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August 28, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

This week Tomix has a preview of one of the Chapter 3 refreshed NPCs! Just who is this dashing guy? (No, it's not Tomix!)

Truely Honored Contest!
Results from Melissa4Bella:

This contest was created to honor True Mortals recovery and return to DragonFable. However, over the course of viewing all of the entries, deciding, sorting and everything involved with this contest - it is obvious that the artistic talents of the AE Community also needed to be honored. A massive thank you to all of the players who entered. You made this contest fun and really showed support for True Mortal through your art and you all deserved recognition. Well done!

Now, let's get to the good stuff!

Grand Prize3,000 DC's
Forum Name: flamingknight11

Melissa: I like how he chose to use colors sparingly, really gives the focus to TM.
TM: Love the composition of the whole piece, and the pose TM is in. It's also nicely colored, without adding too much details.
Eric: Nice lines... Excellent use of shading. The interpretation of the theme of TM vs giant metal monster is well done.
AlphaAtom (AA): The way that the shading so accurately renders the different textures in the piece is whatreally makes this piece great for me.

Second Place: 1,500 DC's
Forum Name: Zanpaku-to

Melissa: One of the few "action" poses, Thorn snarling is a good touch.
TM: I like the dynamic pose and the style me and Thorn are drawn in. It gives a certain kind of energy to the picture.
Eric: An interesting interpretation of TM. A good action pose. It's got a comic book feel.
AA: Despite the lack of colour, this piece shows excellent detail, and the action pose ties it all together nicely.

Third Place500 DC's
Forum Name: ergotth

Melissa: So many details and intricate lines!
TM: Yes, basically it's a clean sketch of me! I like the armor and the details he put into it.
Eric: Ok, this one had really nice sharp lines. It was an interesting version of the armor.
AA: The detail in this piece shows great dedication and flames above TM's head are incredibly well drawn.

Third Place: 500 DC's
Forum Name: Heartdragon

Melissa: I like the symbolism of the bandages, the horizon is pretty good, too.
TM: I like how it's kind of an intimidating pose, since it's point of view is from the ground.
Eric: OK I really like the way thorn was done here. It's absolutely beautiful. I like the inclusion of the bandages drifting off his arm as a symbol of his healing though.
AA: Impressively drawn piece that has great shading and an excellent use of colour.

Honorable Mentions: 100 DC's

The ErosionSeeker

Thank you all for entering! 

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August 21, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Tomix, in addition on working on refreshed NPCs for Chapter 3, is  still working steadily on Pyromancer! This week he has a preview of some of the skill animations!

Pyromancer will have mostly ranged attacks, rather than melee. What other kinds of skill animations would you guys like to see?

Forum Contest!
From Melissa4Bella:

This year has been a TRUEly hard battle. More for some than others. But, for one MORTAL, the battle has been hard fought with battle scars earned challenges overcome. If you recall, this past February our great ally, True Mortal, was injured in a fight with a huge metal beast. He might have suffered with a broken body but his spirit remained untouched. But, thanks to the help of Twilly and you his friends, our immortal ally is healed. (it takes a while to heal a Spirit Warden, dont'cha know) 

So to honor this victorious hero that we all know and love, we are calling on all the artists across Lore to help us capture the victory with their art. With a picture of such a shining moment of glory, it may be remembered across future generations of Lore's heroes. 

To immortalize this moment of True Mortal's achievement, we want our players to draw True Mortal, alive and well. So pick up your pens, pencils, any way you choose to create your picture and get started! 

Contest starts now and will finish Sunday at 11:59pm, August 26th! 

Grand Prize: 3,000 DC's 

2nd Place: 1,500 DC's 

3rd Place: 500 DC's 

Please make sure to visit the offical thread in the DragonFable General Discussion to see all the contest rules and enter! All contest discussion should go in this thread!

The Merge
This Friday will be the finale of Chapter 2 and the merging of The Professor and Wargoth! This titanic fight will include your dragon (even for free players!) so, if you don't have it yet, make sure to go see Twilly and get them hatched. Ghost is hoping you'll see things in a new perspective with this boss fight!

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May 14, 2012

geopetal Action Figure Action Shots Contest!

This Friday, May 18th, will begin selling AE's first action hero figures! geopetal action figures are available outside everywhere right now though! So I want all you guys to go and get your favorite geopetal and set up an action shot! 

All photo entries should be posted in the entry thread by Thursday, May 17th, at 5:00pm EST. 
Winners will be announced on Friday, May 18th!

The Prize: Your choice of either 5,000 Dragon Coins or a single character Dragon Amulet upgrade! (You can only choose one!) 

As always, I reserve the right to award other prizes for those that go above and beyond! Any and all creativity is encouraged!

Rule #1: No throwing of the geopetal! She considers all that flying stuff to be flashy, so she prefers to fight on the ground. 

Rule #2: No revealing of your secret lairs! Please make sure to keep the location of your secret lairs just that, secret. There shouldn't be anything in your photos to reveal where you are! 

Rule #3: Maintain your own secret identities! If you want to appear in your photo entry make sure to maintain your hero persona and to also get your parent's permission. 

Rule #4: One entry per person! Double check and make sure your link works when you post it! 

Rule #5: Please make sure to c/p the entry form and provide all the relevant info in your entry post! 

Rule #6: Please keep all discussion of the contest in the discussion thread

geopetal saves the day!*

Good luck and Battleon!

