Sept 29,2006
Progress Update: The New Zone Coming!
As you know, we are still hard at work on the new zone. We have not worked on anything of this size since we released Warlic and Robina's areas. The expected launch date is still the middle of next week. In order to deliver the new zone as soon as possible we are going to continue working through the weekend. We do not have a release for today -- but I am certain you would prefer us to work on the new zone so it is ready as soon as possible instead of hastefully throwing something together and then pushing back the release of this new zone. Wish us luck -- a new zone is on its way! (Screenshots from the new zone... which is still unnamed (Arborvale is a placeholder).... can be found below!)

Screenshot from the New Zone
Griffons are not the only way to fly...

Map of the new zone.
DF Zone Map (GPS navigation system sold seperately)

Sept 28,2006
"Keep"-ing it real.
The Keep and surrounding areas is a zone about the same size as Warlic's. Right now, I am expecting to launch the zone in the middle of next week. Until then we are going to release a sample quest from the new zone. Check here for more news tomorrow!

Sept 27,2006
The Dog ate Cysero's homework -- but his Yogurt is ok!
Cysero was supposed to bring his sketches for the building interiors with him yesterday. Upon arriving, however, he realized that they were no where to be found! The reason? Yup, his dog ate them. Cysero's dog ate his DF homework. (It is ok to laugh... I still am)

Today we are continuing work on the new Keep and surrounding area. The Keep names and suggestions on the forums are great by the way! It makes me smile when we are all throwing around ideas and having fun with a new concept.

Faster Load Times!
Zhoom has greatly improved the character loading speed with his latest round of improvements. This speeds up both your loading time and PvP loading time.

Sept 26,2006
The ??? Keep!
We are currently working on a new area. It features a beautiful keep built around a great tree in a green forest. Many travelers pass through the keep and use the bridge leading to Falconreach. However, there are rumors that a great sea serpent has been attacking anyone who attempts to cross the bridge. Unfortunately that bridge is the only means of crossing the great river blocking the way. The forest is full of other problems too.... duties definitely suitable for a daring level 1 to 5 adventurer looking to earn a great deal of gold and rare loot.

This is where we open community participation! We do not have a name for the keep yet. Go to the official post (or start one if it does not exist) and make some suggestions! Also feel free to post some ideas for the wacky antics the Knights who run the keep might be up to.

Sept 22,2006
Fridays Release is live!
We did it! A release every day this week. *Wipes brow* Lets talk about what went into the game today.

  • Falconreach!
    First and foremost, it is now official. After a solid five days of voting the results are in. This town of heros and adventure shall henceforth be known proudly as Falconreach!
  • The Mysterious Necromancer Arrives
    You may remember him from AdventureQuest.... he was, um... Mysterious. Other than that, we know nothing about him. Although he certainly knows a little about you.
  • Doom Weapon Specials
    The Doom weapons now have a 5% chance to trigger a curse on your opponent. You can obtain these items from the Mysterious fellow, however the price has been increase by 5,000 gold.
  • New, New Inn
    Given the limited time available to reconstruct the inn (remember, the last release was *supposed* to be the final one) this first version shows off how more areas of the game might function. It combines both the side view with the front perspective accomplishing both goals. Serenity needs more quests for it to make complete sense, but I think the idea comes across. I am VERY eager to hear your feedback. Did I do a good job?

Next Week
The goal for next week is to create the level 1 to 5 starting zone (with a few scaling quests so everyone can enjoy some new quests). I know better than to promise that it will be released next Friday, but we are throwing everything we have at it. I am going to apologize in advance -- the puns in this new zone are going to hurt.

Official Bug List
Pae has assembled the official bug list from your reports on the forums. Zhoom is on it! Fixed bugs have been crossed out.

I am flying up to PA for my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. I will see you on Monday!

Sept 21,2006
Release is live: Enter Dr. Voltabolt!
He is twisted, evil... and a surprisingly good dentist on the side. Get his metal abominations under control and turn in some scrap metal for a new pet.

Warlic's Birthday!
Happy birthday ye' olde mage! Party hat updated!

Thursday Release: New Pet & Extreme Defense Mode
A new item collection quest? A harder challenge? ....You got it!

Later today we will be building on the massive metal monster's story with a fun little repeatable quest for levels 10 to 20. Meanwhile, we are diligently working on the core essentials of the game: Creating the areas, new monsters, and new items to show off all our hard work that has yet gone unseen. This will be done in order... starting with level 1 to 5 and working our way up. When we catch up, we will start releasing higher level zones and raising the level cap. See you at tonight's release!

