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First Dragon Amulet: Monday, October 20, 2008

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


Breeze Essence (55)Ostara's Dracobunny
Scrap metal (12)Baby Chimera
Legion BracerDefender's Medal (312)
Cloak ScrapDoomKnight Variant One
Ribbon of Compromise ICorrupt Twin Blades of Doom
Fierce Deatharrows CatFierce BraveSirRobin Cat
Fierce DragonLord HelmElemental Unity Defender XV
Escelense Dragon Defender Daggers VIIEx's Calibur of Forgiveness VII
The Glory of TwillyPalachilly
Blade of AweUnhallowed DeathKnight Circlet
Unhallowed DeathKnight AmuletNick's Toasty Cape VIII
Jack's CarverLeorilla Mane Belt IV
Ultimate Twin Blades of DestinyMooncaller Sickle
SoulForged DaggerDragonoid Dagger V
Elite Wand of the Sunken Rose IIIElite Axe of the Sunken Rose III
Elite Knife of the Sunken Rose IIIEbil Incarnate Cleaver IV
DoomKnight CloakDoomKnight Helm
Leaf of Flux IIIPiercer of Emryhs VIII
Dagger of Unity IXPick of the North IX
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIIIDefender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXIIAncient Frost Moglin Knife IX

Bank Items

Vial of Spider VenomBloody Monster Heart (96)
Shadow Bone Shard (49)Primal Corrupt Essence (11)
Dimensional ShardSpam Letter (2)
Emerald KeyOstara's Golden Egg
Sir Bearginion's FurTimetorn Teleshard (9)
Stan the ScanOrbDoomKnight Armor
Broken Doom Amulet PowderDragon's Patience
Dragon's RageEpoch
Eternal LocketSummon Young Destiny Dragon
Summon Destiny DragonAngler
Chef's HatEvolved ChickenCow Armor
Aeris PvP Trophy (31)TimeKiller
Booty SnifferSummon Gem - Ricterild
Spider Web CapeLimeWorks!
Unlucky Doom Essence (81)Greydawn's Anniversary Cloak I
Necro Paragon ArmorSentog Helm I
Groundhog Wings IPower of the Avatars
Meowphant's Mettle IRunestone
TART Toil MaskHunter's Wrath
Silver Lorelympic Torch IIIBlue Box III
Gorillaphant Hair BeltSpiked Leather Gauntlet
ChillwingJova's Rage
Midsummer Rogue's Claw VIAkriloth's Bane IV
War Wolf IIIGrimey Ring
Fire ImpUriel's Wrath
Ultimate Edge of GloryExtra Crispy Shank of Doom
High Crescent of the EclipseCauldron Daggers VII
Galaxy Shiv IVWooden Shard
Brave BladeFragrant Oleander Cape
Fragrant Sakura WrapEscelense Dragon Defender Cape VI
Shackled BlazeFragrant Oleander Veil
Celestia's Thorn IVReally Spooky Violet Cloak
Really Spooky Green CapeSlimy Necklace
Pristine Dragon SnowmanVampire Wings
Sprinkles Fwendship NecklaceSir Fluffykins VIII
Super Lucky Wyvern VIIIFaerie Lights
Aegis' GratitudeEtched Ring
Brilliant Bloodstone RingAmber Katar of the Harvest V
Resplendent CarnwennanNick's Warm Cape VIII
Pallor's Frozen Dagger VISilvered Bells Cape X
Stately Raven's WingPink Feathered Carnaval Cape VIII
Silver Lorelympic Torch VGrenwog Dragon Egg Dagger XI
Fidelity’s Blessing VAntipode Edge VII
Killer Dragon DaggerIcy Battle Crown V
Icy Battle Cloak VIPallor's Chill Helm
King Dirk of SpadesLovely Time Daggers X
Strong RipCysero's Organic Master Chef Hat
Cysero's Gas-e Tank Mark IXCysero's Greasy Splatula
Were-Fur Cloak VIDazzling Midnight Wish
King Dirk of ClubsSteamGear Shiv
Atrea Dream Dagger VICommemorative Birthday Daggers XII
Harrowing DaggerKnife of the Oculus
Edge of the Crescent Moon VDagger of Poison VI
Baltael's AventailExtremely Spooky Orange Cloak
Lavish Vampire CapeRhubarb's Booty Daggers X
ChronoBirthday Girl Hat VIIIEmerald Daggers of Purity
The Great Red HerringFishcaliber
Rotten Overgourd CoverCursed Overgourd Cover
Overgourd CoverBoxhat VIII
My Tiny Void Pwny IVMy Tiny Green Pwntern V
My Tiny Avenging Angel Pwny VDazzling Noon Promise
Geo's Verdelite BladesBrave Pirate Scarf
Brave Aye Guardian Pirate HatBrave Guardian Pirate Hat
Unchained DaggerCrystalline Blades
Dravalkyrie VIIIReaper's Blade IX
Glorious Hallow'd DaggerHawkarrot
Li'l InfernoLi'l Squall
Li'l TyphoonGhost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
The NecsnowmancerUnlucky Dread Dagger
Kickstarter CapeSir Jing's Dagger IX
Sir Jing's Staff IXSir Jing's Sword IX
Raven of the Mysts Cloak VIRuned Hawk Cloak VI
Glorious Hallow'd EdgeGlorious Hallow'd Dagger
Glorious Hallow'd StaffUnhallowed DeathKnight Belt
BraveSirRobins Fearless HelmDeatharrows Fearless Helm
The Baroness Fearless HelmShadow Dirk
Moonsabre DaggerIsandel
Dreadwyrm KatanaThe Great Grey One
Squirrel Tentacle IVVoid Chitin Band IV
Necro Paragon Soulblade IVNecro Paragon Cape IV
Necro Paragon Helm IVMooncaller Staff
Mooncaller ScimitarHero's Heart Carver
Heart Inquisitor's CloakBlue Dahlia Cloak VIII
Blue Dahlia Cowl VIIIGrub Necklace V
Cheesemonger's GratitudeFrost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Cloak VIIIFrost Moglin Knight's Glaive VIII
Ebil Incarnate Staff IVEbil Incarnate Axe IV
Necrotic Sword of DoomTentacle of the Dominion III
Azaveyran Farewell IIIWhite Magester Veil VII
Navigator's Hat VIUnael Protectorate IX
Ateala Soldier's Helm VIIThorn Replica VII
Rough-Hewn Collar VIIUaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged)
Navigator's Hat VIAl'nold's Ring VI
Ancient Frost Moglin Mace IXAncient Frost Moglin Staff IX


