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January 06, 2015

Final Week of Frostval!

Hello all!

The holiday rush is now almost over! Tomix has escaped from his chains from this week, though! While we send the hunters out to catch him San Robin and I will be putting together a fun little quest for you on Friday.

This years Frostvale will also get a few final additions before it goes *poof* next week (most likely on Monday)! The moglin artisans have gotten together and crafted some merge style helms for your gift this year! There will also be a house shop added wil special items to help your characters try to remember everything that happened with the merge this year!

Now a word from Dracelix:

Greetings players!

I'm still here! I'm just a really busy Paladin right now.... Due to University I've not been able to help the DF team as usual, I'll try to help when possible but education comes first after all! What I can do is show you what I've been working on!

He looks oddly like an Atealan doesn't he? I wonder...

In my spare time I'll be striving to develop my 3D sculpting talents further, which leaves me a choice:
Which NPC, Object or Weapon from DragonFable would you most want to see brought to life in full 3-Dimensions?

Let me know on the forums and I'll make a decision in a week.

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December 19, 2014

A Tale of Two Timelines

After everything that has happened during (pretty much) every past Frostval you've planned for, mapped out, stratigized, imagined, and countered every possible threat that the Lore of DragonFable can throw at you... but what about the Lore in AdventureQuest Worlds?

DragonFable AdventureQuest Worlds Frostval

Tags: Frostval AdventureQuest Worlds geopetal

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December 19, 2014

Candy Making!

For those of you that are still trying to gather candy ingredients from last years Frostval, we wanted to give you a quick update!

We're going to adjust the amount of candy ingredients you need to move forward. You'll only need to gather the first four ingredients (Moonglow, Breeze Essence, Dark Cocoa Nibs, Ice Essence) after we go live tonight. We're also going to add a Badge to your Book of Lore that will appear if you've taken the time to gather all eleven of the ingredients on the list!

Now, back to work on tonight's release!

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December 12, 2014

Frostval Storybook

The Frostval storybook is live! Log in now to play through all of Frostval's past and to grab the new, higher level versions of the classic weapons! There's also a brand new preview of the revamped Frost Moglin Armor (thanks Ash!)! Log in now and head to Frostvale through the button in your Book of Lore!

Unfortunately, I write too much and poor Tomix is sick! The newest quest in Amityvale should be ready to go for you by tomorrow, though! Are you ready for Bitten, though?

Tags: Frostval Amityvale geopetal

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December 27, 2013

Nightmare After Frostval

You're getting two quests tonight! First, you'll have to search all over the game to find the candy ingredients the Cauldron Sisters need for their Frostval confections! Some may be in shops, some may be quests drops you're familiar with... there are also a few new ones you'll have to search for! Never fear though, there is a link to a thread in the DF GD for you guys to all work together to find what the Sisters need.

After that, it's time to make the caaaaandy! And who better to help than the Frostvale Moglins? Right?!

You can turn in the merge items to get the base 2013 presents too! They'll also be used for the merges once the gifts finally open.

Don't forget to check out the Eternity Joy shop in your Book of Lore! 

Have fun and happy hunting!

DragonFable Frostvale Moglinsters

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January 11, 2013

Elemental Foothills

The Elemental Foothills in Book 3 have been expanded! The Wind Cave and Earth Cave drop more of those elemental essences, while there are some new, absolutely gorgeous water weapons from Cronix... in a hidden dungeon!

You now have until Monday to get all your Frostval badges! 

More to Come!
As always, everyone at the Underground Lab (and the satellite offices all over the world!) has been working on all sorts of crazy things!

This week has been a catch up week for as all the artists are working on brand new release stuff. Dracelix is working hard on the path to Swordhaven, Cronix has been hard at work on the wind elves that will populate Sulen'Eska, and Tomix is working on the quests for the Atealan armors!

We also have set upon our plan for Hero's Heart Day... and Rolith has been twirling his mustache! Which is weird cause he doesn't usually have one... I wonder where he got it!

