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January 29, 2013

Tuesdays With Tomix!

This week Tomix is giving us a sneak peek into what NPCs he's creating (and recreating) for Book 3 Ravenloss!

We will be seeing an older Tomix! He's been working to keep Ravenloss safe, especially with the large influx of new magical monsters seeking refuge there!

Among the new NPCs that will be in Book 3 Ravenloss, is Lanrete! You'll have to wait to find out more about this tough guy though!

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January 28, 2013

The Rosewood

The Rose has been gaining strength all over Lore for years. While there are still a few places where magic is accepted... after the countless wars, dragon attacks, undead invasions, and more... most of the human citizens have accepted The Rose, with some even welcoming the chance to gain an advantage over magical beings.

Not everyone trusts the Rose, though. Even some within their own ranks. This week, Cinquefoil, will send you into the depths of the huge stronghold being built in the north of Surewood, the Rosewood. What books will you find? What confiscated weapons do the Rose keep locked up in their armory?

Cin knows who you are... but just who, exactly, is he?

Ateala Armors
The quests to unlock the Ateala armors finally came out last Friday! Since you've been waiting so long for these, we wanted to get them out to you as soon as the quests were done! There are still some questions about how they should level up, though, that Tomix and I are discussing. 

Right now, the skills for the armors are unlocked when you get the armor. The original intent is that the armors wouldn't be available until 40, then unlock skills every level until sometime in the 50s (depending on how many skills unlock and at which levels). Which could be painful, if you really want to use those armors at 40. Another option is to use the Paraginium you get from the Ateala random quests. We could also have you redo the armor quests to gain skills.

The armor unlocking will (most likely) eventually be moved to Book 3 Atrea (which is currently under siege) as well. (We won't get there for a bit though....)

Hero's Heart Day
Wow, it's almost February! Which means everyone's favorite holiday is coming up (seriously, I know you guys loooove this one)! 

We've been feverishly planning what we'll do this year. A tea party with Sally? Dating Game with Zorbak? Having you painstakingly make love-o-grams and deliver them to all your favorite heroes across Lore? Explore the murky and dangerous dungeons of the Friend Zone with Ash?

Oooooor, we'll make this year's HHD event based on the real life shenanigans of Artix planning Rolith's bachelor party. 

I dunno, it's a hard choice..... 

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January 25, 2013

Ateala Armors!

The quests to unlock to the Ateala Armors are now available in Book 2! If you have a DA head on over to Atrea and visit your class trainer in the Spire to see if you're worthy enough to become a Riftwalker, Ascendant or Cryptic!

Sielu also has a bunch of new weapons (with a some more daggers coming this weekend) as well as a new DC helm shop! 

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January 24, 2013

More Elvish Updates!

Dracelix and Cronix have both been working hard on new side facing NPCs for the hidden village of Sulen'Eska!

Sulen'Eska is still a little ways off, as Dracelix finds the time to craft the village itself with Eukara. Soon you'll be helping this group of rebels fight though!

In the meantime, there is one wind elf in Falconreach, Sielu! This talented blacksmith will be seeing some new additions to his shops this week as well!

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January 18, 2013


Wow! So much stuff today! And it's not even the stuff I thought we were going to release this week! OO

The path to Swordhaven is now open from the southernmost gate in Book 3 Falconreach! Thanks to Ghost and Dracelix, you guys can explore the path to the capital city! Just be suuuuper careful how you answer questions asked of you by The Rose...

There's also a new blacksmith in the southern Falconreach square! He has started crafting gorgeous weapons (from Cronix) that get more elaborate as they increase in level! Sielu also has an extensive DC shop if you just have to have that simple or final version of a specific weapon with it's own incredible power! More weapons will be coming in the weeks ahead, as well as more merge items once a few more randoms get re-arted and/or created (namely fire and ice essences)!

The Enchanted Grove in the Book 3 Elemental Foothills is now available to explore! There's also an adorable little guy that needs your help on the path towards the Fiery Cave of Mt. Shining Star!

So cute!

Also wish Tomix, Dracelix and Oishii a huuuuuge GET WELL SOOOOOOOON! I'll just be over on the side getting into my biohazard suit in an effort to not get the flu myself!

Also, don't forget about the LQS shop that goes live tomorrow morning at 11am! 

Only 2000 of the Gloom Glaive will be available, at the cost of 425 DC each! 

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January 16, 2013

Art Overload!

Cronix might be magic, or a cyborg... there may be several clones of him... I'm not sure. He has fully embraced his volunteer dev role, though, and is creating many, many awesome new things for you guys!

You know all those different essences you've been collecting from re-arted Book 3 randoms? Stone, Rock, Water, Nature, Magic and more! Cronix has been working on weapons for the merges for those! The base, initial merge versions will be the simple blades and staves but the final merges will have amazing anamation and there should be even more weapons added as time goes on!

The final versions of the weapons!

