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How do I become a tester or Staff member?

Do you love DragonFable and want to help out? The DragonFable Team includes several different types of roles of people who all work together to keep the game safe, fun and functional at all times!

Here's a quick rundown of of what kind of Staff we have and how to become one:

  • Developers - Also called Devs, this role includes the coders, artists/animators, writers and all the others on the team who build the game. They are the ones who write the adventures, program the game engine, compose the music, draw the items and animate the monsters and cutscenes! We hire Devs very rarely and when we do, it is usually someone who is already volunteering with us. Usually you will need to have a university degree and/or several years of professional work experience in their field.
  • Player Support - This role includes team members who are dedicated to helping players with issues that happen inside or outside the game:
    • Artix Customer Support (Artix HelpTeam) answers all email and contact inquiries sent through the Help Pages for any account, payment, technical or game issues outside of the game. Usually we only hire someone who lives close to where Artix Entertainment is located.
    • The Forums Staff helps you with game issues or any issues you have using the Forums. When DragonFable needs help with the DragonFable BattleOn Forums, usually the Forums Staff hires from within. They honor players with special titles who are helpful to others in the Forums and it is those players they pick from to be hired for Forums Staff.
  • Testers - This role includes staff and players who have generously dedicated their free time to help test our game when new content or functionality is released. They help figure out if anything is missing, broken, unbalanced or just plain weird! If we do not have enough Testers, we will post on the DragonFable Design Notes that we need help!
  • Bug Hunters - Also known as the Bug Squashers, this role is for any staff and players who have also dedicated their precious free time who help read through reports of bugs/glitches/typos/etc in game that need to be fixed that are sent through the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System. They squash those nasty bugs so all of our players experience fun, seamless, and uninterrupted game play! If we do not have enough Bug Hunters, we will post on the DragonFable Design Notes that we need help and what the qualifications are to test/squash bugs!
  • Admins - This role includes all developers, player support, testers, bug hunters and any others who have certain special access and powers in game but a ton of responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis to help the keep the game going strong!

Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting DragonFable!

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