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November 24, 2015

A Full Plate

This is a busy week!

Tomix is out getting his laser eyes and I'm working on reorganizing the Castle Valtrith town, getting the static version of the Dark Night war set, making the opening and middle cutscenes for Friday (Tomix got the final cutscene!), updating a few new maps for Friday for you guys to search for... things, getting items together for Twig's Black Marker Shop and the Half-Off Shop (huge thanks to Jorath and Peachii for their help!) for Friday, getting together some awesome items for the 10th Beta Anniversary shop on Monday, thinking about what monsters to try and pull for possible Thankstaking Food Fights, aaaaand trying to get a hold of my Dad to get his yams recipe for Thursday's day of Overeating.

Luckily, I have this serene background to look at to calm my senses!

DragonFable Serene

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November 22, 2015

War Challenge Rewards

The war challenge rewards are now live! Head to the Dark Night war camp and grab your War-Torn Clan Valtrith mask (with choice of hood!) and your Dark Night wall trophy for your house!

DragonFable Dark Night war challenge rewards
Will you go for Cultist chiq or Color Custom hoodiness?

Do not hang by anything flammable!

Archivist Armor
Tomix has also given me a preview of the 2016 calendar armor for you! Presenting Archivist!

DragonFable 2016 calendar class Archivist 
Hit monsters in the face with your giant Book of AWESOME! 

Now, remember, on January 1st you'll get Archivist but it will have limited skills! As we work our way through 2016 there will be a questline, available to all players, that will explore and study the player's past heroics! We've already used the feedback you gave in the Greatest Moments thread to get the start on Archivist animations. What else would you guys like to see?


Make sure to cross your fingers tomorrow for Tomix as he goes in for surgery! He should return in a couple months refreshed and ready to get back to arting! (I hope with awesome laser eyes.)

Tags: War War Challenge Valtrith Calendar Archivist geopetal

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November 20, 2015

Given to Darkness

The end of the war is here! On one of its bombing runs your dragon spotted something.... It's time to head into the fog to rescue those captured and end this for good!

DragonFable Dark Night War Boss Given to Darkness

The Bone Shard weapons will drop off the bosses, if you can defeat them.... 

The Clan Valtrith mask and War House Item are coming soon! We wanted to get the boss out to you guys though!

Tags: War War Challenge Jaysun Caitiff geopetal

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November 19, 2015

The Dark Night War is Won!

Wow! Just amazingly done everyone! You came together and absolutely decimated Baron Jaysun Valtrith's siege!

You also absolutely, totally beat us to having the boss and cutscenes done.... So! The Unlucky Devs Shop! is now unlocked for you, which kicks off our 10 year anniversary celebration early! The first Unlucky Weapons were level 7 and released waaaaay back in 2009 when I was just a tiny pebble! Now you can enjoy using your very unlucky weapon at level 80 but beware!!! The pull of the dark power that surges through the weapons actually makes you weaker to Darkness! 

Huge shout outs to Miran, who compiled this spiffy dataisbeautiful graph below which shows the Waves Per Minute (WPM) fluctuations throughout the week, Starflame13, who kept the challenges coming to those on the forums, megakyle777 and flashbang for their amazing comics, Dragonman for making sure his constituents kept fighting (I suspect he's gearing up for the next Mayoral election), nield, ultrashadowlord, Dornalca, gakorogirl and just tons more for fighting the good fight! Huge thanks to David the Wanderer, Elryn, San Robin, Gingkage and all the AKs for keeping the peace in the war threads! MVP for the war is Baron Dante who took out 12455 waves on his heroes alone!

DragonFable Dark Night War Miran

Seriously, all you crushed this war! Hold your heads high and take a break before the finale of the war comes tomorrow! You still have to rescue the soldiers that were dragged away!

The boss fight, sweet Bone Shard weapon rewards, the Clan Valtrith war challenge masks, and a special house item to hang on your wall to commemorate the Dark Knight war will all be coming on Friday!


