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December 10, 2010

We wish you a Merry Frostval!

Welcome to the first week of Frostval!

Serenity is inviting you to come to her in and sit by the fire with a glass of warm moglinberry juice while the sun begins to set on the town of Falconreach.  But don't think the day is done for you, Hero! Oh no, you've still got a whole release left to battle through!

If you click on the Frostval button in Falconreach, you'll be magically transported to the Frostval storybook, which is sitting in the center of the cheery moglin town of Frostvale.  But the moglins aren't full of Frostval merriment right now; they're too busy worrying about what will happen to them THIS year! Can you go and reassure them that they're safe, and that there's nothing to worry about? (You believe that, right?) Spread some joy, share some holiday tales, and play with the little moglins running about the shelter where they've hunkered down. 

And speaking of PLAYING... Twig has a new boardgame! It's called TweatLand, and it's how you'll play through Frostval this year.  This new minigame is based off one of our favorite childhood boardgames in real life! 

(We actually went out to a thrift store and bought a copy for inspiration! We played for RESEARCH! Not just to take an hour off work. Yup. It's the total truth. Rolith lost, but in the spirit of the holiday, he was a very good loser, and only ate half the winner's cookie-based reward.)

And in the spirit of Frostval fun, some of your house items have received a holiday update, so head on home and check to see if YOU have one (or more!) of the items we've... slightly altered for the season!

Once you've played through the first part of Frostval, why not head down underground?  Far, FAR underground in Ravenloss!  You need to escape the prison where you were the last time we left the dark undertown, and the slimey, sludge-laden sewers are the only way out you see.  If you can, try to concentrate on looking for the Aurora Key while you're down there.

Be careful, though.  Since Ravenloss IS an abandoned city, the sewers aren't exactly well-maintained.  You'd better not go blasting your way through the monsters and walls down there, because who knows WHAT could fall on you and Tomix?! Remember, heroes, in the Ravenloss sewers, BOOM means DOOM!

If you're TOO careful in your explorations, though, you might miss a few key things down there.  Like the next Embodiment (what ARE those things for, you ask? You'll find out soon enough! Muahahaha!) and Murk, who has come hunting sludge bubbles for some unexplained purpose. (It IS Murk, after all.  What do we REALLY know about his purposes in Ravenloss?) If you can collect enough sludge bubbles from the Sewers quest, though, Murk will be happy to trade you some REALLY nifty weapons and helms!

And check out the Theater in Falconsnest! It's staffed by TheaterMaster Extraordinaire, Zevox! (You know him from the forums. Thanks for the suggestion, Zevox!) It's the permanent home of the Falconreach Idle voiceacting event!

And now for some exciting news about the Holiday Sweepstakes from Cysero!

BattleOn Games Sweepstakes Winners!


As promised, today we have selected our FIVE BattleOn Holiday Sweetstakes Winners, and I've emailed each of the. Our winners are from all over the world and here they are!

You guys have one week to respond to my e-mail with whatever item you selected from the availble HeroMart items and give me the address to which to which we should mail your prize!

If you don't respond within the week, we'll have to pick new winners. Hope to hear from you soon.

Congratulations again and thanks for playing BattleOn Games!


Have an awesome weekend! I think I'm going to drag Rolith off to a dollar store so we can buy things for the Secret Underground Lab's Secret Santa Gag Gift (to come later this month, on a very secret day).  We'll be sure to let you know what we get! (Once the recipients get their gifts, of course. Don't want to spoil the surprise TOO early!) And then we have to decide what we're making for the Secret Santa potluck lunch. 

Who wants to bet Artix is going to make something with Paladin-brand Holy Wasabi? And if Cysero brings something with Yogurt in it, the first person to guess which flavor he used will get a... thing. A very shiny thing! 

What should the DragonFable team bring to the potluck?  Each person has to bring one dish.  Give us your ideas and we'll see what we can cook up. Literally!

Enjoy the release and stay warm, you people with snow in the air and on the ground! If you're lucky enough to be in a warmer climate, it's only just time to pull out your jackets. 


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