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October 27, 2017

The Show Mustn't Go On!

Hey guys!

This week's release is the war finale, and it'll be playable once you... unlock it!

So get out there and show Jack who's the boss!






... and then you can go trick-or-treating!

Tags: Tomix Mogloween

October 22, 2017

Mogloween the 13th War: Blood Moon!

Ok, so, yeaaaaaah...

Not REALLY "Mogloween the 13th" today, but we're still going with it, because why not!

The release is finally live, sorry for the 2-day delay.

It's a war that I think you can breeze through in one week, just in time for the Mogloween finale!

Please enjoy!

PS from Verlyrus:
Bug where guests would end up with NaN mana has been fixed
A couple of monsters sticking has been fixed too (may require cache clear)

Tags: Tomix Mogloween Vampire

October 13, 2017

Mogloween 2017: The Blood Moon!

The time is night!

Mogtober is here! As tradition goes, Croft appears this time of year, as well as the Sisters!

What trouble will you get yourself into this time?

Head over to the Mogloween Book and play the first quest of Chapter 13 12!

Also, do you hear it? Mogloween Book finally has soothing music!!!

ALSO also... there is a little surprise for you when you log into the game! A very atmospheric surprise!

Tags: Mogloween Tomix

October 28, 2016

Mogloween 2016 Finale!

The time has come!

Mogloween 2016 Finale "AbracaDabra" is here!

Head over to the Book and play the newest and last quest in this year's Mogloween... and then it's time for trick-or-treating.

What's in store for you loot-wise speaking?

Well, these tasty (but certainly not edible!) items from the quest itself:

And 13 new masks to unlock! (no preview here, ha!)

On Monday, we might have something extra special in store for you, still in the spirit of Mogloween.

And now, of course...


Tags: Mogloween Tomix

October 26, 2016

First look at Abraca and Dabra!

Are you ready to meet Abraca and Dabra in this week's Mogloween finale?


Tags: Verlyrus Mogloween Tomix

October 07, 2016

It's Time for Mogloween! ...right?

Missed Croft?

With curses cured, candy handled, and cats turned back into people (mostly!), surely this year's Mogloween will be smooth sailing!

What great treats await you? What kinds of cool masks will you discover?

Find out this week in-


The Mogloween season has begun, but Croft is nowhere to be found!

Maybe Bubble will have the answers to what's going on this year...

Find out in this week's release: Missed Croft!

Make sure your browser doesn't block DragonFable!

Having trouble with quests? Want to talk about your favorite characters? Have crazy theories about what might happen next?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Tags: Verlyrus Mogloween Bubble

October 30, 2015

Mogloween Eve

It's Mogloween eve and Bubble's task is nearly complete. You have helped her fix nearly all of the problems created by you and the sister's over the years, but one remains. If you can stop it you'll have saved Mogloween, but fail and there won't be any treats for anyone.

Boxer502, he's the one who makes those Top Hats for AQW every year, asked if he could make the rewards for this last quest. They look really cool and match both of the PumpkinLord armors. Hopefully you like them!

Tags: Ashendal Mogloween

October 17, 2014

The Book and The Map

As I've told you, the proper release (next Book3 Amityvale quest) will happen tomorrow, we still have a little something for you today!


First, a note from Ash:


I've been busy this week updating stuff for you all. If you go to Mogloween Chapter 7, head to Croft (NOT Croftward Bound), and then talk to the sisters, you'll find some new stuff in the "Treats" section.

I've updated the cape shop with a bunch of new levels. I've added max level upgrades for the Hallow'd weapons from all the way back during the first Mogloween. (You can still get those weapons in chapter 1!) I've also added max level upgrades to every other weapon that's available since all the other shops were already there.

You will need candy to unlock the shops, but if you've been keeping up with unlocking all the masks over the years you should be able to get plenty in a couple minutes. If you haven't been keeping up, well you've got all this week to get them! If you notice any other items you'd like to have max level versions that I missed let me know on the forums and I'll work on find a spot for them!

Have fun!

Also, autumn came to Book 3 Falconreach!

You should check out the new map while you are there.