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November 17, 2015

Tuesday With Tomix!

Today I have a few Archivist sneak peeks from Tomix! First up is the male version of the armor with a very important tome!

DragonFable Male Archivist 2016 calendar

Tomix also wanted to give you guys a preview of the walkcycle animation!

Out of the way, monster, this book is OVERDUE!!!

Now, remember, since Tomix will be out recovering from surgery, Archivist will only have the basic skills when it unlocks in January! Once Tomix is back and, as we work our way through DragonFable's 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain, available to everyone, that will revisit our heroes greatest moments! Skills inspired by those moments will then unlock the same week as the appropriate quest. This means Archivist armor will get one new skill every few weeks (more or less) until all the skills are finished.

Archivist will very much celebrate 10 amazing years of DragonFable!

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November 16, 2015

Laser Eyes

We have good news and bad news for you guys.

The good news is that Tomix is going to be having eye surgery next week! It will help with his eye strain, reduce headaches and tension, and he won’t ever have to worry about dumb eyeglass fog when he goes outside in the winter anymore! The bad news is he won’t be able to look at bright lights for two months after the surgery and he’s refused to try to animate without using his monitor. The extra good news is your favorite rock Twig totally might get to draw stuff for Frostval again!

Do not panic though! We’ve worked ahead (slightly) and do have some stuff ready and waiting to go! Most quests over the next two months will be cutscene light, though, or they’ll have super special look-what-geo-can-do animations in them.

The DF calendar armor for 2016 is going to work a little differently because of this. The official name of the DF Armor is “Archivist”! When the armor unlocks on January 1st it will only have a few basic skills. As we go through our 10th anniversary year, there will be a quest chain (available to ALL players) that will revisit the greatest moments in DragonFable! Skills for Archivist, with animations inspired by those moments, will unlock alongside those quests!

DragonFable Archivist Armor 2016 Calendar

If Tomix feels comfortable enough we’re also going to try and make sure we get updates about how he’s doing in the DNs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what if Tomix’s eyes get replaced with Evil Clown or Creepy Doll eyeballs that cause any art he draws to come to life and wreak havoc throughout Poland? He’s assured me that that notion is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, he’d request Laser Eyes because those would be awesome.

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November 14, 2015

War Update!

Whoa! 41%! You guys are rocking this!

Also, you guys are tooootally going faster than poor Tomix can animate... the mid-war cutscene might end up being the 75% cutscene at this rate (not to mention the war ending cutscene). Maybe Valtrith has some reinforcements lying around somewhere... /geopanic


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November 13, 2015

The Dark Night

The sky has gone red and a dark fog has risen in the woods by the Bay. Falconreach and Oaklore are under siege! Log in now and fight to defend your hometown!

A War Challenge has been issued! If you can defeat Jaysun's army before 6pm EST on Friday, November 20th, you'll get access to your very own war-torn Clan Valtrith mask to equip! Seriously, nothing would drive Jaysun more crazy than to see the symbol of his clan worn by someone he found "undeserving".

New Elemental Unity and Medal Cannon trinkets and Defender/Dragon Defender Belts have been added to the appropriate shops!

DragonFable The Dark Night Friday the 13th

Moved Quests
Corundum Corruption is now located in Book 3 Ash Dragonblade's letters section! Loremaster Oruni... well, for now she's disappeared! She'll reappear someplace... dark this weekend.

Tags: geopetal Fridaythe13 Friday the 13th Jaysun Caitiff War War Challenge

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November 12, 2015

Facing the Darkness

The 13th is tomorrow... are you prepared to face the darkness? Will you be able to trust the soldiers of The Rose who are facing the rising shadows by your side? Or will your battle with The Rose ensure that Jaysun and Caitiff have plenty of vessels to try and bring further Doom to Lore?

