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May 29, 2015

Escape from Espina Rosa

Having found the ally you came looking for in the depths of the Third Floor of Espina Rosa, all you need to do now is make a run for it and get out. That should be simple enough, right?

Although you are sort of stuck in a dark maze that has been playing tricks on your sense of direction, whether or not you have any, more than a Minx Fairy after eighteen full heals. You did find that Elryn fellow though. He should have a map, right? Better than the last one you had, right?

And wasn’t there something about Navon, Dracelix and co. heading for Espina Rosa head on? The Prison that is not supposed to be stormed?

Oh boy. That could be a problem. But you have dealt with disasters before, haven’t you? Surely you can handle that? Yes, I am sure you will manage just fine.


You may notice while playing this quest that your choice of armour… may very well make one scene look positively odd. We had several options available to deal with this tricky part of the quest, all of which resulted in some advantages but also disadvantages, and namely for the players. It was decided then in the spirit of the whackiness of Dragonfable but also due how important the players are to hand freedom of choice to them.
So pick your whackiest, craziest armours suitable for the particular moment, or simply do not, and revel in the weird and funny feelings that come out of it.

With Escape from Espina Rosa done, there is only one quest left before the Espina Rosa series is over and that the Hero moves on to Swordhaven. Before that happens I would like to know a thing of two.

I would be curious to know a few things on two elements that came out of the last quest. The first would be the unique maze like feature of the WAQ that was done. Was this too confuzing and unnecessary a feature or was it fun for a change of pace? Was the map too small or too big?

The other thing that I noticed from last quest’s release thread is that you seemed very much keen on figuring out riddles and puzzles that one might place in a quest. Would you ever be keen on having some actually difficult anagrams or puzzles that you could try to solve together like you tried in the last release even if breaking the puzzle might not give you much in terms of rewards? Although nothing is set in stone, I do fancy making puzzles some times.

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March 06, 2015

An Uncertain Future

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March 03, 2015

Sulen'Eska Finale - Coming Soon

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January 16, 2015

DragonRider War

We return to Sulen'Eska this week and it's time for war! With your character stuck undercover, though, a very special someone will be taking your place in the battle!

Tomix, Verlyrus, and Ash have worked very hard to create this new class and new monsters for the DragonRider War! Log in now to check out the beginning of the end of Eukara's Sulen'Eska Saga!


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September 05, 2014

Prison Brawl!

Sofist is not happy… Not happy at all.
For all he knows and cares, and that Private Bradley lets him know, there’s been a brawl in the cafeteria. A real brawl.
That’s unacceptable. It doesn’t matter who it is, the lowest weakling or the best soldier, the soldiers garrisoned at the Runed Fortress get into fights, outside of the training facilities, serious fights, under and only under the command of the Head Jailer. No exceptions. Those who do not respect that guideline… well, it bodes no good for them.
But you have to bear with that. Whatever happens, you need to get through that gate, the gate that leads to the Third Floor and the Elite Patrol is the key. It’s part of your mission. To rescue the Vind’s ally. In this week’s quest, you have to convince Sofist to get you onto the Patrol the hard way. Make it or break it.

And now, a message from... someone. Be warned, it contains some spoilers.  Don’t read if you haven’t completed the quest.
Are you sure?
All right.
Mysterious note
A breeze blows with the warmth not all to different of that of a smile.
Two weeks.
Both a long and short time, isn’t it? On one hand, two weeks can go by in flash, making one wonder where time went. Time flies when you are busy, especially when you are surrounded by the folks you know and love. On the flip side, if you are alone, if you are away and distant from those you love… Two weeks can be quite a bit longer, can’t it?
Quite possibly.
Two weeks during which Mritha goes from dreading her impromptu position of leadership to cementing and adapting her role to acting as the de facto leader of the Vind. Just in time as well as Seallah is not idle either. The defector Dragonriders have been gathering; it is only a matter of time before another attack occurs. The Vind has little choice: either wait for the drop to be gotten on them or take the initiative and take the fight to the defectors...
Without you. There is no time to wait. You have your mission and they have theirs...
Eukara will tell you more about what is to come though. Prison Brawl marks the end of the Espina Rosa series before the Third Level… or almost. There might be a small quest or cutscene that will serve as the prologue to the descent into the Third Floor. Possibly, however otherwise you have completed this part of the Espina Rosa chain. Eukara will have the pleasure to introduce the next quest in the Sulen’eska series. The Dragonrider War.
The warmth of the breeze fades.

