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April 29, 2016

The Temple of the E-damed!

This week's release is live!

Visit San Robin in Serenity's Inn in Book 1 Falconreach to play!

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February 12, 2016

Sick Rock, Delayed Release.

Hey everyone, sorry to let you guys know, this week's release is delayed until tomorrow. geopetal got sick earlier today, so we're a bit behind on everything. But! Everything should be done for tomorrow evening!

Apologies again for the delay!

Tags: Verlyrus

January 08, 2016

Archivist testing!

Hey everybody!

Today's release is the Dragon Amulet testing of the Archivist class!

First of all, I want to note that the class is NOT finished. We have plans for adding more skills and effects later, after Tomix recovers!

Archivist is a very unique class in that all of its skills modify your base attack's effect.

Some skills let your attacks heal you, others let you do more damage, or critically hit for multiple turns when you use your base attack!

These are all very powerful so the cooldowns persist across battles.

Play around and try to find a good set up- and let us know what you think on the forums or twitter!


That's not all for this week though. Tomorrow, we have the FwendQuest quest as well! Yay!

Tags: Verlyrus

December 22, 2015


Hey there everyone!

There's been a lot of discussion about how the warwaves will affect Twig's shenanigans, and I'm proud to unveil...


The more war waves you kill, the more exciting Twig's project becomes!

  • 750,000

If you guys can reach 750,000 waves killed before the war ends, Twig will be able to advance his project to the next level! The boss will have another attack that is pretty sweet!

  • 900,000

But if all of you heroes and heroines out there can reach 900,000 waves killed before the war ends:


Not only will Twig augment his project to be super powered, he'll prepare a special Dragon Amulet only Titan challenge version!

So, are you up for it? Or are you already stuffed full of ice cream and chocolate?

Tags: Verlyrus

November 06, 2015

Ration Running

The Grill Master at the Guardian Tower in Book 1 Falconreach needs your help. Travel there to play this week's small release!

Also, please note that this year's Mogloween event will be leaving after this week, on next week's Friday the 13th!

Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Tags: Verlyrus

August 27, 2015

First Look at the Ranger Skills

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to give a "quick" rundown of what you can expect from Ranger's skills!

First things first, I want to make sure it's clear that the names and numbers of these skills are very much still in development. I'd love to hear your feedback about them, but please keep that in mind!


Let's start off with the "Melee" category attacks. These attacks are offensive melee abilities that will generate melee focus (name pending).

1: Attack
Everybody's favorite big red Attack button! That's right, the normal attack will help build your melee focus up!
This attack does a hit of 100% damage.

2: Dual Wield
Quick onslaught of weapon and dagger.
A solid damaging attack on very low cooldown.
This attack does 2 hits of 60% damage each.

3: Armorslash
Cut off a section of your opponent's armor with a precise slash.
An offensive debuff skill.
Hit for 100% damage, and reduce enemy resistance to All by -20 for 5 turns.

Melee focus provides a stacking buff of 5 bonus to hit per stack, up to 5 stacks. If you have maximum stacks of Melee focus, you'll have +25 Bonus to hit!

Next up are the "Defense" category attacks. These are defensive melee abilities, and will reset both your melee and ranged focus after use.

1: Quick Reflexes
Channel your mind into a state of concentration, gaining supernatural reflexes for a short time.
Gain +175 avoidance for 4 turns.
Avoidance is your Block, Dodge, and Parry stats.
This translates to about an 80% chance to avoid damage.

2: Cripple
Impair your opponent with a well placed sword thrust. A guaranteed dodge if you land the attack!
Gives your enemy -100 to hit for the next turn.

3: Kick
Kick your enemy in a weak spot!
Lowers enemy damage by 50% for a few turns.

4: Recover
Take a quick rest and heal up while your trusty Hawk companion distracts the enemy.
2 hits of 40% damage, and heal 50% of your maximum health.
Very long cooldown.

These defensive skills are very powerful, but have the major cost of destroying your focus, which in turns lowers your damage output by quite a bit! Speaking of damage...

We have the Ranger's bow skills in the "Ranged" category! These are offensive skills that focus on buffs and damage. They will increase your Ranged Focus when used.

Now, to the skills!

1: Viper's Arrow
Shoot a deadly venom tipped arrow at your opponent.
Does 1 hit of 50% damage, and applies a DoT of 50% weapon damage for 10 turns.
When you hit a target who already is affected by Venom, the DoT gains strength, up to 150% damage per turn. (The duration does not reset when hit).
No cooldown.

2: Power Shot
Shoot a powerful focused arrow at your opponent!
1 hit of 120% damage on a very low cooldown.

3: Flashbang
Flashbang's functionality has been changed from before. Your flashbang now disorients and stuns the enemy.
1 hit of 25% damage, 3 turns of stun.
Flashbang does NOT reset focus!

