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November 22, 2015

War Challenge Rewards

The war challenge rewards are now live! Head to the Dark Night war camp and grab your War-Torn Clan Valtrith mask (with choice of hood!) and your Dark Night wall trophy for your house!

DragonFable Dark Night war challenge rewards
Will you go for Cultist chiq or Color Custom hoodiness?

Do not hang by anything flammable!

Archivist Armor
Tomix has also given me a preview of the 2016 calendar armor for you! Presenting Archivist!

DragonFable 2016 calendar class Archivist 
Hit monsters in the face with your giant Book of AWESOME! 

Now, remember, on January 1st you'll get Archivist but it will have limited skills! As we work our way through 2016 there will be a questline, available to all players, that will explore and study the player's past heroics! We've already used the feedback you gave in the Greatest Moments thread to get the start on Archivist animations. What else would you guys like to see?


Make sure to cross your fingers tomorrow for Tomix as he goes in for surgery! He should return in a couple months refreshed and ready to get back to arting! (I hope with awesome laser eyes.)

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November 17, 2015

Tuesday With Tomix!

Today I have a few Archivist sneak peeks from Tomix! First up is the male version of the armor with a very important tome!

DragonFable Male Archivist 2016 calendar

Tomix also wanted to give you guys a preview of the walkcycle animation!

Out of the way, monster, this book is OVERDUE!!!

Now, remember, since Tomix will be out recovering from surgery, Archivist will only have the basic skills when it unlocks in January! Once Tomix is back and, as we work our way through DragonFable's 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain, available to everyone, that will revisit our heroes greatest moments! Skills inspired by those moments will then unlock the same week as the appropriate quest. This means Archivist armor will get one new skill every few weeks (more or less) until all the skills are finished.

Archivist will very much celebrate 10 amazing years of DragonFable!

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November 16, 2015

Laser Eyes

We have good news and bad news for you guys.

The good news is that Tomix is going to be having eye surgery next week! It will help with his eye strain, reduce headaches and tension, and he won’t ever have to worry about dumb eyeglass fog when he goes outside in the winter anymore! The bad news is he won’t be able to look at bright lights for two months after the surgery and he’s refused to try to animate without using his monitor. The extra good news is your favorite rock Twig totally might get to draw stuff for Frostval again!

Do not panic though! We’ve worked ahead (slightly) and do have some stuff ready and waiting to go! Most quests over the next two months will be cutscene light, though, or they’ll have super special look-what-geo-can-do animations in them.

The DF calendar armor for 2016 is going to work a little differently because of this. The official name of the DF Armor is “Archivist”! When the armor unlocks on January 1st it will only have a few basic skills. As we go through our 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain (available to ALL players) that will revisit the greatest moments in DragonFable! Skills for Archivist, with animations inspired by those moments, will unlock alongside those quests!

DragonFable Archivist Armor 2016 Calendar

If Tomix feels comfortable enough we’re also going to try and make sure we get updates about how he’s doing in the DNs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what if Tomix’s eyes get replaced with Evil Clown or Creepy Doll eyeballs that cause any art he draws to come to life and wreak havoc throughout Poland? He’s assured me that that notion is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, he’d request Laser Eyes because those would be awesome.

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November 08, 2011

The Year of Chaos!

Next year is the Year of Chaos and the 2012 AE Calendars are in! The calendar comes with a code redeemable for ChronoCorrupter Class in AQW and a Chaorrupted Clock in DragonFable! That crazy clock is ticking down to January 1st when Tomix's version of ChronoCorrupter will go live in DF!

Cerebrozz has created this awesomely chaotic calendar that will be coming soon to a Toys R' Us near you and is available now on HeroMart for just $12! 

It seriously rocks. As a geologist, I am qualified to say this.

This Week in DF!

Never fear though! The plans this week should generate as little fire as possible! Wait... does fire kill bugs? Maybe we need more fire? Or electricity? Wind could work... definitely no bacon though....

Ghost has been working on a special quest in the mysterious Sil Ruins! From Ghost:

The Ruins of Sil!  
I'm excited to announce that this week we will be launching Sil! It is massive* free-roaming quest for you guys to explore. It will feature multiple entry points, a fractured history to uncover, and plenty of loot to discover. This has taken quite a while to put together, and is going to get you lost. A lot. At least it had better!  Bring a torch.

*Like.. so not even kidding.

I'm also getting started on finally putting together DF's version of Swordhaven! It will only make a minor appearance this week in a new Verteroche escort** but expect to see more of it in the coming weeks! It's going to be fun DF-ifying some of the AQW buildings and mixing in DF art!

*Is he allowed to do that? D;
**Something about really old scrolls?

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November 17, 2010

The Artix Entertainment Calendars are BACK!

That's right, we now have MORE Artix Entertainment 2011 Year of the Moglin calendars to sell you!  Our first print run of them sold out in under FOUR DAYS!  We know that not everyone who wanted one got a chance to order a calendar (and get the AWESOME Chronomancer class!), so we've ordered another 1,000 calendars from the printer!

If you waited to order before and missed out, NOW is your chance to grab one of these rare merch items!  We've already sold over 200 calendars from the second batch, and they're going fast!  If YOU want to own the Chronomancer class in DragonFable and AQWorlds, the Chronomancer armor in AdventureQuest, and the Chronos Mech in MechQuest, this is the time to head to HeroMart and grab your chance!

