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What is DragonFable?
DragonFable is an animated fantasy RPG that you can play using your web browser. Each week the DragonFable creative team add new original content based on the suggestions of you and your fellow players as we evolve our ongoing storyline. DragonFable is free to play, but if you like what we are doing you can help support the game by upgrading with a powerful Dragon Amulet unlocking exclusive areas and powerful items.

DragonFable News

Train your dragon!

HAPPENING NOW! You are the hero of DragonFable, and by your side stands your valiant companion, your dragon! If you haven't gotten your dragon companion yet, find out how to train your dragon from a hatchling to titan-sized and fulfill your destiny of saving the world!

Given to Darkness

The end of the war is here! Are you ready to head into the fog shrouded woods to rescue the captured soldiers and end this? If you can defeat the boss the Bone Shard weapons could be yours!

The War Challenge mask and house item will be coming soon!

The Dark Night

A dark fog has risen over the woods by the Bay. Falconreach and Oaklore are now under siege! Log in now to defend your home against Baron Jaysun Valtrith's undead minions!

If you can defeat his army before 6pm EST on Friday, November 20th, you'll get access to your very own war-torn Clan Valtrith mask to equip! Log in now to fight and win the chance to wear the Valtrith mask with honor (seriously, Jaysun would not be happy to see you wear one...)!

Mogloween Eve

It's Mogloween eve and Bubble needs your help to finish what she started! Log in now to play the finale for this years Mogloween!

Blood and Roses

The finale of the Book 3 Amityvale Saga, Blood and Roses, is here! As the spectral moon is  waxing gibbous, the Darkness Tower and its would-be King have fallen. Now it’s time for the Queen of all Vampires to pass judgement on the traitorous Lord. You will need to gather your strength and hunt down the last of Frydae's minions, though....

Corundum Corruption

Warlic has requested your help in a matter of grave importance! A corruption from the distant past has returned and could spell DOOM for all of Lore! Log in now to help the Vizalain and stop the corruption!

The Fight for Late Night

Sir Stephan of Coldbear is changing up the format of his show and moving to late night! HIs new competition isn't happy though and has rolled into town to try and get Sir Stephan cancelled! Log in now to help Sir Stephan win the fight for late night!

There are two new musical scythe rewards to try for! Do you want to rock Fallcon's guitar or Kindle's clarinet?

Ranger Update

A cold wind howls across the sands of desert, the grains stinging your eyes as you scan the starry sky for a hint of shadow… as you scan for a sign that your prey has given themselves away. Will you fight them hand to hand and build up your melee focus? Or will you build up your critical damage as you attack with your deadly arrows?

Test out the Ranger update in two new random quests in from the Scarab Guards in Duat, in Book 3 Sandsea!

A raven haired huntress has set up camp outside the southern Falconreach gate… and she rode in on an enormous gray wolf. Is Gingkage a friend or a foe? And just what does she feed her wolf??!

Riorr has fed and Ull is left deserted with not a soul to be found. The Feast hasn't escaped notice though... This week, continue uncovering the history of the First Weaver and his children!

Soul Scrying

After exploring the depths of the ancient and abandoned Valtrith estate you have even more questions about how Serenity ended up in Falconreach and just who was behind the Friday the 13th attacks in Jaysun's name... it's time for some Soul Scrying! Visit Symone in the Book 3 Doomwood to get started!

An Epic Web RPG

In AdventureQuest, a series of events that will change the shape of the world forever are taking place. A story so large is unfolding that it will take two very different games to tell it. DragonFable is a brand new web based role playing game which will take you deeper than ever into the AdventureQuest world. Create your character and become the hero of an evolving weekly storyline. The DragonFable RPG is like a playable web comic with a new chapter released weekly. The chapters will run parallel to the events happening in AQ giving you a deeper look into the stories behind the wars and characters. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? You might do something in one game that causes thousands of players to be engulfed in a war in the other. This is going to be Epic! View the Official FAQ page

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