4: Tracker's Shot
Shoot a tracking arrow at your enemy, making them easier to hit for a while.
1 hit of 75% damage with 100% bonus to hit. Gives the hero +50 Bonus to hit for 5 turns. The bonus to hit stacks with Melee focus!

5: Spotter's Shot
Shoot an intentionally off target arrow to distract your opponent, revealing their weak points.
1 hit of 75% damage. Your next attack will be critical.
Very low cooldown.

6: MultiShot
Fire multiple arrows with great precision!
Hit all enemies for 100% damage.
Very low cooldown

7: Sky Assault
Fire an explosive barrage down onto your enemies.
This has been changed from being very strong against a single target to a more general multi target skill.
When there is one enemy, this skill does 1 hit of 100% damage.
When there are two enemies, this skill does 3 hits of 100% damage.
When there are three enemies, this skill does 5 hits of 100% damage.

Ranged Focus increases your critical hit damage by a whopping 25% damage per stack, up to 5 stacks. However, unlike other classes, Ranger starts out doing 1.75 times normal damage on crits rather than 2 times.

That said, when you have max stacks, not only is your critical hit damage 3 times normal damage, you also have a 50% chance to get another attack each turn. (Only one bonus attack per turn :P)

This leaves one last skill: Purge!

Purge is unique in that it does not increase focus or reset focus. What it does do however, is for this skill only, double the effects of Focus on you. So at 5 stacks of Ranged Focus, you'll get a bonus of 4.25 times damage.
Purge always critically hits, and does two hits of 75% damage.

Non-Dragon Amulet players will have access to only the "Ranged" attack category, while Dragon Amulet holders will be able to access the "Defensive" and "Melee" categories, as well as Purge.

Again, all of this is subject to change, and I'd love to hear your feedback.

That wraps up the Ranger's new skills! Let me know what you think on the forums!

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August 26, 2015

Introducing Ranger 2.0!

Hello everyone!

This Friday, we're releasing the Ranger class rework!

Ranger is being redone to be a ramping up offensive class. This means that while you may start out weaker than other classes, the longer you're in the heat of battle, the stronger you get.

How does that work, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to the Ranger's unique class feature.


The Ranger will have a set of melee skills focusing on defense, and ranged skills focusing on offense.

As you use certain melee skills (including the big attack button!) you build up melee focus, which increases your chance to hit your foes.

When you use your ranged attacks, however, you build up ranged focus, which will increase how much damage you do with critical hits!

But wait, there's more! If you reach maximum ranged focus, you gain a 50% chance to attack twice in one turn!


If you use a defensive skill, such as crippling your enemy with a stab, or kicking them in a weak spot so that they're weakened for a couple turns, all of your focus resets back down to 0.

You'll want to ramp up and hit hard and fast, but it's very risky, since if you find yourself in a bad spot, you'll lose the advantage.

Another feature of Ranger is the damage bonus. Ranger is by nature a rogue-ish explorer kinda class. Not particularly magical. As a result, you'll gain a small amount of bonus damage for having STR or DEX as your main stat. But if you invest equally (or close to equally- your level divided by ten, then rounded up) in both STR and DEX, you'll get a larger bonus!

And no, you cant cheat it by having them both at 0. :P

It's been a long time coming, and I hope you're all as excited as I am!

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August 23, 2015

Create-a-Quest Postponed Until Further Notice

Hey everyone. I know this is rough news, but it's got to be shared. Currently, we do not have the resources, time, or access required to make the Create-a-Quest system into the robust system that we want it to be.

As a result, it is hereby postponed until further notice. We're not sure if we will revisit the project in the future.

I know this was a much anticipated and requested feature, and I'm as disappointed as many of you are.

I also know that you all have amazing ideas and stories to tell. If you want a great place to share those stories, you can always post them in the DragonFable Legends & Lore section of the forum here. Don't forget to make a forum thread for discussion here. You can also post your artwork on the forums here.

And as always, you can discuss all things DragonFable on the forums here.

Thanks for being so understanding.

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August 07, 2015

Food for Thought!

Hello heroes!

Today's release is none other than a Verlyrus the boxcat quest!

Head over to Amityvale to find out what you can do for me!

Tags: Verlyrus

July 10, 2015

The Great Petscape!

Tomix and Geo have been taking the week off, so while the mice are away, the cat and cheese will play!

In today's release, travel to Pikhan's pet store in Book 3 Osprey Cove to find a new quest for you. Somebody has set free Pikhan's stock of pets, and of course it's up to you, the hero, to collect them all back!

Note: No pets were harmed in the making of this quest.

Tags: Verlyrus

July 08, 2015

Pirate Pet Problem!

Hey everyone! Verlyrus here! This week, we're bringing you a new quest by the one and only San Robin!

