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December 31st 2009
Happy New Year's Eve!

Break out the noisemakers and streamers!
It's New Year's Eve! I can't believe another whole year has passed already! Look for a comprehensive "what we've done in 2009" post to come later this week, but for now lets look to the future as it's ushered in by the bright, bright lights of the fireworks in Falconreach!

What do YOU want to see come to DragonFable in 2010? New classes? New weapons? New storylines with new and/or old NPCs? We might make DragonFable, but it's really YOUR game, and we'll try our hardest to give you what you want!

2010 will have MANY new things (we're pretty sure of what many of those are, but... surprises are always fun, right?) like the Water Orb Saga, the DragonsGrasp/Vilmor storyline, the final ArchKnight quest, the final Zorbak's Legion quest, the start of the Ravenloss/Tomix saga, the continuation of the Clashening Saga... we've got so much planned, and so much more still to plan! This year was fantastic, but next year will be even awesomer!

The New Year's shop will come at midnight (well, maybe a few minutes later) tonight, so look forward to some awesome new Chrono weapons crafted by Lim! Tomorrow will see the finished War Memorial released, and nine old wars return to DragonFable along with a rather timely quest from Geopetal.

This is a statue from Time Travel Fairy Time Tours. The grand opening of their time statue/war memorial is tomorrow. See you there!

So as the midnight hour draws closer, put on a silly hat, grab yourself a plastic lei and some noisemakers (I like the kind that explodes streamers. My dog does not.), and keep an eye out for any strange crawling babies wearing "Welcome 2010" sashes. Put them back in their cribs, then go back to the party. If you've got a computer handy, be sure to watch the Big Ball drop in Times Rectangle in AdventureQuest Worlds!

P.S. - The second CodeMonkey Day Challenge is here! Head to Lymcrest and click on the tog. Remember, you'll need to work together on the forum to figure this out. And.... don't overthink it. Just a tip.

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December 29th 2009
Wow, it's been THAT long?

Time!Apparently it's been almost a Month since I've done design notes? Weird.

I noticed the design notes hadn't gotten much attention this week and decided to pay it some. First of all, Happy Frostval! Hope you're enjoying your holidays. I'm looking forward to New Years for more than one reason ("He Shall Knock Four Times!") but mainly because it offers a fresh, new start and a chance to finish old tasks and start on new ones.

What are you most looking foward to in the coming year?

What's coming this week? Well, I think we've safely decided on a Friday Release (except for a little release Thursday *cough*) to avoid rushing and making this week's quests as well made as possible. We may be on the four sides of the country, but we're all working hard on the release.

Have a happy and safe New Years if I don't talk to you before then!

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)

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December 25th 2009
Frostval time has come again!

With your help, the moglins of Lore are safe!
Every year around this time, SOMEthing happens to the moglins of Frostval! You never quite know what that will be, but when the snow starts to fall, you get the feeling that you'd better head to Frostvale to check on the moglins!

This year ALL the moglins of Lore were kidnapped by Zadd the Golemancer, who wanted to steal their hug magic! Now, you know the moglins of Lore are very friendly, but some of them prefer to pick and choose their friends on their own terms. Zorbak is one of those! When Zadd goes to hug him, unexpected things happen! Log in to see the conclusion of the Frostval storyline and the opening of Chapter 4's Frostvale!

Who wants PRESENTS?
After saving them from the nefarious Zadd, the moglins of Frostvale want to show their appreciaton by showering you with gifts!

Head to Frostvale and talk to Maya (or click on the Gift button in Falconreach) to have access to this year's Frostval Weapon series! These Silver weapons range from level 10 to level 60 and are available for both free and upgraded players.

You can also talk to Papa Moglin in Frostvale to merge ANY level of Dragon Head weapon with an Ice Dragon Head item to create the level VI or level VII Dragon Head weapons!

On the fourth week of Frostval, DragonLords find under their tree...
Brand new base class armors in the Armory! This may be the worst kept secret we have ever tried to keep! We will have to work harder on that next year (but considering our track record, and how much fun it is to give you guys sneak peeks, we won't try too hard)!

