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June 30, 2014

NEW new ranger!

Dracelix finished making the revamp of the ranger class!


In other news, Necromancer is finished! I'll show it to you guys tomorrow, but now, let's take a look at what I'm remaking next:

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June 27, 2014


Talk to Mritha in Sulen’eska to continue your adventure infiltrating the Runed Fortress! You’ve found the Third Level door, but not the way in. You’ll have to investigate the Cafeteria and see if you can find out anything from the other Rose Soldiers! Good luck!   

Edd Armor 
With this week’s quest, you are now able to choose between two different Edd Armor Classes. A new, stronger version is available, but you can still pick the older version for more challenging fights! The Runed Fortress quest has been updated and will equip players with the new version. 

And now for a mysterious note....

A gale of emotions, images and feelings flood your mind. They come together and materialize into a scene that unfolds before you.

A Rose Soldier sat alone at an empty table. Other, miscellaneous bunches of soldiers partook in lively chatter and eating at the tables around him yet he made no effort to join them. He twitched uncomfortably, a timid stare fixed upon the table top as if too nervous to watch anything else.

Another soldier walked up to the table. His gate was steady, his air indifferently confident. If anyone nearby noticed him, they paused slightly at his passing, intimidated by his form that was taller and brawnier than theirs. The soldier put on a beaming smile as he dropped a bowl of food before the lone one.

''Here you go, Paul! Fresh from the cook's cart!''

The nervous boy flinched for a moment, staring in surprise at the bowl, up at the other soldier and back at the bowl again. It was not long before a great, sincere smile stretched itself across his lips.

''I don't know what to say, Vince. Ever since I came in, you've haven't stopped being nice to me even though I'm a complete nobody! You're the best!''

Vince waved a hand dismissively, seemingly embarrassed.

''Hey, hey! It's nothing! Gotta look out for new guys after all.''

Paul replied only with a small, shy nod. His eyes turned back towards his bowl as he inspected its content with a curious eye.

The bowl's contents were quite unlike what he expected. Although Paul has only been a short time at the facility, the opportunity to ascertain that the Head Chef was a marvelous cook had already been bestowed upon him. Whispers of the name ''Gaston'' had reached his ear but not yet the sight of the character. The bowl before him instead held a strange, lumpy grey purée. Paul was further enervated as, in an idle moment, he thought, but would swear he must have been mistaken, he caught a glimpse of movement from the food.

''So… what is it?'' inquired Paul, a hint of embarrassment in his own voice.

Vince's smile redoubled in vigour

''It's the Chef's Specialty!''

''Oh, I see.''

Vince gave a confident nod and added.

''I gotta go and get to work, Paul. See ya and have a good lunch!''

With a wave, Vince started his way off.

''Thanks again, Vince!''

''No problem!''

Paul's attention went back to his meal. He stared for a moment, shrugged, grabbed his spoon and dug in.

''Oh well…'' thought he. ''Even if this turns out to taste as good as it looks, it can't be that bad, can it?''

Paul grabbed a spoon full and, with little hesitation, swallowed.

At the other end of the room, a malicious smirk drew itself on Vince's face.

Paul drew the spoon back from his purple with blue polka dots face that was not so oddly coloured a moment ago. Nothing occurred for an moment and then his eyes suddenly bulged and he dropped to the floor like a stone. The audible ''thump'' he made finally drew the attention of the soldiers around him. Someone cried ''Medic!'' as they hastily formed a circle around him.

''Have a good lunch, Paul!'' muttered Vince with heavy mockery.

A raucous laughter echoed as his form faded into the corridor.

Another soldier watched the scene and sighed. Some part of him wished he had done something while another, more reasonable one he at least liked to think, knew that it would have done no good. If anything, it would do him more harm than anything else. Resigned, Sam made his way to his own table hoping only that Vince would not pick on him today.

The last of the gale passes and with it remnants of the scene swept away.

AdventureQuest Worlds
The Evolved DragonLord Armor has been added to the AQW arsenal but you must be upgraded in DragonFable in order to unlock it! If you're a fan of both games make sure to check it out this weekend!

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June 26, 2014

Not Art Update!

Hello everyone!

Verlyrus here, with a quick preview of the in-progress Player Created Content interface!

So many buttons!


You'll be able to place props and monsters and all kinds of fun things, adjust their sizes, what they do, and more!

We want to give you as much freedom as possible in creating your quests and telling your stories. This means it will be pretty complicated to produce, but the end result will be worth it!


This is still a work in progress- the end product might look very different.

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June 26, 2014

More art updates!

You get an art update. And you get an art update! Everyone gets an art update!!!

New Necromancer by me.


New Death Knight by Cronix.


New Zhoom by Dracelix. He's also making a NEW new art for ranger!

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June 23, 2014

Necromancer Art Update!

Last week I thought to myself "You know what would be great? Updating Necromancer's art and design!". And so I'm making this happen. I've been remaking its art to meet today's Dragon Fable standards, take a look at what I have so far:

I'll be finishing it over the course of a week or two, just the art, no new animations (for now).

