October 31, 2007

UPDATE: Mogloween Boss Fight is now LIVE!
Go and see the Cauldron Sisters to fight DF's first Mogloween Boss!

One of the DF fans e-mailed me asking for girl advice. Does that strike anyone else as a bad idea?

In about 15 minutes** we will be rolling out the MOGLOWEEN BOSS FIGHT! I'm sure that most of you are out getting candy right now so when you get back there will be a nice boss fight including a special holiday Titan Battle. DragonLords... start your DRAGONS!

Last year we did the birth of Frostval and this year you have seen the beginnings of Mogloween. We invented a few holidays of our own like Hero's Heart Day and Cysero Day (which no one helped me celebrate, thanks). I wonder what Lore holidays you would like to be able to participate in? Let us know on the forums.

While you're out getting bags and bags of candy (that kind that is NOT made with Mognip), remember to be safe, be smart and attack in packs. So, from Artix, Zhoom, Warlic, geopetal, Oishii, Thyton, Nythera, Safiria, the rest of the AE team and myself.... HAPPY MOGLOWEEN!

** Ok, so it was more like an hour and change, but it's 8:30 on Halloween night and we're still at work, what are YOU complaining about?



October 30, 2007
Trick or Treat!

A whole bunch of new neighborhoods in Falconreach have gotten into the spirit of Mogloween*! See who else has started giving out candy now!

Special Mogloween Release!
Tomorrow night things get even crazier! Get ready to face off against the ulitmate candy stealing boss monster as well as an enormous titan fight**! Brand new, DA only, seasonal weapons forged by Cysero are going to drop from this battle (they look wicked!).

This Friday will also see the release of a new seasonal armor*** that requires caaaaaaandy and the special DA only chest.

* Or maybe a certain someone has paid a visit to their house demanding candyfishcandyfishcandyfish!
** Do dragons like candy too? I might not have gotten enough...
*** With an incredible set of animations by Ghost and a few new programming twists by zhoom and Rolith*... muhahahaha, it's going to be fun to try out! :D




October 29, 2007
Boss Fight on Halloween Mogloween!

This Wednesday night we have the a special release for you... Expect a boss battle AND a Titan fight! It gets even better. On Friday we will be releasing a brand new class for you to level up. Oh yes, it involves CAAAAAAANDY*!

* Sugar coated, chocolate filled, tooth decamating caaaaaaaaandy!



October 26, 2007
It is all happening right now....

Mogloween special cross over event is about to start! Cysero, Rolith, and Geopetal are finishing the cutscenes and preparing to launch (Cysero says ETA 8:30pm est)! This release deserved to be launched after the sun went down.... prepare yourself.


... Mmmmmmm, I can almost taste the candy now. Cysero and Galanoth worked together to create new NPCs (Drawn by Oishii) and moglinsters (Drawn by Thyton, animated by Ghost) for this special cross over event. Just like Frostvale and Hero's Heart day we are keeping track of your progress. Beat everything we release this year, and you keep all of the rewards next year (and are ready for the next part of the event!)

Trick ot Treat DF Style!
Ghost fears getting "Apple Jacked"

Go there!
We have just gone live! Soluna City release is out and the game is looking amazing! As a DragonFable player you are going to be VERY happy to know that since DF and MQ share the same engine we will be able to build new functionality for both games -- at the same time! (Read as: Houses coming in the near future)

Go to!
The 5th year Birthday party, Mogloween is happening now!



October 22, 2007
This is going to be an AMAZING week*! So, today I would like to tell you what will be going on in ALL THREE** of your games -- starting this Friday. I also have a very special announcement for you at the end.

