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November 19, 2014

Game Update!

I just wanted to give fair warning that sometime this evening, probably around midnight EST but possibly earlier, the game will be going down for about an hour. Rolith has taken some time from his busy schedule to make some updates to systems we use to track quests, armors, and skills! 

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November 14, 2014

The Dark Tower

With Thursday missing, and your only clue being the blood magic infused gift she took with her, it's time to head into the Doomwood to find the ancient Darkness Tower and question it's ancient inhabitant, Lord Frydae XIII! Will you find Thursday there? Will she still be human? 

This week you will confront Lord Frydae to find out his involvement with Thursday's locket and her disappearance. You'll also get to find out more tidbits of information regarding Frydae's past and there's even a mention of the Drakath* dynasty!

DragonFable Dark Tower Frydae

*Yes, you’ve been calling Drakath by his last name the whole time! Long, loooong ago it might have been different but, it’s been said, if you try and call them Slugwrath now it’s taken as an insult!

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October 21, 2014

Mogloween Update!

A word from Ash!

It's Mogloween once more! After everything that's happened in the past few years, you deserve some time off to enjoy the holiday! This is the perfect chance to catch up with the Cauldron Sisters and find out how things have been going for them. This week you'll be able to do just that! I know they've been looking forward to seeing you after all this time so it should be a fun and relaxing visit. They've had 6 years to work out all the issues with the candy making process so there shouldn't be any issues at all this year!

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October 19, 2014

The Locket

The DF team has battled through sickness to bring you a new quest (late) this week! A mysterious gift infused with strange magic has been left in Thursday's room. She refuses to give up her new necklace and now more danger seems to be gathering outside Amityvale's walls!

DragonFable Amityvale Thursday Locket

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October 15, 2014

The OmniKnight Blade

The search for the OmniKnight Blade is going strong! How many artifacts have you found yet?

If you're having trouble, Alina has created a wonderful guide to help you get back on track! Make sure to check your Artix Account info to make sure all your games are linked to the same account and remember that your EpicDuel, HeroSmash, and Oversoul accounts all use the same login as your Artix Account!

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October 10, 2014

The Evil Artifact

It's Artix Entertainments 12th Anniversary! Get ready for unlimited smoothies while you break apart bad guys!

You've also received a mysterious letter in your Book of Lore! Something… evil has arisen in the Wastelands and you need to get out there to find it! If you can recover it, you’ll get a brand new artifact reward which, when you’re using any of the original base classes, will give you a 50% chance to obtain an extra potion when you use your Final Skill!

You can track your progress on the official page here!

Phantom Pixel Anniversary Event

Coming Soon!
Tomix has a wonderful new surprise for you guys too! He's been working very hard on a new map interface and will be finishing it up for next week! 

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October 03, 2014

Blood Patrol

This week you guys will get to take a closer look at Magus Neron. He needs your help with a special mission that his own soldiers have been unable to carry out. Will you brave the Doomwood surrounding Amityvale on one of the Blood Patrols? The creatures of the night are waiting….

If you're successful in your mission, a special cape created by Dracelix will be your reward!

DragonFable Amityvale Blood Patrol

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October 02, 2014

Doomwood Style

Earlier in the week we shared NPC art that is being worked on for two of the major players that will appear later in the Book 3 Amityvale arc. Tonight, I want to share a little bit about what you guys can expect for tomorrow!

Magus Neron has a very important task that he can only trust to a hero... someone not afraid of werewolves, vampires, or curses! Which is pretty much you. Will you head out on one of the Blood Patrols that protects the walls of Amityvale? All the creatures of the night that lurk in the shadows of the woods are waiting for you....

DragonFable Blood Patrol Capes
Are you feeling vampish or feral?

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October 01, 2014

The Awoken Queen

The ancient, beautiful Queen of Vampires has awoken and now looks to reestablish her bygone kingdom of Darkovia and fill her eventide halls and lands with purely vampiric citizens! The Moon has begun to wane and phase over the Doomwood, though, as the presence of the Rose is slowly draining the magic from the land... and the long-standing pact that once ensured permanent night might be shattered by the coming dawn.

DragonFable Amityvale Safiria

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September 30, 2014

A Former King

A former King, Lord Frydae XIII has skulked in the shadows waiting, and watching, for the perfect descendant to pass along the gift of immortality... the gift of vampirism! Thursday is that descendant. She is the one who will became the face of his new class of elite vampires that will rule over the Doomwood!

