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May 01, 2013

Become a Bug Hunter

The BugMaster General Needs YOU!

Stratos, the BugMaster General, writes: Bug Hunters... unite!

OUR MISSION: To confirm every bug, mistake, glitch, hack, typo, and error in DragonFable that other players report at! NOTE: We are Bug Hunters... not player support! We do not fix bugs other players' characters, accounts, or upgrades.

"The bigger the bug, the more satisfying the squish!"

If the line up there makes your fingers itch to grab a mallet and squash something, then keep reading, because you're just what Stratos is looking for! Read on for more details:

Please post the following on the DF forum:

1. A link to your DF character page

2. The languages you speak/write

3. A couple sentences about how long you've played DragonFable, and why you want to help squish bugs.

Here are Stratos' requirements for joining the Bug Hunter crew:

1. You need to have Skype installed. This will let him contact you directly about any of the bugs you've encountered.

2. You must be age 13 or older to join the crew, but 18+ is preferred (as we can give you more responsibilities once you've gained experience)

3. Help when you can. We don't have set times for our Bug Hunters to be available, but we would like you to be available to help regularly. 

4. Must be able to follow directions... and ask questions! Stratos has a system set up, but if there's something you don't understand, ASK! He wants to help you squish the bugs as much as you want to squish them!

5. Good critical thinking skills are a plus. (Being able to see a problem and narrow down the source or reason can speed the fixing process up.)

(Please do not include your age, email address, or Skype name when posting. Stratos will be able to contact you without them. Thank you!)

So... What Now? How do I Start Squashing?

Stratos will contact you directly if you look like a good fit for this task. It won't always (or even often) be fun. You'll read reports, play DragonFable until it breaks, then go do paperwork. But you WILL be helping the DF dev team improve the game!

Reading reports and duplicating bugs over and over again not for you? That's OK! But DO we need EVERYONE's help reporting the bugs on the Bug Tracker!

We can't fix DragonFable unless we know there are bugs... and that's where YOU come in!

Tags: Alina BugSmashing Bug Hunters Unite SQUISH SQUASH Splat Ew

has blue eyes
November 01, 2010

Hunting down bugs and growing some gourds!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Mogloween!  Parties, candy, trick-or-treating, pumpkin-carving... it really is a FUN holiday! And Fall is such a great time of the year.  If you don't live in a sub-tropical climate, the leaves will change color and neighbors burn piles of them, scenting the air with the delicious smell of woodsmoke.  That's probably the thing I miss most about not living in the MidWest anymore.  But Florida is great right now; I spend most of my weekends outdoors grilling and chilling with friends. Does life get any better?

I know for our Canadian friends, the watch is on for early snowfalls.  Lucky people! (Ghost will not appreciate my enthusiasm for snow. Not when he has to shovel drifts taller than HE is!)  So if you ARE Canadian, I guess it's time to break out your snowboots and hunt down your shovels and snow plows.  I'll just be over here wishing for a white winter in a few months.

And speaking of hunting... let's talk about this week's DragonFable release!

It's a Bug-hunting week, so you can bet Rolith will be busy, busy, busy as a bee, or a beetle, or, well, SOME kind of bug! Busy smashing it, that is! 

For our release this week, we'll be doing a Gourd Hunt! Serenity says that she heard Zorbak sprinkled some Gruesome-Gro Gourd Glitter on the plowed pumpkin patch in Amityvale, and then directed his horde of minions to plant the pumpkin seeds all over Lore! 

If this is your first item hunt in DragonFable, here's how it works:

  • We add the gourds (or chests, or eggs, depending on what type of hunt it is) to old quests throughout the game as rare drops.
  • You run through all the old quests seeking the new gourd drops.
  • When you find one, get with your friends on the forum (if you don't have an account, now's a GREAT time to make one and join in the fun) and share what quests you've found a gourd in.
  • Wait for the gourds to grow to full size.  When they do, they'll turn into brand-new items for you to equip and wear or use!

True Mortal made the items which will grow from these gourds, so if you're a fan of his work, you'll want to get hunting this Friday!  This will be the main event for this week's release. Aside from working on fixing a bunch of bugs, we're also preparing for some BIG events this November. (Events like Falconreach Idle, the Stone and Nature Orb Saga, and Thankstaking. So much to do and prepare for!)

Time for me to get back to work!  Oh, and take a look at the new homepage banner!  Chronomancer class will be available by purchasing the 2011 AE Calendar from HeroMart!

Tags: Alina GourdHunt BugSmashing

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