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August 30, 2012

The Merge

This Wargoth titan fight is one of the most unique that we've done! Not only is titan Wargoth comprised of three monsters, you'll actually have The Professor and his apprentice, Konnan, along to help you! This battle will give you a whole new perspective on titan fights! Ghost, Rolith, Verlyrus and all the AKs that have helped to test this fight have worked incredibly hard to make sure that the ultimate battle for Chapter 2 is one you'll remember!

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August 29, 2012

Calling New Characters!

With the advent of Chapter 3 looming, and DragonFable taking over the sides of the AQW site from EpicDuel in September*, new players will now get to see a new screen before they go off into their selected intro!

Yep, Chapter 3 will have it's own introduction! Don't worry, though, the new Book of Lore will let your character check out the whichever intro it hasn't experienced yet!


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August 28, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

This week Tomix has a preview of one of the Chapter 3 refreshed NPCs! Just who is this dashing guy? (No, it's not Tomix!)

Truely Honored Contest!
Results from Melissa4Bella:

This contest was created to honor True Mortals recovery and return to DragonFable. However, over the course of viewing all of the entries, deciding, sorting and everything involved with this contest - it is obvious that the artistic talents of the AE Community also needed to be honored. A massive thank you to all of the players who entered. You made this contest fun and really showed support for True Mortal through your art and you all deserved recognition. Well done!

Now, let's get to the good stuff!

Grand Prize3,000 DC's
Forum Name: flamingknight11

Melissa: I like how he chose to use colors sparingly, really gives the focus to TM.
TM: Love the composition of the whole piece, and the pose TM is in. It's also nicely colored, without adding too much details.
Eric: Nice lines... Excellent use of shading. The interpretation of the theme of TM vs giant metal monster is well done.
AlphaAtom (AA): The way that the shading so accurately renders the different textures in the piece is whatreally makes this piece great for me.

Second Place: 1,500 DC's
Forum Name: Zanpaku-to

Melissa: One of the few "action" poses, Thorn snarling is a good touch.
TM: I like the dynamic pose and the style me and Thorn are drawn in. It gives a certain kind of energy to the picture.
Eric: An interesting interpretation of TM. A good action pose. It's got a comic book feel.
AA: Despite the lack of colour, this piece shows excellent detail, and the action pose ties it all together nicely.

Third Place500 DC's
Forum Name: ergotth

Melissa: So many details and intricate lines!
TM: Yes, basically it's a clean sketch of me! I like the armor and the details he put into it.
Eric: Ok, this one had really nice sharp lines. It was an interesting version of the armor.
AA: The detail in this piece shows great dedication and flames above TM's head are incredibly well drawn.

Third Place: 500 DC's
Forum Name: Heartdragon

Melissa: I like the symbolism of the bandages, the horizon is pretty good, too.
TM: I like how it's kind of an intimidating pose, since it's point of view is from the ground.
Eric: OK I really like the way thorn was done here. It's absolutely beautiful. I like the inclusion of the bandages drifting off his arm as a symbol of his healing though.
AA: Impressively drawn piece that has great shading and an excellent use of colour.

Honorable Mentions: 100 DC's

The ErosionSeeker

Thank you all for entering! 

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August 27, 2012

Cluck, Cluck, MOOOOO!

As per player request, the Cluck, Cluck, MOOOOO quest has returned! If you have your titan dragon, just visit Cysero and see his quests to challenge him and his GIANT ChickenCow to a fight!

Chapter 2 Finale - The Merge!
Verylrus is working on the stuck monster issue today, so hopefully Wargoth will be a little more cooperative this week! The delay does give Ghost time to make the cutscenes even more awesome too! With this quest, you guys will finally be able to get your hands on the Antipode weapons that Ghost made last spring as well!

The Rose
This mysterious organization will play a huge role in Chapter 3... Tomix has made up several versions of its emblem!