The calendar sells for $12.00 USD plus shipping. (A good idea if you want to buy multiple things from HeroMart is to buy them all at once.  That way you'll save on shipping costs!)

The calendars are selling fast and we don't know if we'll print more after this second print run is gone, so if you want to make sure to have a GORGEOUS calendar on your wall and an AWESOME armor in your backpack, then click on this link to HeroMart and pick up a calendar of your own. Time is running out! (Time NEVER runs out for Chronomancers!)

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November 10, 2010

It's TIME to preview the Chronomaner skills!

It's a Sneak Peek Wednesday once more, and I think you're going to REALLY like what we'll be showing you: the Chronomancer's skill list!

I know there's been a ton of chatter about DragonFable's newest class on Twitter and the forums, but if you haven't heard about it yet, here's some important information to remember:

Chronomancer class is the in-game promotional item attached to Artix Entertainment's first Calendar, the 2011 Year of the Moglin!  This calendar features 12 of your favorite female NPCs from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AQWorlds! (You'll also receive the Chronomancer class in AQWorlds, Chronos Mech in MQ, and the Chronomancer armor in AQ when you purchase the calendar!)

The calendar goes up on HeroMart for Pre-orders on Thursday, November 11th! (That's tomorrow!)  We only have a limited number of calendars, so you'll definitely want to be one of the first in line to get your pre-order in to make sure you get ALL these AMAZING rewards!

The calendar is only $12.00 USD, which is a GREAT deal!

Lets move now from great deals to even greater skills!  Rolith, Aelthai, and Tomix all pulled together to come up with an awesome list of Chrono-skills, so without further ado, lets fast forward into the skills section of this Design Notes!

  • Time Orb: distorts opponent's reality. Reduction to opponent's chance to hit.
  • Time Storm: replays hits of damage over time. A damage over time skill.
  • Chronolock: freezes time for the opponent. 3 turn stun.
  • ChronoSphere: magical orb which buffs defenses.
  • Mana Steal: slip through time to steal opponent's mana.
  • Fast Forward: resets your cooldowns.
  • Record: 3-strike attack dealing 150% damage.
  • Multi: Bend time to allow you to hit multiple opponents at once.
  • Time Bomb: Use the flow of time itself to reduce damage.
  • Rewind: Roll back time to a point where you have more health.  A heal skill.
  • Overclock: Show time who is boss! Attack skill + 40% damage buff.
  • Age: The younger (more healthy) your opponent, the more damage you do! Attack skill dealing damage based on mob's current health.
  • MEANWHILE!: Your opponent should never look away, because while he's doing it, you're attacking! Final attack skill.
  • Blink!: An extra turn? What? Wait! We can DO that?!

There are some AWESOME skills on this list (giving you an extra turn? HOW do we do that?  Rolith assures me it works, but it sure SOUNDS like you're manipulating the game.  Good for you, Chronomancers!) And if you can guess which of the skills is a tribute to Doctor Who (some of us are HUGE Who fans!) then you get a Tempus treat!

Time flies, and so must I.  Back to working on this week's release!  I hope to battle YOU in Chronomancer class armor in DF's PVP!  Want a sneak peek of the armor?  Battle 232339 or 35 to get in-game sneak peeks of the female and male Chronomancer armors!

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September 14, 2010

Two great calendars coming your way!

There are two big projects going on right now, one made by us, and one made by your fellow players!

First up, the Artix Entertainment 2011 Wall Calendar!  This is a project we've wanted to do for about six months, and a month or two ago we realized "hey, it's almost 2011. We should really start making this calendar if we're going to get it to the players on time."

The calendar will feature female NPCs from our Artix Entertainment games set on backgrounds appropriate to the month's theme.  (So December will have Aisha on a snowy background, and October will have Safiria on a Mogloween-themed background!) Mido, our newest graphic design artist, is hard at work on the calendar, and is featuring the following month/NPC pairs:

  • January:    Fae
  • February:    Beleen
  • March:        Ai No Miko (pictured above)
  • April:        Geopetal
  • May:        Jemini
  • June:        Faith
  • July:        Nythera
  • August:        Reens
  • September:    Alina
  • October:    Safiria
  • November:    Oishii
  • December:    Aisha

We'll also include significant dates from Artix Entertainment's history and the games (big events, beta and alpha dates, AE holidays, etc) so that you'll know just when to make time to play the Mogloween event, or to check out Frostval or Hero's Heart Day!

The calendar will sell on HeroMart (so we should probably finish that up pretty fast. Right, Ai No Miko? /patpat).  There will also be an in-game item that comes with the calendars!  We can't wait for you to see it, and more details on pricing will be available as we get further details!

* More appearances by Fae that AREN'T in-game! This must be the longest-running joke we've ever made.



Now on to another AWESOME news item! Your fellow players are making a fan-made calendar that will be included on the Portal site once it's done!  They've gathered all the information they need for it and have moved on to the art-gathering stage. 

They'd really like to showcase fan-made art in the calendar, and for that they need YOUR help!  They've got themes for each of the months, but would also like to see any free-themed AE-based art for possible inclusion in the calendar.  If you'd like to submit your work (or to read the guidelines for submission) please go here.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time and effort to put something like this together (before we even considered a calendar for the Portal!).  We can't wait to see what you come up with, and can't wait to show it off on the site once you're done!

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