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June 27, 2014


Talk to Mritha in Sulen’eska to continue your adventure infiltrating the Runed Fortress! You’ve found the Third Level door, but not the way in. You’ll have to investigate the Cafeteria and see if you can find out anything from the other Rose Soldiers! Good luck!   

Edd Armor 
With this week’s quest, you are now able to choose between two different Edd Armor Classes. A new, stronger version is available, but you can still pick the older version for more challenging fights! The Runed Fortress quest has been updated and will equip players with the new version. 

And now for a mysterious note....

A gale of emotions, images and feelings flood your mind. They come together and materialize into a scene that unfolds before you.

A Rose Soldier sat alone at an empty table. Other, miscellaneous bunches of soldiers partook in lively chatter and eating at the tables around him yet he made no effort to join them. He twitched uncomfortably, a timid stare fixed upon the table top as if too nervous to watch anything else.

Another soldier walked up to the table. His gate was steady, his air indifferently confident. If anyone nearby noticed him, they paused slightly at his passing, intimidated by his form that was taller and brawnier than theirs. The soldier put on a beaming smile as he dropped a bowl of food before the lone one.

''Here you go, Paul! Fresh from the cook's cart!''

The nervous boy flinched for a moment, staring in surprise at the bowl, up at the other soldier and back at the bowl again. It was not long before a great, sincere smile stretched itself across his lips.

''I don't know what to say, Vince. Ever since I came in, you've haven't stopped being nice to me even though I'm a complete nobody! You're the best!''

Vince waved a hand dismissively, seemingly embarrassed.

''Hey, hey! It's nothing! Gotta look out for new guys after all.''

Paul replied only with a small, shy nod. His eyes turned back towards his bowl as he inspected its content with a curious eye.

The bowl's contents were quite unlike what he expected. Although Paul has only been a short time at the facility, the opportunity to ascertain that the Head Chef was a marvelous cook had already been bestowed upon him. Whispers of the name ''Gaston'' had reached his ear but not yet the sight of the character. The bowl before him instead held a strange, lumpy grey purée. Paul was further enervated as, in an idle moment, he thought, but would swear he must have been mistaken, he caught a glimpse of movement from the food.

''So… what is it?'' inquired Paul, a hint of embarrassment in his own voice.

Vince's smile redoubled in vigour

''It's the Chef's Specialty!''

''Oh, I see.''

Vince gave a confident nod and added.

''I gotta go and get to work, Paul. See ya and have a good lunch!''

With a wave, Vince started his way off.

''Thanks again, Vince!''

''No problem!''

Paul's attention went back to his meal. He stared for a moment, shrugged, grabbed his spoon and dug in.

''Oh well…'' thought he. ''Even if this turns out to taste as good as it looks, it can't be that bad, can it?''

Paul grabbed a spoon full and, with little hesitation, swallowed.

At the other end of the room, a malicious smirk drew itself on Vince's face.

Paul drew the spoon back from his purple with blue polka dots face that was not so oddly coloured a moment ago. Nothing occurred for an moment and then his eyes suddenly bulged and he dropped to the floor like a stone. The audible ''thump'' he made finally drew the attention of the soldiers around him. Someone cried ''Medic!'' as they hastily formed a circle around him.

''Have a good lunch, Paul!'' muttered Vince with heavy mockery.

A raucous laughter echoed as his form faded into the corridor.

Another soldier watched the scene and sighed. Some part of him wished he had done something while another, more reasonable one he at least liked to think, knew that it would have done no good. If anything, it would do him more harm than anything else. Resigned, Sam made his way to his own table hoping only that Vince would not pick on him today.

The last of the gale passes and with it remnants of the scene swept away.

AdventureQuest Worlds
The Evolved DragonLord Armor has been added to the AQW arsenal but you must be upgraded in DragonFable in order to unlock it! If you're a fan of both games make sure to check it out this weekend!

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March 22, 2014


The Latest Sulen'eska Quest is live! Travel the Swordhaven Path and pass inspection to get to the notorious Runed Fortress! (Note: You might have to redo Mission:Improbable to get the next quest to open! We had to make an adjustment to the quest string.)

Brand new rings await if you can sneak inside!


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October 11, 2013


Visit with Kara in Sulen'Eska to get started on the next quest and help save Maeve's Fairy Court from the Rose!

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August 16, 2013

The Fairy Court

Maeve the Fairy Queen needs your help! She's sent for reinforcements but the Rose is still making it's way towards her Court!

The next Sulen'Eska release is live! Just talk with Kara Su'Lema in Sulen'Eska to get started. You can talk with Wiatr, the elf with the red wings at the beginning of the mushroom stairs, to have him fly you right to Kara.