DragonFable Dark Night on Friday the 13th

Tags: Fridaythe13 Jaysun Caitiff TheRose geopetal

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October 28, 2015

DoomKnight Variant One

Just a quick update! The name of the Ruthless DoomKnight Armor has been changed to DoomKnight Variant One! While the "ruthless" fit well for the name of the original version, it ended up being confusing for new players buying the package since "Ruthless X Armor" sounds like it's better than just "X Armor" even though, while powerful, it was buggy.

With the change over of DoomKnight, we kept to the established policy we have with updating/changing DC items and wanted original buyers to be able to keep their access to the original version of the armor but, since the original version also tends to be game-crashingly BOOM-y, we definitely don't want to give the impression that it's better than the version that doesn't make the game window go explode-y.

I will go in and fix the badges for the armors tomorrow for you all! 

The finale for Mogloween and all the fun of trick-or-treating is coming on Friday! Tomix made up four of the masks this year but I got the rest! I went with some classic DF styles... and maybe one or two or lots of rocks.

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October 23, 2015

Candy Cures

It's time to head out and clean up the candy messes of Mogloween's past! You're sure to get a sweet reward for all your hard work! ...right?

DragonFable Mogloween Candy Cures

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October 21, 2015

Greatest Moments

DragonFable will be celebrating 10 years since open beta on November 30th! Those years have been filled will crazy puns, crazy fights, crazy NPCs, crazy rocks, crazy armors, crazy weapons, crazy holidays, and a few super crazy insane moments of craziness! 

What is a quest chain or moment from DragonFable that you'll never forget? Was there a ever a moment in a fight or a cutscene that made you stand up and cheer or yell? Let us know what your favorite DF memories are!

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October 21, 2015

Undead Assault is Alive!

The latest app from Artix Entertainment is now live! Check out Undead Assault on the Apple AppStore or Google Play! This app is a recreation of the original Undead Assault from 2004!

  • Getting the 3X Daimyo upgrade will also unlock "Artix's Golden Paladin Armor" in AQWorlds. 
  • The current iOS version won't let you link your AQW account just yet but it will soon!

Artix Entertainment Undead Assault Apple App Store Google Play

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October 14, 2015

Loremaster Oruni

Someone has been asking for you in Falconreach! If you head to your Book of Lore you can go right to Loremaster Oruni and see what she needs!

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October 09, 2015

Blood and Roses

Frydae is finished. You do not challenge the power and rule of the Queen of all Vampires and walk away unscathed. What does this mean for Thursday and Raven? The Rose and werewolves?

Even with the threat of Frydae eliminated, the danger in the DoomWood... in Lore itself... still grows. This isn't the last you'll see of your Doomwood Darkovian friends.

DragonFable Amityvale Finale Queen Safiria Lord Frydae

Tags: Amityvale Safiria Frydae Thursday Raven Akanthus geopetal

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October 08, 2015

Blood Loss

The Amityvale: Blood and Roses finale is almost here! I'm ready for Friday and I wouldn't want to be Frydae....

DragonFable Safiria Frydae Blood and Roses Amityvale finale

Tags: Safiria Frydae Amityvale Thursday Raven geopetal

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October 06, 2015

The King Has Fallen

You do


challenge the Queen.

DragonFable Queen of Vampires Safiria

Tags: Amityvale Safiria Frydae Thursday Raven geopetal

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September 08, 2015

The Fight for Late Night

The night of Sir Stephan's premiere is here! The mics are primed, the stage is set, and Sir Stephan's awesome new sign is all set up! An ominous riff is reverberating offstage though... Sir Jimmie of Fallcon and Sir Jimmie of Kindle have rolled into town to stop Coldbear from encroaching on their entertainment turf. They even brought along a few side kicks to help with the warm up!

DragonFable Jimmy Fallcon Kindle

Log in now to help Sir Stephan in his fight for late night and you could claim one of Jimmie's instruments for your own!

