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June 23, 2011

In the heart of the Deadlands…

The Deadlands

We are in the midst of the biggest war Dragonfable has ever seen… The forces of the undead have been ripping and tearing at the soul of Falconreach for 42 days!* The people are tired, hungry, and they need every hero they can get. And then Sepulchure has the audacity to invite you over to watch first-hand the knight of doom taking over the world or something? What a jerk!  In the words of Will Smith in I, Robot, "You have SO got to die."

This is by far the most epic thing we've seen in DF thus far, and it isn't over yet! This week we will be venturing into the Deadlands to try to stop Sepulchure from doing whatever it is he's about to do.. He must be stopped at any cost!  And remember… the guardians of Falconreach have had their hands full while you've been running around losing the orbs, so make it quick!**  Geo's hard at work building the inside of Seppy's fortress for you to find your way through, and I am sure she is going to throw everything she's got into it. You'll be climbing the lower levels of it tomorrow. If you survive and reach the central tower, next week you'll be racing to the top!  Buckle up!

On the lighter side… 

Since you guys have been kicking so much buttocks in the ridonkulously long war***, we wanted to reward you with a small behind-the-scenes sneak peek at some other things we've been working on:


The first picture is Aika Village. You might have heard about it from the various townspeople, but it is a "fun in the sun" kinda town with some interesting things to do. It will also serve the purpose of connecting Sho' Nuff Island to the mainland, via boat, so this is a pretty exciting place imho.  The second picture is not so cheery… Behold: Blackwyn Tomb!  It's creepy, it's dirty, and you're going to wish we let you equip torches. I ain't gonna tell you where it will be located, either, so you're gonna have to explore to find it!

Now.. I want to stress that these things are not coming out for quite a while. Aika Village will be released sometime around when the walkaround to the Sandsea is created, and it ain't built yet.. Blackwyn Tomb will likely appear before that, but it still requires a lot of work. All of this, including finishing the town of Falconreach, I'm trying to fit in and around the weekly events… and really we have and will continue to have a really busy summer.. but enjoy the sneak peek. I just wanted you guys to know that we've got a lot of fun stuff coming your way. :)


*Well.. in Lorian time it's a lot less, but still.

**Not to rush you or anything...

***Seriously, I've got to commend you guys on your stamina!

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June 21, 2011

War Mini-Games!

The war camp has been updated with two new mini-games for the war! Eric Greydawn has set up the Falconreach Mill and Dodging the Undead to add to your wave killing variety! We're 74% of the way through Sepulchure's Army, keep up the good fight against the the darkness and BattleOn!

The End of Chapter One!
Those of us gathered in the Secret Underground Lab have an assignment for those of you brave enough... brave enough to put down your sharp blades, forget your fiery spells, your deft DoTs... and begin again! How long does it take a new player to get through all the Orb sagas and begin the fight against Sepulchure? What level are you when you make it there? Let us know on the forums!

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June 17, 2011

Killin Bugs and Takin' Names

Today's the one day this week I had to work on DragonFable.  I managed to actually find a hole in the schedule where I could take a couple of days off early this week and get some R&R and once I got back there were a couple of boring behind the scenes projects that I had to attend to. 

But instead of just working my metal-plated pants off to get the release done, I have ALSO put on my plate the current DF Bugs List.  I've got seven bugfixes planned, and here they are:

  • Speed up PVP and stop returning bad results
  • Stop Fire War from being Linked to current war count
  • Stop Ravenloss war from being tied to the war count
  • Stop the Nature Orb meter from being tied to the current war
    • Also make it so all waves can be triggered
  • Hiding Cape or Helm hides weapon
    • Not sure why, but can't duplicate this--it might be fixed in the engine that rolls live.  who knows.  I'll keep an eye out for new reports after tomorrow.
  • Properly set items as non-shown when armor is switched
  • Fix the 0-0 damage weapon when you unequip basic weapon

No promise of all these getting fixed, but I'll do my best.  All FIXED bugs will roll out tonight.


