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Awesome Contest!
Congratulations everyone!

There were lots of great entries in this contest. It was a lot of fun going through them all and seeing what kinda of crazy monsters you all thought up! The winning monster will appear in game (though you might see a few of the others as well... ^~).

A very special thank you to Seahawk, Reens, Alac, westward_ho!, Cysero and Ronin of Dreams for judging. More opportunities to win DragonCoins are coming soon!

The Grand Prize Winner (500 DC)


Monster name: Doom Co. Vending Machine
Monster description: These machines are conveniently loctacted in any creepy location to dispense ice cold DOOM!
Attacks:1. Shoots out three Doom Co. Soda's, Necro-Cola, (Darkness Damage) Scream Soda (Ice Damage) and Mountain Doom (Poison Damage)
2. Doom Co. Vending Machine falls onto our hero, (or heroine) dealing great Metal Damage.

Second Place (350 DC)


Monster name: "The Insti-Gator"
Monster description:
A large reptilian creature known to lurk in swamps of Lore. It is known for it's relatively large build and nasty, pointy teeth. Unlike most large, fanged beasts living in swamps, The Insti-Gator is known for it's terrifying ability to use mildly offensive remarks to provoke it's prey (ex. "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elder berries!"), forcing them into a blind rage. With it's prey in a frenzy, The Insti-Gator is free to take advantage of the situation and devour it's prey much easier upon a foolish mistake or a dropped guard.
The Insti-Gator attacks using it's nasty-pointy teeth, it's ferocious claws, and it's snarky taunts. Some Insti-Gators even wield weapons! It's most dangerous when using it's snarky taunts, however, as they have been known to cause adventurers to frantically attack with a random skill (or just normal attacks) instead of using their skills in a level-headed fashion. Perhaps this is the most dangerous aspect of The Insti-Gator, as an adventurer without their skills is as naked as a Sneevil without a box.

Runners Up (200 DC each)


Monster name: Dr. Doomlittle

Monster description: This fearsome undead doctor has the power to speak to animals!!!
Wears black medical scrubs with mangy looking animals behind him (keep in mind he is undead so his features would reflect that)

Summon undead animals: 40-65 Darkness damage
Evil medical attack (takes out various rusty medical tools and stabs/slices
you): 20-30 Metal
Doctorial Skills: Heals 20% of his remaining health
Evil Pet: Turns your current pet against you to fight for him (maybe to hard to code[Not doubting you though AE ])


Monster name: The Almighty Bob
Description: A small snail about quarter the players size.

Attack 1: Opens its mouth and breaths a massive stream of fire.

Attack 2: Withdraws into its shell and rockets towards the player from seemingly multiple directions.


Monster name: Emperor Sunil (best I could come up with, the abilities are what are important)
Monster attacks: It is not so much the attacks that are important here, moreso the resistances of the monster, and what happens as a result.

All Elements: 100
Ice: -50
Immobility: 100
Shrink: 200*

(when Shrink is suposed to happen, the monster gets anti-shrinked, or grows to double the original size, and he gains 10% health.)
(damage could be scaled if needed.
1rst Attack: 2 hits of 112-154 Ice damage (30%)
2nd Attack: 2 hits of 56-77 Ice Damage, gives you +50 LUK for 2 turns (20%)
3rd Attack: 3 hits of 56-77 Ice Damage(50%)
Monster Description: This evil Tyrant has harnessed the power of Emperor Linus's Shrink Ray, and has figured out how to use it's effects to his advantage, and feed his power.


Monster name: Lumbering Liotsnard

Monster description: A large animal, resembling a lion to the head and partially the main body, standing on two human legs with hoofs as feet. two dangling arms, the left one partly composed of metal. The head is a lions, with a great, tangly mane, and two sharp tusks protruding from it's mouth. Feathers covers half the body, from the stomach and down to where the legs begins. His right hand is filled with razor-sharp claws!

Resistances and weaknesses:
60% Resistance to Nature
30% Resistance to Darkness
85% Resistance to Immobility
Immune to Shrink
30% Weakness to Light
15% Weakness to Fire/Water
35% Weakness to Silver

1:st attack: He pounces on you, biting you with his large tusks. This should be Nature damage. 45% chance he/she/it uses it.
2:nd attack: He stomps with his hoofs in the ground, creating a shockwave blast, dealing a large amount of damage to you and you partner(s). Earth damage, should cost MP. Activates 20% of the time, unless required amount of mana is insufficient.
3:rd attack: He runs up to you, hits you three times with his arms, the left one dealing the same amount of damage you did on your last attack, the right arm dealing normal damage twice. Metal and nature element is the correct elements in this attack. 40% he uses this attack.
4:th attack: He roars, temporarily stunning you. If this creature is using mana, Roar should cost about 25-35 MP? 15% chance of activation.

Lonely Kitten

Monster name : Great Lord of the Nature
Description : A half-human stag with two great arms and four legs . Green eyes and red beard and two sharp horns . He has a buffalo's tail .