Sept 20,2006
Relog in and test your skills against our newest challenge!
Seems there is a new Technomancer/Dentist in town and he is crafting a plot to destroy town. Sneak into one of his secret workshops and see what he is working on.

Gorillaphants gone MAD!
12:21am: WOW.... this has now been fixed. Behold the difference between ".90" and "90".

Build Upgrade
We are now on version 3.14E of DragonFable.

Wednesday release: Monster Challenge! (Fixed!)
We found a huge bug in the game that has never been reported before. As soon as we can correct this bug we will do a build upgrade and release the new Monster Challenge.

We found this because when testing the boss fight we said "Hmmm, he is not so tough!". Then multiplied his damage x2.... then we said "Hmmmm, he is not so tough!". Then multiplied his damage by 6. Still not any tougher... then we realized his damage was actually not increasing. Then we realized that for at least a few weeks the monster scaler has not be functioning correctly. Monsters would have been harder for lower levels and easier for higher levels than they should have been. Zhoom is fixing this now and then we will release something fun for you to battle!

The New Inn -- Revisisted
I got that horrible feeling in my stomach after reading the posts about the new inn. This update was intended to bring a splash of life to the game and get you to the action faster, certainly not upset you. But it did... and because we actually listen to our players -- it is time to do something about it!

Just like the other things we fixed in DF in the past, we are going to have to compromise and fix this together.

Your Concerns:

  • DragonFable becoming too much like AdventureQuest
  • Future zones not having any exploration (What makes DF unique)
  • Lack of seeing your character in cutscenes
  • No "effort" to get anywhere.

My Concerns:

  • DragonFable is missing the "warm feeling" that a good RPG like AQ has.
  • Future zones take too long to make and you end up not getting new stuff.
  • Bland cutscenes with emotionless characters that are not engaging.
  • Too hard to get anywhere or do anything when you are just playing on your lunch break.

This is the part where we put our heads together, and pave the path for the best RPG the web has ever seen. Get to the official thread and start brainstorming some solutions that satisfy both issues. Here are some initial thoughts (Both from the forums and various team members):

  • Walk around. When you walk up to a character... THEN show the front view. (Maybe show your character as an icon on the screen with a bubble for your options so it really feels like your character is part of the scene too -- might be easier to show you this, it is sort of the inverse of what Final Fantasy does.)
  • Future zones should work just like above. What if you went to Robina's scene and then walked up to her to get the quest chain? (Like in the petshop)
  • Mix side and front views in the cutscenes. This was talked about in a much earlier design notes. (An example of this would be great.... it would make the game has a comic book feel.)
  • Make destinations unlockable on the map -- require that you need to go there once on foot before you can get there with a shortcut. OR perhaps instead of a map lets blatantly rip off WoW and put in some sort of a flight system. I really hate having to walk all the way to the Bandit camp every time I want to just login and run a quick quest for some gold. If I could set my starting point at Robina's zone and unlock a shortcut from her I would do it in a heartbeat. The idea of exploration first... then shortcuts (like maps, teleporters, etc) later is really a great way to accomplish this.

I will see you on the forums. Tell us what you think and then together let us make our game better.

Sept 19,2006
Weapon Specials!
The first weapon specials have been added to the game. We are testing out "On Hit" specials with the three level 1 DragonCoin items that are in Cysero's shop.

Varkouli, Sword lvl 1, 15% chance on hit to cause bonus dark damage.
Arnice Magica, Staff lvl1, 15% chance on hit to cause bonus nature damage.
Baneshidhe, Dagger lvl , 15% chance on hit to cause bonus wind damage.

Starting today there are three types of weapon specials that we can begin designing in DragonFable:

  • On Target
    This will cause a weapon to do something when you target an enemy. It might glow and change the shape, size, and stats of a weapon depending on your target. For example, the DragonBlade would begin to glow and start doing MASSIVE damage when you target a Dragon or DragonKind.
  • On Attack
    This type of special will only trigger when you use the primary attack button. The weapon can take over and do literally ANYTHING.
  • On Hit
    This type of special has a chance of happening when you actually strike your opponent. It is the only type of special currently being tested as of this post. These types of weapon specials could cause an explosion, drain life, give you buffs, or cause chilling effects to hinder your opponent.

