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First Dragon Amulet: Saturday, November 29, 2008

Special Title: Doom Knight


Badge of the Dragon VanquisherCloak Scrap
Slay BellSour Sous Vide
Filigreed CutlassSapphire Pendant
Summon HondaBlack Runed Blade
Cherry Ghost-Tog Runestone
Decadere Carcass "Cape" IIVerne's Dagger II
Runed ChainsPlagued Girdle
Ring of Winter's Rage IIDeadly Cursed Scimitar
Imp's SashShackled Coals
Eagle of Freedom Helm Righteous Twin Blades of Destiny
Gear ChainCheshire Twilly
Save Our Sneevils Sign IIIRing of Thorns V
IsandelDreadwyrm Katana
The Great Grey OneDragonoid Dagger I
Ghost's Blade of Spooky HotnessSilver Lights Knife
Scratchy Rope Choker V

Bank Items

ShadowWalker of TimeEvolved ChickenCow Armor
Rusty Weapon TokenArnice Magica
Female Goggle WigDeathknight Cloak
Defender's Medal (637)Crusader's Helmet
Wings of The Hundred InfernosGunmetal Wings of Wind
Summon Gem - RicterildGud Wun
FireworksThe Sorcerer's Trump
Anubis Burial MaskDeathknight Helm
Unlucky Doom Essence (2)Hallow'd Edge
Daggers of StabinaSteam Tog
Beacon of HopePirate's Curse
Underwater Breathing HelmStaff of Trelix
Red Astral AvengerRuby Flamberge
Ace of SpadesRuby Flamberge
Gilded DrakeJade Stiletto
Baradaa's SkullhelmCladdagh Cloak
Evil EyeLich's End
Zorbak's CloakFatal Salad
The TongWinged Blade
Lock-o-way Safe BeltWildwood Slash I
Purple DragonLord WingsThe Deep Cut
Amatuer Detective CapeNickto's Skullhelm
Ancient ExosuitMagepriest Headgear
Ascended ChickenCow ArmorMechawings
Mirror Eye TrinketHunger Blossom Scythe
Champion of the LightKaavi
Heartless Twin Blades of DoomPsychosis Bag
The Hidebehind IIDeath's Cowl
Rose Sand WrapEerie Miasmal Axe
Leorilla Mane Belt ISpectrus Helm
My Little PegasusZorbak's Ebil Cloak
Great Dirk of HeartsNervous DragonLion's Mane
Dagger of the AmuletMr. Poofles
Jaania's BladeCrystalline Blades
Cold FrightChrysotile Knife
Dream Hedron IHigh Ashara
Lion's Pelt Cape IIIThief's Worth
RAZE A Glass IIILight of Justice
Elvgorian GlacierGhost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
Island Maid HeaddressBaconated Blade of Doom
Illustrious CapePurple DragonLord Wings II
Sandy RingGlacialis Orbis
Vivid Cobalt Dragon WingsHunter's Wrath
Glacial Frigid DirkIceScythe
Illustrious HelmNecrotic Sword of Doom
Independence Scythe of Liberty
Scythe of the Nature DragonSupreme Huntari
Granny Smith Staff IIIGemstone Trithril Belt
Mighty Zephyric Pinwheel +5Gasket Band
Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged)Cloak of Deidro
Brightmist Carver Smouldering Blade of the Primal Fire
Navigator's Hat IIIJunior Soulthread Loop
Raucous ChaindaggerIllustrious Helm
Taffy BeltDream Hedron V
Shapeless Idol IIIAtrea's Sentinel Helm IV
Surewould Camo Cloak VIBrilliant Techangel Cowl
Tournament BladeAxe of Mana
Hero's Platinum EssenceFrost Pumpkin Sword V
Spring Current CapeMini Squishie
Ribbon CollarAmber Katar of the Harvest V
Gold-Plated Super SpoonVampire Wings
Giant Bat WingsSofist Cape
Runed Hawk Cloak VICuddly Dracolich
Vampire WingsVineblade Saber
Rose Researcher's MaskInert Mana Gem
Peculiar Visor


House Items

Arena BannerArena Banner
PVP BannerCandle
Gothic Style WindowNice Bed
Basic End TableBook Pile
Combat DummyGuardian Tile
PvP RugArmor Closet
SnailStorybook Collection


Black Winter: 777(1) Waves DefeatedThe Maleurous: Sinnocence: 31(4) Waves Defeated

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