The candy has never tasted this good. Mogloween begins and AdventureQuest celebrates its 5th Birthday! We have done so many "firsts" in AQ. From out of control weapon specials to seasonal events & rares to our war system. 5 years is an amazing achievement -- especially considering it is still strong and growing every week! Thank you all so much! The party starts this Thursday. Warning: Find a mask or be eaten by Moglinsters!
Game Website:

5 years in the past there was no such thing as Mogloween. How did it start? Why do moglins turn into giant scary creatures eating Adventurers? Find out how it all began in this crossover seasonal-event... The Legend of Mogloween: Part 1! Three beautiful witches, one sinister cauldron and lots and lots and lots of CAAAAAAAAANDY! Expect a special guest appearance by Zorbak!
Game Website:

This Friday the GEARS University Shuttle will LAND*** in Soluna City opening up all new Missions, new Mecha Models, new Weapons, Uniforms, places to explore, the entrance exam.... well, lets just say this weekend is going to be HUGE!!!!
Game Website:

BONUS: Special Announcement
For those of you who enjoyed "Artix vs. the Undead" I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing a brand new short in November titled "DFA". This second short was created/drawn/animated by J6 and features music from Warlic for the release of MechQuest. There is a theater in MQ.... so if you guys are thinking what I am thinking... lets throw a in-game premiere party in November! I will get a date for you after we make it thought the MQ launch crazyness. (Maybe we can ask Ballyhoo to show it in AdventureQuest and DragonFable.)

To everyone: Thank you**** so much! It is because of you and your fellow players that the games are running strong and continuing to get better each and every week. To everyone who believed in us, give yourself 100 points! It does not matter if you play one, two, or all of the games we are making -- you are a part of this, and we are eternally grateful. I would like to congratulate the entire Forum/AQ/DF/MQ team for all of your amazing accomplishments. You inspire me and so many of the other players on a daily basis. There are no words that can describe my respect and awe for what you have done and are doing now.

I would like to end on this thought I keep having. It is one thing that never gets old... and is really strange.... and maybe you feel this way a little too -- But the the further we get and the more we do, the more we realize that this is only the beginning.

Battle on!

P.S. This week is going to be HUGE!

What will be even more amazing is if we actually make all these releases on time! This is INSANE!
** Three is my favorite number. Of course I like 65,536 too.
*** Or else!
**** Thank you x <Infinity> X <Infinity> to the <Infinity> power +1.



October 19, 2007
Friday Release
Mystery Titan Battle!
Today's release is a special one for all of you Dragonlords out there making this game possible for everyone to play. One of the powers of your Amulet is the ability to understand and speak in the tongue of ancient Dragons. <smiles> You are going to enjoy this! Use the portal to the right of the Guardian tower to travel to Willowshire and ask about Gorgok.

Gorgok Returns

Mogloween Holiday Event
Next Friday, three strange and beautiful witches will be arriving in Falconreach. Their story is the timeless tale of love, dark magic, and candy.... Candy... CAAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDYYYY! Prepare to learn the spooky origins of our most beloved of creepy holidays -- Mogloween!

"C" is for Cysero
I'm trying to find a way to land Cysero's Superstore Of Savings somewhere on Lore permanently for you all to enjoy. I've made some new items for the shop that you might find interesting. If my math is right then this should drop the superstore somewhere in Falconreach and stabilize the spatial drift so that it stays put once and for all... but I'm not very good at math. This should be interesting.

Cysero's Super Shop of Savings

Bug Fixes
We squishied them!
You may need to clear your temporary internet files if you do not see the changes.

  • Weapon invisibility spell? The bug where your weapons dissapeared in Cysero's shop has been corrected.
  • Better yet.... Dragon invisibility spell? If you lose against Gorgok you will no longer return to a screen where you are no where to be found. This was a problem with the Dragons -- we uploaded you some new ones!

October 17, 2007
You Guys Are Just Too Sharp.

Yup, someone on the forums has guessed the identity of our returning foe. That's really not a surprise... you guys gussed EVERYONE that we have ever fought from the Irismancer to Jack Stryfe. But at least one of you guys guessed right.

This will be an interesting titan fight for a few reasons; mostly because our dangerous enemy has a few new tricks up their sleeve (which Ghost is currently working on) but we have a few other surprises in store for you too. I won't spoil those.

I'm going to take this time to remind those of you WITHOUT dragons that NOW is when you're going to need them. A DragonLord can't fight without their dragon by their side (or under them if they're riding it).

