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October 31, 2014

Mogloween 2014 Part 2

It's Mogloween night! That wonderful holiday of scares and frights!

Tonight we have the conclusion to this year's Mogloween! You'll find out the answers to a few questions, and you'll have several more questions once it's over! One will be answered in a couple months. (I've been told I shouldn't give spoilers but it might happen when things turn pink. Maybe. Possibly.)

The reward from the quest can be upgraded from the Cauldron Sister's in Croft for candy. You'll find that button in the "Treats" section. There are also plenty of new masks to collect this year! Tomix, Dracelix, and Chronix worked on them so I know you'll like them. (I like the Root one!)

The quest is a tad creepy, Tomix went extra creepy on the art and sounds, so I'd play it with the lights on if I were you! Enjoy!

Tags: Tomix Cronix Dracelix Ashendal Happy Mogloween

July 09, 2014

Two Guardians!

Cronix finished new Guardian's art:

And I'm working on new Aegis guest!

Tags: Tomix Cronix

July 08, 2014


Firstly, Cronix sent me his progress on the Guardian revamp (Yes, it's a guardian, some of you got it right!).


Secondly, Soulweavers everywhere ready your spiritlooms, the war is coming!

The void ship is getting closer to the Ynnungaap Core, and Aspar is desperate. Green, Blue and Red are gathering void creatures from all over the void in order to stop you from reaching their master!

Who knows what kind of tricks Aspar will use in this war. Are you willing to go as far as it takes to reach him?

And soon after the war is over, the grand finale of Tomix's Saga will take place!

Tags: Tomix Cronix Void Ship

July 03, 2014

Another revamp!

Cronix is working on completely remaking another old class! Can you guess which one?

Tags: Cronix Tomix

June 26, 2014

More art updates!

You get an art update. And you get an art update! Everyone gets an art update!!!

New Necromancer by me.


New Death Knight by Cronix.


New Zhoom by Dracelix. He's also making a NEW new art for ranger!

Tags: Tomix Cronix Dracelix

June 03, 2014

Rose Juggernaut!

Cronix made a new, dangerous Rose unit, the Rose Juggernaut!

It seems some of the gnomish families support the Rose.

Tags: Tomix Cronix

April 24, 2014


Today's sneak peek: a badge that you will be able to unlock in a near future!

Tags: Tomix Cronix

April 02, 2014

City in the clouds!

Here is a little preview of what's Cronix working on right now! It is the city of... of... Roosteriolanum?


The City of Moo?

Hmmm... do you like any of these names? Maybe you have your own idea of how it should be named?

Tags: Tomix Cronix

March 26, 2014

Enchanted ChickenCow!


Cronix is secretly working on a super secret class for you.

It's so secret, that I will post its name and skills for you to check out!



Tags: Tomix Cronix

March 19, 2014

Sneak Peek from Cronix!

This is Arester. He will be a class trainer, but what class could he possibly be able to improve?

Tags: Tomix Cronix

March 05, 2014

Wednesday with Cronix!

Today we will take a look at item sets created by Cronix. Sets that are probably giving away this week's release!

Tags: Tomix Cronix

February 27, 2014

Lots of new items!

Behold! Cronix made awesome new stuff for you for this week.

First, this week's rewards:


And a ChronoCorruptor set!

Tags: Tomix Cronix

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February 17, 2014

Hidden Cronix!

Cronix hopes you had a lovely time this weekend and, for this week only, he has a special surpirse for you! His NPC is somewhere in game with a special limited time shop with the Lovely Wings and Lovely Helm! 

Log in sometime this week to find the mysterious Cronix before he disappears into the ether again!

Tags: Hero's Heart Day Cronix geopetal

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November 13, 2013

Comedy or Tragedy?!

San Robin has written a new quest for the Book 3 Theatre in Falconreach! Will it be a comedy or a tragedy, though?

One thing is for certain, the rewards that Cronix has made are stupendous!

Tags: geopetal Cronix Falconreach

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August 06, 2013

Tuesday With Cronix!

Cronix is working ahead on a few new things for this Fall! As the nights grow longer, will you be ready for whatever crawls out of the darkness?

DragonFable NightSlayer

Tags: Cronix geopetal

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July 30, 2013

Tuesday With Cronix!

Today we have a preview of the rewards for the Cysero Apprentice quest on Friday! What better than fishy fish capes for a quest from Cysero?! Cronix has made some seriously awesome ones!

DragonFable Cysero Fish Capes
Goldfish, Fishfish and Stonefish!

There will also be new monsters from Cronix, explosions, things to not touch, explosions, more fish, implosions, and catching up with some old NPC's we haven't seen in a while!

Tags: geopetal Cronix Cysero

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July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Cronix!

Today is the mighty Cronix's birthday and, in celebration, he has many magnificent and mighty items for you! Just click the "Cronix Birthday" button in your Book of Lore to get to the shop and to also see a preview of his NPC! There's a scythe, helm cape and pet for sale! (With another potential pet coming soon!)

Cronix Time Traveler DragonFable

So, I have learned several things this week.

First, the DF team is apparently linked somehow or has disturbed some ancient artifact that has given us all bad luck. I shall be sacrificing a rubber chicken to Zuester Zeuster* tomorrow in an attempt to fix this.

Secondly, I am terrible at making monsters. I should leave this to the professionals (/cough Tomix and Cronix).

Thirdly, walking is harder than it looks.

I tried very hard to get you guys an awesome, short and sweet Cysero's Apprentice quest this week, so that Tomix could recover from being sick, then I had to go and attempt to break my face and several bones (luckily, I didn't succeed there). At the end of the day, though, I wasn't happy with how some of it turned out, especially since I lost time on it after my losing bout with the pavement.

