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July 29, 2015


You and your friends have climbed up from the depths of the Valtrith Tomb but you haven't made your escape just yet... 

In the depths of the Wastelands, on the peak of a lonely mountain, lies the ruins of Castle Nostromo, the ancestral home of the Valtrith Clan, now long abandoned... or is it? Something... pure, survives. Something unclouded by conscience, absent remorse, and without any delusions of morality. 

You are not alone.

Are you going to be the hunter or the hunted?

Tags: Fridaythe13 Valtrith Symone Valencia geopetal

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July 23, 2015

The Thorns of the Rose

With the alarms blaring it's time for you to help Elryn and the others finally break free from the third floor of the Runed Fortress! Will the thorns of the Espina Rosa give up her prey so easily though?

DragonFable Baby Dragon

Tags: EspinaRosa Elryn geopetal

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July 21, 2015

Frydae vs Safiria

We have some new amazing fan art from ryunn to share! Inspired by Blood Feud and Frydae's new NPC art it's Safiria vs Frydae! There are two royal vampires... but there's only room for one in Doomwood!

DragonFable Safiria ryunnDragonFable Frydae ryunn
Blood Feud by ryunn

Tags: Safiria Frydae ryunn geopetal

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July 18, 2015

Blood Feud

With the attack on the Queen's castle and Thursday taken, Safiria is out for blood. This time, though, Frydae is prepared for her assault... and while Safiria and the lycans work their way through the silver barrage outside only you, Hero, can rush through the tower to save Thursday from eternal darkness!

DragonFable Blood Feud
She mad.

If you can reach Thursday in time new Giant and Golden Bat Wing rewards can be yours. There's also a special DC shop for those you that covet the wings of the Queen!

Dracolich Fishing!
I have been working on a new fishing spot for you guys! Who doesn't want to relax for the afternoon on the slick, unsteady bones of a crashed dracolich? The good news? I totally got the reflection of the bones just right. The bad news? It's totally broken and only saves the last fish you caught.

Verlyrus and Ashendal are on it though! If they can figure out what I did to just totally, totally, toooootally break all the things then Dracolich Fishing should be coming soooooon(-ish)(maybe).

I wonder what a couple years of decaying darkness does to a fish population.... 

Tags: Amityvale Safiria Frydae Thursday Raven Fishing geopetal

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July 17, 2015

Gone to Pieces

We're all working hard on release stuff for you guys! Ashendal is working on some new weapons and items for DC packages, Verlyrus is working on ranger-y things, I'm thinking up funny fish names and descriptions, Tomix is animating his fingers down to soul-bones, and Safiria... well, Safiria seems to be falling to pieces....

DragonFable Safiria

ergotth also created an awesome piece of art after yesterday's Design Notes!

DragonFable Tomix Orb
Giant Soulweaver Hamster Orb

See how cool it would be Tomix?!!!

Tags: geopetal Safiria Tomix

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July 16, 2015

Blood Will Flow

This weekend blood will flow in DragonFable as Frydae's plans and machinations have finally gotten Thursday in his clutches! Queen Safiria, Raven, Lon, Chaney, and the hero are all in pursuit of the gigantic bat but don't think that Lord Frydae will be caught unprepared this time....

Will the last of the Frydae line finally fall to the vampire curse?

DragonFable Thursday Darkness Tower

The Book 3 Amityvale quest has a lot of animation, a whole new monster version of Frydae, and Tomix is still refusing to live in the giant soulweaver totally-not-a-monster-hamster-ball orb that I sent to Poland, so the quest itself will very likely be a Saturday release. I've been working on a small side project though so, never fear, you'll still have a smaller update on Friday too! Just think of it as an extra day to polish your silver and stock up on garlic...

See you guys tomorrow!

Tags: Amityvale Thursday Frydae Tomix geopetal

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July 02, 2015

Undead Assault

On October 26th, 2006, Artix Entertainment premiered its first ever animated short, Artix vs. The Undead!

You can even play through Artix vs. The Undead in DragonFable's Necropolis chain! The very first war in DragonFable was the Undead Assault. Artix, always fighting for the light, has even exorcized the three spirits of Frostval!

What we're saying is he really, really, really, really likes destroying undead creatures.

Coming soon, you'll be able to help your favorite paladin in his eternal quest to rid the world of the evil undead! The original Undead Assault minigame has been resurrected by Kraken and it'll be up to you to play as Artix himself and take out all the shambling skeletons, flying eyeballs, and other disturbed dead using your trusty axe... or maybe even a little dragon fire*!

Artix Entertainment Undead Assault

*Also, doesn't that dragon look super amazing?

The best part? You won't even need to drag around your desktop to help rid the world of the undead. You'll be able to up your undead-slaying game while on the move, whether you're using Android or Apple!

