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January 15, 2013

Tuesday with Ghost!

Wassup!  Man a lot of time has gone by since I've had the pleasure to post here, I trust you had a great Frostval :D

Anyways you're probably wondering why I am here… I have super light duty over at AQW this week so I get to help out with DF, and I am very pleased because I get to work alongside Dracelix on the walkaround between Swordhaven and Falconreach! I've missed working on DF, so this'll be fun! We've got a plan and a map, but what kinds of stuff do you guys want to see along the road? Maybe your idea will get included! 


Swordhaven Walkaround


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October 01, 2012

Dear Dragonfablers,

For almost six years I've had the pleasure of contributing to this wonderful game.. We've been through a lot, y'know? Like that time we hatched our dragons, or when we beat up that noob Drakath.. or like how he morphed into the biggest and deadliest weapon that Lore has ever seen and we whooped his sorry behind again!  I remember when I animated the Dragonlord armor the first time, thinking “MAN, I sure hope these guys like this cause I am having a blast!” and then years later thinking about what a nooby animator I was back then and re-animating it from scratch, putting everything I had into it because I wanted to give you guys the best stuff I could make.  It’s been an absolute blast, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Yep, been through a lot of changes and developments…  and I won’t lie, there’s another one coming.  I’ll just say it straight up, because really, is there any other way?  I am transitioning to the AQW team. 

This week I am still making content for DF but also beginning to work on AQWorlds.  Tomix will be taking up the reigns as lead Animator, and DF has also acquired another animator, Hizu! You may have seen some of his work on HeroSmash and AQWorlds already. I know you’ll extend him a warm welcome.

The decision to make this change was not made lightly, but I am certain that DF is being left in capable hands. Geo, Rolith, Tomix, True Mortal, Eric, Dracelix, and Hizu all want to bring you the best DragonFable possible. 

Thanks for all the fun, it’s been an awesome ride.

Battle On!

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has blue eyes
September 18, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Tomix has been working hard on getting Pyromancer done for you guys and he has a crazy amount of new skills for you to check out this week!

This Friday
Oh noes, Ghost's main computer went BOOM! So those pirates that were going to help clear the docks on Friday are going to be delayed slightly! No worries, though, I have a good source that they're at least sending a stealthy pirate through (definitely NOT a stinky ninja) tomorrow that will have special weapons to help get heroes in town armed and ready.

When the Lorian Gryphon Express delivers its mail this Friday to Ash though, he should get a special note for you.... Are you ready to help clean up the mean streets of nighttime Falconreach?

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August 15, 2012

I'm back!

Well, maybe you didn't even know I was away, but on July 31 my wife and I and some of her family got in a van and drove South.. all the way to Illinois to visit with some family. Which is a pretty big trip considering I live in New Brunswick!*  I got to explore USA a little and even found a little blacksmiths shop in West Virginia, nestled in the mountains.  

So anyways, I say all that to say this: Man, I am charged up and ready to go now for the coming events in DF!  Tomix did a great job on the cutscenes while I was away, and I was quite comfortable leaving them in his capable hands, but I did get to miss it quite a bit. So much so that the first thing I did on Monday after meeting with Geo and the gang and ingesting lots of coffee was to plug in my guitar and make some pumped-up music. It won't be released this week, but maybe you can figure out what it'll be used for. So.. want to preview it? 2.swf 


Alright, time to get back to work!    /runs away


*Canada, that is.

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June 15, 2012

Dragonlords, etc

Here we go... 3 weeks into this DL revamp now and I'm sure glad it's Friday! I spent the better part of the last 2 weeks just on the animations for DL, and then I was fried so I took monday off to go camping with my wife*, and then this week I was like yeah no problem, I'll setup the color custom version of normal dragonlord, and apply the art for evo dragonlord, and setup the cc version version of evo on Tuesday. No problem, cause I can just copy it all over from the originals right?! 


Noop! I can't. And so therefore it took way the heck longer than a day, lol. Oh man, I am always doing that to myself... having no concept of how much time something actually might take. So what I did manage to do for this week was setup the color custom DL, and the evolved DL. Those are done, art&animation-wise! And I'm getting close to done on the color custom evolved DL**, but I think that'll have to wait until next week. 