Head to DragonsGrasp, to the Armory, and talk to one of the three trainers there to change your base class for a Dragon version! These classes will only ever be available to DragonLords, so if you like the look of them (and the skills and animations), then now is the perfect time to upgrade your character and gain access to them!

Merry Frostval!
Merry Frostval to all, and to all a good night!

Geopetal, Rolith, Lim, Ghost, Tomix, and I along with the rest of the Artix Entertainment staff want to wish you the merriest of Frostvals and a happy holiday! Thank you for enjoying our games and, as always, we can't thank you enough for your support and feedback.

Merry Frostval!

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December 23nd 2009
Pre-Frostval release!

Grab your moglinberry juice and get ready for part 1!
FalconsNest is ready for preview! You can run around the town and look at everything that will be coming in the next few weeks. From a war memorial to an academy to a nitroglycerin sponge catapult that will unlock a minigame during wars, FalconsNest has a LOT to offer!


New stuff!

.... and in the meantime, the poor frost moglins continued to be hugged and squeezed in the mountains. As you prepare for your Christmas Eve assault to save them... will they last for another night of hugs?!

Look for this year's presents in Frostvale to open on Christmas Day!

I have a plane to catch. Jolly Frostvalmas! We'll see you Christmas Day to open the presents! And remember, the last Frostval quest will be coming later!

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Cookies for SCIENCE!

December 22nd 2009
Lim draws for Science COOKIES! Comic #2!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Frostval smells... like cookies!
Last Friday we had some cookies as a lunch dessert. They were huge, soft, chewy cookies. (Mmmm cookies.) And, really, who doesn't like cookies? Lim likes cookies! Lim likes cookies ALOT. Specifically snickerdoodles. If you have never HAD a snickerdoodle, you should try one. Lim endorses that, but only if you save some for him.

For Lim's latest comic all about Snickerdoodles and the trials of getting some when surrounded by unappreciative co-workers, check out this link: Click for comic.

Release news on Wednesday:

  • The latest Frostval storyline quest (Zadd's not done, oh no he's not)
  • FalconsNest is being built (explore the newest area of Falconreach and see what will be coming to the area in future releases!)

Release news on Friday:

  • The Frostval gift boxes will open! (Better get yours now!)
  • Frostval 2009 weapons and upgrades for your Ice Dragon Head weapons will be in Frostval!
  • The DragonLord gift will be released! (We haven't been giving any hints out, nope!)

It's the last few days before Christmas, and everyone on the DragonFable team who works in the Secret Underground Lab is going to be traveling home for the holidays (that won't delay the Wednesday and Friday releases, though!). If you're traveling for the holidays, too, travel safely!

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December 21st 2009
Signed Xan Poster!

And it's for a good cause!
Those of you who have been around for a while know that around this time every year I start trumpeting as loudly as I can about Child's Play.

Childs Play

This is a great charity set up by the guys over at Penny Arcade, that brings the gamer community together to help kids in children's hospitals all over the world.

It runs year-round now but they try extra hard during the holidays to get the gaming community together to show the rest of the world what we're made of.

For the past couple of years we were able to actually be sponsors of Child's Play which due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to do this year... although many of us dug down into our pockets and gave personally.

We've decided to try something a little different this year.

We printed up this high-gloss, 24" X 30 3/4" poster of XAN, on foam-core and got as many of the AE Team to sign it as we could.


It was signed by me (Cysero), Artix, Zhoom, Safiria, Warlic, Thyton, Beleen, Tomix, Ghost, J6, Llussion, Ai No Miko, Jemini, Korin, Geopetal, Aisha, Faith, Alac, Rolith, Nythera, Zazul & Yergen Von Shmergenbergen.

The picture was taken before we got everyone to sign it, but the names are all on there!

There is only 1 of these in the entire world!

(note from future: It was sole on Ebay, and 100% of the profit from the auction went directly to Child's Play

Please, do whatever you can to show the world what we already know... that Artix Entertainment fans are the best fans on Earth! Even if you don't win the poster, Childs Play could use your help!

Thanks for bidding and Happy Frostval to you all!

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Borrowed moglins from Zadd.

December 18th 2009
Wanted: Hug Magic!

