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December 04, 2010

December 5th is the "Day of the Ninja" Day!

And DragonFable is celebrating it for all you ninja-nuts and pirate-pwnzer's out there! So grab your naginatas, stash your kodachis, and hide yourselves in the shadows because Thyton is coming to town and to help you celebrate, he's got TWO new Day of the Ninja shops for you!

Day of the Ninja Revered Pet Shop!

Thyton's first nin-tastic shop offering is the Revered Pet Shop! These pets may look familiar if you've been to the Shadow of the Wind Village pet shop.  Thyton keeps an eye on ALL the occupants of his town, and the pet shop is no different.  But these pets are special; they've grown and been trained in the ways of assisting heroes.  So martial your courage and equip one of these higher-levelled favorites and charge into battle, full of the ninja spirit!

  • Revered Post-Adolescent Ninja Terrapin (level 35)
  • Revered Shadow Monkey (level 40)
  • Revered Ancestral Boar Spirit (level 45)
  • Revered Ancient Snake Spiirit (level 50)
  • Revered Sneevil Ninja Buddy (level 55)
  • Revered Ancient Ninja Terrapin (level 60)

Thyton's Weapon Shop!

All ninjas need to be able to master the Shadows if they're to succeed in their duties.  But they ALSO need good weapons! Thyton favors the work of True Mortal, an up-and-coming weaponsmith in Lore, so he's polished the ninja weaponry True Mortal made to a high shine and is now happy to sell them to YOU for a low price!

  • Thyton's Katana and High Katana (levels 35 and 55)
  • Thyton's Kodachi and High Kodachi (levels 35 and 55)
  • Thyton's Naginata and High Naginata (levels 35 and 55)



Pirates may be hearrrrrty, but ninjas are swift, silent, and deadly! Take these battle-aids that Thyton is offering you and use them wisely, grasshopper.  And remember, if a wise old man tells you to chop wood and carry water, keep on eye on him (even when your back is turned). He may just hit you with a big stick! Solely to enhance your training, of course!*

Happy Day of the Ninja tomorrow!  Thyton will only be in Falconreach for a few days; he can't leave his village unprotected for long!  So take advantage of these shops while you still can, because once they're gone, they won't be back until next year (if at all)!

*smokebomb* *poof*

* Got to love those old warrior-training martial movies, right?

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