For Justice!

Good thing the Dragonlord shields are made out of super lightweight magical metal, or that one arm is going to be HUGE!



So what that means is that all versions except ccEDL will have the new animations, and should be released later tonight. Rol is still typing his fingers off getting all versions of dragonlord buffed and coded properly, so stay tuned because I think he'll be updating that part tonight as well. Whenever it's done though, I'm sure it will be up to snuff. Also tonight we will be releasing Braughlmurk Cape! An epic location that you'll be able to access via the travel gryphon in falconreach with a total of 6, yes you heard me right, 6! random dungeons! Holy Magicarp! Geo's been working ridonkulously hard to bring that to you tonight and I believe you will enjoy the drops... And last but not least we will be launching a new house for dragonlords that Dracelix has been working on, later this weekend! It'll be available in the town of Dragonsgrasp some time Saturday. Wow, that was a lot of info.. I'd better go underline the main points or it'll be hard to skim.

What a psycho week, I'm goin' camping.



* Such a great de-stresser! It's been beautiful here in Eastern Canada, and spending a few nights in a tent breathing the fresh air has been fantastic!

** Let's just call em' DL, ccDL, EDL, and ccEDL from now on. So. Much. Typing.

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May 17, 2012

Of ghosts and gravol

Heya! So, um…  this week we kinda had to change up our plans. We were going to release the next quest in the search for the professor, but unfortunately the beginning of week didn't go the way I had planned. I got punched in the face by a stomach flu and it wiped me out on Monday. By Tuesday I was still K.O.'d and so I asked my wonderful wife to speak to Geo on my behalf.  It went something like this: 



*spoiler part removed*

Charis: Hey (Charis here) Ghost asked me to sign in & let you know that he's "in & out" today… lol - stomach flu…  I'm gonna go wake him up & medicate him again in a min though so I'll ask him.  

Geo: oooh ouch, ok

Charis: Gravol knocks him out - lol 

Geo: I think he has Aika mostly done, so we can do that this week so it's easy on him.

Charis: Once he sleeps that off he'll be fine, I think.  

~some time later~

Charis: He's slightly incoherent but he said "Yah, tell her that… tell her… um… yeah, it should probably have a… quest in it.  No, it should have a … tell her probably that…" lol 

Geo:  yeaaah, let's plan on that so it's an easy week. I'll check in with him tomorrow then, have him sleep for now



So.. SURPRISE! We're releasing Aika Village this week, lol. Geo is laughing maniacally right now because the cliffhanger she wrote at the end of last week's quest will be extended! Hehe, so evil. Anyway, you'll be able to travel to Aika via the gryphon in Falconreach. It's a quaint little beach town on the East coast. Here you'll meet Lilka, captain of a small ferry, who will take you to Sho Nuff island. In the future, Aika will be tied in to a large walkaround that connects Valencia to the Sandsea, and also to Willowshire. Not sure if there will be a quest this week since we lost a lot of time, so my apologies. Next week will be great though!

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April 30, 2012

Vote on DF's new GUI!

G'day! So the weekend is over and the initial shock of the new GUI should be starting to lose momentum. We've been reading your posts on the forum about it and because there were such mixed feelings about the info bar and the quest complete sound effect, we are giving you guys the opportunity to vote. We love you guys and take your opinions very seriously, and we want to ensure you are getting the most out of DF so please take the time to voice your opinion. 

Cast your votes here:

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April 24, 2012

The Gateway To Lore


This week along with the rest of the release, we will probably* be launching a new login screen for Dragonfable! We want new players to get a good taste of what they're in for as they dive into the game, and so we've spiffed it up. In addition to the Seppy bg you see when you login now, there will also be 4 new themed screens that may show up instead when you login. The character select screen also has a new look, and the character creation area will be updated as well. We've also tweaked the aesthetics of the GUI** and you'll notice some slight changes through the in-game menus. And to top it all off, we also gave DF a special theme song that will play as you login. But don't worry, you'll be able to mute it if you want. :P

Pswd pl0x

Now with 5.33% more win!