Tags: Tomix Mogloween

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November 01, 2013

Day of the Dead!

Valtrith’s minions continue to attack and it’s getting time to really introduce you to Symone DuBellmount, the last of her line of Shadow Hunters! Do you have what it takes to help continue their legacy?

You’ll find out tomorrow! This week we’ll be having a Saturday release just due to the sheer amount of coding that Rolith and Verlyrus need to do. I think you’ll be very pleased when you get the chance to run through Valtrith’s castle tomorrow! Then you finally be able to get started on collecting the hearts of his minions and earning your Mogloween Masks!

Tags: geopetal Mogloween

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October 25, 2013


This week you get to fight through six new monsters as you clear out the first waves of Baron Valtrith's onslaught! Will you be able to collect enough monster hearts to covince DuBellmount to let you join the ranks of the ShadowHunters as well?

Dracelix has been working on the lair of the Baron as well... you'll get to inflitrate his spooky castle sooooooon!

DragonFable Mogloween Halloween Monstervania

Cronix has some made some awesome masks this year for trick-or-tricking too!

DragonFable Mogloween Masks Halloween

Tags: Mogloween Monsters geopetal

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October 23, 2013

Monster Mash!

Lord Valtrith has been busy! Are you ready to mash?

Tags: Mogloween geopetal

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October 18, 2013


The Mogloween Storybook is now live for you guys to catch up on your mask collecting!

Next week you'll be able to take up the mantle of a Shadow Hunter to begin your hunt for Baron Valtrith!

DragonFable Mogloween Shadow Hunter

That's right, a new armor and new monsters! Will you be able to collect enough monster hearts from them to unlock your masks this year?

Tags: Mogloween geopetal

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November 09, 2012

Croftward Bound!

Cysero's SuperStore is now fully stocked with new MOP cat pets, 2012 Mogloween Masks and Pyromancer! Yay!

From Verlyrus:

MOP cat pets are a bit confused right now- Rolith is working to get their little kitten brains straightened out.

From the Kensais Cave:  

As I sit here trying to think what to say, Pink Floyd blaring from my speakers, I’m thinking about how much fun this was.  We really wanted to bring you all of this last week but there just wasn’t time.  I’ve been watching the threads as we released each part, smiling to myself as you all demanded MOP cats, as I knew you would, so I had already intended for MOP cats to be released if at all possible.  Thankfully, we were able to do this.  Tomix’s brilliant animations for the running cats was amazing and, I understand, exhausting work.  Thank you Tomix for your incredible efforts.

So, this week, you will be playing as DeathArrows the cat as he helps his friends get to Croft.  Make your way through the forests between the Necropolis and Croft as the MOP cats wend their way home, seeking the cure that will return them to human form.

Have fun guys, have an incredible weekend, and be prepared.  Thankstaking will bring something back that you haven’t seen for a while.

Tags: Kensai Mogloween geopetal

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November 06, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

We have a great new TwT this week! Tomix has been working on the Book 3 version of Ravenloss and here's a preview of the walkaround. You can click on the edges of movie and explore a bit!

We're still a ways off from the new version of Ravenloss being live in game, but we will be catching up with Tomix, Riadne and more in Book 3!

The final quest for this years Mogloween will be this Friday, where you'll be able to help some four footed friends find their way back to Croft. Some of the 2012 Mogloween masks will also go on sale in Cysero's Superstore, as well!

Tomix is also working on the final animation issues with Pyromancer but Cysero should have some in stock on Friday (as long as nothing goes boooom). We do need to decide where the new fiery Pyromancer barber will be, too. If you were an expert in styling follicular flames where would you set up shop in Lore?

Tags: Mogloween Ravenloss Pyromancer Tomix geopetal

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November 02, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Trick or treating is now available on a gorgeous new street, refurbished by Dracelix! There are twelve spooky new masks that Dracelix has crafted for this year as well (if you really like them, they'll hit Cysero's Superstore next week)! If you clear your cache, you'll be able to unlock all your mask badges as well!

