February 29th, 2008
Gold Fever!
The release is live! A mysterious event has occured that's made the sneevils super-powered and crave gooooooolllld! They've managed to get away with the entire town treasury from Falconreach! Mayor Rayf need your help to get it back (it is an election year after all).

You be able to fight your way through the brand-new sneevilchaun monsters (while collecting loads of gold) but, be careful, those gold-hungry sneevils might just pick *your* pocket if you leave a war wave without defeating all of them! Six brand-new light weapons will drop from the special DA only quest and there are three rare chests to hunt down in the war waves*. There's also a brand new temp pet hidden somewhere...

Have fun! Just wait until you see the boss on this one**. :D

*The locks on those chests seem to be controlled by the color green, they won't open until lots of people are sitting at their computers wearing green! ;)



February 28th, 2008
Rocky Rocks Rock On!
Cysero is still down with the Office Plague™* so Geopetal is running the whole show for DragonFable this week! She is hard at work getting tomorrow's release ready for you. I thought I'd take the time and sneak in a DN of my very own. Some day (when they're all healthy!) I plan to make a sneak attack on the Secret Underground Lab with Tim Horton's coffee and bagels for all the staff...but not right now. Because today, a brand new event starts in AdventureQuest.....and I will give you one guess as to WHERE this special event will end**! With geopetal running DragonFable this week, just imagine what we could find! Who knows...well, geopetal might!

* Not to be confused with the "Office Plaque" -- which you get for not brushing your teeth properly. ALWAYS FLOSS!
** If you picked DragonFable, please stand up and do the secret AE cheer and accompanying dance! (Note: If you are not familiar with the AE cheer and accompanying dance -- join your fellow players on the forums as we plan to create it tomorrow.)

Reen's vision of the Geopetal Falconreach Future
Reen's vision of Falconreach's FUTURE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reens got the color blue due to your votes on the forum poll -- and because it is the color of her NPC's eyes!



February 27nd-ith-rd, 2008
A Tribute to my Great Grandmother
I have shared many personal things with you over the years. The writer for the TV show told me I kept defending and talking about you (She said, "The Players") as if you were my real-life, close personal friends. Perhaps that is the way it is in my head. So I apologize if what I say next is heavier than the things normally posted here... and it is unlikely there will be any red asterisks*. My Great Grandmother "Nanny", at the age of 96 passed away yesterday. She was a wonderful woman and a big fan of Twilly**. She lived a long, laugh-filled life. Few people knew of the secret pizza recipe she sold to a major and well known pizza chain***. We have a lot of crazy stories about her in the family -- it comes with the territory of being a strong independant woman with a sharp wit and a heart warming laugh. Her last words were that everyone is doing a great job and they should keep it up. I loved my Nanny very much -- I promise to do so!

* Actually, Nanny would have laughed hwil saying, " Don't be silly. Put'em in... and made them extra funny!"
** Which is pretty much proof of wonderfullness!
*** And I probably was not to say anything either <gulps>

Through the good times.... and the bad.
Also this week, Cysero has been home sick with a tempurature of 102*. Geopetal has stepped forward to take up the challenge in filling in for the mad weapon smith** and will not only be handling the release this week -- she is even coordinating a cross-over event with AdventureQuest for you!

* Xan is probably jealous
** Perhaps a little get well soon post on the forums will hasten Cysero's recovery! See you on the forums :-)



February 22nd, 2008
Post-Release Design Notes!

The release is now live and I have to say that I enjoyed making this quest more than any other quest in recent memory. The weapon drops are fun, the dialog is fun AND furthers the Sandsea plotline, and Ghost has animated my current favorite monster in DF.

If...hold up, black screen.... there, fixed that... if you haven't done Zhoom's quest chain yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! The Hawk Ranger Skill and The King of The Sandsea await!

Pre-Release Design Notes!
Cysero and the team are currently finishing and testing tonight's release for you. Meanwhile, I have an important question to ask you. If we could create ONE, Won, 3-2, Jaun, Single, Uno, 1 book... which covered ALL of our games, minigames and the secret underground lab. What would you like to see in it? More specifically... what things would you like to find out about in the book if you had one?