San Robin:

Avast, me hearties.
This week ye be visitin’ the best place in the world again, Osprey Cove!
Pikhan, the owner of the local Pet Shop, needs yer help with some monkey business!
She may be a tough lass, but secretly she really cares for the critters.
Log in on Friday to see how ye can help her! (Or not… ya can do what ye want cause a pirate is free!)

Tags: Verlyrus

March 27, 2015

Fishin' Impossible

Legend has it that deep within the hidden jungles of Lore, there exists a large lake, connected by underground rivers and passages to the wide oceans beyond.

Legend also has it that in this lake lives the most delicious of fish.

The fish of secrets, who divulges a secret to its captor in exchange for its life. Who also happens to be extremely delicious on rice with a bit of ginger and soy sauce.

Yet legend also has it that all who go to find the fish, never return.

What better way to spend an afternoon for a hero than to fetch said fish for a hungry boxcat?

Fishin' Impossible

Good luck, secret hunters!

Tags: Verlyrus

March 26, 2015

Not Verly Efishient

Hey everybody!

Verlyrus the boxcat here!

This week's release will be the next exciting episode in my quest chain! (Yaaaay! -applause-)

You've kind of saved Timmy, you've fetched Vurrmen tails, what else could this needy cat need?

I'm glad you asked!

Everyone knows cats like fish. Unfortunately, paws aren't very good at catching them.

That's where you, the hero comes in!

I know just the spot for you to try your luck, too. Yes. It's perfectly safe and not dangerous to get there at all, promise!

Who knows what sort of fishy goodness you might find?

PS- No fishing skills required.

Tags: Verlyrus

September 12, 2014

Cutscene and a proper quest!

We have two quests for you this week!

For the first quest, visit Mritha and play a cutscene-quest featuring your character disguised as Edd, Vince and the rest of the Elite Patrol, as you're ready to venture into a very well guarded place...


Next, visit Verlyrus the boxcat in Book3 Amityvale and go on your first, proper quest!


There are 2500 Sundering Emerald scythes in the LQS shop as a celebratory gift in honor of our beloved Geopetal!

Tags: Tomix Verlyrus

has blue eyes
August 29, 2014

Amityvale Returns!

Book 3 Amityvale is now live! Dracelix and Tomix put a lot of work into this new, safer, more secure town. While it still lives under the threat of vampires, werewolves, ghouls, yagas, lawyers, and more, the strong walls and the presence of the Rose keeps the townpeople safe... as long as they don't wander too far!

This week you'll be able to explore "The Other Well" and "Swamp Lake" in an effort to help townskitties and to find clues for Thursday. The town Alchemsmith also has a new set of poison weapons for sale! 

For a fun note, 1098 quests and towns have been created since the "Crystal Clear Lake" quest... which sees it's remake/refresh tonight in Swamp Lake! 

As the weeks go on though, Thursday will become even more obsessed with finding out the reason for her being hunted. Will you and Raven be able to keep her safe from all the factions in Doomwood (not just the werewolves) that want to get ahold of her? All new quests are coming soon!

Amityvale Thursday

Blood and Roses begins!

Tags: geopetal Amityvale Thursday Tomix Dracelix Verlyrus

June 26, 2014

Not Art Update!

Hello everyone!

Verlyrus here, with a quick preview of the in-progress Player Created Content interface!

So many buttons!


You'll be able to place props and monsters and all kinds of fun things, adjust their sizes, what they do, and more!

We want to give you as much freedom as possible in creating your quests and telling your stories. This means it will be pretty complicated to produce, but the end result will be worth it!


This is still a work in progress- the end product might look very different.

Tags: Verlyrus

June 17, 2014

Player Created Content!

Hello everyone! Verlyrus here!

I've got an announcement to make.

For the past couple of months, I've been working on a Player Created Content system! With this system, you will be able to create and share quests (and hopefully cutscenes!) with friends and everybody!

You'll be able to place objects, monsters, and terrain, and customize maps to your desire.

Or your box!

Make your stories come to life!

My goal is to give you all as many tools as possible to make whatever you want. I can't wait to see all the awesome ideas!


Since this is such a big project, my goal is to release this at the end of summer. I hope you all are as excited about this as I am!

Tags: Verlyrus PCC

March 31, 2014

ChronoZ is Live!

Hey everyone!

If you have an Artix Entertainment 2014 Calendar code, you can re-submit here it to redeem your ChronoZ armor.


Tags: Verlyrus

March 20, 2014

ChronoZ Update!


BoxcatZ here!

This is the story of a cat and a box, and their quest to find a planner.

This morning, I woke up and thought to myself, "You know what you need? A planner to keep track of everything so you aren't caught by surprise when something needs to be done the next day!"

"Good idea," I told myself.

Naturally, I strolled over to the nearest bookstore and demanded to see their finest planner.

"We don't have any in stock," I was told.