So, looks like 6/7 of the bugs are fixed.  I'm wating on Verlyrus to get online to help test these fixes and get me more bugs :) 

More Bugs Fixed:

  • Baffet has returned to Sunbreeze grove.  Akriloth must have scared him off.
  • Verteroche Crossing fixed on the travel map.
  • Going to Surewood via travel map goes to modern map, not outdated one

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June 16, 2011

Howl at the Moon!

True Mortal and Eric Greydawn have been busy, busy, busy! They've collaborated together to create the frigid War Wolf Set which will be available for Defender's Medals this Friday! 

Icy and Sharp!

If you like the look of this set, inspired by True Mortal's Spirit Companion, Thorn, matching pieces to make a full set are in the works!

Doesn't work for Noobie Snacks....

Keep in mind that the helm is still a work in progress and still a while off from being a quest reward.

War Games
Eric is also hard at work at repurposing a few of the great mini-games used in war past. Sogger and Elemental Camp will soon be teeming with undead for you to slaughter! What other mini-games would you guys like to see for the final stretch of DragonFable's biggest war? (Kessel Run? ;o Huh? Huuuuuh?)

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June 08, 2011

Five Candles on the Cake

Some of you may or may not know that five years ago tomorrow, DragonFable went live.  Emerging from a Beta that lasted almost a year.  That's 52 releases a year for five years.  This Friday will see our 260th weekly release.  It’s been a crazy journey. 

The amount that DragonFable and it’s community has grown and evolved over those years is something to behold as well. 

Now,  I know what you are thinking:  Every DragonFable birthday has been accompanied with a present for DragonLords, Dating all the way back to the first, with the hatching of our Dragons.  This year is no exception, or, well okay it is.  This year our big gift is for everyone.

Boy howdy those Dragons are pushing four years old!  

Still babies, as far as Dragons Go, but they sure are getting stronger and fitter then ever.  To show their age, we’re increasing the number of statpoints that you’re able to feed them to from 500 to 600!  That may not seem like a big deal, but anyone that crunches the numbers will see that this will either let you have a considerably stronger balance across all branches possible, or max out three separate trees of DragonTraining, making your constant companion even more useful.  So, save up your DragonChow!  

As for DragonLords, we’ve been showing you a lot of love this month already with the numerous titan fights, challenge battles, and epic extra confrontations but that doesn’t mean we’re done!  Ever felt annoyed that you had to sacrifice the look you’ve been going for just because your helmet is meant for someone ten levels lower then you?  Coming SOON (hopefully this week)  DragonLords will get the ability to set certain equipment to “show”, regardless of what weapons and helms and capes you have equipped.  This is a pretty big structural change to how items are handled in game, but I’m making good progress on it.

So, with five years worth of memories to be debated, which one is your favorite?  Which of the 260+ releases was the most anticipated?  Let’s get all nostalgic on the forums! 

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June 03, 2011

Release Delayed

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update about what is happening this week. Due to circumstances, we're going to have to delay the release this week until Saturday. Alina had to go into the hospital yesterday (don't worry, she's fine!) and we kicked Rolith out of the underground lab to go with her. Since we don't like Rolith programming without any sleep though (bugsplosion!), I think it's best if we delay this week's release until tomorrow.

So Tomorrow...
On Saturday, we should have a new quest mini-game in Popsprocket and DragonLords will be able to face down Xan and Akriloth in an epic titan battle!

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June 01, 2011

Bombs Away!

The Ice Orb is gone... lost to Sepulchure! We must protect the remaining Orbs of Energy, Wind and Light!

This week havoc is still raging in Popsprocket as all the robots are infected... and now an army of undead attacks the very chains that stablize the city from below! The gnomes are throwing everything they can at the army below... can you help them build bombs to defend Popsprocket and protect the Energy Orb!?

Calling All DragonLords!
The undead visage of Akriloth blazes across the sky over Dragesvard, Xan's mad laughter fallowing after. Can you and your dragon stop this deadly duo from melting the Dragesvard glacier? Will you avenge the Priestess? Fight against Xan and his fiery Akrolich* this Friday!

Contest Winners
Congratulations to all our contest winners!

* /cough

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