Attack :
1) Strongly whips his tail and then rushes forward , thrushes his extremely sharp horns into you , dealing :
* Extreme mode : 50+(your level)*1.5 - 60+50+(his level)*1.5 Wood damage .(70% chance)
* Normal mode : 20+(your level) - 25+(his level) Wood damage .(70% chance)
2) Cast spell that raises whip from the Earth then tightly ties you , dealing 10-15 Nature damage for 5 turn and reduces your dexterity and strength by 15 (extreme mode) or 1-5 Nature damage for 5 turn and reduces your dexterity and strength by 2 (15% chance) (normal mode)
3) Summon a large eagle , attack you twice for 20+(his level) - 25+(his level) Wood damage each with 30% of critical hit (extreme mode) or attack once for 15+(his level)*1.5 - 20+(his level)*1.5 with 15% of critical hit (normal mode)(10% chance).
4) Cast spell that summon a rain which recovers 150+(his level*5)HP for him (extreme mode) of 50+(his level)*2.5HP (normal mode)(5% chance).
Stat :
Level : (your level) + 1
HP : 250 + (his level)*20 (extreme mode) and 100 + (his level)*5
MP (I think it's not necessary !) : 150 + (his level)*5
Element : Wood
Crit : 8 ; Block : 5 ; Dodge and Parry : 0
Melee , Ranged , Magic : 5
Resistance :
Fire : -200 ; Poison : -10 ;Light : 20 ; Water : 25 ; Wood : 200 ; Nature : 100 ;
Str : 30 ; Int : 35 ; Dex : 20 ; End : 10 ; Cha : 0 ; Luk : 15


Monster name: Sushi-Sama
General Info: Level 15, 20, 27, and Lv 35 varients exist. The HP is ~200/360/670/940 respectively. All damage numbers shown in the attack section are at the level 27 version, the level 30 varient is 15% weaker, and Lv 15 is 10% weaker than that. The level 35 version does 120% the damage the level 27 version deals
Monster description: (a big puffer fish w/ a white headbandd that says "Fish of decent fortune" in Japanese Caligraphy. He also has a Martila Arts master tupe long, thin beard) Actual In-Game Proposed Description: He watched his village taken away to be served at a Seafood Buffet. Oh yes, he is angry and ready to get revenge!
1 -- Inflatable Doom --> he inflates himself to 10x the size, then rolls at you for a big attack. Damage=1 hit of 1-105, +/- 0 bonus, Water damage
2 -- Iye! --> A large energy hand comes a crushes you. Damage=7-64, +5 bonus, Energy Damage
3 -- Slice And Dice --> he jumps at you with his Katan for 5 strikes. Damage=5 hits of 5-22 each, -10 bonus, Metal Damage
4 -- Poison Quill Barrier --> Spines over his body get longer and sharper, and tips turn green with poison. he then jumps high off the screen and comes down hard on top of you. Damage=1 hit of 12-36 +13 bonus, Poison. If successful, you take 5-5 Poison DOT each turn for 5 turns.

Special Ability: If at any time in the fight either you or he become poisoned, he has a 21% chance to use his special: he hops around a bit, then yells incoherent Japanese and throws a spirit card at you. It dispells all status effect between you and him, and does 33-66 damage to you, and gives you a stackale effect(lasts entire fight), that: drops your bonus and crit by -10, takes away 1% of your Max HP each turn, and disables techs that increase your dodging. The effect is called Sashimi's Saddened Stomach


Monster name: Clonero
Monster description: Clonero is a failed attempt of Dr. Voltabolt to create a clone of Cysero to stay in his shop when Cysero is out of town. Things didn't go so well...and Clonero's was replaced by Orb

Attack 1: Throws DCs which bite with a stun chance of 40% (Element: Nature)
Attack 2: Conjures a giant fish-sword and hits twice the enemy (Element: Water)
Special attack: Under 20% health he hits thrice


Monster name: The Kweeper

Monster description: Twig speaketh of a terrible creature named "The Kweeper". Who travels the Mogloween nightsky, hunting for moglins to eat during a tight schedule. (Yes, it's inspired from Jeepers Creepers. The insect look is kinda cool, though a more humanoid look is also okey. When defeated wings burst out from its back(transparent, cool looking wings would be excellent, maybe bat wings)).

Attacks: Can either fire a sharp harpoon looking object from it's twin barrel shotgun, or a straw. Also a one-hand held " hook" looking weapon for a swift attack.



Monster name: Mindstealer
Monster description: A macabre mask, spinning unto itself

#1 magic drain - deals damage in MP
#2 confuse - deals magic damage and 30% chance of confusion for one round
#3 forgetfulness - locks one of your abilities (such as Final or Shield) at random, rendering it unusable until you leave the dungeon!!!

Clyde E.

Monster name: The Root/Seed of all Evil

Monster description: Somewhere in the depths of this world lies the root/seed of all evil. Just make sure you don't let that bad boy grow...

Attacks: Attacks with an Earth Element. The attacks come from underground and are in the shape of roots. Though I have trouble chosing between these two special:

1. Grows with Water or Light Elements: when a player uses these elements (which are the weaknesses of the monster) it grows it attempt to reach it's final form.

2. Grows overtime(like charging): For every few turns it grows in attempt to reach it's final form.

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