"You see, it's that time of year when the yearly ones have sold out, but the 18 month ones haven't arrived yet. Try coming back in a month."

A month! Who knows what I'll have forgotten to do by then?

Being the resourceful boxcat that I am, I immediately returned to my box and converted it into a time machine. (All it takes is a marker and some imagination!)

I promptly set off for 1 month in the future in order to secure a precious planner.

Unfortunately, I must not have set the box flaps correctly, because I ended up in some sort of orangey swirly place. The blue carpet was nice and cushy though.

And then I saw them.

ChronoZ wearing heroes! A guy and a girl, looking as ChronoZ as can be!

They were arguing about something, but I was too far away to hear, so I scooted closer.

"blahblahblah...blah... new skills.. blah blah..."

It was suddenly clear to me! My time travelling escapade had cost these ChronoZ heroes their new skills since I wasn't around to code them! Abandoning my quest for a planner, I turned back the flaps on my box and sailed back to present time.

Plannerless, I got down to work.



The ChronoZ armor has recieved an update!

Better flavor text (fewer calories, more flavor!), tweaked numbers, squashed bugs, and 3 awesome new skills await!
Other than some fine tuning of numbers and some bugs that have escaped me, this should be the general feel of the final armor.


New skills:

Blink forward: Attack twice in a row after using this skill. May interact oddly with potions. (I suggest this + Bow + Bow for a quick multi. But I'm sure you'll find other crazy ways to use it! Drinking potions does not count toward the two turns.)

Reverse Time: Instantly heal half of your health and mana!

Kick: Stops your opponent from fleeing. But using the power of time.


Let me know on the forums if you end up breaking anything!

Tags: Verlyrus Story Time

March 17, 2014

The Boxcat Revealed!

Hi everybody! Verlyrus here!

I'm here today to tell a story and talk about some of the awesome plans we've got in store for DragonFable.

All packed and ready to go!

Last Sunday, I put some stamps on my box and was shipped to the Secret Underground Lab. After snoozing through my uneventful trip, Rolith and I chased each other around the delivery area (Maybe it was hard to find me 'cause I was under my box?), and he took me home, where I met Alina!

The next day, I made my way to the lab and got straight to work. Boxcats are notoriously hard workers.

So much work, so little time.

Seriously. I didn't even take a full tour of the lab until my last day there!

But despite being boxed, I did end up meeting everyone, and they were as fantastic as I imagined.
Meeting and hanging out with everybody was so much fun!

As the week came to a close, it sadly came time for me to leave. I slapped some more stamps on my box, and Rolith and Alina took me to the post office to ship me off.

And now I'm back in my boxcat lair, typing up these design notes!

You can tell they're Design Notes and not Work.

Now for the big question: What did I work on? What was so vitally important that the boxcat had to be shipped in?

Well, it's a secret! Rolith & I are working on something that's totally unique to DragonFable! It'll be coming out mid to late summer. I think it's definitely something that everyone will enjoy. I might drop some hints now and then, so stay tuned!

This week, I'm going to be working on the ChronoZ class, breaking everything and putting it back together. If you want to help, you can leave ideas and feedback (and any bugs you find) in the forum thread here!

I've also learned how to Twitter, although I think little birds should be used more for chasing and pouncing than for talking. You can follow me at

Am I doing this right?

PS: Sorry about the lack of real pictures! But it is the boxcat way to come and go, leaving no evidence! (also I forgot to take any, but shhhh!)

Tags: Verlyrus Future Plans

October 15, 2012

Monday With Verlyrus!

A now a word from Verlyrus!

Hi there! Verlyrus here with an update on Pyromancer! With all the animations done, it’s time to get theskills going. Following Tomix’s vision of the class, Pyromancer is a class sure to set your foes ablaze!You’ll be able to use the entanglement of fire and magic to wreak havoc on your enemies, as well as to protect yourself.

Here’s a preview of one of Pyromancer’s skills (numbers are subject to change!):

4 hits:

  • Hit 1 steals health equal to the damage done
  • Hit 2 applies the Burned debuff, reducing your opponent’s resistance to fire by 25 for 5 turns
  • Hit 3 applies the Feared debuff, stunning your opponent’s for their next turn
  • Hit 4 applies the Cursed debuff, reducing your opponent’s damage by 25% for 5 turns

Like any fire, Pyromancer takes a lot to extinguish. Until they stomp out every last ember, you might still have a trick up your sleeve to return from the ashes!

The class is being poked at right now for more balanced numbers and some tricky skill functionality. With any luck, you won’t explode* when you equip it!

*Or get vaporized, turned to ashes, turned into Ash, sucked into an alternate dimension, deep fried, deep fried (extra crispy), compressed into a little ball, turned inside out, trapped in a box, etc. Taking the necessary precautions against these sorts of things can be very time consuming!

Tags: geopetal Pyromancer Verlyrus

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