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December 18, 2014

A Chill in the Air!

It's almost time for Frostval in Frostvale! The moglins are busily making cookies, wrapping gifts, stringing lights, and maintaining watch while you and Icemaster Yeti scope out weak spots in the defenses. This year there won't be any moglin-napping! It's sure to be quiet, right?

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December 13, 2014


There was no visible sign of Thursday at the Darkness Tower... and Raven took off before you question Frydae more throughly. Did the werewolves manage to finally capture Thursday after their failed attempt during the Full Moon war? Or will your reckless run through the woods end in blood?

DragonFable Bitten Amityvale

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December 12, 2014

Frostval Storybook

The Frostval storybook is live! Log in now to play through all of Frostval's past and to grab the new, higher level versions of the classic weapons! There's also a brand new preview of the revamped Frost Moglin Armor (thanks Ash!)! Log in now and head to Frostvale through the button in your Book of Lore!

Unfortunately, I write too much and poor Tomix is sick! The newest quest in Amityvale should be ready to go for you by tomorrow, though! Are you ready for Bitten, though?

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December 10, 2014

Hungry Like the Werewolf

As you and Raven rush south to try and find some... any sign of Thursday, the clock continues to tick down. Where did she go? Did someone take her? Is she even still alive or... has she been reborn as something new? You must find her before yours and Raven's worst fears come true!

This week you'll search through the werewolf camps in the Doomwood south of Amityvale but will you find what you seek? Or will blindly rushing from one possible enemy to the next bite you in the behind?

Tags: Amityvale Thursday geopetal

December 05, 2014

Pirates vs Ninjas War!


Tonight we've got something pretty awesome for you all! (So awesome it broke and we've been scrambling to fix it! As part of it you'll need to check your character page to see personal waves done. Sorry, we tried to get that displaying correctly in game but two sided wars really mess with stuff. =/)

As part of the class revamps, I wanted to make sure something as large as the constant dispute between Pirates and Ninjas wasn't set off by me deciding which to revamp first. YOU get to decide! The winner of this war will get their class revamped first, in January, along with a few surprises that I'll be cooking up! The losing side WILL get revamped, but it will be much later and won't get the fancy extra stuff!

There was a small miscommunication earlier this week and I didn't get the script to Tomix in time for him to do his normal awesome animations and such for the intro quest and the war boss quest. I went ahead and flexed the small animation muscles I have and did those for you! Hopefully you like them! That extra time allowed Tomix to not only get 4 Chrono-Z helms done but he's also finishing up the Winter version of Falconreach! (My screw up is good for you guys!)

No matter which side you're on, Pirate or Ninja, remember that this is all in good fun! Have fun with it! I look forward to seeing how the war goes and designing some awesome abilities for you all to use!


Hey there, Tomix here!

I just wanted to let you know that the winter-touched Falconreach will go live sometime this weekend.


ALSO... the ChronoZ helms are (finally) in game!

Head to Cysero's shop and grab them!


ALSO also, the Thankstaking book will be disappearing on Monday!

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December 04, 2014

War and Secrets


This week is going to be pretty interesting. Some of you are going to love the release, it's something you have been asking about for a while. One thing's for sure though, EVERYONE will want to participate as you will get to decide a large and important part of what is done in January!

See you tomorrow...and be ready...FOR WAR!

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November 29, 2014

Saving Private Practice!

You've followed the trail of crazy-eyed robots and are hot on Voltabolt's trail! Who took him? For what nefarious purpose? Vill zou be ablez to savz him in timez?!!

DragonFable Thankstaking

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November 28, 2014

Black Friday

The Black Friday shop is now live! This year we've gone simple and classy (and kept Twig away from the markers) and Tomix has recolored some of the most popular weapons and items that we've released this past year for you snatch up for your heroes! The best part is, there's no lines!

The mysterious letter you got that sent you to the Deadlands in search of a scrap of cloak has now been moved to everyone's favorite letter-keeper, Ash! So if you still haven't had time to get your relic, never fear, the quest is still available!

Unfortunately, the quest for this week does need to be delayed until tomorrow. We apologize but we need juuuuuust a little more time to defrost the tofurkey (and animate some stuff).

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November 26, 2014

Thankstaking Eve

Tomorrow is Turkey Day in the US and we wanted to wish all our players, both in the US and out, a happy day of feasting and football and tryptophan induced naps! San Robin and Tomix are working hard on the conclusion of our Thankstaking rescue for Friday!

Speaking of Friday, is there anything specific you guys definitely have to see in our annual Black Friday shops?

After this Thankstaking we head into the super busy month of December! We’ll be heading from the feast in Falconreach to the isle of Sho’Nuff (and a weekend of pirate versus ninja shenanigans), then back to Amityvale and our desperate search for Thursday, then waaaaaay up north into the icy village of Frostvale*! Wouldn’t it be really nice if all the NPCs in all the games could spend Frostval together?

*At least that's the plan for now!

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November 25, 2014

A word from San Robin

The hero is following the trail of bolts while the villagers of Falconreach are almost done with the preparations!

Meanwhile there’s a lot of question like:
What happened to Voltabolt?
Where does the trail lead us?
Who kidnapped Voltabolt?
Will we be back in time for the feast?
When will Cysero get a reason to eat his hams?
Who is the mysterious Ham Guy?
You will find out this Friday!
One thing is for sure: This Fx3* will come in handy**

*Fowl Feathery Friend.
**What do you call it when a bird is helping you? come in Wingly or maybe Talony?

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