You think Celestia hangs out in SunBreeze Grove for her health? Well, you're right. The breeze coming off of the lake is good for her allergies. BUT She is ALSO there because it's the peftect place to train a dragon. There are not other houses for miles and plenty of available water (lake AND a fountain) to put out accidental fires.

If you haven't hatched your egg yet, then get to it! Please? We spent a lot of time on those quests.



October 16, 2007
Thoughts so deep you might lose a shoe!
"I find that I do my best work when I am working."
They say when the going get's tough, the tough get going*... but I am confident that I can prove that the soft can get moving too. My outer shell has hardened a lot over the past five years -- but I am still soft and squishy on the inside** with a big heart***. I have learned so many lessons**** on this journey and no matter how far we get.... it still feels like we are standing at the dawn of a brand new beginning. Perhaps that is just part of our philosophy.... we never just sit still and idle. We are continually building new things, trying new things, always pushing forward. It is interesting, exciting, and even a little dangerous*****. The next two weeks will be our most challenging yet! On a walk with Zhoom I expressed my deep concern that I have actually pushed us too far this time.... to which he inspiringly replied, "We already made our choice. There is no going back." At least I think he was being inspirational... might have had something to do with him removing the gears that allows me to put my car in reverse in order to build that much needed time machine. Battle on!

* To which I wonder where, because I would really like to go there right now. Maybe for pancakes or some Eel sushi (Unagi) or Zzzzzz....
** Proven by X-rays and that one accident when Thyton was demonstrating the "Look how fast I can twirl this sword while you are standing that close".
*** For slaying the undead.
**** Clearly not English or Grammar
*****Might help if you removed the man eating aligator trap doors from the office.

So here we go! This week:
Soluna City Release
DragonFable DragonLord Titan Battle & Permanent DC Shop
AdventureQuest Dragon War!

Titan Battle Seeeeeecrets!
Tune in tomorrow for clues about the upcoming Titan Battle. Same Bat-tle time, same Bat-tle channel. In the mean time, get your Dragons ready!



October 15, 2007
Two eyes, glowering in the darkness. Waiting. Watching... for the perfect time to strike. The previous defeat had been humilating, tragic... and the treasure, the power, had been lost... Now, with wounds healed, new powers attained (mmm... mages) the time for battle, for revenge, against the puny "heros" has come... any who oppose will be crushed underfoot. The battle will be titanic...

Monster Contest!
A new contest is up on the forums! October is the perfect time to think up new monsters! So, for this months contest, we want you to do exactly that! Come up with the perfect monster you'd like to battle against. The winner's monster will appear in game and also receive 500 DC! Make sure to check out the contest thread in the DragonFable General Discussion.



October 12, 2007
Ninja Release TODAY!
The doors to the Shadow of the Wind Village have been opened! Be sure to take the gryphon from Falconreach to the ninja town and speak to Thyton. He has a small favor to ask but in return he will give you your ninja class armor with 14 brand new unlockable skills (including Second Chance when was a player suggestion and a good one. It's a neat power to have when things get hairy. It reduces your health to 1 HP but gives you one more turn to use a heal potion or killer skill if you are waiting for the cooldown!).

Also in the Shadow of the Wind Village you will find a brand new weapon store with ninja appropriate weapons, and a helm shop with various ninja masks and one KILLER looking DA only mask!

But the best news of all is that it's my birthday today so be sure to grab Cysero's party hat at Patch the barber until you realize that it has no stats and it makes you look like an idiot!

Woooohoooo! Finally, the Ninja class (Male & Female) will be released with new skills and AWESOME animations. Also, the new Ninja town and Ninja trainer (Thyton) will be released. This weekend... be the first to master the secret arts of the Ninja!

  • Ninja Class (Male & Female)
  • Ninja Trainer (Thyton)
    - Get him itchi itchi Paradise to unlock the class!
    - Three training Quests
    - 7 Free Skills
    - 7 DragonAmulet Skills

  • Ninja Town (Shadow of the Wind Village)
    - Weapon Shop
    - First Helm Shop!