Putting the squeeze on poor little moglins!
Now is the time for all good heroes to come to the aid of the moglins! (If you've taken a keyboarding/typing class, that phrase may sound familiar, but this version is much more topical.) YOU know that Zadd wants the moglins for their hug magic, but THEY don't! What you don't know is HOW Zadd plans to get that magic from them. From the evil look in his eyes, it's not going to be pretty. So get in there and save those moglins! Just make your way to Frostvale to do Act 7 of this year's Frostval storyline! And if you've never imagined ice-skating Frost Golems, this is the release for you!

The face of Zadd (and his pointy goatee) revealed!

Not Ravenloft. Not Ravenclaw. Welcome to Ravenloss!
Head to the southwest of Falconreach, by Warlic's statue. You'll find a mysterious portal which will take you to the Undercity of Ravenloss! There, Tomix is waiting for you. He has much to tell you about himself, Greed, SoulWeavers, and both the ChaosWeavers and Ravenloss. What he doesn't know, you'll have to help him discover. Only the town is available this week, Tomix has not yet decoded enough of the runes on the Equilibrium Gate to unlock the quests in Ravenloss. He thinks it will take him a week or two to figure out where to begin looking. For now, talk to Tomix and run around Ravenloss. And speculate on just what you'll be doing once SoulWeaver class is released!

Tomix is waiting for you in Ravenloss!

On the third week of Frostval, the moglins gave to me....!
Best of 2009 Free Player weapons and a DragonsGrasp minigame! We asked which of the weapons available to free players from the entire year of 2009 you guys liked best and, based on your votes, we made higher levels of the top three choices! Look for the level 47 Ice weapons, level 49 Wind weapons, and level 51 Fire weapons! Just click on the shop button in Falconreach.

DragonLords can access a new minigame this week! We call it "Slayer Splash"; DragonLords will be dropping water balloons on the most prominent non-DragonLord of them all: the DragonSlayer Galanoth! You don't want to HURT him, but who can resist dropping water balloons from a flying city? Watch him run away, then giggle like a little schoolgirl. It's ok, we do it, too!

CAUTION: Construction Zone!
Coming next week: the East Village! We won't tell you what will be in it just yet, but the building is underway! Zadd made my promise to return the moglins I borrowed by Wednesday, so I don't have much time! And I'm not allowed to steal any of their hug magic, either, he says. THAT would have made the construction go much faster. Sadface.

We borrowed moglins from Zadd. He made us promise to return them.

Frostval continues, but in the real world, Christmas is almost upon us! We hope you're all enjoying the holidays and making sure to spend time with your family and friends, because we're deifnitely going to be spending time with ours! If you have to travel to do it, fly/drive/walk/swim safely!

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December 17th 2009
More presents!

The newest shipment of presents has arrived in Frostval!
Head to Frostval and click on the Presents button button in Frostvale for some new presents! The ones we released last week were level 1, but NOW Maya's found a cache of level 25 and level 51 presents! They also cost 0 gold, so be sure to pick yours up before the presents open!


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Needs your opinion.

December 15th 2009
Weapon Input Needed!

Which Free Player weapon was YOUR favorite?
We need to know which of the weapons available to free players in 2009 you liked the best. We have a reason for why we need to know, but it's a surprise. You'll find out soon, though!

If you'd like to vote on which free player weapons you liked the best, please head to the forums and vote in THIS poll!

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December 14th 2009
Falconreach Improvements Announced!

The Treasury is going to be SO depleted after this!
After the latest war, the Falconreach town treasury is bursting with gold! If you don't want Mayor Rayf to find.... OTHER uses for it, we'll need to start construction on the new improvements to town SOON. Like, next week. (It takes time to organize construction moglins!)

You all had a chance to request improvements and offer suggestions in a thread on the forums; we've gone over them and made up a list of things that will be put in-game as soon as we have the time to do them! (Even though the improvements will start being added next week, construction takes time. Look for new improvements to be added to the town every couple of weeks for the next few months!)

So, what ARE these improvements, you ask? We've divided them into four categories: New Places, New Things, Cosmetic Changes, and Miscellaneous Suggestions. Here are some examples of what you can look forward to in each category:

  • New Places
    Museum/Library: Learn about Falconreach's history and see artifacts from the founding of Falconreach to the most recent wars!