I also want to congratulate you guys on rocking the war last week. Great job! If I was Wargoth, I wouldn't be so quick to assume I've got this world in the bag. Unless I was as powerful as I think I am, in which case I am pretty much invicible. Actually that'd be pretty awesome. Rather than setting the world ablaze though, I'd probably be more inclined to just build a big barbecue and invite everybody over for lunch, but ya know whatever floats your boat.


*Hey, that's how we roll! *cough*

** Great Undead Interpreter

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April 12, 2012

Another round of facelifts!

Heya!  It's been too long since I've posted so I wanted to show you guys a bit of what we've got coming up!  Chapter 1's closing, and subsequently Chapter 2's beginning, has seen a lot of changes to Dragonfable. The game even looks a little different. Much of the walking areas between towns are now accessible, leaving lots of interesting things to explore, there are plenty of new places and quests to explore, and Falconreach & Oaklore have been completely re-vamped to name a few. Most of the towns even have music. But we're not done yet... Here's a sneak peak at some updates you can expect to see in the coming future! 

Serenity's Inn is getting an upgrade! 

Serenity's Inn, Falconreach

Heh, you can kinda see mrGreenguy hiding behind Serinity. He's just making sure it works before you guys get there.

One of the first places to grace the game is getting re-imagined. The night/day feature will be implemented a little differently, and there will be more to do here as you're exploring. Serenity has always had a heart for helping weary adventurers, and now she will be even more welcoming than before. I think Falconreach's oldest building (aside from the tower of course..) will now feel a little more like 'home'.

 Oaklore's Orchestra!

Well, more like a flute and some guy with a drum, but everybody's favourite noobtown is going to get some music! On a personal note, I've been fighting with a proper soundtrack for Oaklore for a very long time.. I don't know if it's just my incompetence or if I am just a perfectionist*, but I never could quite get it perfect. It's gotta FEEL right, y'know?  Anyways, I think it will fit right in. 

Now, a little something extra special:

When the game first started, the character model we used to create our in-game characters from did not have many joints, which leads to some sketchy animation**.  So we've been adjusting as we go, and this week I decided to make Artix's npc a little more bendy.. well, I ended up doing more than that, and I am pleased to present you (drum roll…) ARTIX 2.0! ***  He's so spiffy. :P


*Hah. No, that's not it. :P

**Pun intended

***Artix has OK'd the art, and is enjoying his new duds and haircut. A staff member's NPC is a very personal thing, so I always check with that person before changing anything. Especially something so drastic!

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January 06, 2012

The Tower of Brightmist is now live!

If you walk North from Twilly in Falconreach, you will be able to enter the Auction House for the first time!  There are currently no auctions happening, but Gris the owner is setting up shop and is looking for some special items for his grand opening, and he's heard that you are pretty good at getting the job done*. Speak with his assistant Nati to begin questing for the shining elixir, hidden deep within Brightmist Tower. Adventure awaits you, adventurer!




Rolith is fervently working on Togslayer and Chronocorruptor armours as you read this, and will update you when they are ready to go. Please be patient while codemonkey busts a move.


*Aside from that time when you let Seppy get the darkness orb. And that time you let him get the energy orb. Oh, and the time you… um, let's move on. :)

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January 04, 2012

Brightmist Tower Preview

This week while Geo takes some well-deserved R&R, I get to build a quest for you guys! Last time I did that it was the Ruins of Sil, but this time since I only have a week to build it, it will have to be a little less complicated. Enter: Brightmist Tower!

Brightmist Tower

The aging tower of Brightmist awaits you!

Gris, the owner of the auction house in Falconreach, is beginning to gather some intriguing items to sell and he has requested your help. An aging tower in Arborvale forest is said to have once been home to a light mystic. Gris believes that an item of antiquity lies within it's corridors and would very much like to obtain it, and if you find it he has agreed to give you something nice in return. Time to get your pack and begin exploring!

Armed to the teeth!