Comic Follow-up
Holy smokes Mastin2!!!! Those were a lot of suggestions for the comic. You had a few real good zingers in there! We really like throwing a lot of ideas at the wall and waiting to see what sticks too, way to go! Everyone offered a lot of really good ideas! I agree with the posts that said players should be allowed to write for the comic too. The first comic, which features two newly chibi-fied character (who you are sure to recognize in their room that is "true to life") is being finished this weekend... so your first comic should be ready next week!

Forum Question: One book to rule them all! What do you really want in it?



February 20th, 2008
Quite Possibly The World's Greatest Invention.

I love sandwiches.

It's been a life-long love affair and if you follow my eating habits and even my work record, you can see traces of it. For two-and-a-half years I was a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway, and it was one of my favorite jobs. I took the title to heart, flipping the knives, tossing the bread in the air and catching it behind my back, squirting oil and viegar from halfway across the room and NAILING the sandwich with no splash whatsoever and flipping the salt and pepper shakers with skills that would make most hibachi chef's cry.

At first my boss kept telling me to quit, but then she saw that I was not only making good sandwiches to spec. but also drawing crowds and repeat business. She changed her mind. Good times.

My trip down the grocery aisle now results in maybe one loaf of 12 grain instead of two loaves of white, but the sandwich is still near and dear to my heart.

Hey Cysero, you might be saying, what does this have to do with DragonFable?

Lemme tell ya! This Friday you will be issued with a special invitation to Sek-Duat's Sandsea palace. The current ruler of The Sandsea has been impressed with your willingness to help Zhoom and your ability to keep up with him. He has a special task for you!

Deep within the desert lives a terrible creature called the Sandwitch. She was once one of the yaga sisters but her cruelty and dark spirit was too much for those wicked creatures. They left their sister to die in burning wastes of The Sandsea, but her wicked will to live would not be so eaisly broken. She has preyed on the people of The Sandsea for many years and Sek-Duat XV has had enough. He believes that you might be up to the task of destroying the Sandwitch. But what could have caused this change of heart in the mad power-mad emperor?

There are more secrets hidden beneath the sands, dear hero. Your journey through the dunes is FAR from over!




February 19th, 2008
Design Notes Comic?
I am going to pitch a brand new idea to you and share some never before seen* artwork. We are thinking of making a web comic** out of the design notes! Thyton drew and colored some chibi versions of us -- please let us know what you think and also if you have ideas on what we could do on the forums.

Chibi DragonFable Characters
Chibi DragonFable Characters
(In Order: Galanoth, Thyton, Artix and Cysero)

* Because it was made yesterday.
** Basically the design notes with pictures. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time but never had the man power***.
*** We still do not. BUT WE WILL TRY ANYWAY! Incidentally, in the upcoming DragonFable release this week you will finally get your first look at the evil emporer Sek-Duat XV!



February 18th, 2008
It is time for a healthy diet!
After all of those Valentines chocolates, I thought today would be a great day to talk about how to stay active, fit, and healthy as a gamer*! When I was in grade school there was only one food pyramid intend us to inform us on proper nutrition. Today, there are so many I can barely count! That is why we brought several important looking people in white lab coats** to analyze our diet and represent it as an official Food pyra.... oh my***.

* By being the perfect example of what NOT to do.
** Cysero's Rule #23: Wearing a long white lab coat instantly makes anyone a qualified, trustable scientist.
*** We may need to work on this...

PERSONAL QUESTION: What is one or two things you could do right now to eat a little healthier?



February 15th, 2008
LOOK! It's HERO'S HEART DAY! Run for you LIFE!

The update is LIVE!

Ah, Rolith just informed me that he changed every character sheet in the game to HIS character sheet, By the tim you read this that will be repaired.