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January 08, 2013

Tuesday With... Cronix?!

Everyone welcome DragonFable's newest volunteer, Cronix!

Muahahaha, we have artistnapp... found another willing victim volunteer! Though now I think I might need to change my name to geopetix....

Cronix will be adding a lot of amazing weapons to your arsenals, as well as helping create new NPCs! Dracelix already has him chained up and working on wind elves!

Finish up all your rescuing and caroling because Frostvale disappears back into the snow fall on Friday! 

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December 27, 2012

Thursday with Tomix!

This week Tomix has a preview of the first few skills of Timekiller!

He's working hard to get it done for the January 1st deadline!

Queen Pallor
So, just who is this mysterious enemy that wants Vayle? There are rumors that she has a ancient book... and that creatures that go into her lair rarely venture out!

We know that she has her legion of flying mogkees, but what other kinds of flying monsters do you guys think are under her spell?

Tags: TimeKiller geopetal Tomix Frostval

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December 23, 2012

Saturday Surprise!

We have yet another release for you guys this week!

In honor of his birthday and Frostval, Tomix has created Master SoulWeaver! It is available to preview in the Book of Lore!

Let us know what you guys think on the forums! Don't forget to wish Tomix a Happy Birthday as well!

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December 22, 2012

Bad News, Good News and Great News

The bad news is, we soooo ran out of time this week! (Also, chronomancer is not cooporating with the new boss! D: You'll get funny screenies until it's fixed though!)

The good news is, the world is still here, so you still get a second quest this week!

The great news is, there is still more to come from FrostVayle after this quest! 

Will the Necromancer of SiOO help you find Vayle? What is Pallor up to? Can you save the moglins and get them back into their true forms? 

Did anyone get my SiOO joke? Ahh, geology humor...

Dracelix is working on your presents this year and he's already made some aaaamazing stuff! The gifts will open, as usual, on January 1st! The drop you get from this quest will let you upgrade your presents as well... but you gotta save the moglins first!

Also, huuuuuge thank you to Tomix who created the boss, Oishii who added some animations,  erlyrus who helped make the boss work and all the mods and AKs who helped test the quest!

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December 20, 2012

Finding the Red Brick Road

A Thursday release?! Check your Frostval Storybooks for the latest quest, Finding the Red Brick Road! There are two new guests to help you along as well as a hidden shop with pumped up, color custom versions of the quest drop helms!

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December 14, 2012


As you explore the Necropolis in search of Vayle... you can't help but feel as through the creepy festive atmosphere is... unusual, even for the Necropolis. Will you find Vayle within in depths? Or would that just be waaaaaay too easy? 

I hope you enjoy the decorations!

Character Pages
The first Frostval gift of the year is live too! The Badges section of your character pages is now updated! Yay! 

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December 12, 2012


It's a magical date... and, as the snow starts to fall in Falconreach and the townspeople gather for warmth the sound of... wings fills the air?

The opening cutscene for FrostVayle is now available through the Frostval storybook in the Book of Lore! Just what does this mysterious Queen want with Vayle? How did she give wings... the same wings that Vayle has... to the Frostval moglins? And what happens in ten days, on the 21st?!

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December 28, 2011

A Frosty Redesign!

Dracelix has revamped a very special set of weapons for the Frostval finale boss fight this week! Check them out in all their frosty goodness!

This Friday we'll have to face down Rolith and try to save the holiday! I don't think those poor moglins can take anymore silly hat days.... Rolith himself is programming his boss monster. Every time I ask how it's going he just starts twirling his moustache and laughing. Which is weird 'cause I'm not sure where he got the moustache from.

Friday is also going to be presents day! Dracelix has worked hard on some crazy awesome weapons to go with a very special gift from Ghost!

Time is ticking down on those Chaorrupted Clocks. If you want your chance at the exclusive Chronocorrupter Armor in DF, there are very few calendars left!

