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March 23, 2015

Serenity and Discord

Baron Jaysun Valtrith has reformed.

Consuming the innocent soul of Falconreach’s innkeeper Valtrith, in one foul swoop, proved exactly how evil he was. The damage to Serenity’s soul began over a month ago, as it was his cultists that planted a lone Doom weapon in the attic of the Inn.  As time passed, the whispers from that weapon slowly but surely worked on Serenity’s sanity until she was easily lured to his Castle in a desperate attempt to find relief. The woman who, when she first arrived in Falconreach, was so easily able to get rid of stacks of Doom weapons, who was always warm and welcoming, who always seemed so incorruptible… the Baron managed to corrupt with whispers from the Darkness. Valtrith made Serenity’s soul his very own evil artifact.

He also hit the hero where it hurt, making this battle very personal.

Like in any good horror movie, the hero is going to have to find this monster’s weakness so we can take him down. Will it be as easy as just forgetting him (Freddy), walking at a slightly brisk pace (Micheal), or telling his Mom (Jason)? Even though Jaysun was inspired by these iconic monsters... he’s absorbed so many evil artifacts does he even have a weakness anymore?

Since the very first Friday the 13th war there have been whispers about the original Jaysun, who was a great and terrible warrior. Finding his tomb and seeing what it holds could help you in your battle against his reincarnated form. I don’t recommend finding and opening the tomb of a monster on Friday the 13th though… maybe Friday the 12th… or Friday the 14th would be safer? You’re going to need the help of a treasure hunter to find it too….

As this storyline progresses you’ll find out more about the Baron and his original form, more about the Doom weapons and the Darkness spirit that you only know as Caitiff, and more about the mysterious woman with amnesia that once threw away an entire cache of darkness weapons… will you learn enough to end the Friday the 13th threat once and for all though? 

Tags: geopetal Serenity Friday the 13th Caitiff Baron Valtrith

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March 13, 2015

Serenity Before The Storm

For the past month, ever since she uncovered the lone, forgotten, and dusty Doom Weapon in the attic, poor Serenity has been plagued by bad luck, whispers, and unseen eyes watching her every move! Slowly and surely she's been losing her nerve and questioning her sanity... and when a mysterious person in a purple robe came to her with promises of relief? She headed directly into the woods without so much as a question! 

Her savior is not who they seem though and poor Serenity is now in more danger than ever! This Friday the 13th, it's finally time to go on the attack. It's time to head to Castle Valtrith in the Doomwood, take out those cultists, destroy the Baron, and save Serenity! 

I just hope luck is on your side....

DragonFable Serenity Friday the 13th

Take the battle to the Baron, warmongers! This war will be timed, there will be challenges, and there will be consequences if you don't make it to the Castle in time! Remember, you're on the attack this time and the cultists? They will be defending themselves!

You have until March 20th, 7pm server time! Battle On!

Tags: Friday the 13th Serenity Unlucky geopetal

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March 09, 2015

A Crumpled Page...

DragonFable Diary

Tags: Friday the 13th geopetal

February 13, 2015

Heroes Heart Day the 13th

Greetings! The Ficus and its friend, Buckaroo the Bonsai, have left on an adventure of their own to explore the 13th dimension, so now I am responsible for my own DN postings! (Congrats to anyone who got my little joke there over this week. +1 internet points to you!)

Big Daddy needs your help! The town of Amityvale has a BIG problem because Bubble has brought her sour mood there. Do whatever you can to make sure she doesn't make the whole town as angry as she is!

After that you'll need to head right back to Falconreach. As the sun sets the undead will march. An army is now poised to strike when darkness begins to fall. Drive them back hero, Falconreach is counting on you!

Tags: Ashendal Heroes Heart Day Friday the 13th None

Mr. Ficus
February 11, 2015

The Undead Gather

Greetins! Ashendal here once again! The Ficus and its new friend, who I found out is called Buckaroo for some reason, have been having fun over the past couple of days. Apparently they've been spotted doing all sorts of things including playing tennis! I'm not quite sure how two plants are able to play that and no one I asked really wanted to answer my question. Either way I'm able to post another update for you all!