ALSO: Go to the cliff to see another new feature... by "Zhoom" :-)

Inn vs Inn (We all win!)
While we get today's release ready for you, I would like talk about why we went to such efforts to improve to the existing inn. I read that many of you feel that this is a very "AQ like change" and you are right. But this does not mean it is wrong. We made a very major mistake in DragonFable. Because all of the characters faced sideways, the game had this cold impersonal feel to it that was really bothering me (and many others on the forums too). From a creative point of view, all of the artists were yelling at me that they wanted to create incredible art that they just could not do while restricted to the side views. The new inn keeper is a great example of this and a lot more is on the way. In old school Final Fantasy, they had portraits of the characters when they spoke to you. Putting front facing characters as major quest givers is our unique way of accomplishing this. The character is looking right at you... the hero. It creates a very different feeling when someone is looking you right in the eyes and talking to you. It is a very "AE" thing.

In the end we want:

  • Better graphics
  • Engaging Characters
  • More interactivity
  • Instant access to the things you want to do
  • .. .and um, Powerful Magic Items (Some things never change)

"Warm and Inviting" VS. "Dull and Claustrophobic"

Right now The inn is the only place in the game that has a scene like this, so it is a little bit weird -- as more places are added it will feel just like home.


Now we have seen how "good guy" NPCs can be forward facing and give you quests. But.... how should we use the forward facing villains? Specifically, Drakath is going to appear in Robina's area -- we know we can use the front view to highlight important moments in cutscenes, but how else can we use him?

Sept 18,2006
New Inn Released and you can vote on theTown's name!
If you relog into the game you should see the new inn. If you are having "caching" problems and still see the old inn, do not worry, we will do a full build upgrade for tomorrow tomorrow. Also, the vote is officially on for the name of our starting town. Help us decide!

The Choice!
Valorshire - Named for honor and valor!
Swordhaven - The sort of place adventures would go to battle evil!
Falconreach - A name that inspires rising to great challenges!
Oak Grove - Happens to be the street Artix lives on in real life.

Thank you to the forums and IRC for working to come up with these great names. Let us finally get a name this town!

Special Commentary: Doom Weapons
"The Doom weapons... mysterious dark and apparently evil weapons will be removed from the inn later this week. It is important to note that these items are extremely important in DragonFable and play a vital role int he chaos that is coming. If you are sick, twisted, and have no fear of the darkness... by all means, earn one at your own risk. They will be removed from the inn soon. Although, in the future, it may be possible for you to obtain one of these vile instruments of destruction at a higher price -- and under much more dangerous circumstances."

Happening this week in DragonFable!
I have been in a phone meeting since 8 am this morning. (Shhhh... do not tell them I have them on mute and am writing this now). This week Cysero, Zhoom and I are trying a new work flow.... we amassed all the art. We have done all the coding. So...

We are going to put something new in DragonFable

It might be an update to a zone. It might be new items. If we get really desperate we might just bring that random hotdog back. But every day, something is going to happen. Starting today.... In just a few hours, it is time to meet our new inn keeper!

Sept 16,2006
New Record
We broke 12K+ players today! Wooohooooooo!

I am working on a picture book for my Great Grandparents today so that I can show them the game and everything I have been doing down here since my last visit up there. Then I am going to work on the Inn and put the finishing touches on the Monster Joust Madness minigame.

Sept 15,2006
Lots of stuff, here we go!

  • Zorbak goes to Con Site Updated!
    Go see the pictures from DragonCon 2006!
  • New Quest: Bungle in the Jungle
    Visit Yulgar and learn how to use a new kind of ore to forge very powerful weapons! This quest was designed both to test our new stacking items AND the item merger!

The interface for the item merger has been updated. It should now be easier to see what you need to make your new weapon!

Update: The new Innkeeper will be coming on Monday.

Sept 14,2006
"Inns" and Outs
We are working towards releasing part of the new inn and a quick access map tomorrow.

Ears of Corn (nyness)
"Can you hear me now?" *Takes a few steps*
"Can you hear me now?" *Takes a few steps*
"Can you hear me now"? *Waits....*
"NO! Seriously, Artix... you do know our characters ears are missing, right?!"

I am more than a little embarrased by the strange string of completely unrelated bugs that popped up this week. Missing ears, frowning characters, and the Cordemi Codex introduced new never before seen bug types which are baffling rocket scientists as we speak! We fixed the big bugs, and are squishing some of the tiny ones now. Thank you for helping us find and fix them! If you are worried about us fixing all of the bugs in the game.... do not worry, with all the new stuff coming soon, we will be making a lot more!

