I think it's going to help improve the gameplay experience for new players AND existing players who want to make new characters.

We're going to go back to Oaklore, fix all the bugs, clean up the old quests, and hopefully get some new art in there to bring it up to the standard that our newer content is at. (We've gotten a LOT better at background and character art since 2005, we think!)

Now, here's where YOU come in!

We need to know the following things:

  • What- if anything- do you LIKE about how Oaklore is now?
  • What- if anything- do you want to change about how Oaklore is now? (This could be anything from fixing bugs to overall gameplay experience)
  • How long did you stay in Oaklore? (What level were you when you arrived in Falcoreach?)
  • Did you enjoy your time in Oaklore?
  • What would you like to see DIFFERENT about Oaklore?

This project won't be done in a week. Maybe not even two weeks. But we're going to be working on it whie we wait for the final elements of RavenLoss to come together. Also, this week we'll release the En and Tropy Gorgok battle that we didn't put out last week, so you'll have that to look forward to!

Please help us make Oaklore and the new character starting experience the BEST it can be by sharing your thoughts in THIS thread!


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