*With special thanks to Cysero for his help with the suspension and photographing!

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December 21, 2011

Silly hat time!

That was just the best idea ever, so let's make it a thing. So um, let's see.. how about a light and fluffy contest where you guys draw a picture of (we won't be judging on art quality), build, or describe the most strange, goofy, and generally ridonkulous Frostval hats you can imagine. Bonus points will be awarded to hats that: a) Look like your gramma knit it, b) Can be seen from space, or c) Might be your weird aunt's cat that she wrapped up, you think?

However, bonus points are pointless because we are not using a point system to judge this, haha! The contest will run until Dec 26, whenever I get around to shutting it down, but probably early in the day. The winning hat will be chosen by how hard it makes us laugh. Don't worry about making up stats or descriptions, but feel free to describe it if we may not have a clue what it is... :P


The winner gets his/her hat in game, available to all at the end of Frostval! And bragging rights for having the worst sense of style ever. That's it. But come on, you know you want that title. Let's do this!


One entry per person. Please make sure to link directly to your drawing or image. If it is not linked directly, I cannot see your entry, therefore having to disqualify it. You don’t want that to happen, now do you? DO YOU? 

Please post contest entries here

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June 01, 2011

Bombs Away!

The Ice Orb is gone... lost to Sepulchure! We must protect the remaining Orbs of Energy, Wind and Light!

This week havoc is still raging in Popsprocket as all the robots are infected... and now an army of undead attacks the very chains that stablize the city from below! The gnomes are throwing everything they can at the army below... can you help them build bombs to defend Popsprocket and protect the Energy Orb!?

Calling All DragonLords!
The undead visage of Akriloth blazes across the sky over Dragesvard, Xan's mad laughter fallowing after. Can you and your dragon stop this deadly duo from melting the Dragesvard glacier? Will you avenge the Priestess? Fight against Xan and his fiery Akrolich* this Friday!

Contest Winners
Congratulations to all our contest winners!

* /cough

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February 03, 2011


The ENTIRE AE Team is taking a one week break from making games... TO MAKE GAMES!

Yes my friend, you read that right! Next week, starting on Monday we are having the 1st ever one-week-long AE Game Making Challenge! Sound crazy? ... well, then maybe you should join in too!

WHAT!? You are making 7+ new games next week?
The entire staff (everyone from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, EpicDuel, MechQuest, AdventureQuest worlds) will be forming into small teams of 2 to 3 people. Each team's goal is to create a new game in only 5 days. The rules are: Anything goes & make anything you want! So far there are 7 teams. The competition starts on Monday and ends Friday night... at which time we all get to play everyting that they make! If you can program or draw, you are hereby invited to create teams with other creative players and create games too!

How will the contest be judged?
You and the staff will both judge. We are going to post several polls on the forums which will rate the completed games in different categories (Overall, Fun, Graphics, Sound/Music.)

Is this a good idea?
100% YES. After doing the weekly releases every week, for so many years, the team needs to mix things up and get their creative juices flowing. That is something that all of the big games will benefit from in the following weeks. Also, it will be really interesting to watch and see what happens!

What will the games be like?
Everyone is making whatever they want... so your guess is as good as mine, LOL! But there is only one week to make the finished game so they will likely be mini-game sized or prototypes/alphas for larger game concepts. Teams can create their own artwork, sound, and engine from scratch or are free to use things thay have already made. The goal is to be as creative as possible and have fun, there are no rules... just games!

Can I watch?
We would love for you to watch and help us with ideas while we are working on the games! We are going to post a special design notes for all teams and we are going to periodically stream live video in AdventureQuest Worlds. (A sneak peek into the secret underground lab... about to be 3.14159% less secret.)

What about the normal Big Game releases?
This Friday (just like every week) we have exciting releases coming out for you. Next weekend the games will all be running their special Valentine's Day events. So this really was the perfect time to do this. The best part is... if all team are successful, you could get 7 new games to play next Friday too! Maybe we can add achievements for beating all of them to the Master Account?

AWESOME! I cannot wait!
Enjoy the releases this weekend. Starting Monday... we are making some games! (I cannot believe how much I am looking forward to this. It feels like Christmas.)

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December 27, 2010

Suggestion Shop Contest!

A message from True Mortal:

Hello Dragonfable lovers! Your *cough* favorite weapon smith has come up with a genius plan!

Instead of designing my own weapons, I’m going to let you guys do the work… *snicker*, indeed, another suggestion shop contest!

This time you’ll have to think of some weapons which will fit the disease element. I’m not going to ramble on about this, so grab your pencil (or whatever sort of media you use) and start working! You’ll get 48 hours to finish what awesome design(s) you had in mind.

The contest ends on 29/12/10 at 11:59 PM server time! A winner will be announced shortly after that.

What you’ll need for your entry:

-Your character ID

-Either a description or a drawing* of your weapon set (sword, dagger and staff).  I will check every entry, and don’t mind if you can’t submit any drawing. If the concept is good, I might as well use it!

- Lastly, Don’t bother making up stats or a description, the Team will take care of that :-)!


So do your best, and don’t forget the most important thing, have FUN!


*Please make sure to link directly to your drawing or image. If it is not linked directly, I cannot see your entry, therefore having to disqualify it. You don’t want that to happen, now do you? DO YOU?


The contest thread is located here. Have fun and good luck!

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