There have been reports of undead massing in the woods around Falconreach. The town guards are holding them off but more seem to be showing up by the day. If they keep showing up at this rate there will be an army Friday! Dun dun DUUUUUN!!!!

I also recieved some info from Dracelix!

Greeting's players.

After much consideration of what item/npc to recreate in 3D, I've made my choice.
And the character is.......


I've only just started working on him so there's not much to show, but I do have a sculpt of a Dragon you can look at: 3D Dragon Sculpture!

And look out for a weapon or two I'll be releasing this week!


See you all Friday! Make sure to bring some Undead-Be-Gone and something to resist Pink!

Tags: Ashendal Dracelix Hero Heart Day Friday the 13th

Mr. Ficus
February 09, 2015

Sneaky Peaks

Greetings! Ashendal here! No, I haven't been taken over by the Ficus. I offered it a friend in the form of a Bonsai tree. My offering has pleased the Ficus enough that it is allowing me to post as it! (At least until I figure out how to pop out in a small little box of my own over there in the left corner.)

First up, there have been some people in Amityvale complaining about a cat. This one isn't in a box and it seemed VERY angry about everything. Some people even said that they thought they heard it mumbling about a few annoying people under its breath. Cats can't talk though, right?

There have also been a few townsfolk in Falconreach worried about Serenity. She's been acting very odd recently, jumping when people call her name and answering people who aren't there. It also seems like she's not getting much sleep. It could just be related to the undead slowly massing in the woods outside of town, but it could be something much worse.

I've also got a few other things to talk about!

First up, Tomix has given me something really cool to include as a preview! What could this be? Is it going to be a part of the AoT Armor?

It looks similar to a few things we've used before...hmmm.

Next, I just wanted to talk about armor saving. Yes, we know that it doesn't work for a lot of the new armors. Verlyrus and I don't have access to be able to fix that though. We have already requested one of the three people with access and the most free time to help us fix the issue, but it will take time. Since it's not a game breaking issue like everyone in the game not being able to log in or the game just deleting everyone's entire inventory, it's not top priority right now. We know it's an annoyance having to re-equip the armors from your inventory every time you log in or having to go to the NPC in some cases, but it will get fixed when someone with the access has time.

That's all I have for today! Check back later this week for a few more sneak peaks!

Tags: Friday the 13th Ashendal AoT Tomix

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June 13, 2014

Full Moon

It's DragonFable's 8th birthday week and it has been a busy one! We have stuff from Tomix, Oishii, Verlyrus, Ash, Dracelix, and Cronix this week!

DragonFable Friday the 13th Thursday and New Primals

Friday the 13th: Full Moon
Book 3 Amityvale is under attack! Were-creatures are stalking through Doomwood and they're intent on tearing down the town! There is one week to defeat all the werewolves, werebats, and wereligers... or Book 3 Amityvale will be destroyed! Thursday and her best friend, Raven, are going to need all the help they can get!

IF you can unlock the boss in time on Friday, then Book 3 Amityvale will be saved (and, after a few weeks of work to repair the damage, it will be added in game soon after)!

Earth, Water, and Fire Primal Skills
Ash and Verlyrus have been working on bringing you the lost Primal skills for DragonFable's birthday this year! You can log in now and head to Book 3 Sunbreeze to start questing for them! The quests are available when you talk to Elysia about gaining the Primal Skills!

I wonder how those adult primal skills will influence the kid verison of your dragon...! 

Ash has been working his fingers to the bone to smash and smoosh bugs too!

  • CCEDL sound and color customization now works
  • Male DoomKnight Break does 2 hits now, as intended 
  • Book 3 Ash no longer sticks on potion drinking
  • Book 3 Ash - Blade of Justice now working as intended
  • ChronoCorrupter no longer has a random grey cape

Special Present Still Coming!
Verlyrus has been working on an ultra secret, super cool, long awaited project as well! It won't be ready for you guys until closer to the end of summer but he'll announce what it is at the beginning of next week and then keep you updated on his progress as it comes together! 

Tags: Friday the 13th Amityvale War Challenge Primals geopetal

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September 16, 2013


Baron Valtrith has arrived! You guys defeated 3.5 million waves in just a week and even earlier than we expected!