Sept 13,2006
Bringing a Character to Life
It is amazing what happens to a character between the time it is on paper to when it is in the game. Just glance at the uncolored black and white version below compared to this one.

The names that are suggested on the forums are all so GOOD! (Except for "Ms. Krieger"... *stares at Nacht*) It is so hard to choose because so many our fitting. We are really partial to Summer and Serene. Both of these names are friendly and pure with a sprinkle of hope on the side.

For her "real" name.... doubtful she will ever remember it (Go Ash go!) I really liked Lethe - which is the river of forgetfulness. I am not sure how to pronounce it, but it is perfect. Hmm? What was that about Ash, you said? OMG.... is this the girl from ArchKnight? Dunnn Dunnn Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

Sept 12,2006
Update: The bug where you got kicked out of the game when trying to buy the 6th item has been fixed. A quest is live in the game to test getting these stacklable items from quests. Check the in-game news for details -- help us test! (Good catch on the date scooter1791)

Stackable Items!
Help us test! There is a new item in the Inn called "Stackable Item" (Zhoom named it, he was being very creative). This is our first stackable item, you can buy them... they will stack up to 5! Sell them and they should only be sold one at a time. If you have space on a character to test it please do -- if there are any problems please let us know ASAP on the forums. When you log in, your game version should say 3.14D. Also, the names of items you cannot use will be in Red and the names of DragonAmulet items are Purple.

Maps and Quests
Right now we are working on the Inn. We have a new InnKeeper drawn... not sure what to name her. Any suggestions (Official forum thread!). We are also working on the map system which *I think* it exactly what this game needs -- a one click solution to get to any quest. But, I do not want to lose exploration in the game as it grows. So, I am going to try something while working on Robina's area. A mix of exploration and linear quests. To make sure you get cool bonus stuff for exploring and then at the same time can get to everything easily. Question! Would it be alright if we used the same front view of Robina from AQ in the scenes where she talks to you?

The Town's newest InnKeeper
She is new to town and unfortunately has amnesia. She cannot remember her own name, so help give her one! Get involved with creating the world

Frequent Flier Miles
My Grandparents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary next weekend so it was time to check on the ol' frequent flier miles to plan a trip back home. Um.... being that I never used my miles before and I have had this card for a long, long, long, long, long time....I was a little shocked to fins that I have racked up 245,000+ miles! *Laughing* I officially have enough miles saved up to fly around the earth 9.8 times (Or... one lap around the Earth and then just barely make it to the Moon). Anyone want to go to Japan with me and get some games and anime? ^_^

Sept 11,2006
DragonFable Project(s) Update
So we accidentaly knocked my family's coat of arms off the wall during a Artix vs Cysero swordfight. We did not have glue to fix it.... so while we wait for someone to pick it up we hung up a dry-erase whiteboard with our current priorities and project status. Here is what it says!

Task List

  • Quests, Quests, Quests!
  • New Website (25%)
  • New Inn (30%)
  • New NPCs (4 left to draw, inking 15+ of them now)
  • Stackable Items (80%)
  • PvP Pets (this one is being problematic. )
  • Item Combiner (Sword + Rare Magic Gem = Powerful Magic Sword) (50%)
  • World Map (Art done, functionality being worked on 50%)
  • Prologue & Chapters 1 through 3
  • Character Detail Pages (Just waiting for new Website to launch)
  • Stats and Stat Trainer
  • Skills and Skill Trainer
  • Weapon Specials (100%)

Sept 8,2006
Geopetals Birthday!
Happy Birthday Geopetal :-) We are starting a new tradition, we are renaming the in-game Birthday Party hat on special occasions!

Cordemi Codex Fixed!
We did a soft build upgrade to fix the problem. If your Codex is not working, please return to the hompage and login again to get the newest version of the game. Also, iooo suggested on the forums that each version of the Codex should have a higher chance to crit. Excellent idea -- and done! Each version of the Codex gets an additional 1% chance to crit.

Meteorites Cracked open!
The Cordemi Codex..... we like to call it the Alien army knife. It is a transforming weapon that still has unknown abilities (and probably a lot of bugs). Let us know what you think on the forums!

Cinematics in DragonFable
To add a little variation to the 2D feel of the game we are going to be adding a lot of front facing interfaces and cutscenes (It will also make 2D characters who wear eye-patches not appear to be blind in BOTH eyes when they turn from side to side!). Below is a mockup from the prologue which is being re-made. It is going to be shorter and not as all-ecompasing-confusing-wierd as I previously made it. We will just dish out the story in smaller, easier to swallow pieces.

