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March 20, 2014

ChronoZ Update!


BoxcatZ here!

This is the story of a cat and a box, and their quest to find a planner.

This morning, I woke up and thought to myself, "You know what you need? A planner to keep track of everything so you aren't caught by surprise when something needs to be done the next day!"

"Good idea," I told myself.

Naturally, I strolled over to the nearest bookstore and demanded to see their finest planner.

"We don't have any in stock," I was told.

"You see, it's that time of year when the yearly ones have sold out, but the 18 month ones haven't arrived yet. Try coming back in a month."

A month! Who knows what I'll have forgotten to do by then?

Being the resourceful boxcat that I am, I immediately returned to my box and converted it into a time machine. (All it takes is a marker and some imagination!)

I promptly set off for 1 month in the future in order to secure a precious planner.

Unfortunately, I must not have set the box flaps correctly, because I ended up in some sort of orangey swirly place. The blue carpet was nice and cushy though.

And then I saw them.

ChronoZ wearing heroes! A guy and a girl, looking as ChronoZ as can be!

They were arguing about something, but I was too far away to hear, so I scooted closer.

"blahblahblah...blah... new skills.. blah blah..."

It was suddenly clear to me! My time travelling escapade had cost these ChronoZ heroes their new skills since I wasn't around to code them! Abandoning my quest for a planner, I turned back the flaps on my box and sailed back to present time.

Plannerless, I got down to work.



The ChronoZ armor has recieved an update!

Better flavor text (fewer calories, more flavor!), tweaked numbers, squashed bugs, and 3 awesome new skills await!
Other than some fine tuning of numbers and some bugs that have escaped me, this should be the general feel of the final armor.


New skills:

Blink forward: Attack twice in a row after using this skill. May interact oddly with potions. (I suggest this + Bow + Bow for a quick multi. But I'm sure you'll find other crazy ways to use it! Drinking potions does not count toward the two turns.)

Reverse Time: Instantly heal half of your health and mana!

Kick: Stops your opponent from fleeing. But using the power of time.


Let me know on the forums if you end up breaking anything!

Tags: Verlyrus Story Time

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