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First Dragon Amulet: Friday, August 25, 2017


Legion BracerVaal's Ego
Wings of The Thousand FlamesLucky Hammer
Escelense Defender Daggers IThe Corrupted Seven
Fierce DragonLord HelmSlimy Necklace
Leorilla Mane Belt IVUragiri III
Distorted Doom Visage IIILeaf of Flux III
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of ElementalsSea Chicken's Conquest III
Wings of the Unraveler IIIChaosweaver's Cloak III
Soulforged Ring (Green)Shattered Amulet VII
Ogorek's Treasure

Bank Items

Fragment of Ethereal AvariceFragment of Ethereal Jealousy
Fragment of Ethereal Hunger (2)Fragment of Ethereal Longing
Fragment of Ethereal RageFragment of Ethereal Rest
Challenger BeltLost Exalted Page (4)
Summon Gem Setting - ReaverFragment of Ethereal Ego
Fragment of Ethereal Woe (4)Summon Gem Setting - Roktoru
Summon Gem Setting - RicterildHorn of Dolaas
Horn of HatirStan the ScanOrb
ChickenCow ArmorEvolved ChickenCow Armor
Slasher MaskXan Mask
Evil Pumpkin HeadDefender's Medal (1424)
Dragon's RageBaby Chimera
Grenwog JrSporcaling
Slasher MaskEvil Pumpkin Head
Xan MaskDoom Figmini
Hacked Magi DroneOstara's Dracobunny
KrampyIce Gem
Elemental UnityIce Scythe
Light of DestinyCysero's Hamsterocalypse
Ruby SpikePowerlight Ring
Necro Paragon ArmorSummon Honda
Man's Best FriendAscended ChickenCow Armor
Mirror Eye TrinketFireline
Not-So-Tiny BubblesFirebrand
ElpisChibi Pandora (P)
Chibi Pandora (C)Overclocked Rummage
Dagger of the AmuletCheshire Twilly
Ace of ClubsAce of Spades
Shining FirefliesSpiked Leather Gauntlet
Faded Runed PlatesAkriloth's Bane IV
Infection TieJeweled Seal Ring of Wall
Shining Helm of DestinyLegendary Axe-Blade of Aww
Spybrand of Static IIIGrimey Ring
Cysero's Magic StickFire Imp
Noxious Doom Harvester WingsLegendary Magma Dagger IV
Wooden ShardShackled Blaze
Trithril Mesh CircletAika Backguard
Voidwoven Belt VCommemorative Birthday Helm VII
UWE Championship Ring VMagic Bean
Inlaid Trithril BeltLinked Bands of Nature's Bounty
Ornamented Seal Ring of the PapermancersBrilliant Bloodstone Ring
Rose General's RingTwilly's Staff
Light of DestinyDragon Blade
Hunter's Flexible WrapVoidhugger Helm
Ascended CloakDoomed Dragon Helm
Blade of JanusDragon Oculus V
Zorbak's StaffKamillia
Baltael's AventailJoker's Madness
Unhallowed DeathKnight AmuletUnhallowed DeathKnight Belt
Unhallowed DeathKnight CircletBlade of Awe
SoulSmith Dagger XIRunestone
Charmed Gambler WingsOvergourd Cover
Rotten Overgourd CoverCursed Overgourd Cover
Gnarly Guitar of Doom IVSmashed Potatoes
Brave Pirate ScarfCommemorative Birthday Daggers XII
Runed ChainsRiadne's Virulent Scythe
Tragic CloakDragonBlaser
Ultimate Pumpkin EdgeShadow Hunter Ultra Sword
Wooden Sword of Doom IVKing Dirk of Spades
Scarab BandPuzzling Cards
Lavish Vampire CapeThe Baroness Fearless Helm
Harvest Reaper VIBraveSirRobins Fearless Helm
The Barons Fearless HelmDeatharrows Fearless Helm
Frankenblade VIFrankenFinger VI
FrankenEyes Staff VIExtremely Spooky Orange Cloak
Illustrious HelmSir Jing's Dagger IX
Sir Jing's Staff IXSir Jing's Sword IX
Puzzling CardSundragon Pendant
TranscendenceDecadere Carcass "Cape" VI
Exalted UnityGrub Necklace V
SoulForged ScytheGrub Necklace V
Unlucky Clover VIIIEbil Incarnate Cleaver IV
SoulForged SwordSoulForged Staff
Meowphant's Mettle IVInfused Sheathed Rose Blade
SoulForged DaggerThe Hidebehind VIII
Oversized Undead Spoon VIIIOversized Undead Knife VIII
Squirrel Tentacle IVVoid Chitin Band IV
Rose Researcher's MaskCheesemonger's Gratitude
Necro Paragon Soulblade IVDoom Dragon Scythe
Scratchy Rope Choker VIIIMooncaller Sickle
Warding GirdleInert Mana Gem
Ring of Thorns IXMewphant IX
Mwclis Mwrn VIIIUltimate Twin Blades of Destiny
Crystal Notched Belt VUltra OmniKnight Blade
Frozen Breath Mace VIUnael Protectorate IX
Ostara's Cull IXAzaveyran Farewell III
The Quadstaff IIIShapeless Idol V
Ancient Frost Moglin Knife IXAncient Frost Moglin Staff IX
Ancient Frost Moglin Mace IXRainbow's End IX
Al'nold's Ring VIUaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged)
Tentacle of the Dominion IIIStretchy Candy Cape IX
Navigator's Hat VIThorn Replica VII
Ring of Otherworld IIIMagi Sentinel Helm III
Soulforged Ring (Blue)Soulforged Amulet (Purple)
Winter's Cull IXUaanta's Blaster IV (Charging)
Dreamglass Ring IXRibbon of Compromise V
Mint Cream Staff IXMint Cream Cutter IX
Akaz's Ampoule Ring IXBoxhat IX
Blooddrop Staff IXBlooddrop Knife IX
Harmonized Cowbell 1001Erythrocitrus Band IX
Smuggler's Stormpather VIILost Elf's Belt
Scarab's SoulDrop Bear Hat IX
Scarab's SoulYarek's Staff IX
Tytanvisage Helm (Gold) VII


House Items

Armor ClosetOrb Of Saving
Dragonkeep SconseDragonkeep Sconse
Dragonkeep SconseDragonkeep Sconse
Dragonkeep BannerDragonkeep Banner
Dragonkeep Dragon BannerDragonkeep Dragon Banner
Left Dragon StatueRight Dragon Statue
Dragon GargoyleDragon Gargoyle
Outdoor Dragon GargoyleOutdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Large Outdoor Dragon GargoyleLarge Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Meltface Akriloth Figurine


Ice Cream Invasion: 7(0) Sweets StoppedThe Blood Moon: 63(5) Waves Defeated
Ghoulidays: 247(11) Waves DefeatedThe Maleurous: Sinnocence: 315(2) Waves Defeated
The Snowpeak War: 46(5) Waves DefeatedSong of the Ateala: 445(20) Waves Defeated
Frostval 2019: 20(0) Waves DefeatedArchive E-189-L: 59(6) Paths Cleared
The Angel of Azaveyr: 416(42) Waves Defeated

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