Tags: kraken UndeadAssault geopetal

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June 30, 2015

Fresh Frydae

Hi guys! In a few weeks the beginning of the end of Blood and Roses begins... to end! /ahem

So, waaaaaay back in September we previewed the concept sketch that Oishii made for the refreshed Frydae and, today, the vampire lord's artwork is finally done (and it might mysteriously find its way to Book 1)! 

Frydae concept
The Goblin Vampire King

Frydae the XIII
Lord Frydae

Oishii worked with me on the story for Blood and Roses and we strived to plan through the entire storyline and to lay out all the relevant background info. We talked about everything from how people are turned into vampires (need to be drained to the brink of death - too little and you don’t turn, fully drained you will actually die - then drink the vampires blood which is now mixed with yours) and werewolves (one bite and you're infected) in DFs Lore. We talked about what elements affect the curses and how lycanthropy is tried to the moon.

We also spent a lot of time discussing just who exactly these NPCs in the Doomwood were. What did they want? Why do they want it? Where did they come from? Making sure we understood the character, looking at things from their viewpoint, has given the NPCs in this arc a lot of depth... and a lot of secrets! Even Amaris has a full character profile and bio!

Here's the basic character info that that initial sketch of Frydae grew out of:

  • Frydae
    • Former King of Darkovia
    • “Celebrity” vampire
    • All flash, elitist - He’s always hidden in the shadows but now is starting to get bolder.
      • He’s drinking more blood, venturing out more and is starting to look and feel younger and vigorous.
      • He’s older looking and wizened - he hasn’t fed in years.
    • Motivation: Create elite class of vampires from those humans he deems “worthy” enough that will take over Lore and rule the “peasant” class (i.e. anyone or any creature he doesn’t think worthy enough to be a vampire in his circle).
      • The vampires that follow him want to be part of that elite class.
    • Afraid/intimidated by Safiria, she’s never hidden in the shadows, she’s ancient and powerful, and she already has minions flocking to her even though she’s just awoken.

Frydae is clever and has bided his time but he's also arrogant and entitled... he's not content to let someone stronger just take what he thinks he deserves and he's willing to go to extreme lengths to get back to the top. Even to the point of giving up his own humanity for the power of darkness....

From The Dark Tower:

Frydae: Do you really think I care? Long ago, I was a King! I held the borders of Darkovia strong against the Drakath dynasty. I accepted this gift to complete my rule over this dark land, but that slug Drakath reduced me to hiding in the darkest shadows. Then he and his children and his children’s children took my kingdom, my legacy, for their own.  The once mighty kingdom of Darkovia… reduced to a mere Doomwood within Greenguard. My own descendants were weak. Pitiful. Thursday is still the first and only being who is worthy of the gift I once foolishly offered you. Once she is ready, Thursday will be the first step to regaining my kingdom.

Despite the Drakaths countering his original scheme hundreds of years ago, he's doubling down now and betting that Thursday will be the final piece in his plan to see his kingdom regained and a new class of elite vampires to rule over it!

Frydae sketch
Frydae Final Concept Sketch

DragonFable Frydae
Lord Frydae the XIII

On July 17th, Frydae will finally have Thursday in his clutches in the Darkness Tower! Will Thursday finally be cursed by darkness? Will all of Frydae's machinations finally allow him to gain all the power and status he's always felt he deserved? There's only room for one royal in Doomwood and, with just two quests left in the Blood and Roses chain, which of the warring vampire clans will be the one to claim victory? And where will that leave everyone else that calls Doomwood home?

Irreconcilable Rulers

Tags: Amityvale Frydae Safiria Thursday geopetal

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June 28, 2015

Makin' Friends

Ryunn, DragonFable's own official illustrious fan illustrator, has created something for the Gremoglimsters release!

"Lim said they were helpful at first so maybe they should just make up and Lim can have more helpers! :^) (so long as there's no more food haha)"

DragonFable ryunn Gremoglinster and Lim
New Besties!

Grem is going to hug Lim and pet Lim and squeeze Lim! Lim just shouldn't feed Grem....

Also, I've named that gremoglimster Grem.

'Cause I can!

Thank you, Ryunn!

Tags: ryunn Fan Art geopetal

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June 26, 2015


San Robin has written a new quest for us this week! Log in now and head to the Book 3 Falconreach weapon shop to help Lim with the newest problem in his basement...

Dracelix has made some gorgeous new weapons as drops for the release!

Infuscience Weapons!

Ashendal has gotten the Fire Soul weapon rewards live in the burnt house in Swordhaven for those of you that have finished the Alexander quest line. There is also new artwork for the Destiny upgrades that also went live this week! Dracelix has created shiny and bright new art for them!

Destiny Upgrades!

Tags: lim SanRobin Destiny geopetal

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June 24, 2015

Espina Update!