    Theater: Using Lim's hologramophone, don't just watch the theater, LIVE the theater!

    War Memorial: Experience the wars of the past!

  • New Things
    Nitroglycerin Sponge Launcher: Cysero has donated one of his sponges (oh yes, he has MANY!) to load into a defense catapault!

    Giant undead cannon: A cannon that shoots undead, not a reanimated cannon (can necromancers even DO that?)!

  • Cosmetic Changes
    More NPCs around town: As Falconreach continues to grow, more townspeople will start to wander in!

    Brick (or cobblestone path): Appearances are important for first impressions, and Mayor Rayf wants to impress new visitors!

  • Miscellaneous Suggestions
    Ballyhoo in Ash Falconreach: Does your Ash need gold? Dragon Coins? Then this is the improvement for you!

    5 point Dragon Chow for Dragon Coins
    : Lady Celestia has received a shipment of 5 point Dragon Chow and is willing to sell it to YOU!

Remember, these aren't the ONLY things we'll be doing to improve Falconreach, but they are some of the examples we're most excited about! Look for the newest improvements to start appearing next week!

Catapault plus nitroglycerin sponge equals BOOM!

P.S. - Happy birthday, Beleen and Chongo! If you want a chinchilla pet (member only) in AdventureQuest Worlds, then log in now! You can see what Chongo looks like by reading the AQW Design Notes!

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Is ready to duel!

EpicDuel is now live and open for ALL players.

The time to DUEL is now!
Epic Duel, AE's 5th and newest game, is now available to ALL players! It is fun, exciting, WAY addictive, and if you've been missing true PVP in our other games, now's your chance to experience it to the fullest!

Varium has also been released along with the opportunity to get Founder status in this brand new game. Because there are no memberships, Varium is what you want if you want awesome upgrades in-game! If you like PvP and a deep combat system featuring a skill tree -- come play!

Buy Varium to gain access to a TON of new and powerful content!

Become a Founder!
If you've missed a chance to gain Founder status in any of our other games, NOW is your chance to get it in our newest game! All you need to do is buy ANY Varium package through January 12th and you will be an Epic Duel founder (which comes with a special in-game achievement badge, which also appear on your character page when those pages are released)!

Not only that, if you buy either of the two higher Varium packages at any time until then, you'll receive the very DUELMASTER armor! This awesome armor is ONLY available while the Founder promotion is going on, so it is VERY exclusive! You won't want to miss this!

Duelmaster armor? Oooooh YEAH!

If you haven't had a chance to play Epic Duel yet, this is the time to try it out! Head to Epic Duel's website to start dueling now! There's a chance you'll run across Artix, Cysero, Rolith, and me as we run around battling and trying to level up our characters! (I run a technomage. Go mages! /rock)

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Comes bearing gifts.

December 11th 2009
Golems gone wild, missing moglins report filed!

We're gonna find out if you're naughty or nICE!
Every year around this time, something bad happens. It's like a fun Frostval tradition, except it always means more work for you and trouble for the moglins! Head to Frostvale this weekend because Icemaster Yeti needs your help to find the missing residents of Frostvale! We can't celebrate Frostval without them; it just wouldn't be the same! Some new winter-themed helms are dropping from the Frostval quest!

New monsters have been sighted in the area, too. Ice and snow golems have invaded the area, but no one knows where they've come from! They look pretty nasty, and don't act much nicer. There IS something odd about these monsters, though... sometimes they MELT during battle! I guess that's a hazard of being made of unstable components and ice!

Necromancer seeks Queen!
... But not romantically. No, Zorbak wants to form an alliance with the deadliest (and most attractive) vampire of them all, Queen Safiria! She's in danger, though, and doesn't even know it. Can you get to her in time to save her, AND convince her to join forces with Zorbak? His push to take over the town of Amityvale is almost ready! New Energy weapons will drop as rewards, from levels 33 to 53!

On the second week of Frostval, the moglins gave to me...
One new map of Lore and a weapons shop in the Dragonlord city! That's right, there is a new map of Lore in Serenity's Inn in Falconreach for all players to use! It's up to date and you can use it to travel to any city or zone we've done so far!

Lore!Lim is not just a scientist, he's a cartographer, too!