Now get in there and beat Bubble and Sally's monsterous creation! There are six different weapons in the Cat's Eye set that drop from the boss this year (thirty-six total drops)!

From the Kensai:

It's said that often times the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  That's so true, and the last week has been no different.  We had hoped to bring you everything we wanted this week, but things don’t always go the way we want.  So this week; the boss fight with Bubble and the conclusion of the main part of the story for Mogloween this year, as well as trick or treating.  It’s time for you to get all that candy back, and get some shiny new masks by Dracelix in the process. True Mortal made some beautiful new rewards, and Tomix is up to his usual high standards of animation and design.

You’ll need to get to trick or treating!  The townspeople definitely don’t need that candy!  

Next week we will follow the adventures of the MOP cats as they struggle to get back to Croft in hopes of being restored. 

Also, remember, I'm looking for your best Dragonfable jokes!  Log into the forums today to submit your funniest jokes about DragonFable!

Tags: Mogloween Greydawn geopetal

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November 01, 2012

Thursday with Tomix!

This week Tomix has a preview of a very scary boss monster! ;o

He has been working crazy hard as DF's new lead artist! He is now in charge of cutscenes, armors, new monsters and tons more! To give him a slight break, we're going to split up the Mogloween release a little bit! This week will have the boss monster and some trick or treating and next week, we'll catch up with M.O.P.!

Mogloween 2012 Masks!
Dracelix has been working hard on the masks for this year!


Which spooky mask will you be after?

Tags: Tomix Dracelix Mogloween geopetal

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October 26, 2012

Catalytic Converter

From the Kensai:

It’s getting to be that time of the year again… when the walls between our world and the next are said to be their thinnest… When ghouls and ghosts emerge from the shadows to give a scare… it’s a time of year that has its own special magic.  The air is beginning to get cooler, the days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer.  It’s a great time to be going to the Necropolis!  The MOP have come to help, and they brought some new trainees with them!  The skilled archer; DeathArrows, the fierce warrior known as The Baron, and of course, the bold BraveSirRobin have come along to help investigate the goings on.  It’s their task to scout the Necropolis ahead of you and find out where Sally and Bubbles are, and see if they can find out what nefarious plot is afoot.  

It’s always a bit of a challenge to capture all the aspects of a player that they envision for themselves.  We have to infer a lot of things when we want to make it a surprise, like we did this year.  Nobody knew who was picked to go in game.  They were chosen for reasons that varied… from the potential for a few good jokes and a spoof, to the visual gag that some forum terminology has inspired.  Some liberties had to be taken for the sake of design and story, but we tried to capture as much of the essence of the players in question as possible.  

Next Week*:
The confrontation!  What have Sally and Bubble done?  This monster needs to be taken down  a peg, and you’re just the hero to do it.

Also; Poor M.O.P.!  Nothing ever seems to go right!  Now they are stuck having to trek back to Croft and hope to reach the Cauldron Sisters before the spells have been cast!  Join them as they wander through the woods on their way to safety and possible help.

* Due to the time that it took to get this all out to you, the event will be left in game for an additional week to give you plenty of time to trick or treat for your masks!

You'll see some new MOP recruits this week as well.... thier awesome helms would be awesome to get... for CANDY. Maybe, just possibly... we can be persuaded!

Pyromancer Updates!
Verlyrus has made a few updates to Pyromancer as well! 

-Moved some of Malcifer's effects to Charge and Triflame
-Made mana costs consistent
-Altered some cooldowns
-Rebirth retains cooldown between battles
-Minor damage tweaks
Rolith and Alina Wedding Shop
The wedding shop will only be available for one more week! 

Tags: Mogloween Pyromancer geopetal

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October 25, 2012

Thursday with Tomix!

This week Tomix brings you a spoiler-y sneak preview of the new MOP members that are being recruited this year! You'll find out their names on Friday!


If you check out the coming soon section of HeroMart, you'll see lots of cool stuff on its way! The tenth anniversary shirt will come with this awesome scythe in DF, crafted by the legendary Dracelix!

There's also a special something for HeroMart, created by Khao, coming soon that's just for DragonFable....