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August 24, 2012

The Maker

From the Kensai's Cave:

Well, it’s been a long time since TM was hurt in that car accident.  We’ve seen signs of his recovery appearing in game, and finally, tonight, we have a new offering for you.  You’ve been introduced to the Khy’Rhian in the course of TMs saga.  Finally, you will learn more about them, as well as the shadowy necromancer who created them.  What his purpose was in creating them we will never know, but perhaps you can learn how they were made, and what force compels them to serve Nivalis.

It’s been a long trying week.  Fortunately TM has fully recovered and to help slide you back into his story, we are bringing you the tale of Vae’Kan… a mysterious necromancer who may have a clue for you as to how the Khy’Rhian were created.  True Mortal is now back in his accustomed spot, and is ready to send you to meet this Vae’Kan.  Good Luck, and have a great weekend!  True Mortal created all the art for this, as well as the weapon.  True Mortal is also making his musical debut in DragonFable with a creepy musical track!

I will also be adding a new house shop to Stoneheart Fall early next week with lots of the new, creepy furnishings made by True Mortal found in The Maker!

Chapter 2 Finale
I'm so sorry, but we've had to delay the Finale of this chapter until next week. Wargoth is sticking and we all want to make sure that you guys have the most epic boss fight possible here! Trust me, Ghost, Rolith, and Verlyrus have done some simple amazing things with this boss fight and the titan fight and it is worth the wait! 

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August 22, 2012

General Akanthus

Chapter 3 will see the rise of The Rose. This mysterious group of hunters and fighters is lead by the mighty General Akanthus... but who wields the power behind the General?

Akanthus, created by Dage!

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August 21, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Tomix, in addition on working on refreshed NPCs for Chapter 3, is  still working steadily on Pyromancer! This week he has a preview of some of the skill animations!

Pyromancer will have mostly ranged attacks, rather than melee. What other kinds of skill animations would you guys like to see?

The Merge
This Friday will be the finale of Chapter 2 and the merging of The Professor and Wargoth! This titanic fight will include your dragon (even for free players!) so, if you don't have it yet, make sure to go see Twilly and get them hatched. Ghost is hoping you'll see things in a new perspective with this boss fight!

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August 17, 2012

Elemental Disarray

You've welcomed a new race of beings into Lore, fought to keep them safe against invading hordes of fire monsters, hunted down the one man who might be able to defend Lore against the newest evil to threaten it... but, while you've been giving your all to keep the Ateala safe and stop Wargoth from destroying the world, the rest of the elements have been fighting for power!

You have to save as many people as possible from the rampaging magical elementals! Only then will you fully be able to help The Professor, Xan and Jaania plan out how to finally defeat Wargoth!

Art Updates
Warlic's Zone and the Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star have had their art updated! Make sure to check them out! Dracelix did an amazing job!

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August 15, 2012

I'm back!

Well, maybe you didn't even know I was away, but on July 31 my wife and I and some of her family got in a van and drove South.. all the way to Illinois to visit with some family. Which is a pretty big trip considering I live in New Brunswick!*  I got to explore USA a little and even found a little blacksmiths shop in West Virginia, nestled in the mountains.  

So anyways, I say all that to say this: Man, I am charged up and ready to go now for the coming events in DF!  Tomix did a great job on the cutscenes while I was away, and I was quite comfortable leaving them in his capable hands, but I did get to miss it quite a bit. So much so that the first thing I did on Monday after meeting with Geo and the gang and ingesting lots of coffee was to plug in my guitar and make some pumped-up music. It won't be released this week, but maybe you can figure out what it'll be used for. So.. want to preview it?

https://cms.aqworlds.com/df/images/MUSICTestar 2.swf 


Alright, time to get back to work!    /runs away


*Canada, that is.

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August 14, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Every Pyromancer needs a spell book filled with the fiery words of Fiamme's realm! Tomix has upgraded the best-selling monster cookbook, the Pyronomicon (second edition, of course), for your future Pyromancers to use!