For DragonLord players, there is a brand new Weaponry Shop in DragonsGrasp packed FULL of new weapons from level 11 all the way to level 60! You'll have access to the Orbed Set, the Dragontooth Set, the Kaaros set, and the Shari set! Reni Bluestar, the winner of the Banner!

These Wind weapons come in levels 31 and 60!

It's time to be getting your gift lists made, then checking them twice (or, if you're like me, three or four times to make sure everyone is on it and has a gift listed). Then it's off to make a present for my Secret Santa! (Shhh, they don't know who they are yet). Do you have any gifts you're REALLY happy to have purchased or made for someone? Let us know!

Happy Friday and Merry Frostval!

P.S. - The DragonLord Birthday quest now has level 60 versions of the color-custom birthday weapons! If your character's birthday is in December and you've already done the quest, better re-do it and snag a level 60 version in case you need it later in the year!

P.P.S. - Thanks to Veya from the DF General Discussion forum, level 30 and level 52 versions of the Frostval Top Hat can now be found in the Moglin Gift shop in Chapter 2, Part 4 of the Frostval quest chain!

P.P.P.S. - Check the Presents shop when you open the Frostval book! There are new presents there: a red present, green,present and blue present, all for 0 gold! They will open later this month.

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December 8th 2009
Banners over DragonsGrasp!

The DragonLord "New DragonsGrasp Banner" Contest results are in!
So many people had GREAT entries in our latest contest! We had such a fun time going over them! Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to Thyton, Jemini, Yergen von Schmergenbergen, Lim. and Rolith, who helped to judge. On to the winners!

Grand Prize:
(1000 Dragon Coins, banner in-game, DragonLord guard NPC)
Reni Bluestar
Contest entry

(500 Dragon Coins)
Stan ("Ninja Amuser" Award from Thyton)
Contest entry
Contest entry
Ashra Wrothblaze
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry

Honorable Mentions
(250 Dragon Coins)
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry
Contest entry
The Dragon Ori
Contest entry
True Mortal
Contest entry
Contest entry
Dimension R.
Contest entry
Contest entry
the old nite
Contest entry
Sir Lofmore
Contest entry
Contest entry
Vampire Max
Contest entry
bling bla
Contest entry
Contest entry

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who entered! We hope you had fun! The banners made by the Runners Up will be turned into House items the next time we do housing items.

Is not Alac!
(even if Artix is)

December 8th 2009
What a week!!!

I've been very busy lately. VERY busy. Between Engine Build 9.0.0, lots and lots of behind the scenes projects, and teaching Lim how to code monsters (Why does he keep laughing maniacally when I show him how to buff damage against magic users?). I've been pushing forward on our week to week releases' coding as well as a few surprises for Frostval presents later this month.

That said, tonight I was feeling productive but not productive enough to go digging into the engine, so I thought I'd take the reins off of Alac's hands (she's still working on getting the contest winners post together) and make a post myself.

I've been making GOOD progress on 9.0.0, and have started to employ the Smiley Method* to determining what's left to do. My personal check list (which contains some special surprises that I'm not going to put on the official one) is already decked out with green and blue smileys, and I am working with Alac to get those same smilies on the page listed to give you guys a feeling of how far we've got to go.

But I'm not here just to talk about how busy I am. Where's the fun in that? I'm here to spread some holiday joy! Frostval is upon us, and this week? We're going to get the ball rolling for this year's celebration! Except... where are Zorbak and Twilly? What has happened to all the Moglins? What in the world can be going on? We'll start to find out this week! Along with that, there are still the Four Weeks of Frostval gifts to give out, as well as starting to fill in that long void of weapons between 50 and 60!**

Also? Fraggle Rock has recently become accessible to me for the first time in probably over a decade... and man oh man did I sing my heart out to that theme song. I didn't realize I knew all the words, but apparently I do. And now I'm stuck with that ear worm*** and so is everyone sitting at the DF table. This leads me neatly to the Forums Question for the week: What TV Show theme will you never be able to forget about, no matter how much you try?

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)

* The Smiley Method was developed during DoomKnight coding and has been used on every one of my major projects since. Green Smiley next to my checklist means I've coded the step, Blue means I've tested it, Red means it's been tested throughly and is ready to go live.