Drakath... I think.
When I was in Middle School, Warlic and I started a free-form role-playhing adventure which lasted until we were in College. The main characters were Artix (M. Warrior/Healer), Warlic (M.Mage), Jaania (F. Cleric), Xaria (F. Rogue), Drakath (M. Warrior/Mage), Xan (M. Fire Mage), and a pretty big list of smaller characters. When I say free-form... I really mean that I never read the rules on how to play any RPG so it was just storytelling where as a player you made decisions and as a storyteller you said wether they could do it (or rolled some dice.... but honestly, if we ever rolled dice it was just to hear the dice rattle around and we said whatever we wanted anyways). In our first Adventure Artix and Warlic met.... and nearly killed each other. Then traveled through a dungeon where half the time we were fighting monsters and the other we were trying to kill each other. Warlic was Evil (Not really evil, more like unrestricted). Artix was pure Good. We played the characters the way we secretly wanted to be... a psychologist might say we used those stories to work out issues we were having in real life at the time. If you think of it, Middleschool through Highschool is non-stop craziness -- girls and love, mean teachers, family problems, wanna-be bullies, and constant worries of an uncertain future. Years later looking back, I think a lot of these things are secretly trapped in our stories. I wonder how much I am gutsy enough to share in the game.... but what I really wanted to talk about, was the character we did not play. If Artix always had to do the "Right thing", then Drakath certainly chose the alternative. Many of you noticed a screenshot a while back featuring Drakath as a human bandit but remembered that in AdventureQuest, Drakath was the Elemental Dragon of Darkness. You might also remember that after being slain the Mysterious Necromancer reanimated Drakath's Dragon Skeleton creating the Dracolitch that still haunts the skies of Lore. This was no mistake. Going back five years earlier, when our story in DragonFable begins, Drakath is the leader of a small group of bandits. He finds the Necrotic Blade, the 5th Doom Weapon ( What happened to #4?) and is instructed by his cursed weapon to find a very important item. He does not know where the Necrotic Blade comes from or what it is... other than it grants him the power he needs to get revenge. Revenge for.... geez, I cannot spill it all here. Soon you will be finding out for yourself! We are all anxious for things to get started.

Sept 7,2006
The Villians of DragonFable
There are a lot of them..... and here is a sneak peak of the front stances of (Hmmm, should we release names yet?). In the last two days we drew the front poses of Cysero, the Necromancer Trainer, Xan, Unnamed -- our new lead bad guy, the Beast Master, Oishii, Celestia, the Ninja Trainer, an Alchemist Trainer and many more. We also have a few new pets, several new classes drawn, class logos, and a pile of unvectorized art stacked so high that we could hear Arklen scream all the way from his Dorm when he saw it. (Pae wanted a pic -- here you go!)

New DragonFable Villians


The Meteorite Opens tomorrow!
Tomorrow afternoon we will be unleashing the meteorites which may very well be the coolest item added to the game so far. Cysero has been animating it day long today.... no matter what class you are, this item will be fun!

Cysero Shop Bug Fixed
The bug that was causing items you purchased in various shops not to show in your inventory until you relogged has been fixed. If you purchased too many items in Cysero's shop as a result of this, fear not! For we have just completed a Dragon Coin refund on all duplicate items purchased before 2pm EST. Now that this has been completed you can either keep or delete your duplicated item(s). Thank you for your patience! This bug was an indirect result of our new stackable item system that will be going live soon.

To make sure you do not get this error, please login to the new build at

DragonCon 2006 Report!
It is over... we are home! Oh the stories we have to tell!

The entire DF team are currently Zombies
It was crazy... it was fun... and now that we are home -- we finally get to sleep! Safiria, Nythera, Zhoom, Cysero, Rivet, Oishii and myself (Artix) attended the Con this year. Who cares what else we did there.... because, yes that is a picture of River from Serenity/Firefly kissing Zorbak!

DragonCon? What is that?
DragonCon is one of the largest Science Fiction / Fantasy / Gaming / Literature / Art / Music and Film convention in the states. It takes place every year in Atlanta Georgia. It is basically a weekend long costume party with an endless amount of things to see and do. Full of famous people, cool bands and... well.. you get the picture. Now, let's have story time!