Tags: Mogloween HeroMart geopetal Tomix

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October 19, 2012

Happy Mogloween!

Yay! We made everything work and without bothering Rolith before his wedding! (Alina would have hunted me down and ground me up for mana potions....)

Eric Greydawn is in charge of the story this year and, well... he's starting you off on a hunt! Can you find all the cat items to help the Bubbles? They could be hidden anywhere! Book 1 through Book 3! Quest or Towns! Cats and Dogs living together... no wait... it's late and I'm getting tired I think.

Make sure to check out the new shops in the Quest Log before they're gone too! Alina herself made all the items in her and Rolith's wedding shop! There's also a new Good weapons in the Gamocide shop, as well as a Chairman mask, to celebrate the utter decimation that you DF warmongers brought to EbilCorp!

Tags: Mogloween Kensai geopetal

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October 18, 2012

A Word from the Kensai

The Kensai is riding the storm out.

Off in the distance, the storm is rattling its spear, threatening in a loud voice to bring all it could in a huge storm.  The tornado sirens are wailing, and the skies are pitch black, punctuated by lightning. The patter of rain pounds a tattoo on the roof as the wind howls through the trees… a perfectly creepy spooky night. In the living room, the Lady is watching Friday the thirteenth movies and setting herself up for a scare.*  And here I am, working on Mogloween.  What a way to set the mood.  And over it all, the crisp clean scent of the air, rinsed by rain, spreads out and permeates the cave.   

I was sitting here trying to think of what to say about the release this week.  I could say how much fun it was to do this.  I could say how eagerly I jumped at the chance to do this project.  I could say that I was looking forward to writing these characters, and how much fun that was… but that’s sort of a given. So, well, let’s just jump into it. 

First, Bubble has an assignment for you.  She’s found a possible cure for both her and Bubble..  So you’ll need to go out and grab a few things for Bubble.

Next Week:

Finding those things was easy, but now something funny is going on.  It’s time to follow a familiar trail.  What could those two have in common?


What’s this?  The MOP has been recruiting?  A lot has changed.  New recruits join with the MOP and undertake a mission to help you, the Hero, as you try to find out exactly what’s happening THIS time.

*I’m debating it… but it would probably result in a horrible scene that would probably be best avoided.** 

**But boy would it be worth it.

*** The storm had the last laugh by the way, the power went out a total of nine times last night. Yes, that’s right, the lights came back on and off about nine times. Once it lasted for about thirty minutes, but the rest of the times it was only a few seconds. Yay for reading a kindle by flashlight and candle light while munching on M&Ms!

Tags: Mogloween geopetal Kensai

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October 05, 2012

Locks, Books and Bugs!

Well, unfortunately, some things went BOOM this week! So, we're not going to be freeing those docks just yet....

What we wanted to do for this week was present you with this!

Where you can capture a ship from The Rose and then explore Falconreach Bay! You would be able to visit a few of the islands in Bay and eventually make your way to other towns (though Verteroche doesn't look so welcoming...) and Deep Water Fish off of your boat!

As we realized today though, as I heard the sounds of mixed laughter and crying coming from Rolith's Coding Lair and Emporium... this ship exploration engine was one of the very first things that Rolith ever helped to build, along with Warlic and Ghost.

And that this can happen.

So, now that Rolith finally has his hands on the engine, he's going to fix it and break it and twist it and break it some more and squash some bugs and then the other bugs that popped up and then you will be able to go saaaaaaailing!

For This Week!
For this week, though, the Mogloween Storybook is available through your quest log! You'll be able to replay, or catch up on, the previous Mogloween stories. See if you can race with Rolith and get all the masks before he can fix the badges!

That Storage Closet in Oaklore... you know the one... rusty, complicated lock... you need to be level 999 to enter... think you can break in? Pick that lock? I dunno... it looks like hours of work to just get into an empty closet. If you do decide to try for it, make sure to write down the combination... though, I'm sure that nothing but more dust gathered in that closet between Book 1 and Book 3... right?

Tags: Oaklore Rolith Bugs Mogloween geopetal

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October 31, 2011

The ChickenCows are Restless...

