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November 05, 2010

Fixing, hunting, reading, oh my!

Happy Friday! 

It's definitely Fall today, even in Florida, and you can see pumpkins decorating homes and stores all throughout the area, so what better time to release a Gourd Hunt? 

Rare gourd Rewards will be dropping from MANY quests throughout the game from this Friday to next, so you'll want to replay as many quests as possible in order to get your rare, never-seen-again gourd items! 

Here's what you'll be hunting for:

  • Shiny Gourd (level 10) and Mighty Shiny Gourd (level 40)
  • Flaming Gourd (30) and Purple Flaming Gourd (50)
  • Platinum Pumpkin (20) and Glowing Platinum Pumpkin (60)

There are three new items which the pumpkins will grow into, a low and high level of each, all made by True Mortal!

If you don't feel like farming (because you don't really HUNT gourds, do you?) for the gourds, then we have a solution for you!  You can talk to Cysero outside his Superstore of Savings in Falconreach and just BUY yourself some gourds!

Of course, Nature takes her time, so the Dragon Coin gourds will also take a week to grow into the items. But for those of you with the Coins and a lack of time, this is a great way to ensure that you get a chance to grab these awesome items!

From time to time, players in the DF boards on our forum ask us to take a week off and fix a bunch of bugs.  Well, we can't just take a week off, we'd miss releasing new stuff for you too much, but this we DID sit Rolith down in front of his computer and have Verlyrus send him a list of easily duplicatable (and some NOT so easily duplicatable) class bugs to fix.  And fix them he did!  Aelthai also did a ton of fixing, while Verylrus coordinated testing and keeps track of all the bugs we let slip into the game.

The list might not look long, but a fair bit of coding and a TON of testing (thanks to everyone who ran through the new classes last night with Rolith, Verlyrus, and Aelthai) went into these bug fixes! Go Team Codemonkey!

Here's a list of what's been corrected:

  • The Zhoom guest no longer does zero damage.
  • Mage and DragonMage's Thorny Shield no longer causes a freeze when attacked by a pet in PvP.
  • Mage and DragonMage's Thorny Shield no longer decays in power over multiple battles.
  • DragonRogues using Scythes can now use the Stealth/Surprise combo.
  • Fixed an infinite stun exploit with DoomKnight.
  • DoomKnight's Wake skill works properly now.
  • DoomKnight meets 9.0 updates and the new class design.
  • DoomKnight added to armor closet
  • All easily duplicatable DoomKnight bugs are fixed (until you find more!)

And as if all THAT weren't enough, Artix Entertainment has launched it's very first full-length novel, The Dragon's Secret, written by Lyra Trice Solis, a staff writer for AdventureQuest!  It's available RIGHT NOW in HeroMart, our online merchandise store!

The novel will cost $14.95 plus shipping, and come with a WIDE variety of reward items in AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest Worlds! 

For DragonFable, we've got this adorable little tentacled sucker, a baby kraken pet! (I named mine Gertrude Melinda Octavia BlackHeath III, Destroyer of Ships and Hearts!)

For a summary of what The Dragon's Secret is about, check out this DragonFable Design Notes post!  It's the perfect size to read in bed or in the car.  But if you're going to read in class, don't blame us if you get piled with extra homework as a punishment! (But this novel is TOTALLY worth an extra paper assignment or two!)

Let us know what you think of it by posting on our forums here!

Have a great weekend, and if we're lucky, we'll see you at ShadoCon!  Artix Entertainment staff will be at our booth there ALL weekend long!  We hope you stop by to say hi, but if you don't live in the Tampa Bay area, we're always happy to talk with you on Twitter!


PS: Mogloween will be leaving the game on Tuesday, so this weekend is your last chance to get all those awesome Resident Sneevil rares!  They'll NEVER be offered in-game again!

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