Despite the win in the war, the cultists plan was successful and Baron Valtrith was summoned. A villain summoned with parts and possessions of some of Lore’s greatest villains! It’s definitely not the last you’ve seen of him either… Monstervania is coming this October!

This Wednesday Thursday be Talk Like A Pirate Day, Mateys! There be some seasonal rares returnin’ and new pirate-y things from First Matey, Cronix!

Ye and Tomix’ll be needin’ a Captain fer ye ship too. Methinks ye’ll be huntin’ fer one on Friday!

Water Gate Preview
The next Gate is still a little ways away but Eric and True Mortal have been working on some spectacular art for it!

DragonFable Water Gate Stoneheart FallEven Bigger Statues!

Quick Buy Badge
Never fear, the Quick Buy badge will appear on Wednesday for those you with the 13th 13th Scythe!

Tags: Friday the 13th TLAPD Ravenloss Stoneheart Fall geopetal

September 12, 2013

One Day

Tags: Friday the 13th None

September 10, 2013

Three Days Remain

We must finish our collection. We must be ready for his summoning. The 13th is almost upon us.

Tags: Friday the 13th None

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September 09, 2013

The War Goes On...

Two more cutscenes are now available to be unlocked, one at 40% and one at 50%! What are the cultists after next? And just what, or who, is coming on the 13th....

The 13th 13th Scythe will be available on Friday the 13th. The shop will go live at the 13th hour, of the 13th day of September (so 1:00 pm EST). There will be only a limited amount of these Evil scythes available, for 450 DC each!

DragonFable Friday the 13th Scythe

Tags: Friday the 13th LQS geopetal

September 06, 2013

Seven Days Remain...

Soon our search will be complete and we shall finally be able to complete the ritual. The time comes and soon evil shall rise!

The attack begins!

Tags: Friday the 13th geopetal

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September 05, 2013

The Time Draws Near

The attack will begin soon. Then nothing will stop the evil from rising.


Tags: Friday the 13th geopetal

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September 04, 2013

The 13th Scythe

Are there souls escaping from the scythe... is the darkness realm leaking out? Can you hear the blades screaming?

Don't miss your chance to get the latest LQS weapon, this Friday the 13th!

Tags: Friday the 13th LQS geopetal

September 03, 2013

Ten Days Left...

Ten days left until the collection is complete. Ten days until the final spell can be cast and he arises... ten days for the ultimate fusion of evil....

The Hero will begin their battle before that, though. Our minions have spread far and wide and they will attack... soon.

DragonFable Friday the 13th

Tags: Friday the 13th None

September 01, 2013

Thirteen Days....

Tags: Friday the 13th None

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August 28, 2013

The 13th 13th

On the day of DragonFable's thirteenth Friday the 13th, the darkness will rise again... Will you be ready to fight? Or will the one behind the mask take you down?

There will be a new Limited Quantity Shop on Friday the 13th as well.

Some say that thirteen souls are trapped in the Scythe and screaming to get out.... Some say that the darkness realm itself is somehow bleeding through the cracks in the bones.... All that we want to know is, are you brave enough to wield this wicked weapon?

Find out on Friday the 13th!

DragonFable Thirteen Scythe

Tags: Friday the 13th LQS geopetal

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July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Wrath of the 13th!

Gaaaaaaahhhhhhh! So much craziness this week! And still more is happening, right now, as I type this!!!!! Between Rolith being sick, have to roll to a different location and spotty connection it's the Revenge of the 13th!

Master of Puppets
The new quest is live though! Go and visit Yolande in Atrea check out the latest installment of the Chapter 2 arc. Will you be able to make it through Xan's volcanic fortress?

Friday the 13th strikes again! The bug that caused the skipping of the first cutscene and fight is now fixed! Now you will henceforth be called Xan until you logout or Rolith stops making fixes while sick, whichever comes first!

Wrath of Wargoth
The war is coming sooooooooon here! 