In the twilight darkness of the Croft woods nothing... living... stirs. The woods are silent except for the hero breathing. A full moon grins crazily overhead. Then... a shuffle... a groan...

The infected are coming!

How will you fight off their legions? Tomix has created a special Zardbie themed scythe for tonight's creepy Limited Quanity Shop! At 6pm, EST, 2000 of these infectiously, horrifyingly cool scythes will be available for 400 Dragon Coins each.

Extremely, grossly awesome!

War! What is it good for?!
It's been a long weekend in Croft. Not only did you have to fight off hoardes of zombies but you all also had to Trick or Treat to get the cure out (and get access to all those spooky new masks from Tomix and True Mortal /cough). Getting candy seems to win out over defense though.... ;)

And so a wild challenge appears! Can you finish this war by Friday? Or will the zardbie waves prove too much?! New Defender Medal items will be added during the course of the week and, if you can defeat all the waves and unlock the boss by Friday, midnight*, then there might just be tiny Zardbified Gorillaphant and ChickenCow pets in it for you! If not... well, the infection will be cured by the Sisters!

*EST, of course!

Tags: Mogloween Limited Quantity Shop War Challenge geopetal

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October 28, 2011

Happy Mogloween!

Wooooooow! So much stuff tonight! We have:

  • Zardbies attacking Croft! Can you defeat 3 million waves before Monday night?
  • Trick or Treating 2011 (with updated house names!)
  • DA only war quest to find the Bubble kitty!
  • Sixteen new masks!
  • Level 60 and 70 versions of the Franken weapons!
  • Level 70 version of the Harvest Reaper scythe!
  • Ten new seasonally rare hairstyles from Tomix in the Croft barber shop!*
  • A new zardbified monster from Thyton and Ghost (it's awwwwesome)!

On Monday the 2011 masks will be available in Cysero's Superstore for those of you who have one particular one you'd like to wear year round as well!

Limited Quanity Shop
This Monday will also see a new Limited Quanity Shop open in the evening at 6pm EST! Tomix is making a special Zardbie-themed disease scythe for the shop!

True Mortal Saga: Origins
Unfortunately, Nivalis seems to have a hand in keeping back this quest! Eric is working hard on getting it out to you guys but, with 46 rooms, this quest is a huuuuuge undertaking and we want to make sure that everything is working properly before you guys get lost in the fortress! We'll get it out to you guys as soon as it's ready.

*Plus one messy set from me!

Tags: geopetal Mogloween Limited Quantity Shop

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October 27, 2011

Candy Scaredcrow

That poor candy scaredcrow can't ever go outside or the birds will eat him! Luckily, he seems to have a flair for hair.... With tomorrow's release he's going to have ten new hairstyles in the Croft barbershop! Remember though, Croft is a seasonal town... so these spooky styles will fade back into the mist eventually... at least until the Cauldron Sisters come again.

Mogloween is Coming!
Are you ready for a scary Monday?* This weekend you'll be defending Croft from an invading force of zardbies! Will you be able to keep the town safe? Who do you think the big boss zardbie is going to be? Most importantly, will the Sisters be able to finish making the candy cure in time?

Limited Quantity Shop
Tomix is making a special zardbie themed scythe for Monday! More info will come soooooooon!

*You guys don't know scary until you see Rolith before he has his coffee Monday morning....

Tags: Mogloween geopetal

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October 15, 2011

Spoilers, Sweetie!

I'm spending my Saturday working and lurking (the forums are making me crave bacon... ;)  /shakes fist!) and, well, this is just looking too cool to not share with you guys.

Thyton sketched up two new monsters for this years Mogloween storyline and, to help play catch up so that that Ghost can some sleep sometime, I'm vectorizing the first of them. Hopefully, I'll get it done in time for Ghost to color and animate (after he does the cutscenes and stuff for next week too!) since this is a little late for this stage.

I wanted to share it though because it just looks, as Chainsword would say, AWESOME! The second one is just as awesome too... and I'm so keeping that one a secret now! ;)


Tags: Mogloween geopetal

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