In other news, Rolith is no longer zombified and is bustin' a move to prepare the Togslayer and the awesome Chronocorrupter armours asap! Both are likely to roll out this week, so let's hope our codemonkey's supply of coffee is stocked up. 

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January 03, 2012

Silly Hat contest announcement!

Judging this contest has been extremely difficult, as there were so many hilarious entries. But one hat *cough* stands above the rest… heh.  Behold, the winner of Silly hat 2011 - The "I want to break every cutscene in the game cause I am just that awesome" hat!


FYI - bend your knees when wearing this hat, to keep your center of gravity a little lower. It will help resolve balance issues. Do not operate your dragon while wearing silly hat.

Congrats to the winner, Lo9851!  You've earned bragging rights as having the worst sense of style around, and it will be available in-game for everyone to enjoy! We also have a runner up hat which got in as well. Varen6398 submitted a hilarious hat that we've titled "The Festive Facelunch". They'll be available via a moglin in Frostval when you completed this year's event. Thanks to everyone who participated, and please enjoy a merry Frostval. :)


Talk to Storm, the moglin, in Frostval to access the silly hats!

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December 21, 2011

Silly hat time!

That was just the best idea ever, so let's make it a thing. So um, let's see.. how about a light and fluffy contest where you guys draw a picture of (we won't be judging on art quality), build, or describe the most strange, goofy, and generally ridonkulous Frostval hats you can imagine. Bonus points will be awarded to hats that: a) Look like your gramma knit it, b) Can be seen from space, or c) Might be your weird aunt's cat that she wrapped up, you think?

However, bonus points are pointless because we are not using a point system to judge this, haha! The contest will run until Dec 26, whenever I get around to shutting it down, but probably early in the day. The winning hat will be chosen by how hard it makes us laugh. Don't worry about making up stats or descriptions, but feel free to describe it if we may not have a clue what it is... :P


The winner gets his/her hat in game, available to all at the end of Frostval! And bragging rights for having the worst sense of style ever. That's it. But come on, you know you want that title. Let's do this!

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November 11, 2011

Point B to point… Q?

Where I live, every year a local farmer's market grows a GIGANTIC corn maze on their property for people to try and get hopelessly lost in. And this year the maze was especially massive, at least two football fields in size.. * which may as well be miles because when you're in there you can only see a few feet in front of you, and you can't remember how you got to where you are.  

Well, this year Charis and I decided to try it. At night. With a flashlight. We took our awesome nephew Brayden (the kid who designed and animated the braydenball when he was 8.) and his friend. It rocked! We got very lost even though we had a map.  We eventually got our bearings and although I got us lost a few times more we eventually made it out in about an hour and a half. It was really fun, but I learned that when you are in a maze, even if you have a map you still feel very disoriented the entire time. And if you lose your place, you're toast. It's awesome!

Well, I've done my best to create that type of feeling for you guys today.** Log in now and check out the ruins of Sil, available from the gryphon in Falconreach. Hopefully you will have a lot of fun, and I invite you to join the chaos on the forums.  We've hidden some goodies, so get in there and try to find them! 

It was so big this year that somebody actually got so lost that they called 9-1-1!  - He didn't realize that he could just walk in a straight line through the corn to exit, lol! 

** That feeling of hopelessness, despair, and omg this is really fun. 

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September 30, 2011

Khy'Rhian Outpost, and Mogloween Storybook!

The next quest in the True Mortal saga is now live!  Nivalis is not about to make your journey an easy one, so be prepared. The Khy'Rhian Outpost awaits you!  To access this quest, travel to Stoneheart Fall. You can get there by leaving Falconreach's Eastern gate, and travelling north. When you find a shady guy with a giant wolf, you've found the right place. Or.. the wrong place. Depending on how you look at it. :P


The Khy'Rhian Outpost. Cold and foreboding...


Mogloween is almost here!

Every year as the leaves begin to turn, we spend pretty much all of October celebrating this event. Later this weekend we will release the Mogloween storybook, which lets you play through all the previous quests from the years before. Make sure you have played it all, because you don't want to miss out on the fun that begins next week!  Get some pumpkin-flavoured gear and buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride! 

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September 28, 2011

PREVIEW: Sil, a town in ruins.