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August 15, 2013


Get ready for more Sulen'Eska this Friday!

DragonFable SulenEska

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July 12, 2013

After the War

The war is won... but it was close! Log in now to help with the recovery effort and to see how bad it could have been!


Dracelix also has a little promo for you this Friday as well! He's been working on some backgrounds for Tomix and we have just a taste of it for in the DNs for today! 


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June 21, 2013

Dragon Rose War!

It's time for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Sharpen your blades and get ready to rumble because the Freedom Camp, its magical refugees, and the Vind protecting it are under attack from TWO enemies! Will you fight against the Dragons who want to reclaim their dravir minions? Or will try to throw back the Rose who want to kidnap and shackle the clawkin?

Each side has it's own war meter and whichever finishes first will determine what the final reward will be! Though, there will be only one boss and one victor.... but will it be the Vind defenders?

Third Birthday Present!
Your third present is now live! FREE bank storage for any Dragon Amulet items! Enjoy! 

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June 14, 2013

Freedom Fighters

This week there's a new quest in Eukara's Sulen'Eska saga! You'll finally find who those mysterious Vind Agents are, you'll get to meet the Clawkin Matriarch and meet some new, more scaly, freedom fighters!

Pellow Village
The Gate to Pellow Village is now open! You can head over and talk with Aegis or visit with Tomix and see the beginnings of his new Void Shop! 

Iron Update!
Cronix has updated the background of You Need More Iron in your Diet! 

Second Present!
It's June 14th, so time for a new present! Cronix and Dracelix have made new adult dragon pieces to customize your titan dragons with! Head to Sunbreeze Grove to try them all out!


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June 04, 2013

June is Birthday Month!

This Saturday is DragonFable's 7th birthday and we're going to be celebrating all month long!


We're going to kick off the celebration this Friday by giving everyone 200 free Dragon Coins! That's just the beginning too, who knows what other fantastic gifts you'll get this month?! (I dooooooo!)

Cronix is making a special scythe for the seventh birthday. It's going to have dragons and gold and elements and all sorts of amazing crazy stuff! Like AQW's UltraHat, this scythe is going to be super expensive and super exclusive since, once Cronix gets it finished, it'll only be available until the end of June!

Tomix also has a sneak peek for you today of two new NPCs! Just who could these dangerous, mysterious, incredible Vind Agents be? You'll might just find out next week, in the next installment of Eukara's Sulen'Eska saga!

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May 28, 2013

Tuesday With Tomix: Ravenloss

This week Tomix has a few Ravenloss teasers for you! These feature music if you click on the note too!

Tomix also made a slight update to the town of Sulen'Eska! If you clear cache, you should be able to hear the difference! 

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May 24, 2013

Facing Z

This week Eukara presents another entry into the Sulen'Eska saga! Now that Elanee is safe, it's time to face off against the maker of the magical shackles... Z! Will you be able to save the Clawkin and destroy Z?

Rolith had a lot of fun programming this fight, so watch out! Z and his creatures have a few tricks up their sleeves!

Bag Slots
You can now visit Cysero in his Superstore of Savings and upgrade your bags to hold 110 items! 

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May 23, 2013

The Mysterious Z

This week, you'll catch up with Kara and finally face the mysterious Z... Are you ready to fight his latest twisted creations?

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May 17, 2013

Rescue of Elanee

It's time for a prison break! Talk with the Kara SuLema in the treetops of Sulen'Eska to get started on your mission to rescue Elanee and the captured Clawkin!

Book 3 Easter Egg
There's a new path to a hidden statue somewhere in Falconreach! Will you be first to find the amazing, lifelife statue carved by Tomix himself?! 

Enchanted Dragon Set
Cronix has created a wicked new dragon set carved from the scales of the Great Energy Dragon, Vorgritian!


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May 10, 2013

Where There's Smoke...

This week the head of the martial forces of the Rose, General Akanthus, finally makes his appearance in game! You'll also finally see the person responsible for the magical shackles branded with "Z"!

Mother's Day
This Sunday we'll have our annual Mother's Day Shop! Tomix has some gorgeous weapons that he's getting ready for the day! Make sure you do something nice for Mom too!


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January 24, 2013

More Elvish Updates!

Dracelix and Cronix have both been working hard on new side facing NPCs for the hidden village of Sulen'Eska!

Sulen'Eska is still a little ways off, as Dracelix finds the time to craft the village itself with Eukara. Soon you'll be helping this group of rebels fight though!

In the meantime, there is one wind elf in Falconreach, Sielu! This talented blacksmith will be seeing some new additions to his shops this week as well!

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