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Warm Cat
September 15, 2018

An Elegy of Ice and Fire

Hey there, heroes!

This week's main release has finally arrived- the next quest in Book 3's main story is here!

Last time we checked in, the Hero was wandering around Nieboheim (capitol of the Shapeless Empire), learning about the local cultural and gathering information about the Magesterium- the rulers of the Shapeless Empire-, King Alteon awoke to find himself in some strange company, and Queen Victoria found herself in between The Rose and a hard place.

This week, you'll discover the Heroes' Guild of the Shapeless Empire, running an errand to get into their good graces (and to reclaim your title of hero in this new land!). Meanwhile, Jaania has returned to her duties... and begins designs on a plan that could change the world of Lore forever.

Until she's interrupted.

Ice and Fire

Head over to Nieboheim (Either by sailing the Pasgur Ocean or using the Bk3 Travel Map) and click on the Quest scroll to play. You don't want to miss out on this defining turning point in the story of The Rose!



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September 14, 2018

Hey! Delay! Saturday! OK!

Hey there, heroes!

I'm afraid the next main story release will have to go live tomorrow, on Saturday. I just couldn't keep working through these tears! The animation proved to be too robust and I just need another day to finish it!

You'll be in for the treat, at least! As your hero continues gathering information and joins the Nieboheim Guild of Heroes, Jaania starts development on plans that may change the world of Lore forever... until she's interrupted by some unexpected visitors.


Hello! Verlyrus here!

In the meantime, to tide things over, I've prepared some very special challenges! I've been receiving a lot of feedback that The Emperor of the Sea Chickens and The Unraveler may have been a bit too simple as far as Arena Challenges go.

So this week, I'd like to introduce Extreme challenges!

The Emperor: Extreme and The Unraveler: Extreme are now available from the Azaveyr page at the Inn at the Edge of Time.

These two challenges each drop a resource that will be used to create a special reward in the future. If you can handle them.

Good luck!

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September 07, 2018

The Unraveler

The next part of the Azaveyran Challenges is here!

This time, you'll be facing against an enigmatic Unraveler, a being from Tkaanish mythos and tales folks say to scare the children.

Even though this figure is absolutely not real (or is it...?), the Inn has created a representation of it for you to conquer and earn rewards.

What does these fables say about the Unraveler?

That it is a tall, moth-like creature with pale raven wings.

That it appears in dreams, prophesizing looming death... or arrival of new life.

But it's all just peasant superstition!


Have fun, heroes!

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here with an update on Epoch!

As part of the redesign, I've developed a really cool way for skills to work! One of Epoch's skills, Boost, will boost different stats.

That's pretty normal.

What makes Boost so cool is that every time you use it, you gain a boost to a different stat (along with a slightly different animation!)

Not only that- it only goes on cooldown if you use it enough times to gain all of the different boosts.

This provides some interesting technology for the future- skills with charges, or limited uses before cooldowns, as well as skills that do something different each time you use them.

The Boost system is going to be pretty important to Epoch! I look forward to sharing more with you all as it is developed.



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Bonus Cat
September 01, 2018

50% Extra Dragon Coins!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, from September 1st to September 7th, 2018, when you purchase Dragon Coin packages (excluding Dragon Amulet and Doomknight packages), you will recieve 50% more Dragon Coins!

Get Dragon Coins!

Bonus Dragon Coins

It's the perfect time to purchase your DragonLord artifacts, inventory and bank slots, X-Boosts, and more!

Thank you all for your support!

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has blue eyes
September 01, 2018

Get the Artix Game Launcher

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Help us test our new Artix Entertainment Games launcher. We built this to future proof our existing games. Using this launcher removes the need for a browser or the Flash Plugin.



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Second Halo Cat
August 31, 2018

Reimagined: Azaveyr

Hey there, heroes!

This week's release sees a return to Azaveyr! The capitol of the Shapeless Empire, Nieboheim has opened up a bit more. Explore more of the First Halo, meeting its residents and learning more about their culture.

The region of Tkaanie has also opened up a little with a new walkaround. Explore the countryside, and maybe even do your first act of heroism in this new land!

You can access the new locations from the Book 3 Travel Map, or by sailing across the ocean from Helm's Harbor.

We've also removed the permanently showing buttons on Pelekoa by the boat. They should now only appear if you approach it. Landing in Azaveyr from the Pasgur Ocean will now set you down in the Tkaanie walkaround, as well.

Here's an update on Epoch:

So... it's been a while since the last update. Good news and bad news. Bad news first. Epoch is taking a while longer than expected to develop. We wanted to have a playable version out for general playtesting this week but... It just wasn't fun to play the way I designed it. As a result, I'm going to be redesigning its mechanics (don't worry, Dove's AMAZING art and animations are not being changed)- which leads to the good news: I'm going to be redesigning Epoch's mechanics. Which means it's going to be great when it's finished.

I do want to apologize for how long it is taking to develop- we're doing a lot of cool things with Epoch for the present and future, and I want to make sure it is done right.

Also this week is our writer Elryn's birthday! In celebration, Dracelix has forged the Moglinberry Masher! This hammer (sycthe type weapon) will be available for the month of September for Dragon Coins from the Book of Lore. Be sure to wish Elryn a happy birthday!

That's all for this week!
Got theories on the politics of the Shapeless Empire? Interested in the culture of Tkaanie? Excited for Epoch? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

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