This armor is definitely unique to DF! 

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December 21, 2011

Frostvale Break In!

Rolith is being crazy overprotective in Frostvale this year. Will you be able to get inside and stop him? Or are you going to be stuck out in the cold during this year's Frostval? You'll be able to collect coal in this week's quest to upgrade your presents once they open too!

The TogTog House and organ furniture is also available in Chapter 6 of the Frostval Storybook too! Tomix and Dracelix made some really cool items to go inside of it!

Happy Birthday to Dracelix and Tomix as well! Dracelix has made a special glaive that can be bought through the News Post!

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December 20, 2011

Merry Frostval!

The stockings have been hung on the super-fortified boundry fence patrolled by fierce togs with care...

It's going to have to be a stealthy Frostval this year if you want in!

Poor Togtog was taken down too soon by that rogue ice golem. Tomix has worked hard to create a nice, cozy one room house for you to enjoy.

Sorry about the smell, but it'll keep you nice and warm this Frostval season. It shouldn't be so bad inside if you fung shui the organ furniture that Tomix and Dracelix are making!

Frostvale Break-In
The only way you're getting in Frostvale this holiday season is if you break in! Rolith has gone crazy overboard protecting the moglins this year and you have to make sure he doesn't keep out all the holiday cheer as well. You're going to have to get past his packs of roving togs first.... Better hope you can make it through!

This week's release is slated for... tomorrow! The Underground Lab is shutting down for it's own de-togging over the holidays (we can only do that when Rolith is out of town, so it's the perfect time right now.) so look for the new quest, hopefully*, tomorrow! There's a lot to do, so back to work I go to make sure the release isn't too late....


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January 02, 2011


In testing now! The boss fight is almost ready! Wow... just wow guys, good job!

Update: I borked something. Rolith to the rescue. I owe him some togsitting or something!

Update to the update: I'm so desperate to get this working I have Rolith working on this from a bathroom. It's the only room where he's staying that has an available outlet. So he's fixing the cutscene.... on a toilet. I owe him BIG TIME.

Update to the update to the update: Added the villain/anti-hero plushies to Cysero's Rare Pet Shop for you guys (they are permanently there).

Update x 4: I miss Ghost. He rocks. Rolith rocks too!

Update x 5: It works! It works! Thank you so much for being patient! The weapons are in and you'll notice a level 61 option. The level cap will go up on Monday!

Yet another update: Lim fixed the plushie pets already! I have to go into the database and change them to pets one by one, but if you clear cache everything should work. HUGE thank you to Verlyrus, he helped get stuff tested for you guys tonight!

Also, special thanks to my nephew, Jacob, for leaving his crayons behind after Christmas and to my Dad for the copious amount of paper I recycled. Also, that huge heart on the last page, totally not covering a mutant Maya head. Nope, def not. I hope you guys enjoyed the cutscene!

Update x7: Brand new Defender's Rings and Necklaces are now available!

Final Update: The Frostval Celebration has begun in Frostvale! Any presents still in inventories have been burst open so their plushie elementals can escape to wreak havoc in their owner's inventory and the presents shop, with all the presents in it, is now available from the storybook!

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December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!

Special Addendum to the previous Design Notes!
Happy New Years Eve to you all! I just wanted to clarify what's going to be released this weekend so no one misses anything and to firmly establish what the War Challenge is!

This week's release is:
* War boss fight with foam weapons as rewards
* Suggestion shop weapons in Serenity's Suggestion Shop
* Fireworks for New Years
* A special weapon set, helm and cape from True Mortal in Cysero's Shop at midnight
* The presents opening at midnight
* AND the Togicide from Rolith!

The War Challenge is, if you guys get to 100% before midnight on Saturday (EST)  and beat me to finishing the final war quest you will get new levels on select defender's items (I think rings and necklaces, but I haven't decided 100% on that) and something special in Cysero's Shop.

