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March 23, 2011

HeroSmash Alpha Phase 3: Open to ALL DragonLords!

Are you ready to SMASH, heroes? Alternatively, if you're prefer villainy, are you ready to smash heroes?! (See why punctuation is so important?) But enough grammatical gabbing, we have a game to promote!

So pull on your power-pants and grab your gaming gear because HeroSmash is opening Phase 3 of it's Alpha test today for ALL DragonLords! That's right, any Dragon Amulet or other AE membership, Adventure Coin, Battle Point, or Varium purchase* linked to your MASTER ACCOUNT will get you into HEROSMASH phase 3 test today!

The Alpha test will determine which player becomes a MAIN VILLAIN (and HERO!)! Featuring all new customizable, stylized “Vinyl” super characters, a “combine any powers you want” combat system and an open-ended, player-driven storyline that will turn a few lucky players into immortalized major game super villians and heroes!

Like EPIC ALPHA RARES? How about Alpha Achievements on your character page? If that's for you, then the HeroSmash Alpha Phase 3 test is where you want to be! SMASH through the bad (or good) guys, query cunning characters to unlock quotable quests, and dive into a world of deception and massive (or SMASH-ive) mayhem!

So, what's on the agenda? Glad you asked! We will be introducing 8+ skills in today's first test of the customizable mix-and-match skill system. We are adding a shop containing all of these skills in the center of town.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there's just one catch: You need to have your DragonLord account linked to a Master Account on our Portal site.

You can read Artix's Play by Play leading up to the release here!


* But NOT Dragon Coin, Nova Gem, or Z-token purchase

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January 13, 2011

HeroSmash Stress Test open to ALL!

This is what we call a Stress Test…. so let’s see if we can ACE it… or bomb it?

Ohhh yeah, you read correctly. HeroSmash is NOW open to everyone for a limited time! As we draw closer to Thyton’s Live Drawing Contest, we thought it would be a great idea to crash NOT ONLY AQWorlds servers… but also HeroSmash’s!

So while you are waiting for us to give Thyton a pep-talk right before the AQWorlds in-game drawing event streams LIVE from his desktop… head on over to HeroSmash and get your hero-ing on!

Remember folks, this is a STRESS TEST and it could be closed at any time. But in the meantime… and if the servers hold... anyone and everyone can play HeroSmash right now!

Now that’s what I call SUPER!


(borrowed from the super-awesome Beleen's heroic efforts on the AQWorlds Design Notes page!)

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December 06, 2010

Frostval is coming... to town! *sings*

That's right, heroes and heroines, Frostval is starting THIS WEEK! And boy do we have a fun game-plan laid out for this year. During last year's Frostval was full of hugs; this year's? Well... I'm not going to spoil the overarching plot of this Frostval (sorry!), but it's full of things that most of you SQUEEEE about whenever you see them!

We've also got the next Ravenloss quest coming! It's been a while since the last quest release in it, so let me refresh your memory.  When we left off, you were imprisoned in a prison (of course) and you finally found a way out, but did NOT find Riadne. So now it's time to make your escape and the only way to do THAT is through the sewers! Think happy thoughts, because you definitely won't be smelling happy smells!

And IF Ghost can squeeze the ectoplasm into action, we'll ALSO have a new walkaround path for you sometime this week.  But that's just a MAYBE! He's got a LOT to do for the cutscenes for both releases; Ghosts might not be able to die again, but they can drop from exhaustion!

HeroSmash Alpha Test Begins Tomorrow!

BattleOn Games' newest MMO, HeroSmash opens its doors to character creation and Alpha Testers tomrrow.

If you missed out on Alpha testing AQW, you DO NOT want to miss out on Alpha testing our newest game!

There are some pretty reasonable limitations to character creation and Alpha Testing as Artix mentioned is his earlier AQWorlds Design Notes post.

You will need a BattleOn Master Acccount to create your character and/or Alpha Test. Without a Master Account you won't be able to do anything.

You will be able to create your character AND claim your name if you have ever spent a SINGLE DOLLAR on ANY BattleOn game account that you have tied to your Master Account. If you don't have that account tied to your Master Account then you will not be able to create your character.

If, and only if, you have a current, active AQW MEMBERSHIP tied to your Master Account then you will be able to enter HeroSmash and help us Alpha Test.

Please keep in mind that this is just a bare bones version of HeroSmash. We have a long way to go before we event get to Beta Testing and we NEED your feedback to lead us unto Beta phase and make the game great, but keep your expectations reasonable, and above all else have fun.

As Artix mentioned, we will only be Alpha Testing on ONE server which means that only about 1500 people at a time will be able to play. If the server is full, KEEP TRYING! You may be the next to enter the game as soon as someone logs out or lags out.

We have some great and horrible stories from AQW's Alpha Phase. We expect huge disasters in the HS Alpha. HS isn't scheuled for full release until NEXT SUMMER so Alpha Testers will not only be the first ti test HeroSmash, they will be the ONLY people to test it for a long while.

I'm sure there will eventually be treats in HeroSmash for those who help test, but who knows what they will be. Maybe you can tell US what to give to Alpha Testers in our HeroSmash Forums!

The BattleOn Holiday Sweepstakes

It ends THIS FRIDAY, and with HeroSmash on the way there is NO REASON to not have a BattleOn Master Account. Get one. Friday we will have the drawing and (if we can) we will announce the winners on the AQW Design Notes!

Happy Monday, and here's to the start of a happy holiday season!  I've got all MY presents wrapped; how about you?  (Rolith doesn't have ANY presents wrapped. Slacker! :D)

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