Tags: Wargoth War Friday the 13th geopetal

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April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Rising Fire

Since Akriloth's defeat and the destruction of the Elemental Orbs, the elemental realms have been out of balance. Fire is weak and Wargoth, a master of flame, is looking to take over. As the flames begin to rise again, will Wargoth be able to enter the world to rule over the ashes?

New monsters appear in the waves, the catapault is up and, in the DA only quest, you can fight as Xan!

Log in and BattleOn! The War Challenge from last Friday the 13th war is put forth! There are three Fire Imp Hats that will become available if you can defeat 5 million waves by Friday, April 20th, at midnight!

Tags: Friday the 13th War Challenge geopetal

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April 10, 2012

War and Spoilers!

War is Coming!
This friday is Friday the 13th... and those portals to the Atealean homeworld have been suspiciously quiet....  

Get ready to decimate leagues of fire monsters as Wargoth launches another assault on Lore. There are Fire Imp Hats waiting for you guys if you can make it to the boss in time!

Grenwog Spoilers!
If you're still having trouble hunting down eggs and wish for spoilers.... here's the list of Grenwog Pip locations! Highlight for the locations!

1. Oaklore > Sir Junn > The Sweetest Thing 
2. Dragesvard > Galenoth > Bear Facts 
3. Amityvale > Thursday > Yaga Stone Circle 
4. Hunter's Paradise > Karina > Troglomite 
5. Ash > Quests > Enchanted Grove (The Grove) 
6. Oaklore > Sir Ano > Major Mayhem 
7. Moonridge > Dragonfang Inn > Viamat > Quests > Moonridge Patrol 
8. Shadow of the Wind Village > Inn > Quests > Bad Bananas 
9. Popsprocket > Zapp > Gnomenapped?! (In quest: Right -> Right -> Up) 
10. The Locker > The Tower 
11. Ash > The Coral Reef 
12. Necropolis > Too Many Cooks 
13. Popsproket > Yix > Sitcom 
14. Lim > Lost Order 
15. Willowshire > Guardian Fortuna > The Temple (of Gloom) 
16. Sandsea > Zhoom > The Hard Way 
17. Necropolis > Artix vs. the Undead 
18. Nythera > Stocking the Shelves 
19. Shadow of the Wind > Walk through Fire 
20. Dragesvard > Long in the Tooth 
21. Warlic > Other Quests > Save Lymcrest! > Fetching Fire 
22. Oaklore > Vurrmen Ruins 
23. Hunters Paradise > Karina > Barrat

Tags: Friday the 13th Grenwog geopetal

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January 27, 2012

Rift War Won!

You guys did an absolutely amazing job finishing the Friday the 13th Rift War! All of you guys fought together and went through an insane amount of waves in the last hour bringing home victory for the War Challenge with just ten minutes to spare!

You guys literally beat us to the boss fight, after us having a crazy week at the office*! The imp pets were awarded in a special mini-quest with the new Ashen Squire monsters. Now though... now it's time for the boss! Tomix did an amazing job animating it and Rolith did some very mean things programming it. Tomix also made a wicked looking helm for the boss fight rewards!

Just a quick note, Rolith has adjusted the xp for leveling from 60 to 70. I've also fixed several items that were unsellable/undestroyable if you're looking to clear some inventory space. 

*Rolith got bogged down with server work and poor Tomix was sick on Thursday. D: 

Tags: geopetal Friday the 13th Rift War

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May 18, 2011

The Final 13th - the Race to 50%!

The war rages and the race is on! Sepulchure's army continues to attack Falconreach but you guys are holding the line! If you can reach 50% by 5 tonight not only will you get a new cutscene to further the story... but you'll also get a new set of weapons from True Mortal!

The Challenge has been set! Get to 50% by 5PM EST to get your hands on the fiery Obsidian Dragon set!

Tags: geopetal Sepulchure Friday the 13th War War Challenge

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August 26, 2010

An Uneasy Peace

The battle is won... but the war is far from over!

The zards have been beaten back, the sinister Yaw defeated. Where, and how the zards came to be is still unknown though, so the Zardhunter definately has his work cut out for him! The Friday the 13th Zard Invasion will officially end tomorrow though, which means if you haven't gotten your Rush of Zardlings or Boxar pet it's time for you to get in there and take down Yaw before they go rare! Don't stress too much though... the outbreak will continue this Mogloween!

