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August 25, 2010

Ravenloss returns in 2 weeks!

It's that kind of Sneak Peek day when we show you something WE'RE really excited about!  And we hope YOU are, too!

With the Nythera Saga ending this week, that means we can return to finishing the other side storylines we've already begun: The Clashening chain and the Ravenloss Saga!

There will be a brand new Lim-laden, Cysero-soaked Clashening quest next week while most of the AE team is at Dragon*Con. (I finished this quest parodying a famous paradoxical thought experiment ahead of time for JUST this reason!)  And the week after the Clashening comes back, you'll see the return of the Ravenloss Saga!  We're very excited about this; it's been such a fun chain to build!  So for your Sneak Peek this week, we have a gloom-filled glimpse of one of the backgrounds from the next Ravenloss quest!

Are you up for  venturing into the dimly-lit and deserted depths of the Dark Tower Pentientiary?  Get ready to start the hunt for Riadne and the Icicle Key in two weeks

I hope that's whetted your appetite for some of the releases in the coming weeks!  We'll also see the return of the DragonsGrasp quest chain starting next week!  Get ready to have fun, because we are going to be throwing some seriously awesome releases your way!

And if you want to join in ALL the fun we'll be having, now's the perfect time to upgrade your account!  DragonLords get the best weapons and some of the most amazing battles and storylines in DragonFable, not to mention perks like Titan battles and getting to customize your very own Dragon companion!

We appreciate all our players (you guys ROCK!), but the DragonLords keep our game going and the server hamsters fed so we strive to make sure that when you buy a Dragon Amulet for your character, you are getting the very best game we can make for you! 

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August 04, 2010

There's no a-Voiding these skills!

Nythera levels up!
In this week's Nythera quest, she'll unlock and learn her Void skills (though you won't be able to USE them until next week).  Khelios and Tomix are working together to make these skills SUPER-awesome, and we wanted to give you some information about them!


Summon an Abyss Fiend!

  • Abyss Fiend: Summon an Abyss Fiend to do damage to your opponent! 1 hit with +20 accuracy that does THREE times the damage of a normal hit!
  • Rapture: This will let Nythera cast a javelin to do two hits to the enemy: 1st hit does 1.5 times the damage of a normal hit, and the second will do damage over time.
  • Void Syphon: VS damages the enemy and heals Nythera's HP and MP by half the damage dealt.
  • Abyssal Corruption: 4 hits of damage, each doing 125% damage to the enemy.

I've seen some of the skill animations, and they will blow your mind and stun your senses; they're some of Tomix's most blast-iful work yet!

Enjoy the Sneak Peek of Nythera skills and we'll see you on Friday!

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July 21, 2010

Peeking at the DragonMage

We've got silhouettes and Photoshops! It's a sibilant Sneak Peek THIS week!
Lets dive right in to an all-Nythera Saga Sneak Peek!  First up is this pretty baby, the newest Void monster! 

Bet you can't guess where Nythera will encounter it!  No, really, you won't be able to guess!  It's not where you think, unless you're thinking of what I'm thinking of.  And in that case, you're correct!  ARE you thinking what I'm thinking of?  I'm not even sure what I'm thinking of sometimes!

THAT was the silhouette I talked about earlier.  Up next is the Photoshop!  Tomix has drawn up his vision of the Void-mage Nythera for you while he was sick.  (Doesn't he EVER stop working?!)  This awesome picture is sure to capture the hearts of Nythera fans everywhere!

And if you'd like a larger version of the picture, just click on this link!  Tomix and I talked about making this into a desktop wallpaper.  Would any of you be interested in having that available?  If it's something you'd like, just let us know and we'll see what we can do!

I know I said this was a sneak peek...
But sometimes we get so excited about something going on in our personal lives that we just can't help sharing with you guys!  You're the friends we've never met but can't help talking to every couple days or so! 

And with that, I'd like to tell you about an DF-related addition to my family!  If you follow my Twitter page, you've seen that I got a brand new kitten yesterday. (Pictures on the Twitter page!) She's adorable, and she already has an NPC in DragonFable!  Her name is Katadiki (but we call her Kata for short), which means "Doom" in Greek.  She is all black with gold eyes.  You know what THAT means.... Doomkitten! (People were Twittering about re-doing the DoomKitten fight to celebrate. Yay!)

