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February 17, 2017

Hero's Heart Day Shop and Bug Fixes!

Hey there heroes!

With Tomix taking a break this week, things are pretty light!

First off, there are a couple new shops in the Book of Lore to celebrate the Hero's Heart Day Season!

These include Hero's Heart weapons for gold, as well as a Heart Inquisitor cape and scythe for Dragon Coins!

Next, I've done a few fixes this week:

  • Ranger: Changed tooltip for the bonus attack. Since the chance is 100%, it's not really a chance.
  • Ranger: Fixed Viper's Arrow stacking. Stacks properly to 5 stacks instead of reverting to 3.
  • Ranger: Fixed Purge damage from 2 hits of 75% damage to 2 hits of 70% damage.
  • Bank: Fixed missing scythe icon in the Bank interface
  • Bank: Fixed various typos
  • Fixed some other general issues and such.
  • Armor Closet: Added the following classes to the Armor Closet
  • Shadow Base Classes
  • Ancient Shadow Base Classes
  • Retro Base Classes
  • Dimensional Transphaser
  • Archivist

Coming later this weekend though, Tomix is still putting the finishing touches on the new Falconreach map!

Here are some previews:




If this is how things look when the city is destroyed, I can't wait to see how the rebuilt city will look!

Have a great weekend, heroes!

Tags: Verlyrus

February 12, 2017

What could've been...

You guys wanted to know what could have been if you’d have lost the war.

As promised... here it is:

  • Your dragon would have been purified by Elysia, Artix and the others, instead of Amadeus. However, it would not have been enough. There would have been long-term side effects you and your dragon would have to deal with in a later questline (since you’ve won, the questline will be about will be about something different now!)
  • Ultimately, Caitiff would have still been destroyed, but not completely, with a chance to come back one day.
  • The mask would have been entirely obliterated because of your dragon’s unimaginable rage, not just cracked and shattered. Meaning that everything that ever has been consumed by Valtrith would have been evaporated as well. This was the major change in narrative, because right now, every evil being was released… but so was Serenity. If you lost the war, every evil being would have been destroyed… but so would Serenity. I know it’s not fair, but it is what it is.
  • There would have been losses amongst citizens, as well as one of the NPCs. Who, I won't tell.
  • People of Falconreach would have not recovered that easily from Caitiff’s influence.
  • The exchange during the epilogue would have been much more heated.
  • Cultists would have picked up the remains of the doom weapon and then run.

Other than that, the rest of the things would still have happen as they did.

Tags: Tomix

February 10, 2017

Calamity Saga Epilogue

The Epilogue of the Calamity Saga is live!

The destroyed Falconreach will come out at a later date, so you can right now enjoy FR still in one piece, albeit under the black snow :P

(The destroyed FR will also stick around for a while, Rome wasn't built in a... week, after all!)

Now go, play the epilogue, get some answers!

(I have no promo image for you, I simply didn't know what to put in it o_O)

Aaaaalso, while I'm off for a week or two while working on classes, enjoy whatever Verlyrus has planned for you!


Tags: Caitiff Tomix

has blue eyes
February 09, 2017

Coming Soon: Answer Teka's Call

LoreMaster Teka is making the final preparations for an all-new quest for you in the Libraseum, Falconreach’s Archive for ancient scrolls, mystical artifacts, and glorious adventures!

DragonFable's Libraseum

Back in May of 2016, the Libraseum had its Grand Re-Opening, as Loremaster Teka took over its custodianship! She comes from a tribe of Dusk Elves, and has labored for years to share the hopes, dreams, and stories of those who make their homes in Falconreach.

As you battle around Lore, you may find artifacts. Click on them and they will go on display in the Muesum Hall... at least, all the ones that aren't TOO dangerous will! You can also unlock scrolls and books, which contain tales of wonderment.

The Libraseum has been a hub of learning and activity for years! Find the following quests and scrolls there RIGHT NOW! (And then come back later this month for her new adventure)

  • New Dimension Quest
  • Mark of the LoreMaster scroll
  • Dyana's Diary scroll
  • The Wind Orb scroll
  • The Shaking Kings scroll
  • Unlock "The Elder Lament" and "Laguzoki" scrolls by completing the Cold Truth quest

Tags: Alina Libraseum

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February 09, 2017

This Month: Hero's Heart Day Returns

Love is in the air this month! All our seasonal Hero’s Heart Day events and reward items will return soon as we celebrate one of Lore's most lovely holiday events of the year.

Big Daddy is waiting with a lovely lineup of returning releases!

  • Chapter 1: You MUST Deliver the SnuggleGrams!
  • Chapter 2: The Heart of Darkness waits for you
  • Chapter 3: Love letters and a Change of Heart
  • Chapter 4: The Greatest Hug of All!
  • Chapter 5: The Threat List?!