After Necro is done, I'll be updating ninja and pirate art!

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June 20, 2014

Howl at the Moon

You guys absolutely rocked the war, getting to 100% before we even had a chance to get the bosses finished up! Since you've absolutely crushed the meter that means that Book 3 Amityvale is saved and, in a few weeks, will be in game as the next town on the map! 

The boss fight is ready now, though! Log in and get ready to face off against the creatures who set the were-monsters on Amityvale!

DragonFable Full Moon Thursday

Be careful in the woods!

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June 19, 2014

Full Moon!

You guys are closing in on victory! If you win the war by end of day tomorrow than Amityvale will be saved and will (soon-ish*) be added to the Book 3 travel map! If you slip and the werewolves win though... Amityvale will be destroyed!

Loot chests have been added to the waves containing helms and cape that will match the boss loot weapons. There are also new Defender Necklaces in the shop, in addition to the new level of Unity trinkets that were added on Tuesday!

Good luck and BattleOn!

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June 17, 2014

Player Created Content!

Hello everyone! Verlyrus here!

I've got an announcement to make.

For the past couple of months, I've been working on a Player Created Content system! With this system, you will be able to create and share quests (and hopefully cutscenes!) with friends and everybody!

You'll be able to place objects, monsters, and terrain, and customize maps to your desire.

Or your box!

Make your stories come to life!

My goal is to give you all as many tools as possible to make whatever you want. I can't wait to see all the awesome ideas!


Since this is such a big project, my goal is to release this at the end of summer. I hope you all are as excited about this as I am!

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June 13, 2014

Full Moon

It's DragonFable's 8th birthday week and it has been a busy one! We have stuff from Tomix, Oishii, Verlyrus, Ash, Dracelix, and Cronix this week!

DragonFable Friday the 13th Thursday and New Primals

Friday the 13th: Full Moon
Book 3 Amityvale is under attack! Were-creatures are stalking through Doomwood and they're intent on tearing down the town! There is one week to defeat all the werewolves, werebats, and wereligers... or Book 3 Amityvale will be destroyed! Thursday and her best friend, Raven, are going to need all the help they can get!

IF you can unlock the boss in time on Friday, then Book 3 Amityvale will be saved (and, after a few weeks of work to repair the damage, it will be added in game soon after)!

Earth, Water, and Fire Primal Skills
Ash and Verlyrus have been working on bringing you the lost Primal skills for DragonFable's birthday this year! You can log in now and head to Book 3 Sunbreeze to start questing for them! The quests are available when you talk to Elysia about gaining the Primal Skills!

I wonder how those adult primal skills will influence the kid verison of your dragon...! 

Ash has been working his fingers to the bone to smash and smoosh bugs too!

  • CCEDL sound and color customization now works
  • Male DoomKnight Break does 2 hits now, as intended 
  • Book 3 Ash no longer sticks on potion drinking
  • Book 3 Ash - Blade of Justice now working as intended
  • ChronoCorrupter no longer has a random grey cape

Special Present Still Coming!
Verlyrus has been working on an ultra secret, super cool, long awaited project as well! It won't be ready for you guys until closer to the end of summer but he'll announce what it is at the beginning of next week and then keep you updated on his progress as it comes together! 

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June 12, 2014

Thursday the 12th

DragonFable 13th

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June 11, 2014


Now a word from one of our volunteers, Ash!

Greetings! Recently I offered to help out around DF doing small things here and there inbetween all my other jobs. This Friday you'll get to see a couple of those.

First off I've tracked down and fixed several issues with the Color Custom Evolved DragonLord armors. It wasn't an easy fix, which is why it's taken so long, but you'll be able to finally have a fully Color Custom armor with sound!

Secondly some of you reported that DoomKnight's Break skill wasn't doing two hits on the male version. That'll be fixed as well.

I'll be doing some more fixes and such over the next few months so make sure to keep reporting any bugs to the tracker! I also might have had a hand in another part of Friday's release so make sure to check back then!

Artix Points
For the rest of this month you can get 10% bonus Artix Points if you buy them using a credit card! 

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June 09, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday!

This is DragonFable's 8th birthday! Log in now to help us celebrate with brand new items, created by Cronix, available through the Book of Lore; the Ultimate Dragon Helm and Ultimate Dragon Wings!

We'll have a few surprises for you in the quest on Friday, a preview of which follows below, as well as a big announcement from Verlryus on what's he working on for an amazing, end of summer belated birthday gift!

DragonFable Fire

DragonFable Water

DragonFable Earth

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June 06, 2014


Our heroes are finally in the Ynnungaap... but at what cost.


On a more cheerful note, the DragonFable Birthday Announcements will start Monday next week!

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June 05, 2014


This week's release will feature...

... some valour...

... and some woe.

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June 03, 2014

Rose Juggernaut!

Cronix made a new, dangerous Rose unit, the Rose Juggernaut!

It seems some of the gnomish families support the Rose.

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