Secret UnderGround Lab
This morning was not like any other. I walked into our inconspicuous office and sat in my black chair. I flip the switch under the deck and woooooooosh the hidden elevator lowers my chair 30 floors down to the actual subterranean headquarters of our gaming organization... the secret underground lab. Here we are fully stocked to create art, music, games and ward off a a full sized invasion of the undead for up to 5 years. < Hears a crack start in the wall> Sure, you may think the wet and sandy ground underneath coastal Florida would be a suicidal deathtrap for underground living.... <puts his finger on a crack in the wall to stop a leak> but I can assure you that <uses his right foot to stop another leak> we are actually quite <hears a massive crunch as the bricks begin to give way and sand pours through> well protected....

Mogloween is coming!
Are you ready for some seasonal rares? This month, at long last, we shall reveal the mystery of why Moglins turn into giant player-eating moglinsters forcing us all to wear masks and... um.... go door to door trick-or-treating for candy. Before we begin making the rare and semi-rares for this seasonal event we would like to know if there is any special you would like. Let us know on the forums! See you there.



October 10, 2007
Ninja Skillz!
So, as promised yesterday, a preview of the ninja class skills is going to be the focus of the DNs today! The caveat is.... I tend to be a little more mysterious then *cough* Artix with preview stuff. ^~

SO, without further ado....

Ninja Skill List:
1. Attack
2. ****CENSORED****
3. ****CENSORED****
4. ****CENSORED****
5. ****CENSORED****
6. ****CENSORED****
7. ****CENSORED****
8. ****CENSORED****
9. ****CENSORED****
10. ****CENSORED****
11. ****CENSORED****
12. ****CENSORED****
13. ****CENSORED****
14. ****CENSORED****
15. ****CENSORED****


This class will be set-up kind of like Pirate. There will be three skills that are going to be determined by your base class and the right side of the skill bar will be DA only. Several skill favorites will be making appearances, of course, as well as a few really cool new ones (gaining resists based on attacks, increasing the power of your DOT, second chances....) ( long as zhoom and Rolith don't make anything go *BOOM*). Ghost has done some crazy, insanimations for this class and Cysero has put together the Village of the Four Winds and some new training quests (the bamboo forest is gorgeous!) with a crazy new monster drawn by Thyton (think shadowy, huge claws....)! All you ninjas will definitely have some fun with this new class.



October 9, 2007
Ninja Class Release Coming!
The skills for this new class are being coded as you read this! Ghost is animating the male and female Ninja class armors while Zhoom is working on the skills and Cysero is preparing the town and quests.

Skill list coming tomorrow!

Scream Queen/King Poll
So just who was the top screamer at the haunted house? Yesterday you voted.... here were your thoughts:

  • Aisha - 12%
  • Geopetal - 15%
  • J6 - 3%
  • Cysero - 28%
  • Zhoom - 6%
  • Artix - 20%
  • Oishii 13%

When reading the posts I heard so many of you discussing Oishii and Aisha so I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED when I saw Cysero won (28%). Did you guys really think DF's mad weaponsmith was running around Busch Gardens screaming like a little girl <supresses a chuckle>. Nay, it was not Cysero... he had nerves of pure steel (and a belly of yogurt). In second place was *gulps* Artix with 20%? <whispers>I think you guys threw away your votes on this one. <stops whispering> I would not have flinched even if they had been real undead, let alone actors.... although, I probably would have sounded the most like a little girl *coughs*. On to the girls! Hmmm, you thought Geopetal was the most spooked followed by Oishii. However, Geopetal was like a rock (of course!) through even the scariest of the haunted houses and Oishii cleverly hid behind Cysero. Which means... dunn dunn dunnnn... The correct answer was Aisha. We are surprised you did not hear her (No matter what country you live in). She can REALLY scream! She is our newest team member and if you saw the Tek's Mechs ad or the MechQuest website you got the first sample of her work. She is currently designing the brand new DragonFable character pages (release coming soon) then the new DragonFable website. That is... if she ever recovers from the shock and horror of last Friday!