Hero's Heart Day has once again fallen upon us, and everyone knows that the hardest falls have to do with Love! You can get to the Forest of Infinite Terror to visit Big Daddy by clicking the button in Falconreach. This year, in addition to defeating pink elementals and delivering gifts and love notes to the forever-heart-broken residents of the forest... Big Daddy also needs your help with a rather secret mission. This quest chain will give you a little insight into Big Daddy's past and introduce you to a new really really really gross villain, but the chain is only available to DragonLords.

If you ARE a DragonLord, Big Daddy's Stylin' hat and the new Cherub Wings (they have sparklies) drop from the titan fight at the end og the mini-quest chain OR you can pick them up from my Superstore. These are Holiday items and will vanish from the store when Hero's Heart Day (week) is over!

In addition to last year's season rare weapons, there are 12 brand new items available in Big Daddy's shop, some of which are free and some of which are DA only.

Ghost (who has been animating amazing monsters, classes and cutscenes for us for OVER a year now) added 2 new "attacks" to the Snuggle-Bear armor that you can get from Big-Daddy.

The RANGER class is now live in The Sandsea. Thanks a lot to all the DragonLords who helped us test, debug and balance the armor before its live release. We couldn't do this without your help. Talk to Zhoom to begin your training today if you haven't already.

Um... what else? I guess that's it. Have fun! Go Nuts with the Donuts!




February 14th, 2008
Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Hero's Heart Week!
Greetings and salutations friends. Today is a special day of the year where we are encouraged to tell that special someone how we feel about them. Or, if you already have that someone special in your life it is the day to show your love and grand appreciation for them*. We have honored this day by doing what we do best... by poking fun of it in each of our three games for you!

* Which, according to main stream commercialism involves buying vast quantities of chocolate, flowers and cards at a premium.

"SnuggleFest 2008" - Happening now!
Continuing our long standing trandition, Snugglefest rages on... and this year they played with some dangerous love potions and warlic has been redrawn as a hulking muscular fabio-type called "Wabio"!
Go there:

"EvilCorp Presents... BlindQuest!" - Happening Now!
We wanted to do something different... and *gulps* we certainly did! We created our own mecha combat dating game show... of the future! Like all of our games, it is suitable for all audiences**. If DragonFable's event is the most embarrasing thing we have ever made, then MechQuest's event is the most... completely.. utterly.... wierd! What else would you expect from a show hosted by Crazy Edie, the used Hovercar Salesman!
Go There:

"Heros Heart Week" Starts Friday!!!!!!
Tomorrow we will be launching the most embarrasing quest ever put into the game. For those of you who just found DragonFable this year.... well.... *looks to the veterans and shares a smile* this will be a treat! To those of you who have endured the unbearable tortune of what is to come before, we added two new Dragon Amulet quests with a very cool rare drop and a brand new Titan battle for you to enjoy! Cysero even drew and colored the new boss monster... he just confided in me that at one point he considered being a medical illustrator. (This will be funnier tomorrow, promise!)
Go There: Wait... you are already here!

FORUM QUESTION: Would someone mind reposting the Valen Tidus story that I posted sometime during this week last year? It contains some very interesting information about the character that is about to return to the game. Battle on!

** Current society says that it is bad to show dating and relationship oriented things to younger audiences... but giant explosions and hideous brain eating alien monsters is A-OK! Well, we aim to please***!
*** Laser guided photon targeting system for the win!



February 11th, 2008
Our very own game cards!?
This is some of the most exciting news I have gotten to post... We are working with a game card company to put DragonFable / AdventureQuest / MechQuest upgrade cards on the actual, honest to goodness store shelfs of Target stores!

Does this mean we get to say that our games are sold in stores now? (Everything suddenly feels so strangely real and official!) Now, if you can upgrade online, please do... because we do not make as much if you buy an upgrade card in the stores. However, if you are not able to upgrade online, this is will be a great way to get your DragonAmulet. We priced them the same so it is fair for everyone. This first run is a test and will only be available at Target which is a chain in the states. If things go well, we will try to get it in more stores (especially for those of you in other countries!) Cross your fingers for us... AND OMG OUR STUFF IS GOING TO BE HANGING ON A SHELF IN A REAL STORE! Five years ago, no one would have believed me if I said our characters would be in a real store. Thank you for helping to make this happen!