As the years have passed, Frydae has become bolder. He’s begun to welcome vampires that he deems worthy to his court in his dark tower and he has forced even more vampiric ghouls and werewolves into his service. The more blood he gorges on, the younger and more vigorous he feels… the better to compete with the beautiful vampire that leads the other nest in Doomwood….

DragonFable Frydae Vampire Amityvale Doomwood
Concept sketch by Oishii

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September 26, 2014

Shear Destruction

The latest quest from Dracelix is now live! Head to the Shears and help the resistance make an example of the Oculus Tower!

DragonFable Shear Destruction

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September 19, 2014

The Quest for More Booty

Yar, me hearties! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day! A day wherebe ev'ry pirate worth his salt celebrates a year of good winds, calm seas, 'n bountiful booty wit' a fresh smoothie wit' th' crew! Trouble be a a'brewin' in Osprey Cove tho'! Mazurek's Autumn Wind 'n Rhubarb's Red Betty both be in th' port... 'n th' Cap's's and th' crews be gettin' ready to brawl!

Fer this week, there be a Pirate Challenge t' complete! Choose yer side 'n help collect booty fer the Cap'n o' yer choosin'! Th' Cap'n wit' th' biggest pile o' booty by next week will be rewardin' ye a treasure fer yer help!

Lots o' new treasures be available fer DC, if yer wantin' gear now! Thar also be rumors o' a wicked edge that might be found wit' pirate booty!

DragonFable Pirate Challenge Rhubarb vs Mazurek

Now, here be a word from Ash!

This week we have a fancy new Trinket for you! Tomix animated the attack and Verly and I worked on it to give it a neat effect.

Every time you use the trinket you have a 20% chance to gain half your level's worth of gold for that battle! So if you're a level 50 character, and you see the popup, you'd get 25 gold added right onto your earned gold for that quest! You can have it happen multiple times during the same quest too!

There's also a SECOND benefit to owning it. During this challenge to help either Rhubarb or Mazurek collect the most booty, as long as you have the trinket in your bag you'll contribute an ADDITIONAL count of booty to your chosen side. That's 2 for 1 run!

Get out there and help your favorite Captain win!

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September 10, 2014

The new map of Lore!

The cartography challenge ended, winners got their prizes and I'm posting a link to the HD version of the new DragonFable map of Lore!

>>>The Map<<<

The in-game version of the map will be coming out in a near future!

Also, Dracelix has prepared a little something for Geopetal's birthday.
A LQS with this awesome scythe!

It will go live this friday.

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August 29, 2014

Amityvale Returns!

Book 3 Amityvale is now live! Dracelix and Tomix put a lot of work into this new, safer, more secure town. While it still lives under the threat of vampires, werewolves, ghouls, yagas, lawyers, and more, the strong walls and the presence of the Rose keeps the townpeople safe... as long as they don't wander too far!

This week you'll be able to explore "The Other Well" and "Swamp Lake" in an effort to help townskitties and to find clues for Thursday. The town Alchemsmith also has a new set of poison weapons for sale! 

For a fun note, 1098 quests and towns have been created since the "Crystal Clear Lake" quest... which sees it's remake/refresh tonight in Swamp Lake! 

As the weeks go on though, Thursday will become even more obsessed with finding out the reason for her being hunted. Will you and Raven be able to keep her safe from all the factions in Doomwood (not just the werewolves) that want to get ahold of her? All new quests are coming soon!

Amityvale Thursday

Blood and Roses begins!

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July 25, 2014


This week we have an update to Book 1 Shadow of the Wind Village! Thyton needs your help to stop the rogue Stone Ninjas and their summoning of the evil Tomamo! The woods outside the village are vst and dangerous but, if you can stop the Tomamo before he's fully charged, the Mirror's Eye trinket could be yours!

The finale of the Book 3 Ravenloss arc will continue next week! 

Cronix Birthday Shop
The Time Core Edge is now available! Hunt Cronix down in game before he disappears to check out this amazing element-switching weapon! 

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July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Cronix!

Today is Cronix's birthday so please make sure to wish him well! In celebration his NPC is hidden somewhere in game with a shop fill of special goodies for you! Make sure to find him before he's gone...!

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July 11, 2014

War at the Core!

This is it. The ship has reached the Ynnungaap Core where Envy is. Void monsters are swarming the corridors of the mysterious fortress built around the core. It seems the only way to reach Envy in time, is to defeat all of them. But it won't be easy.