** Alac says there will be at least one set of weapons over level 50 available this weekend. Maybe more, if you've been good heroes this year. Bad heroes will get coal. (Not Cole the Gift Moglin.)

*** An "ear worm" is a song that won't get out of your head. Fitting name, don't you think?


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December 7th 2009
*Ba-dum TSH!*

You know the sound a hi-hat makes after a comedian tells a joke? Rolith found a link to the sound online and it's turned into a room full of stand up comics. If comics sat on rolly chairs in a secret underground lab while telling jokes.

But what I'm about to tell you is no joke! It's the second week of Frostval and more presents are being wrapped as I type this. Lim's had his gift ready to go for a few weeks now; he really hopes you'll like it, as people have been asking for this for quite a while now in various threads on the forum. There will be a gift for DragonLords, too, but you guys can do without a hint, right? Right, I thought so.*

The Frostval storyline will start this weekend! If you've wondered where Zorbak and Twilly have gone, you're going to find out! Something always happens to the Frostvale moglins, but that's a GOOD thing for you, because after you rescue them, they're eager to show their gratitude with one-of-a-kind Frostval items and gear!

The next Zorbak's Legion quest will release this weekend, too! Zorbak is going to try to ally with everyone's favorite <NPC class>. But first he'll need your help to <action> the <monster species> who is trying to <action> <NPC name>. Don't you just love Mad Libs? I know, me too!**

Lim, Rolith, Jemini, Thyton, Yergen von Schmergenbergen, and I stood around judging the DragonLord Banner contest entries this afternoon. We have gotten them narrowed down pretty far! Look for a Design Notes post announcing the winner, runners up, and honorable mentions later this week!

* But I can't go without giving one! Head to DragonsGrasp this Friday to see this week's DragonLord Frostval present!
**Hmm. Mad Libs are fun to play at parties, but maybe don't work so well in Design Notes. Have fun trying to figure out what's going to happen, though!

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Loves Frostval.

December 4th 2009
An Epic Frostval is about to begin!

Frostval is here! It's time for snow, snow, and more snow! Unless, of course, you live in the more temperate climates. I used to live farther North before moving down to the Secret Underground Lab,so today Cysero introduced me to the concept of "Florida snow". It is JUST LIKE normal snow but... not. It took me a minute to catch on until I looked out the window. "Florida snow" is rain, and we get a LOT of it.

In Falconreach, though, you'll get REAL snow, because it wouldn't be Frostval unless the ground was white, Frostvale was open, visions of sugared moglinberries danced in your head, and the Moglins had presents! There's just one catch... we can't seem to FIND the moglins! Zorbak and Twilly in Falconreach are gone; only cardboard cutouts are in their places. Where could they have gone?!

This year's Frostval storyline will start NEXT week, but we'll have the previous Frostval storybook available for you, as well as the first Frostval gift! What IS the gift, you ask? Level cap raise! That's right, we're raising it to 60! It's been a while since the last level cap raise, so take your time and enjoy watching your EXP bar fill up again! But that's not all; there is a present for DragonLords, too! Read on for more information about it!
Each week for Frostval something new will be added to Dragonsgrasp. Next week will see the beginning of Chapter 4 in Frostval as well... with a whole new villain this year! (This year's villain is also the first front-facing NPC from Tomix... and may be familiar to some of you who play AQ...

A new city is opening up, all for you! DragonsGrasp is the DragonLord city built for a VERY important purpose! You're guarding something... or someone. But what, or who?! DragonsGrasp's storyline will start sometime after New Year's (but you can run around and look at it now), so if you haven't upgraded yet, now is an excellent time, because this story? Is going to be HUGE! With all new art by J6, and more to come! DragonsGrasp will hold shops and a ton of old DragonLord features (like Armor Coloring) plus some brand NEW features (which we'll tell you about later on during Frostval)!

Who or what could the DragonLords be guarding in this prison?!

Zorbak Legion also has a new installment in its quest chain this week! Zorbak wasn't pleased that you took out a large part of his army, so he's going to let you make it up to him by taking the babies and recruiting some new (way less cute) help for his army. But these baby dracoliches never quite do what Zorbak expects, do they?

