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July 30, 2013

Tuesday With Cronix!

Today we have a preview of the rewards for the Cysero Apprentice quest on Friday! What better than fishy fish capes for a quest from Cysero?! Cronix has made some seriously awesome ones!

DragonFable Cysero Fish Capes
Goldfish, Fishfish and Stonefish!

There will also be new monsters from Cronix, explosions, things to not touch, explosions, more fish, implosions, and catching up with some old NPC's we haven't seen in a while!

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July 29, 2013

DragonFable T-shirts!

Dragon Amulet Tee's are coming to HeroMart! Not just one but TWO!

DragonFable Dragon Amulet


DragonFable Dragon AmuletDistressed!

Two T-shirts means two in-game rewards too! Cronix has make two wicked Dragon Amulet inspired scythes! What elements do you guys think they should be?

DragonFable Dragon Amulet ScythesRed for Classic and Purple for Distressed!

It's a quest for Likes! We're going to try to be a looooooooooot more active on our official Facebook page which means we need likes! We're at 4,101 right now so, for every +5,000 likes we get during the month of August, we'll add +5% experience during the DragonCon weekend!

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July 26, 2013

To Edelia!

This week you'll get to journey with Tomix along the secret path to the hidden SoulWeaver school, Edelia! Even risking this dangerous journey doesn't mean the Headmaster will the forthcoming with help, either... You'll have to do your best to convince him!

Fallen Ice Dragon Set
This is the last weekend to grab the Fallen ICe Dragon Set with the $10 DC package! The set will change on August 1st!

Cysero's Apprentice
You'll have to wait ooooone more week for this quest, sorry! Cronix made up a few monsters but both Rolith and Verlyrus were swamped this week! 

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July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Cronix!

Today is the mighty Cronix's birthday and, in celebration, he has many magnificent and mighty items for you! Just click the "Cronix Birthday" button in your Book of Lore to get to the shop and to also see a preview of his NPC! There's a scythe, helm cape and pet for sale! (With another potential pet coming soon!)

Cronix Time Traveler DragonFable

So, I have learned several things this week.

First, the DF team is apparently linked somehow or has disturbed some ancient artifact that has given us all bad luck. I shall be sacrificing a rubber chicken to Zuester Zeuster* tomorrow in an attempt to fix this.

Secondly, I am terrible at making monsters. I should leave this to the professionals (/cough Tomix and Cronix).

Thirdly, walking is harder than it looks.

I tried very hard to get you guys an awesome, short and sweet Cysero's Apprentice quest this week, so that Tomix could recover from being sick, then I had to go and attempt to break my face and several bones (luckily, I didn't succeed there). At the end of the day, though, I wasn't happy with how some of it turned out, especially since I lost time on it after my losing bout with the pavement.

So, I'm going to recruit Cronix tomorrow and get him to make pretty and awesome things and we'll work hard to get that quest to you this coming week (along with Tomix's quest, as long as he's feeling better)! I do want to apologize for not getting it to you this weekend though!

Thank you all for all the well wishes on the forums! <3

*/facepalm, thanks for spotting that, jgamer!

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July 19, 2013

Rock in Knee-d of Repairs

DragonFable Release Delayed Until Tomorrow!

Alina here with some not-very-gneiss news that may make some of you a bit dis-jointed. Geopetal has been put through a rock tumbler, and will not be able to complete the release tonight. Rolith and Tomix are also out sick, and cannot finish it for her.

Geopetal is broken like this crystal. :(


Never fear, DragonFablers! Your rockster is hale and mostly-whole. She's got some bruises and busted-up facets, but with one of my trusty Fissure-B-Fine draughts, once she's had a bit of sleep, she'll be right as new! (Or as new as an eons-old rock can get.)

She's got a short but meaningful update almost ready to roll, and she says to expect that tomorrow. The pebble of power should be back to full strength then! 

I told the codemonkey: "No working while sick!"

Remember, Heroes: never take your balance for granite. Concrete stairs can nerf your health, and there's not always a Healer around to get you back to full HP!

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July 18, 2013

Help Wanted

Tomix is still sick, so Ravenloss will be delayed! I hear that someone in Falconreach is looking for some help though....

DragonFable Cysero Apprentice



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July 17, 2013

Sun God Set

If you've been thinking about picking up the Fallen Ice Dragon Set from the 2000 DC Package you have until the end of July! On August 1st, ice will give way to the sun!

Sun God Dragon Coin Package
The Sun God Set

Cronix has created the gorgeous Sun God Set that will only be available as a special bonus when you pick up the 2000 DC package!

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July 16, 2013

Tuesday With Tomix: Ravenloss

We have another sneak peek for you today of the upcoming Ravenloss release! 

Dracelix has made some gorgeous backgrounds to help out and Tomix is working on the map layout which I'll be, hopefully, finishing up for this week!

Poor Tomix has come down with pneumonia, so there is the possiblity that Friday's release will be a surprise too! Please send him your well wishes!

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July 12, 2013

After the War

The war is won... but it was close! Log in now to help with the recovery effort and to see how bad it could have been!


Dracelix also has a little promo for you this Friday as well! He's been working on some backgrounds for Tomix and we have just a taste of it for in the DNs for today! 


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July 11, 2013

Thursday With Tomix!

Tomix has some new concept art for you to check out! He's been working on all sorts of new stuff for Ravenloss!

SoulSmith Ravenloss

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July 08, 2013

War Won!

You guys did an amazing job beating both sides of the meter for the war! All of us were watching and you guys just squeaked by with an amazing win, so great job to all of you warmongers!

We did have an entire, heartbreaking, cutscene quest set and ready to go and now we'll have to find some clawkin mystic to show you might have happened...

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July 05, 2013

The End of the War

The Dragon side of the war is won but there is still Rose to fight! You have until Sunday, midnight, to finish up the Rose side of the meter or else those poor clawkin will meet a terrible fate! The boss fight will go live on Sunday night, whether you're ready or not! And it will introduce a new worry for you....

Rose Side Bug
And now a word from Rolith:

After 2 weeks of hunting, I found the problem with the war meter for the rose side. We'll be fixing the counter for missing waves now.

There is a set of flags that gets set when you start a war, and because I had configured the settings for the rose side it was awarding some of the quests to the wrong counter.  I didn't notice because that counter has always existed but only been used once before.

We looked up the amount of waves that weren't counted toward the meter and added 1,398,254 to bring it up to the correct total. 

Since you guys are so close and have been fighting so diligently, even though the meter looked dismal, I'm going to give ya the (slightly more than) double xp boost for the war waves!

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July 02, 2013

War Challenge!

Unfortunately, the War Challenge for Monday was not met so we need a new one! And this challenge is going to require you to fight like you've never fought before! We're juuuuust over halfway done and the release for this week is the boss fight, which means you need to win both sides by Sunday and things are NOT looking good for the clawkin....

So, your challenge is thus:

There must be at least 4,500,000 completed by Saturday at noon (you're at 3,156,489 at this writing) to get access to the Dragon's Eye items Cronix created.

I am also putting forth a secondary challenge: If you can get the Rose meter to 75% before I leave the Underground Lab on Friday*, I'll double the xp rewarded from all the war waves.

The end of the war will be Sunday midnight... whether you're ready or not!

Artix Entertainment Contest!
It's time for an all game contest challenge too! The Bad Guys and Good Battles Contest has been announced on Artix.com! Head over and represent for DragonFable!

Dracelix has a Question!
"What classic Dragonfable monster do you think would benefit most from a revamp/redesign?"

*No specific time! You'll just have to hope I stay busy!

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