Ranger Class Update!
We are currently working on the female version of the armor. Cysero, Rolith and Ghost wanted me to tell you that they are still fixing the animation and bugs so it may be up tomorrow depending on their progress. They also wanted me to thank you very much for helping to test and all of your feedback. The damage and mana usages do indeed need to be adjusted and a number of bugs need squished (Hard to hit them with the arrows!)

Valen Tidus arrives on... FRIDAY!
The most embarrasing special event of the year is on its way. Brace yourselves!



February 8th, 2008
Friday Release
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Watch your head)

Ranger Class now available for testing by Dragon Amulet holders!
(Note: Rangers in mirror are larger than they appear)

  • New Quest: Damien's Draft
    Pull the secret* book on the bookshelf in Falconreach's Town hall to.... well, that part is actually secret!
  • 21 NEW DragonCoin Items
    They are ALL gorgeous and hand crafted by our very own mad weapons smith -- including three specially crafted Cysero's Defenders weapons!
  • Snow has melted!
    The sun shines brightly in a beautiful green Falconreach once again! Just in time for Valen Tidus to join us next week... (For the record, Snugglebears make us all shiver more than the cold.)
  • Ranger Class Testing.... UH OH!
    There was a slight... tiny... miniscule....barely noticable.... alright, we are doomed**. There are significant game-crashing, world ending, apololyptic issues with the Ranger class. Which means.... *nods* that is right... we are going to release it for testing anyway! There is a catch though -- girl characters who puts on the armor will be transformed into into boys!

    Dear female DragonFable players,

    We sincerely apologize for turning you into males when you don the powerful armor of a ranger. The theme song for this release should be Arrow-smiths hit song, "Lady looks like a dude." Actually.. it gets better. If you are a girl... this will shrink your head too (You can pretend to have a super high pitched voice...) Also, there is a color customization issue which means the skin on your arms may be a bizzare color too. Also, your character may... well, <gulps>, nevermind that. Fear not, for monday we will release the proper female-looking (and likely still bugged) class! DragonFable testing weekends are THE BEST!

    Battle on!

    "Dunnn-naaaaaa Dunnnn-naaaaaaa, Lady looks lika a Duudddaaa!"

* It is not very secret if you tell everyone about it Artix!
** Rolith went through the Male Ranger class frame by frame fixing each individual movieclip and adjusted the skills to work with the file in order to get this up for you today (Cheers for Rolith!) Galanoth came up with the idea of sticking the female head on the male version to allow female characters to test the armor while we work on the female version. Despite the gender distortion issues.... the class is really awesome! It will be in DA-only testing

DA Testing Weekend!
I have news. Unfortunately the Ranger class took longer than we thought it would.

So this weekend we are releasing this class for testing by DragonAmulet holders only! Much like the Deathknight armor this class will need to be rebalanced, and we hope that we can count on all of our DA holders to help us test this new class armor, and give us the same kind of valuable feedback that we've come to expect from you guys.

Once it has been tested and tweaked, it will be released to all players as a normal armor (like the pirate or ninja armor) Next weekend.

Right now Ghost is animating his brains out and Zhoom's fingers are flying getting the armor functional so that we can release it for testing today. Cross your fingers. Once it has been released, it will be available through Zhoom in The Sandsea and you will have to level it like any normal armor with Ancient Treasures (which drop from Zhoom's random quests), but for the next seven days, it will only be available to DragonAmulet holders.

I will announce here, on the homepage and a post will be made on the forums as soon as the class has been rolled live... hopefully today.

We do have some other releases coming your way. These are DEFINITELY coming out today! A lot of people have been wondering about that draft coming from under the bookshelf in Damien's office! Geo has built a new quest that drops two brand new never-before seen helms. Who remembers what is located directly underneath Falconreach?