So what are you guys doing this year for Halloween/Mogloween (if you celebrate)? Going to any haunted houses? Trick or treating? Handing out candy? Watching any scary movies? See you on the forums.

P.S. In an unrelated story: We got the three new NPCs for the AQ/DF Mogloween cross over in on Monday. They look AMAZING!

I grew up here and I have a lot of fond memories of hanging out at Busch Gardens all summer long with my friends. Friday we were hanging out at a food stand near several plastic hippos. I Told Zhoom about the time that I discovered that there was a large hole in the belly of one of the pastic hippos. Four of my friends and I crammed ourselves into the hippo and waited for about ten minutes, then crawled out one by one to the amazement of all the nearby park-goers. Of course Zhoom had to try it.

HERE is Zhoom, having crawled into hippo's belly and trying to fight his way out of it's mouth with J6's magic laser sword and geo's magic blinky glasses.

HERE is me riding one of the hippos to glory, wearing the 3D glasses from the 3D haunted house (I wore them the rest of the night and marvelled at the magic of the 3D world), also swinging J6's magic laser sword. My magic blinky medallion hangs around my neck.

Thanks to J6 for the pictures. It was raining and night and we were all glowing in some way or another so I'm just happy the pics came out at all.




October 8, 2007
Greetings and salutations on this most Monday of Mondayish Mondays. In the secret underground lab all is silent but the rapid clackyty-clack of keyboard keys and the tappity tap of mouse mashing mayhem*. We knew this week was destined to be the brutal nightmare that is manifesting to be.... (we have Ninja class, town, and preparing for the upcoming titan fights and Mogloween!)

* Dear Artix, your alliteration rights are hereby revoked.

... so last Friday the team went to Busch Garden's Hallowscream event. It was incredible. They converted the entire theme park into a giant haunted house full of.... haunted houses! Cysero bought us all shiny blinky weapon-type thingies and we bravely marched through the pouring rain through ALL of the creepy attractions (Good research material!) Now, as you would suspect, the point of these haunted houses is for the actors to scare the living day-lights out of you. (If you think about it, it is REALLY weird that humans voluntarily like doing this stuff) Which brings us to today's forum poll!

Official Scream Queen/King Poll!
Which one of these AE Team Members got spooked the most at the at the Haunted Houses? (Read as: They SCREAMED LIKE CRAZY!) Vote on the forums. The correct answer will be announced tomorrow.

  • Aisha - Designer
  • Geopetal - Assistant TO the regional manager...
  • Oishii - Artist
  • J6 - Artist / Animator
  • Cysero - Game Master
  • Zhoom - Programmer
  • Artix - Undead Slaying Paladin

At midnight we even got those really sketchy looking Turkey Legs and officially celebrated (in the pouring rain as our blinky noise making weapons because to die from overuse) Canadian thanksgiving in honor of both our Canadian Team Members and players.. The only truly bad thing was that they shut down Sheikra (the mega rollercoaster where they drop you down 200ft at 90 degrees... freefall!) right as Zhoom was sitting on it waiting for it to take off. He was so incredibly sad :-(. We did get to go through Zombie alley before they shut that down though.... *smiles and falls off into happy thoughts of battling the living dead along side friends*

This week, in Dragonfable...

  • Ninja TOWN!
  • Ninja TRAINER!
  • Ninja CLASS!

More coming tomorrow....



October 05, 2007
Just Tossing Around Ideas.

The way that DF (or any ongling game where you level up) is laid out, there is a lot of farming involved. A lot of people have complained that they have rotten luck, farming for one single item over one hundred times and never having it drop.

The solution for this is the DC shop. Don't feel like farming, save time and drop some Dragon Coins on it... but what if the item isn't in the shop?

So we have been meditating on this quirk while working on today's release (with some pretty spiffy weapon drops on it). What if nearly EVERY item that we released in a quest we also released for Dragon Coins...kept it in the shop for a few weeks... then moved to the next batch of items?

Inventory space is a bit of a issue there plus you can only destroy Dragon Coin weapons.