So, I'm going to recruit Cronix tomorrow and get him to make pretty and awesome things and we'll work hard to get that quest to you this coming week (along with Tomix's quest, as long as he's feeling better)! I do want to apologize for not getting it to you this weekend though!

Thank you all for all the well wishes on the forums! <3

*/facepalm, thanks for spotting that, jgamer!

Tags: Cronix Birthday Sorry geopetal

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July 17, 2013

Sun God Set

If you've been thinking about picking up the Fallen Ice Dragon Set from the 2000 DC Package you have until the end of July! On August 1st, ice will give way to the sun!

Sun God Dragon Coin Package
The Sun God Set

Cronix has created the gorgeous Sun God Set that will only be available as a special bonus when you pick up the 2000 DC package!

Tags: geopetal Cronix DragonCoins

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June 26, 2013

War Challenge!

It's time to issue a war challenge! With three million to defeat on each front, the Freedom Camp is in dire need of your help! 

If, by midnight on Monday, July 1st, BOTH meters are at 75%, you'll get access to an amazing dragon inspired set created by Cronix!

This Friday's release will be additional quests and minigames to help you fight! I have a few lined up already but are there any war games that you guys miss and want to see again?

Fourth Present
What could it beeeeeeeeee? Find out Friday what the last gift of Birthday Month is! Also, remember, the Ultimate Dragon Scythe shop will disappear at the end of the month!

Eric Greydawn's Birthday!
Yesterday, the Kensai celebrated his birthday! So, today, he and True Mortal have a gift for you! Check out the Magister Shop in your Book of Lore!

Tags: Birthday War War Challenge Cronix True Mortal geopetal

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June 11, 2013

Tuesdays with Tom-, Cron-, and Dracel- -ix!

It's an art filled DNs for today!

Tomix has been ship building...

Tomix Ravenloss Void Ship

Cronix has been working on some special guests...

Ash Dragonblade DragonFable

Aria DragonFable

and Dracelix has been making a new dark elvish barber!

Ravenloss Elf Barber

Tags: Tomix Cronix Dracelix geopetal

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June 06, 2013

Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elementals!

Cronix has finished the art for the Ultimare Scythe that will only be available for our birthday month of June! Seven elements for seven years of DragonFable!

This amazing weapon will cost 5000 DC but, if you have a Dragon Amulet, it will cost 500 DC! 

Tomorrow will see updates in Book 3 Ravenloss! I wonder what Aegis has been up to while you've been frozen...

The Ravenloss Card Shoppe will finally open tomorrow, so you'll be able to get your hands on the new card weapons you saw last week. The Card Shoppe is also where your quest will lie this week....

Ravenloss Card Shoppe

Are you ready to play?

Tags: Birthday Ravenloss Tomix Cronix geopetal

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June 05, 2013


Cronix has been working on the crazy, amazing, gorgeous Ultimate Dragon's Scythe of Elementals that will be up for sale during our 7th birthday celebration this month and, since it's our 7th birthday, this scythe will have seven elemental options! Today, we have previews of Fire, IceWater, and Wind, just click on the first three orbs in picture below.

This ultimate weapon, that you will be able to level up through the Black Market Moglin, will only be available until the end of June and will cost 5000 Dragon Coins. If you have a Dragon Amulet, you will be able to get the exact same scythe for 500 Dragon Coins

This Friday will see the opening of the Card Shop in Ravenloss as well! Feel like having your fortune read?

Tags: UltraScythe Birthday Cronix Ravenloss geopetal

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March 05, 2013

Tuesday With Tom- Cron- and Dracel- -ix!

Tomix and Dracelix are working hard this week on getting the hidden camp of Sulen'Eska finished.

The Shroomcase!

Don't look down!

Tucked in the depths of Betrubung, will you be able to find this secret collective of magic supporters? Or will you get lost among the snouts, togs, frogidiles and other marshy monsters?

Cronix has been working on a new swampy set of weapons as well as the elusive snout monster!

Swamp Katana!

Its bite is pretty much worse than any sounds it could make...

Sulen'Eska is shaping up! 

Tags: Dracelix Tomix Cronix geopetal

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February 28, 2013

It's Thursday Already!

Tomix is working hard on Sulen'Eska and it should, hopefully, be ready to explore in the next week or two. Cronix is getting started on swampy items and a new monster or two as well. What kinds of things do you guys think lurk in Betrubung?

This Friday
With Sulen'Eska on the horizon, Seilu, the wind elf blacksmith in southern Falconreach, will have a few new items for you to merge! He might even send you to explore the edges of the swamp himself... 

Cronix has also created a gorgeous new weapon, suggested by Lupus The Wolf, that will be found in the suggestion chest in Book 3 Rosewood!


Tags: Tomix Cronix Sulen'Eska geopetal

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February 12, 2013

Hearts and Valentines and Undead Wrestlers!

This week is everyone's faaaavooooriiiite holiday, Hero's Heart Day! Our release on Firday will be full of hearts and love and cuddly, undead wrestlers, as we finally hear the story of Rolith's Bachelor Party*!

You'll get to play as Rolith himself too! Cronix has created some spiffy new duds for the Groom and his bride!

Though, of course, there are no girls allowed at the UWE** match that Artix is throwing for Rolith's bachelor party!

Cronix has also created the Valentine's Pride set for the holiday! (I really don't think he sleeps... it's like there are two of him!)

Dracelix has updated the Ex's Calibur to its third form! This year you can break up even more monsters with this gorgeous blade!

Eternity Love LQS
Don't forget about the LQS shop that will go live at 3:00pm EST, on Feruary 14th! Only 1400 of the good-element Eternity Love scythe will be available at 450 DC each!

*based on Real Life Events!
**Undead Wrestling Extravaganza

Tags: Hero's Heart Day HHD geopetal Cronix Dracelix LQS

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