A note from Elryn:

Greetings everyone!

I would like to let you know that the end of Espina Rosa will not come this week and that instead it will be due for another week (not next week). I know we said in the last DNs we were going to do it this week however between Tomix not feeling too well and my mild burnout from my Terran analog’s new job, we decided best to postpone it to the next available date. There will be a light release this week instead (make sure to wish Tomix well!).

In the mean time, I will make sure to brush up on the script as much as possible. After all, you will not be able to leave Espina Rosa without facing the final boss of the Fortress. 

When that comes, I hope you are ready for a difficult battle, Hero.

San Robin has a short quest for us for Friday and the Espina Rosa finale will be coming in a couple weeks!

Tags: Elryn EspinaRosa geopetal

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June 23, 2015

Breaking the Shackles

This week you finally break free of the shackles of the Espina Rosa! Will you be able to see all your friends to freedom? Or will the thorns of the Rose dig in and hold them prisoner?

We don't have art from the quest ready for you to preview just yet... but ryunn has made some amazing fan art about the Espina Rosa saga that we wanted to share!

DragonFable ryunn
SUCKERS by ryunn

DragonFable ryunn
Elryn by ryunn

Tags: EspinaRosa ryunn Elryn geopetal

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June 12, 2015

The Valtrith Tomb

The date is just right... almost Friday the 13th but nooooot quite. The darkness and shadow of unluckiness swirls but your own luck can still hold out. You need to find out more about Valtrith which means finding the lost tomb of his warrior clan... and an old friend might be willing to help you out! 

DragonFable Baron Valtrith Friday the 13th

For 600 years the Tomb of the warrior clan of Valtrith has held its secrets and its treasures. Generations of Valtriths have had the honor of hanging their masks, broken in battle, upon the walls of their tombs. At least until Jaysun.... Just who took down the mightiest warrior the Valtrith line had ever seen? A man whose innumerable broken masks covered the walls of his resting place... whose cruelty in battle was spoken of in whispers long after he was gone... and before he was awoken?

As you explore the tomb be on the look out for anything that might tell you more about Valtrith and his clan. Even the most innocuous thing you mouse over or run into might give you more information (reminder: mouseover text appears in the lower right corner of the interface). 

What secrets rest in the Tomb of the Valtriths? Will you find something to bury Baron Jaysun Valtrith once and for all? Or will what you find bury you?



Ashendal here! Poking my head in just to give you all a quick note. For the final day of this year's birthday week you get two things!

Verlyrus added a LONG requested feature. Buttons to scroll up and down on those panels that you can't really see everything on! This should make the Resistance and Status panel, merge shops, and a few others places, a LOT easier to read now!

I also did some tweaks to the Dragon Lord armors! They are now fully tier 3 armors and very, very, tanky. (Even more so than they were before)

That wraps up the birthday week. I hope you all enjoyed the gifts and I really hope you enjoy today's quest! (Don't get lost!)

Tags: geopetal Valtrith Friday the 13th

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June 09, 2015

Darkness Gathers

As the week rolls on, the shadows are getting a little bit darker. Your luck is getting a little bit thinner... but it might just be enough for what you need to do. This Friday, you see, isn't a 13th. It's Friday the 12th and, despite the spectre of unluckiness in the air, the time isn't right for the full force of the tragic and the luckless to afflict you. 

Friday the 12th is just the right date to investigate though, while unluckiness permeates the air but hasn't quite taken over. It's just the right date to find the entrance to the lost Valtrith Tomb. Just right to open the door... if you can find the door that is. 

Who would be able to help us find and explore a tomb that's been lost for 600 years?

DragonFable Valencia

Tags: Friday the 13th Baron Valtrith Valencia geopetal

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June 05, 2015

Castle Crashers

This week we continue with the Book 3 Amityvale arc!

After running through the Doomwood, searching for Thursday frantically through enemy camps, confronting dangerous foes and, ultimately, going back to Amityvale empty handed... the vampire queen is now summoning you back to her castle at the request of Thursday! What does her Highness have hidden up her elegant sleeve? Why has she kept Thursday hidden? What will you find on the shore of that blood red lake...?

DragonFable Castle Crashers Amityvale Safiria Thursday Raven

New silver weapons can be yours if you survive your meeting....

DragonFable silver arrow rewards

The Drowned Fortress
If you wish to explore the shattered remains of Sepulchure's Flying Fortress you can now access them through the Book 3 Travel Map, just look for the gold in the Bay in the Maguswood! Access to the Drowned Fortress will be coming to Book 3 Falconreach in the next few weeks as well.

Tags: Amityvale Thursday Safiria Raven geopetal

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June 04, 2015

Amazing Art!

This is amazing! So are these by ryunn:

DragonFable Yulgar Lark
Yulgar and Lark by ryunn

DragonFable Time Cake Cysero
Time Cake by ryunn

What other amazing fan art do you guys have to show us?