What if... we reworked the item system so that you could sell DC items for Gold, much like in AdventureQuest. We've wanted to do this for a long time but hackability issues stopoped us. We think we have those loopholes sealed up, but we still can't do DC for Partial DC sellback. Would you guys like that?

Even if we don't do the item shop we can still do the DC for Gold conversion if you would like that. Tell us what you think on the forums!

Today's release is being tested right now (Can I get a WOOT WOOT for being ahead of schedule?). You will see the introduction of a new race of monsters (someone on the forums has already guessed it based on some awesome research), several new weapons, Captain Blackberry, Drakath and the Wind Orb.

For those of you who only tune in on the weekends, check out Thyton in Falconreach and the DragonLord Shop (see yesterday's DN's)


October 04, 2007
Mini-Update Maaadddddness!

Yup. Thyton has come to say Hi and borrow a cup of sugar.

It's always nice when friends come over and bring gifts. Some of you have noticed that Thyton offers you a new armor. Some of you will notice that the Dread Pirate Armor makes it a little harder for enemies to hit you. Just chalk that one up to the ninja tailor and their skills with ninja needles and stealth thread...and...uh..sneaky dye?

Also the DragonLord Shop button is now in falconreach (for how long? you never can tell,). Dragon Amulet Holders continue to get more and more benefits ands the game develops, and will KEEP getting more and more as time goes by, one again proving that the one-time purchase of a Dragon Amulet beats just about anything else (even a Guardianship? Mmmmmaaayyybbe)!

These are all of the old Ballyhoo items but now they are PERMANENT! She had to get rid of them to make room in her crates and magic treasaure chest for more amazing items.

ALSO Also, the DragonLord Damage buffs are just about to go live. We played with our DL armors over the weekend and read a what you had to say about them and we agree that I'm awesome. We also agree that the DragonLord Armors were in sore need of a damage buff. It's hard to call yourself uber when a scurvy pirate can defeat you in one-on-one combat.

We'll be rolling those out as soon as I post this.

ALSO ALSO also, some of you may have read a bit about Drakath. We have known trhis about him since we introduced him as a character but we thought that it was about time to let you guys know that tidbit about his royal lineage. Don't know what I'm talking about? TALK TO THYTON ALREADY!

ALSO ALSO ALSO also, you can still expect tomorrow's Rhubarb quest in which you will get to face Drakath if you can make it past all the Galeocerda. What are Galeocerda? You'll have to wait and see.

ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO also, passing along a special hello to young paladins Marky and Jacob. Artix got your letter and read it to everyone. He says "Battle On!". Sweet dreams guys!



October 3, 2007
Boss Fight Happening Now!
The Ninjas claim victory

The boss of the pirates is a powerful treasure golem. It is LOADED with treasure if you can defeat it!

Cysero, Galanoth and I are working together on the "Origins of Mogloween". Soon you will meet three new very cute NPCs who are partially responsible for the creation of this insane holiday. This is one server-wide-event you will not want to miss!

The Undeadliest List
Thank you to everyone who contributed to THE LIST. I am making a derivitive final ranking of monsters from undead to undeadlyist to mail to Hatch. You guys are the BEST!

In the works for DragonFable
New, amazing looking, character sheets featuring your Dragons are being worked on by Aisha and Rolith. Ghost is animating several new monsters that you will get to battle and Cysero has a new quest featuring Drakath coming your way Friday morning. Cysero and I started talking heavily about housing (from getting a room in the inn all the way to upgrading to a full sized Castle). We have a pretty ambitious scheduled planned for the rest of the year! In between Mogloween, the Thanksgiving event and Frostvale (Part 2!), we also want to release the full Ninja town and Ninja class, introduce Zhoom and the desert zone (Ranger class), complete Doomwood and introduce Noxus (Necromancer class), and bringing Galanoth (DragonSlayer) and Fae (Druid) into the game along with a few new features (mainly housing and alchemy).To to mention many of the other things we planned previously including a re-organization and polish of the existing areas to improve them. This may sound impossible... (and probably is) but as my Martial Arts Master once told me... 100% of punches that are not thrown miss*. If we go all out on these projects we might just hit a KO! It is time... FOR DRAGONFABLE FISTS OF FURY! Battle on!