We also have a brand new contest starting tonight! DragonLords can enter to design a NEW DragonLord banner (like the ones in the picture above) for DragonsGrasp! You can find the post to enter it here. The Grand Prize winner will get their DragonLord Banner put in-game, 1,000 Dragon Coins, and then a special super-secret surprise prize! (surprise + prize = surprize!) Honorable Mentions will, as usual, all receive a prize as well! Good luck!

And if you haven't yet played Epic Duel, well, what are you waiting for?! Upgraded members of any Artix Entertainment game can create an account for Epic Duel and log in now to start experiencing a wide world of MMO PVP fun! It's a great game, a game in which I REALLY need to level up. Anyone want to battle? And all members should create a Battle On Master Account. Read Artix's Design Notes post below for more information!

Enjoy the beginning of the Holiday season and have a great weekend!


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December 3rd 2009
Master Account & EpicDuel
"The One Login To Rule Them All!"

All players are invited to create a Battle On Master Account . this is the Alpha test of the new system which will unify all of our games.

Surprise - we are lauching our 5th game NOW!
Members of AQWorlds, Guardians, DragonLords and Star Captains are hereby invited to join us in the Beta-Evolution of the PvP based MMO... EpicDuel! A surprise game release? How did this happen? Brace yourself and read the amazing article that came out on IGN's homepage.

JUST Released!

Coming Tomorrow: The Four Weeks of Frostvale

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December 2nd 2009
Master Account System
Alpha Phase Opens Tomorrow (Thursday)

Tomorrow we are going to open up the apha of the Battle On Games! Master Account System. It will happen at night... possibly REALLY late*. You probably have a lot of questions**. But my best answer is as follows:

"The One Login to Rule Them All!"

Think hard about what login name you would like to use to access all of our future games. Then join us tomorrow night to choose your login name. By the way, for security reasons, no one except you and the player support team will ever actually see this login name. It will never be publically displayed. Pretty good security move, huh? This is why you should choose a login name that is completely different from the name you normally use. You can even use an email address. For example... and this may shock you. My login will NOT be Artix. I am going to choose something impossible for anyone to guess, and then I am never going to tell anyone else what it is. Since your login name and password will be how you access all of your games in the future, I highly suggest you do the same***.

This is the start of something huge. Tomorrow's Alpha release of this new system is available to all players. It is an Alpha... so there will be very limited functionality and anything can (and will) go wrong. Also.. as a special bonus... we have a secret announcement to reveal! (Oh boy, are you going to be surprised****)

* Really late like... Friday. Or perhaps even Monday.
** Questions like: What really killed the Dinosaurs? Does Cysero use a specific brand of enchanted Hair Gel? How many Ninja does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
*** H@x0r the Bear says, "Only you can prevent account theft!"
**** Hint: It is not AQW, AQ, DF, MQ, WF or EbilGames releated.


has been productive!

December 1th 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Frostval!

It’s officially the Frostval season. (I’m looking at you, retail stores, having decorations out mid-November) and man am I getting into the spirit. You guys are awesome in your generosity. The Falconreach coffers are overflowing yet again, as you’ve donated over 4X the amount we needed to raise for repairs to the city. Donation button’s been removed for now, as we’re well above funding requirements.

These funds will not go to waste, though, as they will be used to improve the city over time. There’s a nice thread on the forums about exactly how to spend the extra money already. Join it and have your say. We’ll take any input we can from there and use them in future releases. (Yes, this is one of those ambiguous “S.O.O.N.” concepts that you shouldn’t expect any given week, but instead will be released when there is time.)

A lot of what I’m working on isn’t very fun to talk about. And what is, I’m not going to spoil for you, gotta keep some surprises! What I will tell you is 9.0.0 is going well! It’s still a few weeks out, but hopefully not as far away as it was before.

I’ve been looking over the shoulder of Lim and Geo as they work on the new DragonLord town and am amazed at how amazing it’s looking. Everyone involved in that project is pulling out all the stops and I can’t wait to be exploring it along with the rest of the DragonLords when it’s released!

I notice there’s five Thursdays this month. That’s all I’m going to say about it

Cya on the forums! (Or Twitter)