I haven't had a lot of time to build weapons lately so I made time this week. Other than make some new weapons for you guys to fill the gaps in Cysero's Superstore of Savings... including, my personal favorites, the Cysero's Defender Sword, Staff and Daggers! These will be DragonFable's FIRST level 40 weapons! See if you can guess which one of these is Cysero's Defender Sword....

Once again, we may not be getting the class out for DA testing today, but we will do our best! These rest of the updates will be coming your way in the next few hours!

Wish us luck!


February 6th, 2008
Busy Signals.
We've been very busy lately. So busy that I haven't had time to check up on my web favorites. It had been nearly a month since I'd been able to check up on SweetAfton23 (QUIT SPAMMING HER!). Based on her latest song (the one about MySpace) I once again proposed marrige. I don't expect a "yes".

We hired a new animator yesterday. Once Ghost finishes putting her through AE Animator Boot Camp she will be a big help. She hasn't chosen her name yet but as soon as she does we will announce her.

Let me tell you a bit about what we ARE working on. I got to make several new staff's yesterday. Geo has been building most of the weapons lately (and I'm glad that you've been really happy with the art) but I missed making weapons too much and had to rip some out. Hopefully I will be putting several MORE weapons in the Superstore to give you something new and shiny to spend your DC refund on.

Who wants a Ranger class? Geo and the rest of the staff have also been working on RANGER skills! Miltionoius is doing the art right now and hopefully Ghost will be able to get then animated for Friday's release. We will not be adding Bows to the game as a weapon that you can equip but MANY of the ranger skills will use a bow built into the class.

Rolith is working on a bombing minigame that will go into Oaklore for the newer players to play around with. We're also working on a new NPC who will be moving into Oaklore Keep... a retired DragonLord! You get to fly his dragon in the bombing minigame. If the MQ release goes as planned we should be able to get that in the game on Friday too.

Next week is Hero's Heart Day again and we're bust prettifying up some of DF's scarrier monsters for you. Big Daddy will be returning with a few new tricks!

One thing that DF is missing in a guild/house system. AQ has Paxia and MQ now has the 3 Houses (Mystraven, WOOT!) and DF is missing something like this. Artix and I were talking about it and I'm curious what ideas you have for opposing factions that you'd like to join. We don't want to use Elements because we'd like to give you something that AQ hasn't. Good, Evil and Balance won't work. 2/3rds of you guys would get behind evil, the other third would support good, and balance would just be an empty room.

As a reward for chosing a side we were thinking about giving the players (among other unl;ockable rewards) new, awesome armors for your base class. Why look like every other Warrior when you can have the special Warrior armor? No new skills, just new art.

This guild system won't be going into the game on Friday, but we'd still like to know what you guys think... what interesting concepts you'd come up with. Let us know on the forums.

This pile of work may not seem like much to you guys, but I assure you that it is. We may not be able to get ALL of this out as planned but now you know what we HOPE to release anyway.



February 5th, 2008
A gamers best friend....
When I was in 5th grade, the teacher called on me a lot*. The boy in front of me became very upset every time my name "Adam" was called and I answered. I had no idea why.... then, one time, after the teacher called on "Adam" the boy in front of me stood up and nearly yelled, "My last name is ADAMS, not ADAM!". It was like someone hit the pause button for the world as we all stood there in completely silence and shock. The teacher smiled and replied to the boy, "Yes JD, your last name is Adams. However, I was talking to Adam, who sits behind you." ...and that is how I met JD. Of course, you know him better as Warlic!

Young Artix and Warlic playing
(They wore a lot of black! Of course... it looks sorta blue in this picture.)