Lim, being the evil genius that he is, has added a little taste of the special items that will be in Cysero's Shop as a rare drop the war waves. He's saying that he'll add a new ones when he notices the war is at 75%, 85% and 95%.... D;<

Tags: geopetal War Challenge Frostval

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December 31, 2010

Zombie Ghost

Unfortunately, poor Ghost is sick with pneumonia. Even though he's been zombified he still bravely tried to get the final war cutscene done for you guys, but the combination of zombie and Ghost had Artix on high alert. I've sent Ghost off to rest so that he gets better.

Though, this means that the geologist gets to make the final war cutscene.

On Friday.

From scratch.

(Well, with existing artwork but, still, I'm slightly panicking here.)

True Mortal has made some cool foam weapons as war rewards in addition to his contest weapons. (I could totally see the guys chasing each other around the office with these.)

Tomix has finished the final, very angry, slightly crazed Boss Plushie and Rolith has coded it, laughing manically the whole time.  Lim is coming in and working on some of the presents. Alina is being awesome and helping me with database stuff even though she's on vacation.

So, I just have to make an awesome, amazing cutscene before you guys reach 100%.

Please fight slower.... :s

If you guys do manage to beat me (who am I kidding?) then I'll make sure to add something special to Cysero's Shop!

DISTRACTION! (fight sloooooooower)
You can get FREE DragonCoins and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS through AExtras! You can also jump onto your Master Account and start earning free BattleOn Games Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!

Message to Ghost:
First of all, you so better be in bed and resting and not reading this! If you are, don't stress and just get well soon! We got this! Maybe... Kinda... (fight sloooooooooooooooooooower) Feel better!

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December 24, 2010

Merry Frostval!

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season! After a looong trip up north, I've been spending it with family and trying to make sure my parents cat, Lucy, doesn't beat up my cat (or vice versa).

Pure Evil.

The poor moglins of Frostvale are stuck working in Zadd's factory this year. They don't even get breaks for Moglinberry Juice! Can you rally them together and get them to strike? Only you can fight through Zadd's ever increasing army of plushies and save the holiday season!

At 50% a special DA only quest will be unlocked that will give access to a special set of holiday rare merge items!

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December 15, 2010

It's a holly, jolly Sneak Peek!

Things have been crazy here at the lab as we all work furiously on each game's Frostval releases in a flurry of new art and a frenzy of new code! (But the only flurries we've seen are here at the Secret Underground Lab. The sky remains, as usual, free of snowflakes. /sadface!)

And what can YOU expect from DragonFable this week? An avalanche of new content!

We've got the second Frostval release full of perilous plushies that will actually move to intercept you as you try to rescue the moglins trapped by that treacherous- oh, wait, you don't know who the villain is yet. No matter, you'll find that out this week! It's not Frostval unless some villain somewhere is plotting to bring an end to the season's merriment and joy, right? Right! And it's YOUR job to restore them!

We've also got a major update to the Falconreach Guardian Tower Arena! Where once there was only one arena with a couple monsters, now there will be FIVE arenas! And five different groups of monsters to battle! Can you become the Champion of the Arena? Take a look at some of the rewards that you'll be able to claim with enough wins there:

And that's not all! We've also got a HUGE walkaround area coming this Friday! Ghost has outdone himself with a pathway filled with new art that will connect FIVE different zones and towns! You'll have a LOT of exploring to do, Adventurers! Those armored boots were made for walking, and that's just what you'll have to do! (Only enchanted armor boots will walk all over you, and the only pair in Lore are owned by Cysero, and he's not sharing. Too dangerous.)

Have fun speculating on what you'll find in this week's release, guys! And before I go, a forum question: What villain would you like to see return in the next holiday event? (Heroes Heart Day looks like it's next, right?)

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December 08, 2010

Here is what you're hunting for!