AQ Fans!
First, I just want to say... WOW! There were actually some DragonSlayer and 100% Ebil shirts floating around con! I am honored to have met a few fellow players. One big difference between this year and last.... a lot of people who had their picture taken with Zorbak -- ACTUALLY KNEW WHO ZORBAK WAS! Cysero and I found Stratos from the forums and played some Cheese Grinder with him. (Cheese Grinder is a horrible, horrible table top D&D adventure where you pay $1 per character and the dungeon master tries to kill you and your group off as quickly as possible... Cysero lasted 10 rooms!) Stratos was very cool and... I seriously think he knows more about AQ and DF than I do!

Rivet - The Legend Begins
Rivet is our most interesting, and least disccussed staff member. If you saw him, it is unlikely you would soon forget him. He is completely fearless and responsible for taking all of the photos from this years con (including Kevin Sorbo [Hercules] crushing Zorbak) which will be posted to the Zorbak goes to con site ASAP.

Story Time
Cysero rolls a critical failure for his Snapple

The first rule of con... what happens in con -- goes straight onto the design notes! We were doing a free form roleplaying game on t he drive up and Cysero asked Zhoom to grab him a snapple, to which we replied "Do a roll to see if he can get it". He rolls..... FAILURE! He rolls to see if Oishii can get it... FAILURE. Can Artix get it? FAILURE. OK, can Cysero get it himself? CRITICAL FAILURE! Hah... he was barred from drinking that snapple and any future snapples for the rest of the con. "Be careful what you roll for, you might just get it!"

Metalocalypse - The Secret Panel
So, it is 3am on Saturday and I am wandering around on my own. DragonCon panels run until all hours of the morning featuring speakers from just about anywhere... so I walk past a room with a closed door hearing tons of people laughing and yelling. I ask the three girls sitting outside what was in the room and they said, "We do not know, we have been sitting out here for 15 minutes".I replied, "Oh...." and then opened the door to a room full of really rowdy folks with people dressed like Dethlok from Adult Swim's Metalocalypse sitting at the panel. They all looked up at me, so I smiled and said "What is going on in here?".

They replied along with the entire room,

(I found a picture with a few of the guys from Dethlok in it)

All I can say from this point.... the audience treated them like they were the most famous band in the world. The crowd of fans that would do anything and ANYTHING they said. Things got a little out of hand as the panel of people dressed like their cartoon counterparts had people fight, give them money, and run errands... one of the band guys asked for a cup of water.

1.) The first guy brought two cups of water
2.) The second guy brought 2 HUGE mugs of water
3.) The third guy ripped the water cooler out of the hall and slammed it down on the panel table.

Things got progressively crazier.... I cannot tell all the stories or my site would lose its PG rating, but what I can say... and I was just in awe, was that people were taking the mic and asking serious questions. They got nervous like they were talking to the most famous celebrities they have ever seen. The audience was captivated. One of the band guys needed to use the restroom and left the room. That was my chance. I left and caught up with him asking. "So, are you guys with the Cartoon Network? Are you Voice actors, animators?". He replied, "Haha... dude, we are nobodies. We just walked into the room, told people we were Dathlok and like 50 people showed up."

I laughed so hard I fell over right there in the middle of the Hall. Their panel continued into the wee hours of the morning.

Random Things

  • We bought Zhoom a huge (real) two handed Scimitar that looks just like the one he wields in the game. We are going to engrave a big Z on it.
  • Oishii had worms in her salad (eeeek!). I had 1 and a half worms in the one I ordered.
  • Apparently some serious AQ fans camped at the Anime depot booth for over 2 hours to get a chance to meet us.
  • The guys who work on the Venture Bros cartoon are are really cool!
  • Cysero and I bought Buffer Swords (used for full contact fighting) and intend to use them to solve any future differences in opinion! (Joking, of course!)
  • We found am excellent artist in the Art Gallery who we are trying to get to come help us.
  • We played a roleplaying game where I was *gasp* not allowed to be a Paladin and Nythera's rogue shot Zhoom in the back.
  • I would have never guessed that the guy who does the voice of Master Shake on Aqua Teen hunger Force would look like that.

Running a Panel
Next year we would like to run a panel. Does anyone have any interesting ideas of things we could do at our panel? Have Oishii do little drawings? Have a combat arena where you fought people who were there at the booth? Maybe show someone else playing live? Let us know if you have any ideas -- see you on the forums!

Ack... I nearly forgot
I have never dressed up for a con, but it would be so cool if we went as the cast of DeathNote. Cysero wants to be Ryuk. Oooooh, there is a Deathnote live action movie coming out too. Wierd, the Red Hot Chilipeppers are on the soundtrack.

With that... we are back to work!