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First Dragon Amulet: Sunday, February 18, 2007

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


Shattered Summon Gem - AyauhnquiInert Summon Gem - Reaver EX
Swordhaven Rift HelmetThe Eraglass
Doomed PoleaxeBasic CorDemi Codex
Baby ChimeraDefender's Medal (698)
DoomKnight Variant OneDoomKnight Armor
Wings of The Thousand FlamesChi Blast
Lucky HammerDefender Cannon Mk. I
ElpisVoidwoven Belt V
Slimy NecklaceElemental Unity Defender XV
Brilliant Bloodstone RingBlade of Awe
Zeclem's BandDragonBlaser
Baltael's AventailIce Scythe
Commemorative Birthday Sword XIIThe Hidebehind VIII
SoulForged ScytheDoomKnight Cloak
The Quadstaff IIIDreamglass Ring IX
Forgotten Gloom GlaiveSeven Found "Lucky" Wishbones
Warrior's Challenger Belt VAncient DragonLord Helm III
Soulforged Ring (Blue)Soulmender's Cloak III
Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of ElementalsSea Chicken's Conquest III
Tentacle of the Dominion IIIWings of the Unraveler III
Magi Guard Helm IIIDistorted Doom Visage III
Exalted ApotheosisMage's Challenger Belt V
Ultra OmniKnight BladeUragiri III
DRGN-C74W IXFulgurite Ring VII
Ogorek's TreasureDefender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXIIDefender's Dragon Necklace XXXV

Bank Items

Exalted ClothPrimal Corrupt Essence (25)
Ancient Dragon ScalesEpoch
X-Boost: DeactivatedDoomed Longsword
KrampyHacked Magi Drone
Doom FigminiTimewarped Medal (1001)
Evolved ChickenCow ArmorChaosweaver Armor
ChickenCow ArmorVaal's Ego
ChickenCow ArmorAngler
Cloak ScrapLegion Bracer
Protectorate ShellWicked Warlord Helmet
Golden Helm of NobilityPhantom Roc Wings
Cloak of InvisibilityYou Are Here
301st Elite Knight CapeHelm Of 300 Flames
The Helmet of RaShroud of Neso
Sword of Unity IKathool Adept Armor
Dreaming Togslayer ArmorMirror Eye Trinket
Necro Paragon ArmorKhazri Cloak
White Runed CloakGreydawn's Anniversary Cloak I
Summon Gem - Roktoru EXSummon Gem - Ricterild EX
Voidstar EssenceGourdon the Gourd-o-Lantern
Ironwood Vine CapeCloak of Doom
Dire ShadowReaper of DoomMr. Mangles
Sword of the AmuletTriks the Moglin
Solid Gold TogDark War God Helm
Rush of ZardlingsChillwing
Foul Doom Harvester WingsUndead Chickencow
The Corrupted SevenAu'Bacon Mace III
ChaosRager VIIRavenloss Warmonger (1000)
War Wolf IIIShamrockin' Golden Wings
Mindtwist Scythe IIIJeweled Seal Ring of Wall
Grimey RingFound Blighted Skull Ripper Helm
Stygian Harvester WingsGlaive of the Order
Lucky Water Dragon ScytheGlaive of the Orb
Atrea's Sentinel Helm IVEscelense Dragon Defender Blade VI
Rainbow Saber VIIIRoly Poly Fishhead
Senior Soulthread LoopOstracon Supplies
Crystal NecklaceDark Justicar
Star Captain's Formal BeltConsuming Cursed Scimitar
Joker's MadnessSovereign Wings
Battle-worn Doom BladeTimeShift Scythe
Light of AmbitionZeclem's Heirloom
Ultimate Helm of EverluCkDoomed Dragon Helm
Grenwog Dragon Egg Blade XIDragon's Wing V
Atrea Dream Wings VIIIBloody Point
Dark SandWarrior WingsDark Sepulchure Helm
Icy Battle Cloak VILovely Time Wings VI
Blade of the OculusSneegion Armet
Avatar's Winged ScytheAkriloth's Fervid Bane
Death's Royal ScytheRolith's Hammer of Protection
The NecsnowmancerFrozen Claymore
Puzzling CardsElite Axe of the Sunken Rose III
Elite Wand of the Sunken Rose IIIElite Knife of the Sunken Rose III
Royal Vault Dagger VUltimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Meowphant's Mettle IVNecro Paragon Cape IV
Grub Necklace VNecro Paragon Soulblade IV
Leorilla Mane Belt IVNecrotic Sword of Doom
DoomKnight HelmMagesterium Blade IV
Unael Protectorate IXPandora's Scythe III
Ring of Otherworld IIIDead Drop Bear Hat IX
Goldfish Knight VIIInk Spire III
Rotting Zardbie ScytheYarek's Staff IX
The Professor's Safety Helm IVStaff of Inversion IX
Psionic Ratchet IIIPerpetual Eternity Key
Pulsing Eternity LoveUnfeeling 13th 13th Scythe
Wargoth's Forged Visage IV


House Items

Armor ClosetOrb Of Saving
Miniature HuffPuff ToyChickenCowLord Action Figure
Splashy ToySomean Lion Figurine
Miniature MinotaurMemento Mori
Miniature Hind-in-a-BoxZeuster Figurine
Golden Hind StatuetteHouseGnome
Make done war! PosterSneevTV
Mini-broken D-4Q1Landscape Scene 2
Landscape Scene 1Picnic Table
Picnic on the lawnStorybook Collection


Lucky Day War 2011: 61(1) Rainbow ShardsHiding the Blade of Awe: 11(0) Locations Searched
Friday the 13th 2011: 1001(14) Waves DefeatedZardbie War 2011: 1001(16) Waves Defeated
Rift War: 1001(11) Waves DefeatedLucky Day War 2012: 1000(0) Waves Defeated
Rising Fire: 1001(20) Waves DefeatedWrath of Wargoth: 1001(0) Wrath Wave
Ebil War: 1001(17) Ebil Waves DefeatedTurducken: 1001(29) Turducken Waves
Winged Darkness: 3(0) Winged Darkness WavesWar of The Dragon Roses: 166(5) Rose Waves
War of the Dragon Roses: 140(3) Dragon Waves13th 13th: 18(0) Waves Defeated
Frostval 13: 8(0) Waves DefeatedSave The Moglins: 1(0) Moglins Saved
Full Moon: 44(1) Waves DefeatedWar at the Core: 4(0) Waves Defeated
Maz: 3(0) booties collected for MazDragonRider War: 2(0) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: 4(0) Waves DefeatedSerenity Before The Storm: 5(0) Waves Defeated
The Dark Night: 19(2) Waves DefeatedIce Cream Invasion: 5(0) Sweets Stopped
Friday the 13th: Weal: 2(0) Waves DefeatedBlack Winter: 93(1) Waves Defeated
The Angel of Azaveyr: 10001(837) Waves Defeated

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