This week is kinda weird for your friendly neighbourhood ghost. Eric, True Mortal, and Tomix are working on bringing you guys a new quest this week in True Mortal's saga, Geo is busy with cleaning up Chapter 1, Rol is super busy with all the crazy codemonkey stuff that he usually has to do, and I.. well, I got to work on whatever I want basically.  /grin

Now, if you guys know me at all from hanging out on the forums you know I love to make new places for you eager adventurers to explore. Stuff like the walkaround zones between the towns and quests like Blackwyn Tomb.. and so I put a lot of thought into what I could do with a week and I came up with:


Cool, right?  You might have heard Sil mentioned in the game somewhere if you've been keeping your eyes peeled. Now… this will NOT be coming out this week, I just wanted to give you guys a little preview. In fact it is such a big undertaking that it might even span more than one quest.* This place, if all goes according to plan, will be a big old fashioned labyrinth/dungeon crawl (sort of like Blackwyn was, only bigger) with lots of secrets to uncover. So get ready, adventurers. This is going to be fun!

*Gets hit by Rol's hammer.

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September 23, 2011

New Monster Hunt in Hunter's Paradise!



Karina from Hunter's Paradise has sent you a message! 


This is a bad one, hero.. I need your skills again!

There is a beast that dwells deep in the Sandsea that has been causing havoc recently. Barrats are luring the villagers out into the harsh desert with their hypnotic cries. At night, the creatures sing to their victims in their dreams and cause them to wander into the wastes where the hungry Barrats await them!  Please help the people of the Sandsea! 


If you are brave enough to help fend off the barrats, travel to Hunter's Paradise and talk to Karina. Every hunter is needed! You can sell to her all the pelts you collect for some quick gold, or you could try to find somebody to make new gear out of it!*  Lots of new items await you! 

* Psst, I hear that there's a guy around Hunter's Paradise who is an expert at crafting hunting gear out of animal hides! 

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July 15, 2011

Cutscenes. We haz dem.

Geo asked me to talk about how we do the cutscenes, so here we go…

Five days ago, Geo handed me a script.  A really awesome script for the next part of Chapter 1's finale, which we are releasing right now. Reading through it, I thought to myself "Dude.. we really need to make this one kick butt with both feet".  So, I got to work animating it.. and by early afternoon I knew this was going to be pretty danged epic. We've got such a great team, and sometimes you just know it's all going to come together perfectly. So.. I got out my guitar and cranked my amp and laid down the music you'll hear during tonight's release. After it was recorded, we asked Warlic to master the song to give it a really polished sound. That song… has been looping in my iTunes for a solid week. I find it helps me really get into the cutscene if I animate it along with the music that will be playing.. and so off I went animating the days away quickly losing all sense of time. 

Somewhere around Thursday, I had much of the cutscenes beginning to come together, and so I dug out my wacom.* I use it for all the frame-by-frame effects animations you've been seeing lately.(Like those shadowscythe symbols that morphed in and out during the Seppy boss fight). As I've only owned it for a few months**, I've been slowly getting better and quicker at using it.. Well, this week I went nuts with it. 


Just one frame of some FX we've used. 

Combining that with the epic script, insane functionality, and years of watching way too many movies, I'm pretty sure that the cutscenes tonight will be some of the best we've seen yet. We couldn't do this without you guys, and we are all very proud to produce an increasingly better game for you. Here's to many many more years of Dragonfable! And without further ado, please enjoy tonight's release. 

*An artistic device that lets you draw on your screen with a special pencil and pad, instead of a mouse.. which makes certain artistic things really fluid, where they could never be with a mouse. 

**omgosh, how did I survive without it?! <3

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June 23, 2011

In the heart of the Deadlands…

The Deadlands

We are in the midst of the biggest war Dragonfable has ever seen… The forces of the undead have been ripping and tearing at the soul of Falconreach for 42 days!* The people are tired, hungry, and they need every hero they can get. And then Sepulchure has the audacity to invite you over to watch first-hand the knight of doom taking over the world or something? What a jerk!  In the words of Will Smith in I, Robot, "You have SO got to die."