The grand finale of Tomix's Saga will go live a few weeks after the war, but...

You absolutely must win this war! Envy is trying to throw the core off balance, which means, if he succeeds, the Void will fully bleed through the Equilibrium Gate, swallowing everything in its path.

The fate of Ravenloss and Falconreach depends on whether you win this war or not.

The Void Core will reach critical levels by next Friday!


DragonFable Ravenloss War at the Core

Cronix has made a set that you can earn for DMs during this war, have a look (The weapon is clickable!)

BattleGems PVP!
PvP is LIVE! More Details about how to get your GOLD NAME and other good stuff is on!

You can find BattleGems on the Apple App Store, the Android App Store, and Facebook

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July 04, 2014


The next quest in Tomix's Ravenloss Saga is now live! Head into the mysterious forest in the Void and find out more about Aspar himself!

DragonFable Tomix Aspar Pandora

Patriotic Shop
A special shop with Canada Day and Independance Day items, created by Cronix, is up in the Book of Lore! Any type of furry hat you may want, from manly to cutsy, is in there along with an amazing Liberty scythe! 

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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June 27, 2014


Talk to Mritha in Sulen’eska to continue your adventure infiltrating the Runed Fortress! You’ve found the Third Level door, but not the way in. You’ll have to investigate the Cafeteria and see if you can find out anything from the other Rose Soldiers! Good luck!   

Edd Armor 
With this week’s quest, you are now able to choose between two different Edd Armor Classes. A new, stronger version is available, but you can still pick the older version for more challenging fights! The Runed Fortress quest has been updated and will equip players with the new version. 

And now for a mysterious note....

A gale of emotions, images and feelings flood your mind. They come together and materialize into a scene that unfolds before you.

A Rose Soldier sat alone at an empty table. Other, miscellaneous bunches of soldiers partook in lively chatter and eating at the tables around him yet he made no effort to join them. He twitched uncomfortably, a timid stare fixed upon the table top as if too nervous to watch anything else.

Another soldier walked up to the table. His gate was steady, his air indifferently confident. If anyone nearby noticed him, they paused slightly at his passing, intimidated by his form that was taller and brawnier than theirs. The soldier put on a beaming smile as he dropped a bowl of food before the lone one.

''Here you go, Paul! Fresh from the cook's cart!''

The nervous boy flinched for a moment, staring in surprise at the bowl, up at the other soldier and back at the bowl again. It was not long before a great, sincere smile stretched itself across his lips.

''I don't know what to say, Vince. Ever since I came in, you've haven't stopped being nice to me even though I'm a complete nobody! You're the best!''

Vince waved a hand dismissively, seemingly embarrassed.

''Hey, hey! It's nothing! Gotta look out for new guys after all.''

Paul replied only with a small, shy nod. His eyes turned back towards his bowl as he inspected its content with a curious eye.

The bowl's contents were quite unlike what he expected. Although Paul has only been a short time at the facility, the opportunity to ascertain that the Head Chef was a marvelous cook had already been bestowed upon him. Whispers of the name ''Gaston'' had reached his ear but not yet the sight of the character. The bowl before him instead held a strange, lumpy grey purée. Paul was further enervated as, in an idle moment, he thought, but would swear he must have been mistaken, he caught a glimpse of movement from the food.

''So… what is it?'' inquired Paul, a hint of embarrassment in his own voice.

Vince's smile redoubled in vigour

''It's the Chef's Specialty!''

''Oh, I see.''

Vince gave a confident nod and added.

''I gotta go and get to work, Paul. See ya and have a good lunch!''

With a wave, Vince started his way off.

''Thanks again, Vince!''

''No problem!''

Paul's attention went back to his meal. He stared for a moment, shrugged, grabbed his spoon and dug in.

''Oh well…'' thought he. ''Even if this turns out to taste as good as it looks, it can't be that bad, can it?''

Paul grabbed a spoon full and, with little hesitation, swallowed.

At the other end of the room, a malicious smirk drew itself on Vince's face.

Paul drew the spoon back from his purple with blue polka dots face that was not so oddly coloured a moment ago. Nothing occurred for an moment and then his eyes suddenly bulged and he dropped to the floor like a stone. The audible ''thump'' he made finally drew the attention of the soldiers around him. Someone cried ''Medic!'' as they hastily formed a circle around him.

''Have a good lunch, Paul!'' muttered Vince with heavy mockery.

A raucous laughter echoed as his form faded into the corridor.