Cronix has also been working on NPCs! In addition to helping Dracelix with the wind elf NPCs for Sulen'Eska, he's also created side facing versions of two of Falconreach's residents... the Book 3 versions of Aria and Ash!

A Light Knight! (Larger Version)

He has also been working on refining his NPC! 

I don't think he sleeps.... ;O

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January 15, 2013

Tuesday with Ghost!

Wassup!  Man a lot of time has gone by since I've had the pleasure to post here, I trust you had a great Frostval :D

Anyways you're probably wondering why I am here… I have super light duty over at AQW this week so I get to help out with DF, and I am very pleased because I get to work alongside Dracelix on the walkaround between Swordhaven and Falconreach! I've missed working on DF, so this'll be fun! We've got a plan and a map, but what kinds of stuff do you guys want to see along the road? Maybe your idea will get included! 


Swordhaven Walkaround


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January 14, 2013

Gloom Glaive LQS

This Saturday, January 19th, at 11am EST, the first LQS of the New Year will feature the Gloom Glaive, from True Mortal!

Pulled from the Void itself!

Oh yes, it will have a special!

Only 2000 of this fantastic weapon were pulled from the Void and will cost 425 DC, so don't miss your chance to get your hands on it!

Book of Lore
The new Book has been in game for several months now, so it's time for player feedback! What do you like about the new Book? What do you think could be improved? What do you think is confusing, especially for new players? Do you like that it's open when you enter the game?

We might move the Random Quest and Build A Quest buttons to the Odd Jobs board in Serenity's Inn. Is there anything else you'd like to see with a more permanent place in town, rather than in the Book?

Thanks, everyone!

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January 11, 2013

Elemental Foothills

The Elemental Foothills in Book 3 have been expanded! The Wind Cave and Earth Cave drop more of those elemental essences, while there are some new, absolutely gorgeous water weapons from Cronix... in a hidden dungeon!

You now have until Monday to get all your Frostval badges! 

More to Come!
As always, everyone at the Underground Lab (and the satellite offices all over the world!) has been working on all sorts of crazy things!

This week has been a catch up week for as all the artists are working on brand new release stuff. Dracelix is working hard on the path to Swordhaven, Cronix has been hard at work on the wind elves that will populate Sulen'Eska, and Tomix is working on the quests for the Atealan armors!

We also have set upon our plan for Hero's Heart Day... and Rolith has been twirling his mustache! Which is weird cause he doesn't usually have one... I wonder where he got it!

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January 09, 2013

Mogkee Pets and Helms!

Vayle's mogkee shop is now live in 2012 Frostvale! You have until Friday to decide if you want to "hire" one to adventure with you!

New Helms in Cysero's Shop!
Cysero now has tons of new ten gallon hats for all you TimeKillers in his Capes and Helms shop! Ther are also two new special level 18 masks in his Mask Shop! 

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January 08, 2013

Tuesday With... Cronix?!

Everyone welcome DragonFable's newest volunteer, Cronix!

Muahahaha, we have artistnapp... found another willing victim volunteer! Though now I think I might need to change my name to geopetix....

Cronix will be adding a lot of amazing weapons to your arsenals, as well as helping create new NPCs! Dracelix already has him chained up and working on wind elves!

Finish up all your rescuing and caroling because Frostvale disappears back into the snow fall on Friday! 

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January 04, 2013

Wicked Queen!

And the rock comes in juuust under the wire, finishing the cutscene and database work for the end of the war at 99%! Woooohooooo!

Once you guys reach 100%, you'll be able to face Pallor! Will you defeat the wicked queen? Or will she tear Vayle apart in her quest for wings of her own?!

Once you defeat Pallor, you'll be able to visit 2012 Frostvale! Storm the moglin has some new, special helms for sale and Vayle will have a very special shop (coming soon!) because you guys totally rocked this war!

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January 02, 2013

Wednesday with True Mortal!

Today we have a preview of stuff from the upcoming Sandsea Gate in True Mortal's saga! He is hard at work on the new Guardian as well as tons of new scenery stuffs!

You'll soon meet Ahmet Ptah, Guardian of the Sand Gate!

There will also be new backgrounds for the quests and, possibly, your houses!

This release is still a few weeks away, but you'll soon delve into the heat and grit of the SandSea to protect the Sand Gate!

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January 01, 2013

War News!

Wooooow, you guys totally beat Tomix to finishing up the mogkee monsters! Good job!

I've adjusted that button though to unlock at 60% now to give Tomix just a weeee bit more time to finish those up! 

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January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a fun New Year's! The Frostval presents have opened, fireworks are going off during the night in Falconreach and everyone is fighting Pallor's minions!

Seriously, it's going to be a close race between you gys and Tomix for him to finish those mogkee monsters!

Tomix and Verlyrus need a liiiiittle more time with TimeKiller, so it's not live quite yet but I do have a preview of all the skills for you!


Once all the final kinks are worked out, you'll be able to mosey into any inn, cave, tower or lair in Lore and take out anything causing trouble!

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