Wait... WHO is Big Daddy?

Shut yo' mouth! The Big D is the mastermind behind all the Snuggle-Grams that get delivered on Hero's Heart Day. He's also a huge proponent of using the environment for marketing -- that's why you see the Forest of Infinite Terror change into the Forest of Lovely Hearts. 

Lovely Gear Returns

Complete quests to earn Tokens of Affection, then use them in Big Daddy's Hero's Heart shop to get your gauntlets on seasonal rare gear. 

  • Heartbreaker set
  • Ex's Caliber Mark 1, 2, and 3 sets
  • The Burning Love and Crimson Heart set
  • Shattered Love set
  • Separation, Division, Dissolution
  • Heartache, Heartbreak, and Heartburn set

And yes... you will also be able to battle in the SnuggleBear armor! Only available during the Hero's Heart Day event, this beary sweet armor originally released back in 2007, when the team was testing Class armors. We got a flood of requests from you guys to keep using it, so... The SnuggleBear Helm was released! Click on that to transform into the SnuggleBear!

Tags: Alina Hero Heart Day

February 03, 2017


Thank you for being so understanding, everybody!

The Caitiff saga finale is HERE!!!!!!!



Two weeks in the making, I hope you'll enjoy what Verlyrus and I have planned for you! The Epilogue is going to be released next week, and then I'm taking some time off to focus on making classes.

This might mean... that there will be no HHD release. Just the book with previous quests and some items :(

The quest might take a WHILE to load, it's big. If it fails to load for you, refresh the page and try again. Aaaaalso... don't blink, or you might miss some very interesting little thing!

Destroyed Falconreach should be coming out next week, alongside the Epilogue quest.

Note: The Black Winter War Finale and this release will both become story locked with next week's release. If you want to play them again, make sure you've played through the entire Caitiff storyline!

Are you ready for the release? Have you caught up on the story yet?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Also, don't forget to follow Tomix and Verlyrus on Twitter for more special sneak peeks and behind the scenes info!

Tags: Caitiff Tomix

January 30, 2017

Engine Version 14.0.33

Hey there heroes! Verlyrus here with another new engine update!

First things first:

The level cap has been increased to 85.

But wait! There's more!

Exp drops from monsters across the board have been increased by 20% permanently.

This is multiplicative with the X-Boost, not additive.

Keep in mind that there are still daily exp limits, and those have not been changed. Be healthy! Play responsibly!

In other news:

  • Reverted change to sound options where volume is attached to the Sound toggle. This means that if you mute sounds, music will still play. However, there will be many sounds that are not muted unless you also turn the volume down.
  • Dragonrider's Sunder Armor skill now correctly lowers enemy Boost by 10 instead of raising it by 10.
  • Betrubung Depths (SulenEska random quest) no longer dead ends at the start 1/3rd of the time.
  • Armor can no longer be unequipped during quests or battles.
  • Enemy pets do damage in PvP now!

That's all for this time. Feel free to send bugs my way on Twitter or in forum PMs. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to fix everything fast, or even at all, but I can certainly try!

Tags: Verlyrus

January 28, 2017

I'm sorry.

I tried, but I couldn't.

I will not have the finale ready today. I will not have it ready for tomorrow.

The finale has to be pushed to February the 3rd.

I'm just one animator. There is absolutely too much workload for one me to do in order to give this finale justice it deserves. I've animated myself into exhaustion.

I feel like I've let you down, and I just hope you guys will understand.

With the finale pushed back, the epilogue will also be delayed.

There was no release this week.

I've broken the tradition.

I'm sorry.


The celebration shops will stay for another week.

Tags: Tomix

January 27, 2017

Tomorrow... is the day.

It's coming. Tomorrow.


We're almost there.

Are you ready for the release? Have you caught up on the story yet?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Also, don't forget to follow Tomix and Verlyrus on Twitter for more special sneak peeks and behind the scenes info!

Tags: Verlyrus

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January 26, 2017

Last Chance for Battle Gems Founder in AQWorlds

Unlocks the exclusive DragonKnight set inside AQWorlds!

This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years and a half years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare! 


Rolith and his team have finished upgrading BattleGems to the newest version of Unity, improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. He will roll out the new version to Android on Saturday, January 28th. The iOS version will go live in the next week (once Apple updates it).

Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

Replacing Founder is... the Ultimate DragonSlayer Set!

If you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game! If you've already gotten that set, or decide to upgrade your BattleGems account after the new patch rolls, you will unlock the...

BattleGems Founders automatically unlock the Ultimate DragonSlayer gear!

Tags: Alina

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