Another soldier watched the scene and sighed. Some part of him wished he had done something while another, more reasonable one he at least liked to think, knew that it would have done no good. If anything, it would do him more harm than anything else. Resigned, Sam made his way to his own table hoping only that Vince would not pick on him today.

The last of the gale passes and with it remnants of the scene swept away.

AdventureQuest Worlds
The Evolved DragonLord Armor has been added to the AQW arsenal but you must be upgraded in DragonFable in order to unlock it! If you're a fan of both games make sure to check it out this weekend!

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June 20, 2014

Howl at the Moon

You guys absolutely rocked the war, getting to 100% before we even had a chance to get the bosses finished up! Since you've absolutely crushed the meter that means that Book 3 Amityvale is saved and, in a few weeks, will be in game as the next town on the map! 

The boss fight is ready now, though! Log in and get ready to face off against the creatures who set the were-monsters on Amityvale!

DragonFable Full Moon Thursday

Be careful in the woods!

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June 19, 2014

Full Moon!

You guys are closing in on victory! If you win the war by end of day tomorrow than Amityvale will be saved and will (soon-ish*) be added to the Book 3 travel map! If you slip and the werewolves win though... Amityvale will be destroyed!

Loot chests have been added to the waves containing helms and cape that will match the boss loot weapons. There are also new Defender Necklaces in the shop, in addition to the new level of Unity trinkets that were added on Tuesday!

Good luck and BattleOn!

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June 13, 2014

Full Moon

It's DragonFable's 8th birthday week and it has been a busy one! We have stuff from Tomix, Oishii, Verlyrus, Ash, Dracelix, and Cronix this week!

DragonFable Friday the 13th Thursday and New Primals

Friday the 13th: Full Moon
Book 3 Amityvale is under attack! Were-creatures are stalking through Doomwood and they're intent on tearing down the town! There is one week to defeat all the werewolves, werebats, and wereligers... or Book 3 Amityvale will be destroyed! Thursday and her best friend, Raven, are going to need all the help they can get!

IF you can unlock the boss in time on Friday, then Book 3 Amityvale will be saved (and, after a few weeks of work to repair the damage, it will be added in game soon after)!

Earth, Water, and Fire Primal Skills
Ash and Verlyrus have been working on bringing you the lost Primal skills for DragonFable's birthday this year! You can log in now and head to Book 3 Sunbreeze to start questing for them! The quests are available when you talk to Elysia about gaining the Primal Skills!

I wonder how those adult primal skills will influence the kid verison of your dragon...! 

Ash has been working his fingers to the bone to smash and smoosh bugs too!

  • CCEDL sound and color customization now works
  • Male DoomKnight Break does 2 hits now, as intended 
  • Book 3 Ash no longer sticks on potion drinking
  • Book 3 Ash - Blade of Justice now working as intended
  • ChronoCorrupter no longer has a random grey cape

Special Present Still Coming!
Verlyrus has been working on an ultra secret, super cool, long awaited project as well! It won't be ready for you guys until closer to the end of summer but he'll announce what it is at the beginning of next week and then keep you updated on his progress as it comes together! 

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June 12, 2014

Thursday the 12th

DragonFable 13th

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June 11, 2014


Now a word from one of our volunteers, Ash!

Greetings! Recently I offered to help out around DF doing small things here and there inbetween all my other jobs. This Friday you'll get to see a couple of those.

First off I've tracked down and fixed several issues with the Color Custom Evolved DragonLord armors. It wasn't an easy fix, which is why it's taken so long, but you'll be able to finally have a fully Color Custom armor with sound!

Secondly some of you reported that DoomKnight's Break skill wasn't doing two hits on the male version. That'll be fixed as well.

I'll be doing some more fixes and such over the next few months so make sure to keep reporting any bugs to the tracker! I also might have had a hand in another part of Friday's release so make sure to check back then!

Artix Points
For the rest of this month you can get 10% bonus Artix Points if you buy them using a credit card! 

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June 09, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday!

This is DragonFable's 8th birthday! Log in now to help us celebrate with brand new items, created by Cronix, available through the Book of Lore; the Ultimate Dragon Helm and Ultimate Dragon Wings!

We'll have a few surprises for you in the quest on Friday, a preview of which follows below, as well as a big announcement from Verlryus on what's he working on for an amazing, end of summer belated birthday gift!

DragonFable Fire

DragonFable Water

DragonFable Earth

Tags: Birthday geopetal

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