Tags: Fan Art Art geopetal

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June 03, 2015

Royal Summons

The Queen of Darkovia has requested your presence. This Friday... I wouldn't keep her waiting.

DragonFable Safiria

Tags: Safiria geopetal

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May 26, 2015


You've made it to the mysterious and confusing third floor of the Espina Rosa... but will you be able to make it out? Now that you've found Elryn in the labyrinthine layout you'll need to decide what your next move is!

DragonFable Espina Rosa Third Floor

Tags: EspinaRosa geopetal

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May 24, 2015

The Drowned Fortress

The release is finally live! You guys can make your way to the dark, shattered fortress through your Book of Lore! There are thirty-four rooms, four floors, three locked chests, two chests with temporary supplies, and multiple things that will try to kill you! Are you brave enough to go for a swim?

DragonFable Drowned Fortress

I do want to thank everyone for being so patient! Tomix lost in a fight with furniture later in the week and I got overambitious with the replacement release. Next week, we will continue with Espina Rosa!

Tags: geopetal

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May 24, 2015

Spooky Spooky and Damp

It's comin' tomorrow, everyone, sorry for the delay! 34 rooms over 4 floors took me a bit! The walkaround is in testing now and I'll be adding some finishing touches on the backgrounds, spooky-spooky-and-damp monsters, and some other fun things once I wake up. Now to go dream that I'm working in flash.... /niiightmares!

Tags: geopetal

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May 16, 2015

Yulgar's First Date

Cysero's Time Cake has sent you back the day of Yulgar's First Date but with one caveat... you're there in the same body as you had twenty years ago! Brimme and Gramercy have are sending their kids off to the Oaklore Overlook... can you save the date and find the harp? Or will you have forced down that Time Cake for nothing?

DragonFable First Date

Tags: geopetal Yulgar

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May 13, 2015

Art, Art, and More Art, and Fan Art!

DragonFable has some absolutely amazing artwork and animated cutscenes. Cysero, Ghost, Tomix, Oishii, Dracelix, Cronix, True Mortal, Rags, Thyton, Nulgath, Dage, J6, have all contributed artwork to the game in the form of NPCs, backgrounds, armors and weapons! One thing I would love to get together is a short movie preview for the game to share and promote it. If we were to make an epic trailer for DragonFable what cutscenes and moments just need to be included? What armor skills should be featured? What music? Let us know on the forums!

Fan Mail!
I wanted to give a shout out to Fatma and Emre! Thank you so much for the package you guys sent the office!

DragonFable Socks
The left one is now under lock and key! ~geo

DragonFable Sketchbook
A new sketchbook for Tomix!

Zhoom, Alina, Rolith, Cysero, Artix, and everyone else all want to thank you for the gifts and the awesome fanart! All our fingers are crossed for you and we know you'll rock your new venture (and, as a geologist, I'm qualified to make that assessment)!

We also got some amazing cutscenes and shop ideas from Salene! I, personally, really like the Batoro ideas!

We do get fan mail for DragonFable occasionally so, if you've ever sent anything in, we all want to say thank you! It's always awesome when we get stuff in the mail from you guys or we find fan art online and then share it with everyone on the DF Staff!

Tags: geopetal Tomix Fans

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May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

The seasonal shops for Mother's Day are now open! The new Asteraceae Scythe is availble for Dragon Coins! If you missed them on previous years, the Midnight Wish, Sakura, and Oleander sets are now seasonal items as well! The seasonal shops will be open until the 25th of this month.

Make sure you call, hug, thank, or fight off invading monsters in the name of whomever you call Mom today! 

DragonFable Mother's Day Daisy Flower Scythe
Asteraceae Scythe from Tomix

Tags: Mothers Day geopetal

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May 08, 2015

Yulgar's First Date

It's been a long time since you've seen Yulgar! Every year though, without fail, he makes sure to set a bouquet of daisies out by the fountain behind the Pet Shop. If you hurry to the Book 3 Pet Shop, you might be able to catch him! You'll be able to join on Aria and Yulgar's Family Time and hear all about his first date with Aria's Mom!

DragonFable Yulgar First Date

Keep an eye out on Sunday for a special scythe from Tomix in celebration of Mother's Day!

Tags: Yulgar Aria Mothers Day geopetal

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May 07, 2015

Family Time

Every year, for the past twenty years, on a special day Yulgar has brought a bouquet of flowers to the Falconreach pet shop; first for his girlfriend, then for his wife, then… for a memory. This week, join Yulgar and his daughter, Aria, for the first half of our Mother's Day quest event and listen in as he retells her favorite childhood story about Yulgar’s First Date!

DragonFable Yulgar and Aria

Tags: Yulgar Aria Mother's Day geopetal

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