Tuesday Release!
Warlic's zone has been redone! Dracelix has beautified the forest around Warlic's Tent and Ghost has provided music for the area! Nythera has also graciously decided to offer access to the last few quests of her chain again. Leaving the zone will also put you on the correct part of the walkaround north of Falconreach now!

Coming Soon!

Dracelix has also upgraded the art to the Fire Cave, which will be coming soon, and Eric Greydawn will be helping to upgrade the other randoms in the zone as he has time!

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August 13, 2012

Ateala Armaments

Verlyrus has created some new level 80 Escelense weapons! There is also a new 100 Armament merge that creates a junk item, purely for gold sellback.

This Week!
The interface is still high on my priority list, as that will be the only way to access the Chapter 1 and 2 versions of the travel map!* Ghost is also back and will be working on the cutscenes for a very... disastrous quest this week and Tomix is hard at work on Pyromancer animations! 


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August 10, 2012

Wrath of Wargoth!

Wargoth has brought his full force of 15 million waves to Lore in order to find The Professor... and one by one you've met and defeated them! Now, he's decided to take matters into his own hands and end The Professor's life himself! If you can't defeat Wargoth... who will?

Lorelympics Shop
The closing ceremony is this Sunday, so you haven't checked out the Lorelympics Shop make sure to before it goes *poof* on Monday! 

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August 09, 2012

The Book of Lore

I think you guys are going to be very happy when this current project of mine is done!

One of these icons will replace the chest in the Interface Bar.

New opening page for the DragonFable Book of Lore!

There is still a lot to do, so it will be a few weeks before the new version goes live, but this updated Book of Lore should eventually absorb the News Post in Falconreach. Which means, when this is finished, that you'll be able to get the weekly release info through your interface, no matter where your hometown is set!

Wrath of Wargoth
The war is at 88% as of this post! You guys have until midnight tomorrow to beat the war challenge! Tomix is working hard on the boss animations and cutscenes, Verlyrus and Rolith are thinking up wicked skills for him and Dracelix is forging new fire/evil drops!

The coloring and shading will be inspired by Konnan's Lance!


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August 07, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Tomix is swamped this week! He's working on the boss monster for the war (yes, it is, muahahaha) as well as the cutscenes.

Never fear, though, pyromancer is still on his mind! Specifically, skills and skill animations... what kind of crazy, fiery things do you see your pyromancer casting?

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August 05, 2012

War Challenge

As of this posting, the war is at 74%! Can you guys defeat the final 26%... by midnight on August 10th?

True Mortal has crafted these wicked weapons, that can be yours.... if you defeat the challenge!

The war challenge has now been issued!

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August 03, 2012

Breaking Crystal

The Professor is starting to remember more about who he... might be. He needs another ally to help defeat Wargoth though... Xan's old flame, Jaania! Through the combined powers of science and sorcery will you be able to free her from her crystal prison though?

Crystal Weapons

Lorelympics Shop
Dracelix has crafted some beautiful items to celebrate the 2012 Lorelympics! There are four torch scythes, with each set having it's damage range determined by a poll on the forums! There are also three Laurel helms!

These items will go rare once this summer's Games are over!

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August 01, 2012

Bullseye Spear!

The month of August brings forth a new game card promo! For this month only, if you get an upgrade card through Target, you'll be able to get the Bullseye Spear, crafted by the legendary Tomix!

You'll get the level 10 light spear, which acts as a scythe, when you redeem an upgrade card purchased through Target during the month of August! Just log into your master account and and head to the Redeem Code Page. Select DragonFable and choose which character you'd like the scythe on!

After you get your trusty, focused Bullseye Spear, you'll be able to upgrade it through the Black Market Moglin to levels 30, 50, 70 and 80!

If you can't get to Target...
For this month's promo, we do have another option if you just want that Spear! The Golden Bullseye Spear is available in Cysero's Superstore of Savings, for 2000 DC, in his weapons shop, only for the month of August.

It has exactly the same stats as the same level versions of the Bullseye Spear, but it is NOT upgradable

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