Moonridge Shops!

A few weeks ago I asked what kinds of weapons you guys would like to see in the Moonridge shops. You guys responded with pages and pages (and paaaaaages) of suggestions! There does seem to be some confusion though, so I wanted to clear up a few points!

  • Regular items and items created through merges can't go in the same shop. So this chest won't contain any merge items.


  • We have *lots* of existing elements already so, for now, I've placed a moratorium on making more items with new elements. (So, sorry, no void weapons.)


  • Though we do have the capacity to make new types of accessories (like boots, gauntlets, bracers, earrings, etc) every new type of item we add is another thing you have to gear for, another thing you need inventory space for. Remember that free players only have 20 slots to start with. Keeping weapons of different elements, helms, capes, belts, rings, pets, and resources tends to eat up those slots pretty quickly. So in order for me to approve the introduction of a new type of equippable item... lets just say it'll take a really, really good argument for it.


  • There won't be anything going in that chest that will replace "X-item-type" for all time. ;P

What I would like to put in that chest (and in the Moonridge Armory) are reforged weapons for gold. So this means I'm looking for the answers to a couple questions:

  • Is there a particular element that's really hard to get a drop for?


  • Is there a gap in the existing weaponry (i.e. there are tofu-element scissor weapons from levels 1 to 35 and then from 50 to 60, but I can't find anything for level 40!)?


  • Is there weapon artwork you want to be able to use again (i.e. I loved the art for the Angel's Wrath, so I reforged it for Angel's Ire.)

Gold weapons, due to the fact that they're relatively easy to get compared to chasing a drop on a loot table, tend to have a slightly lower stat allocation and do slightly less damage. This chest will follow that same basic tenement, but I want to use it fill in gaps in inventories and to make weapons that will be useful as you finish leveling.  I also want reforge some of your favorite weapons so that you can wield that amazing artwork again! :)

So, for this Design Notes thread, try to think about the answers to those questions when you make your suggestions for both the regular free player shops and for the Dragon Amulet chest! (And, if you guys can make me a nice list of the forum favorites that's easy for me to go through... <3!)

Tags: geopetal Moonridge Friday the 13th Player Suggestions

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August 17, 2010

War Challenge!

So you guys pretty much shattered all expectations this weekend and hit 50% in the war Monday afternoon (beating Rolith in his coding frenzy to finish the zard cuisine, something that we were tossing around on Friday as a cool idea for fun battle buffs)! Since you guys took to my *cough* unofficial challenge  Saturday, I'm now going to put forth....

The Official 100% Zard Frenzy Challenge!

Reading through the war threads on the forums, it's become clear that you guys want a zard pet. So Ghost is going to take some time out of his busy schedule of making amazing things to make one (maaaaybe two) more amazing thing(s)... a Rush of Zardlings!

Why, yes, I did spend way too much time animating this random cutscene.

IF you can get the war meter to 100% before the release on Friday, then the Rush of Zardlings will be added to the loot table of the boss monster in addition to the other war goodies. If you guys don't make it, then those poor little zardlings will have to be content to play in whatever giant, empty box Ghost is going to trap them in until the next war.

Good luck all and BattleOn!

Tags: geopetal War Zards Friday the 13th

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August 15, 2010

War Report!

37%! You guys rock! (I am officially licensed to say that as a rock myself.) It's great to see how active the war threads* are with all of you coming together and cheering each other on! War poems, song suggestions and personal wave tallies abound!

ORIGINAL:  pokewanderer

Midday, and our heroes bombarded,
We must fight back before we are Zarded,
We must not leave with our hopes discarded,
So fight for your lives, as the clouds have parted...

The light shines on you...
You heroes are the last hope...

I really think you guys are going to beat Rolith to 50% too! :s So please make sure to keep that in mind, Rolith is going to need time to get the special DragonLord goodie coded!


* Add discussion of this to the current war thread please, to keep it all together for the brave AK's!

Tags: War Friday the 13th Zards Moonridge geopetal

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