* You know, out of context that sounds sort of bad, lol. Since the Ninja's were victorious it is an appropriate metaphor. While I am sure you can think of what was happening during the martial arts class, the moral is simple... unless you put forth the effort, you will never know what you are truly capable of doing. (Note: Please do not punch anyone.) I am not scared to try and fail... because the only way I can fail is to quit... and I will never quit. Ever.

P.S. Cysero is looking for an apprentice with a passion for animating monsters. Any budding animators who would like Cysero to take a look at your work should post some examples of your Flash animation on The Gallery of Creative Adventurers (TGOCA) located on the forums.


October 02, 2007
MechQuest is FUN!

I can't stop playing it. I've got a really nice configuration for my mech, and I keep hitting the battle button. I can't seem to stop earning credits. It's addictive and SO MUCH FUN!

As an experiment I manually saved my front arm gun on my mech. My ID is 5, so play me in assault mecha and see if your mech can take mine out (you probably can)!

A lot of people have asked the question "Will DF slow down or die as a result of MQ?". My answer is no to both of those options. DF will continue it's release schedule, releasing content for you as soon as we have developed something new for you to do (usually on Friday, usually every week), and of COURSE MQ will not kill DF. Did DragonFable kill AdventureQuest? No. AQ is better and stronger than ever!

DragonFable has been blessed with lots of new players since we launched and many of those players have never even played AdventureQuest (Hi new guys *waves*). MechQuest will soon start gathering it's own loyal fan base (as well as many loyal AE fans who will play ALL THREE games!) and the MechQuest forums will be filled with "Which is better, DF or MQ?" threads.

Artix Entertainment now officially has THREE online flash-based RPGs now. Weird, huh? It kinda makes us feel like a honest-to-goodness gaming company!

Gamma release is going well and thanks to everyone who has helped us test so far. The feedback has been amazing and really useful! Gamma testing will continue for FREE PLAYERS as well as those with Dragon Amulets and Guardianships, because Zhoom is sick and we don't know how to turn the free players accounts off.

So enjoy that while it lasts, I guess.

This week we have planned (shocker...) ANOTHER PIRATE QUEST! This will be the next-to-last quest in Rhubarb's chain and you can expect to see an old friend (cough*DRAKATH*cough). The quest will end on a cliffhanger but you will all have to keep hanging on because NEXT week... Shadow of the Wind Village (without many shops) and the Ninja Class! Then We start working on the Mogloween festivities!


Holy Meef, I've got a lot to do! So why am I still typing? Why are you still reading? I can't stop writing until you stop reading! STOP! REALLY! I've got work to do! AHHHH! Oh good, you stopped...


October 01, 2007
Good News and Bad News!

Happy October, fellow Libras! I've got some good news and some bad news...

The Bad News...
1) Today Cysero's Superstore of Savings will be leaving again for parts unknown to gather more odds and ends, weird pets and spectacularly overpowered weapons, helms, capes (and maybe even an armor).

2) Our lovely Ballyhoo will be taking a short break from DragonFable but when she returns she will be bringing even more free items to try out!

The Good News!!!!
1) MechQuest opens today for gamma testing! This is more like super amazing awesomesauce news and a half but it goes in the good news column.

2) More MechQuest news... Tomorrow gamma testing closes off to Guardians and Dragon Amulet holders only. BUT today, when MechQuest opens for gamma testing ANYONE who has registered their account on will be able to start play-testing AE's latest mech-and-missle filled game!

3) A small teeny tiny DF release. New hairstyles will be released in Osprey Cove! A lot of the new hairstyles will be the old hairstyles without the accesories (no more fish on your head), but some, like the Liberty Spikes, will be brand new.

4) The First Pirate Vs. Ninja war is almost over. Today should seal the ninja victory over the pirates (unless the pirates pull a miracle out of their 3-pointed hats)! You will all find out what secret weapon the pirates have up their puffy sleeves when you fight the War Boss!