I brought her into the Secret Underground Lab yesterday after getting her at the shelter (rescuing an animal makes you a wonderful person.  Save a cat or dog if you can!), and everyone was oooh-ing and aaah-ing until she fell asleep on Phaedra's (Safiria's poodle) doggie bed.  And since Ai No Miko brought HER puppy into the Lab yesterday, it was an all-pet day at the Lab!  (The sounds of barking and meowing echoed through the halls of the Lab.) So much fun!

Have a happy Wednesday and we'll see you on Friday!

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July 14, 2010

New Design Notes System is live!

And the first post we'll make with it is with today's Sneak Peek!
Now, you may have noticed the tags under all of this month's DN entries. That's the new system! What's REALLY nice about it is that before we had to go into a web design program and use things like HTML and macros for shortcuts and all sorts of fiddling around to make things juuuuuuust right. And, as you may have noticed, very occasioanally the Design Notes page would explode and things would look all wonky. But those days are a thing of the past with this new, SHINY* system!

This sneak peek DN is a test of the new system AND a preview of what's to come this week!

Time for the Sneak Peek!
This week we'll have two brand-new quests for you! In the first, you'll be journeying to the village of Bask, where that nefarious felon crashlanded! But watch out for booby traps! (This warning is not a diversion. Or is it? Nope, definitely not.)

I bet you recognize THIS mysterious, shadowy figure. Well, you'll be seeing HER again this week. Get ready to watch out or get out!

Nythera gets her wings!
Normally, it's a pilot or flight steward who "gets their wings" but not THIS week! Nope, Nythera is gaining access to her Dragon magic at long last! And with it will come FOUR new skills (VERY pretty skills!) full of white and purple majesty, as is only fitting for Nythera!

She'll also learn her ultimate destiny as it relates to the Creatioux and Decadere. Will YOU be there to learn it with her? Log in this weekend to see!

Artix asks a question!
I was sitting around the DragonFable/AQWorlds table today with Rolith and Beleen and Lim when Artix walked in. He started looking through some of the comics that Beleen has been pulling from the current contest.**

He paused, cocked his head as if listening to some far-away music, and turned to us. "What is the best critical hit in any of our games?" he asked us. His example was a sneevil punching a gorillaphant. We threw out some suggestions (like the Light girl giving Ash a wedgie in DF and the town of BattleOn falling onto the bunny in AQW) but he REALLY wanted us to ask YOU! So here I am, coming to you guys for input.

What is- or would be- the best, most critical hit between the player character and a monster? Or even between one monster and another?  We're not looking for what the highest number you got during a crithit, we're looking for what situation could best be described as a Critical Hit.

Yes, this IS for a secret project. And yes, you WILL learn about it soon!

The NPCs, the Secret Underground Lab's very own band
Every now and then the band breaks out their instruments and starts rockin' away. You might remember our Christmas card cookie hit from back in December of 2009. I got to do the backup vocals on THAT (who doesn't love a good rock opera about cookies?!) and back before I went on vacation, Warlic and Artix asked if I'd do some more for the a different secret project.

So today Warlic and I squeezed into the recording studio (it's between the Mechquest room and the DragonFable/AQWorlds room) and got geared up to make NOISE! I apologized to Beleen and Lim (I was about to warm up, and if you've never heard a soprano doing sirens to warm up- and they are EXACTLY what they sound like- then you haven't really ever grabbed your ears in pain lived!) and got on my headphones while Warlic fired up the computer and adjusted the microphone to meet my mouth.

Then he put on the new track from the NPCs and I started to belt! We did a couple takes, adjusted some things, and I sang some more. After we finished, I had the following thought: Not only do I get to make video games for work thanks to you guys, but I get to sing, too! You rock! (And we like to, too!)

Have a great week, and see you Friday!

* Oooooh, shiiiiiiiiiiiny.  /distracted
** You guys drew some funny, FUNNY things!***
*** We are fat but we are strong!

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