In middle school Warlic and I became good friends. *chuckles* He impressed me by showing that he was reading Bram Stroker's Dracula. I invited him over to my house where I had just gotten my first computer and in a single sitting we made a animated ascii game called Raistlin vs. the DragonLord. It was basically a bunch of old ascii blocks (Good ol' Chararacter 219) that were colored and was supposed to be a knight who shot a fireball out of his hand at the dragon. Now, I never read DragonLance and got it all wrong... so the Dragon was a "lord" named "raistlin". Whoops! The graphics were sorta like this. Believe it or not, the game we made that day was pretty much a primitive version of AdventureQuest written in Basic. That was around the time my game making obsession started. Warlic and I both tried to learn as much as we could. By highschool VGA graphics were around and he programmed a game called Jimmy the Eye in pascal. Jimmy the eye originated in a comic he used to draw while we were in German class. So now you are in on the secret that Jimmy the Eye (the minigame on EbilGames and the pet in DragonFable) was a special thing from our childhood. (Of course the untold story also involving child-stuff is that his wife was in labor and he was driving her to the hospital to have the baby... and we were on the phone talking about the last changes to the minigame -- BAD BAD BAD!) Back to the story -- We were both into drawing, programming, games and even after we both of our families moved hours in opposite directions we continued making games together via and an irresponsilibly huge phone bill that got me in trouble each and every month. I made a drawing program in highschool that we used to build graphics like this**. This is a pretty long story so I will skip the details... Warlic decided to follow music as his passion when we got to college and I followed computer games. That was a difficult time for me. We always stayed good friends and had many great adventures, but it was no fun building all of the never-finished games without his help. I never gave up though, and I did create a game! (This is where you showed up in my life)

A long time later, after AdventureQuest was created Warlic helped with soundFX and a lot of music that never ended up going into the game (Bandwidth is ebil... but now that we have a gigabit pipe we should post some for you to hear!) The song from the Artix vs the Undead short was a remake of my favorite song from his band when he was in Highschool (I think I mentioned that before... DUUU NAAA naaa naaa DUUU NAAA naaa naaa DAAAAA NAAAA naaaa NAAAA) Warlic was working for a music-based cell phone game development company and I saw an opportunity....

Zhoom says, "Time to go!"

AND THAT, is when Zhoom came and told me that I had to go. See you tomorrow! (To be continued***)

* She may have through she was throwing me an easy question to boost my low self esteem, but I always ended up answering incorrectly... giving the class another chance to get a good laugh at my expense. I had a very rough time in school and was made fun of a lot... especially for being "weird" because I talked about ghosts, vampires, and giant robots all the time. On a side note, the first story I ever wrote was in 2nd grade called "The Live Robot". I do not have the story any more... but I am pretty sure it was about a Robot... who was... alive. And not the Johnny 5 alive... I think I wanted an organic machine that was sentient and likely to take over the world through genetic engineering.... so, um... where was I?
** One guess for who drew the DeathKnight.... and for the record, you had to draw with the keyboard. You changed color by pressing 1 to 9 and used the arrow keys to move the cursor and turned it on/off by hitting "D" -- for Draw!
*** Dunnn... Dunnnn... DUNNNNN!


February 2nd, 2008
Super Secret Design Notes of Rock!

Hi everyone! This week's update is out and rolling! So far everyone seems to really like it, which is awesome. ^^ The Mumragon* (drawn by Thyton, colored by Oishii and animated by Ghost) is one of the most detailed monsters we have in the game and he looks simply amazing!

For this fight only, we've also implemented the long awaited Invite A Friend code (thanks to Rolith and zhoom)! Once you make your way through hordes of scarabs and face the huge and imposing Mumragon you will be able to invite two of your friends characters and have them fight alongside you as guests in one of the coolest fights yet**!


We also added a whole bunch of new weapons and a brand new pet to Cysero's Superstore of Savings! 15 new weapons in all, ranging from level 6 to level 34, as well as a new level 19 pet, SandCrabz. Make sure to check them out!


* I voted to call him the Dragummy, but it seemed too much like a candy.
** If fire dragon breathe fire and ice dragons breathe ice, what do mummified dragons breathe? ;D

P.S. It's 6:40PM server time, since it's Saturday, I bet no one will see these until Monday. ;D