In the next Ravenloss quest, you'll have to travel deep underground (even MORE underground than you have been) because you'll be venturing through Ravenloss' sewers!

If you can, while you're down there, try to remember to look for the Aurora Key! Golden and shining, in the Ravenloss sewers the key should stand out like a shiny thing in a puddle of sewage. Which is what it will be.


Look high, look low, just don't look in that hole! (Unless you're looking for Murk. Then by all means look in that hole.)

And here's an update! Ghost has slipped me a preview of his next walkaround zone, and I get to show it to you! But this isn't coming this week.  It'll be released NEXT week!

You won't want to miss this weekend's release! With the first week of Frostval AND the continuation of Ravenloss, it'll be a week to remember!

See you Friday!

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December 06, 2010

Frostval is coming... to town! *sings*

That's right, heroes and heroines, Frostval is starting THIS WEEK! And boy do we have a fun game-plan laid out for this year. During last year's Frostval was full of hugs; this year's? Well... I'm not going to spoil the overarching plot of this Frostval (sorry!), but it's full of things that most of you SQUEEEE about whenever you see them!

We've also got the next Ravenloss quest coming! It's been a while since the last quest release in it, so let me refresh your memory.  When we left off, you were imprisoned in a prison (of course) and you finally found a way out, but did NOT find Riadne. So now it's time to make your escape and the only way to do THAT is through the sewers! Think happy thoughts, because you definitely won't be smelling happy smells!

And IF Ghost can squeeze the ectoplasm into action, we'll ALSO have a new walkaround path for you sometime this week.  But that's just a MAYBE! He's got a LOT to do for the cutscenes for both releases; Ghosts might not be able to die again, but they can drop from exhaustion!

HeroSmash Alpha Test Begins Tomorrow!

BattleOn Games' newest MMO, HeroSmash opens its doors to character creation and Alpha Testers tomrrow.

If you missed out on Alpha testing AQW, you DO NOT want to miss out on Alpha testing our newest game!

There are some pretty reasonable limitations to character creation and Alpha Testing as Artix mentioned is his earlier AQWorlds Design Notes post.

You will need a BattleOn Master Acccount to create your character and/or Alpha Test. Without a Master Account you won't be able to do anything.

You will be able to create your character AND claim your name if you have ever spent a SINGLE DOLLAR on ANY BattleOn game account that you have tied to your Master Account. If you don't have that account tied to your Master Account then you will not be able to create your character.

If, and only if, you have a current, active AQW MEMBERSHIP tied to your Master Account then you will be able to enter HeroSmash and help us Alpha Test.

Please keep in mind that this is just a bare bones version of HeroSmash. We have a long way to go before we event get to Beta Testing and we NEED your feedback to lead us unto Beta phase and make the game great, but keep your expectations reasonable, and above all else have fun.

As Artix mentioned, we will only be Alpha Testing on ONE server which means that only about 1500 people at a time will be able to play. If the server is full, KEEP TRYING! You may be the next to enter the game as soon as someone logs out or lags out.

We have some great and horrible stories from AQW's Alpha Phase. We expect huge disasters in the HS Alpha. HS isn't scheuled for full release until NEXT SUMMER so Alpha Testers will not only be the first ti test HeroSmash, they will be the ONLY people to test it for a long while.

I'm sure there will eventually be treats in HeroSmash for those who help test, but who knows what they will be. Maybe you can tell US what to give to Alpha Testers in our HeroSmash Forums!

The BattleOn Holiday Sweepstakes

It ends THIS FRIDAY, and with HeroSmash on the way there is NO REASON to not have a BattleOn Master Account. Get one. Friday we will have the drawing and (if we can) we will announce the winners on the AQW Design Notes!

Happy Monday, and here's to the start of a happy holiday season!  I've got all MY presents wrapped; how about you?  (Rolith doesn't have ANY presents wrapped. Slacker! :D)

Tags: Alina Frostval Ravenloss HeroSmash Holiday_Sweepstakes

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