This is by far the most epic thing we've seen in DF thus far, and it isn't over yet! This week we will be venturing into the Deadlands to try to stop Sepulchure from doing whatever it is he's about to do.. He must be stopped at any cost!  And remember… the guardians of Falconreach have had their hands full while you've been running around losing the orbs, so make it quick!**  Geo's hard at work building the inside of Seppy's fortress for you to find your way through, and I am sure she is going to throw everything she's got into it. You'll be climbing the lower levels of it tomorrow. If you survive and reach the central tower, next week you'll be racing to the top!  Buckle up!

On the lighter side… 

Since you guys have been kicking so much buttocks in the ridonkulously long war***, we wanted to reward you with a small behind-the-scenes sneak peek at some other things we've been working on:


The first picture is Aika Village. You might have heard about it from the various townspeople, but it is a "fun in the sun" kinda town with some interesting things to do. It will also serve the purpose of connecting Sho' Nuff Island to the mainland, via boat, so this is a pretty exciting place imho.  The second picture is not so cheery… Behold: Blackwyn Tomb!  It's creepy, it's dirty, and you're going to wish we let you equip torches. I ain't gonna tell you where it will be located, either, so you're gonna have to explore to find it!

Now.. I want to stress that these things are not coming out for quite a while. Aika Village will be released sometime around when the walkaround to the Sandsea is created, and it ain't built yet.. Blackwyn Tomb will likely appear before that, but it still requires a lot of work. All of this, including finishing the town of Falconreach, I'm trying to fit in and around the weekly events… and really we have and will continue to have a really busy summer.. but enjoy the sneak peek. I just wanted you guys to know that we've got a lot of fun stuff coming your way. :)


*Well.. in Lorian time it's a lot less, but still.

**Not to rush you or anything...

***Seriously, I've got to commend you guys on your stamina!

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May 17, 2011

The story continues!

Midnight Bandits

By now, many of you have probably found the 4th part of the Dirk & Rat story.. and for those that haven't, I won't spoil it*.  Well, a while ago we held a contest where you guys could suggest shenanigans for these two to get into as they travel Lore in search of fame, fortune, and romance... and I am happy to announce that Pokepwner has earned bragging rights and some dragon coins!  His idea was hilarious and the cutscene turned out really funny, and who knows what will happen to Dirk and Rat as they try out their plan. So hats off to you, Pokepwner!  Who's idea will be next? *grin*

...but you might want to search a certain recently-updated town. That's all you're getting though!

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May 12, 2011


Woohoo!  Rol has smashed all the bugs* and we have rolled the town live for your enjoyment!  If you go to Serenity's inn, you can rest until evening or morning and actually change what time of day it is. In the future, this might affect more than just Falconreach.. 

Also, you'll notice that the town intro has a slogan for Falconreach in it that changes each time you view it.. we want to have some fun with this. Why don't you guys come up with a whole bunch over the next little while and we'll pick the best of em' and put em in! 

For now, anything south of Twilly will still have old artwork, but I'll be working on updating that.  These things take me a while though, so please be patient. We're heading into a VERY busy summer. (It will always be daytime there until we update it because it takes a long time to walk there. /cough)

So without further ado:  Go do some exploring!!!

* We think.  *glares at DF*  - Let us know if you find anything still borked. 

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May 10, 2011

War.. War never changes.

This week.. oh man, where do I start?  Dragonfable has come a long way since beta. Remember Testopia?  It had a couple npcs and a quest (Fire cave).   I know I ran that quest like a million times waiting for the next release!  In the 5 + years since then, we've seen an expansion to every part of the game. From features to areas to classes, weapons, music, sagas.. And we're not even done yet!  

On Friday, Sepulchure's flying castle will darken the skies of Falconreach, and you guys will bear witness to the most epic battle we have ever had. Years from now, you'll be telling stories on the forums about how you were here when it all went down!  To commemorate this event, we pushed the release of Falconreach's new artwork up and you will get it BEFORE the war begins.  That's right, whenever Rol is done fixing all the bugs I created.  So don't let Seppy burn it down cause that took us a really long time to make ok? *grumble*


Sepulchure has been waiting for this day for a long time.  He will stop at nothing to see his plan through to the end. Only the bravest of heros would dare to stand against him. Do you have what it takes? See you Friday!