DragonFable Fight for Late Night

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September 04, 2015

Plumbing Problems

We have a small update for you today in Book 1 Oaklore! Melissa4Bella and Niki heard about an amazing new business that Sir Prize has started and think you should check it out! What could go wrong?

Be careful, though, level 1, 10, and 30 versions of something... unpleasant... might follow you home!

Don't forget to check in with us next Tuesday, September 8th, for the Fight for Late Night! 

Tags: Oaklore geopetal

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September 03, 2015

The Jimmies Are Rustled

Next Tuesday, Sir Stephan of Coldbert is changing up his show at the Falconreach Theatre and moving to late night! His new competition isn't happy about it, though... will Jimmie Fallcon and Jimmie Kindle cancel Coldbear's debut? Make sure to tune in Tuesday to find out!

DragonFable Fight for Late Night Jimmies

Friday Night!
Don't worry, though! There will be a still be a small update tomorrow even as we prepare for the Fight for Late Night!

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August 28, 2015

Ranger Update

The update to Ranger class is finally here and ready to be tested! Verlyrus, Dracelix, Ashendal, Niki, and more have worked hard to bring you this newly reworked class! If you have a Dragon Amulet, you can log in now and find the armor button in your Book of Lore! Let us know what you think on the forums!

There are also two new randoms in Duat, in the Book 3 Sandsea! Talk to the Scarab Guards to see what they need help with and to collect Shards of Obsidian for new ring and weapon rewards!

DragonFable Ranger

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August 25, 2015

The Fight for Late Night

The mics are getting warmed up, the lights are getting focused, and two new bards have rolled into town with a challenge for Sir Stephan of Coldbear. Coming soon, in a special Tuesday release on September 8th, who will win the Fight for Late Night?! 

DragonFable Fight for Late Night Colbert Fallon Kimmel

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August 21, 2015

The Wolf Rider

This weekend a new minihub has been set up outside the southern Falconreach gates in Book 3! Log in now to speak with the mage, Gingkage, and her enormous wolf, Blaze!

Something has been terrorizing the farmers between Falconreach and Swordhaven. Will you be able to find it and stop it? Or are you just going to be lured into the depths of Betrubung? 

DragonFable Wolf Rider

Father of Mine
Later this weekend a brand new cutscene quest will be added to the Roirr storyline! You'll be able to find out more about the First Weaver and his children... and the aftermath of what happened in Ull!

DragonFable Father of Mine 

Tags: Gingkage Roirr geopetal

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August 15, 2015

Soul Scrying

After all your exploration and discovery in the Deadlands it's time to find out what is happening right now with Caitiff and the cultists! You'll need to find an old "friend" to get some answers and their help with spying into the Shadows!

Be very careful though... enough mistakes and you'll get... it's attention.

DragonFable Soul Scrying

Book 3 Dracolich Fishing
If you have a Dragon Amulet you can now fish off the crashed dracolich in Book 3! We really, really, really, really, really, really, do NOT reccomend that your character eat any fish that have grown up and lived in waters where darkness infused monsters have been decaying for several years.

Note: Some of the fish really like you and stick in your aquarium if you've completed the Book 1 fishing already. We're trying to track down why they love you so much and will hopefully find out on Monday.

Tags: Fridaythe13 Caitiff geopetal

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August 14, 2015

Dracolich Fishing

The Friday the 13th releases seemed to be fraught with misfortune! We need a little more time to get some polish on the scrying runes but the main quest will be available tomorrow!

In the meantime, Dracolich Fishing is now live in Book 1 for those of you far enough along in the storyline! This was meant as an alternative for those of you who didn't want to risk the dangers of scrying... but, the good news is I've been wondering what severals years of decaying darkness would do to the denizens of the Bay... and it's not pretty. I'm going to push to try and get Book 3 Dracolich Fishing ready for you guys for tomorrow too so that those that don't want to scry can fish up some... unappetizing alternatives.

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