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May 04, 2011

Something wicked this way comes

Hail, adventurers!  So right about now you guys are probably eyebrows-deep into hiding the remaining pieces of the Blade of Awe. Congratulations to those of you who have obtained a rare wave (scored on your char page, at the bottom. It's the one in brackets) and good luck to those of you who are trying to obtain one! There can be only 10, so get cracking'!  


In the wake of losing her father, Valencia is losing her mind over hiding the BoA pieces.. /cough*

Once all the pieces are hidden, you'll access the finale of the Earth Orb saga**, and that means that all 8 orb sagas will be complete!  This also means that if you haven't completed all of the other orb sagas, you should probably get on that***… because we are about to move on into the next segment of Chapter 1 of Dragonfable, and you will not want to miss all the amazing stuff we've got planned for you!  You should also make sure that you've obtained a baby dragon, because it is going to come in handy soon… I'm serious - consider this fair warning. :)

In completely unrelated news, this Friday we will be releasing several small quests. Something weird is going on, and you'll need to investigate! More info later, as right now we're only receiving preliminary reports from the neighbouring towns...

Also, I'd like to show off some of Tomix's art if I may. As you guys know, we're re-vamping Oaklore, and progress is going very well. If all goes according to plan, you'll have a brand new Oaklore by.. oh.. soon? Hard to say right now, but check this out!

Pactagonal Upgrade


*What a terrible terrible joke, but Geo and I lol'd really hard at this cutscene blooper during testing and wanted to share. In other news, I am backwards. XD

**Omagosh, what a wild ride this saga has been. 

***and by probably, I mean SERIOUSLY.  Cause we are about to move on and you'll be held back from the main plot if you haven't completed them all. 

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April 25, 2011

I'm in Florida!

..and ohmagawsh, I am melting. This is my first time meeting any of the AE team, and it's been a really cool experience. On the way home from the office today I am so totally picking up some ice to duct tape to my head though. Srsly.

Anyways, in DF last week we saw some spoilerrific events that I won't even mention cause dude you have to play it.. and now you've probably figured our final job in the Earth Orb saga will be to hide the treasured Blade of Awe!  Which means.. that no you will not be able to keep the sword. It's too important that it remains as far away from Seppy as possible.  But!  Before you say "Awe, man!".. True Mortal has whipped up some KILLER weapons inspired by the Blade of Awe, and we're going to give them an awe-inspiring special attack!


We also have a very cool new system written into this week's quest that I am sure you guys will love. This will be very different than every other quest in the game! Seeya Friday!  ~Ghost

Hide the Blade of Awe


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April 15, 2011

The 8th Orb is in Play!

Aww, I miss that webcomic (Inktank).  Anyhoo, we've got a rockin' release for you guys
tonight!  Trey Surehunter is unleashing the power of the Blade of Awe and the Earth
Orb together to search out all those treasure he's been meaning to find over the years,
and he will crush anyone who dares to stand in his way!  With all the artifacts he is
acquiring, Trey is steadily growing in power. It's time to end this!  * But… you are not
the only ones trying to find him.  The Entropy dragon, under the command of
Sepulchure is also hot on the trail. It's a race, and you do not want to find out what
happens if you lose. Grab your gear and head to Willowshire!

Also up this week: True Mortal's Fractured weapon set!  Seriously. Get them.

Oh, and there will be a special add-on to one of the walkaround areas connecting the
towns together… A new little area called Stoneheart Fall (not to be confused with
Coldfall Barrens, but watch your step in both places…).  It is a mysterious place filled
with mystery, mist, probably some mystic stuff, and a whole lot of awesome. There isn't
a lot here for you to do yet, but it might grow into something much larger. Stoneheart
Fall is inhabited, sort of, so be on your guard…

*Well, technically you won't be ending the saga this week, but soon you totally will!
And then sentences like that will sound a lot cooler.

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