House Items

Magic MirrorArmor Closet
Orb Of SavingPlushie Cabinet
Lefthand NPC Plushie EtagereRighthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Glowing TogstoneReally Glowing Togstone
Make done war! PosterPwny
Sunshine SlimeBlue Box
True Mortal PlushieThe Lady and Kensai Plushies
Ravenloss Plushie CabinetStorybook Collection


Lucky Day War 2011: 501(100) Rainbow ShardsHiding the Blade of Awe: 50(0) Locations Searched
Friday the 13th 2011: 1001(6) Waves DefeatedZardbie War 2011: 140(2) Waves Defeated
Rift War: 1001(8) Waves DefeatedLucky Day War 2012: 1001(0) Waves Defeated
Rising Fire: 1001(10) Waves DefeatedWrath of Wargoth: 1001(0) Wrath Wave
Ebil War: 1001(23) Ebil Waves DefeatedTurducken: 1001(26) Turducken Waves
Winged Darkness: 1001(22) Winged Darkness WavesWar of The Dragon Roses: 51(2) Rose Waves
13th 13th: 51(2) Waves DefeatedFrostval 13: 100(3) Waves Defeated
Save The Moglins: 115(0) Moglins SavedFull Moon: 117(1) Waves Defeated
War at the Core: 1001(14) Waves DefeatedMaz: 50(2) booties collected for Maz
Pirates vs Ninja's: 678(69) Waves DefeatedDragonRider War: 56(0) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: 54(6) Waves DefeatedSerenity Before The Storm: 1001(82) Waves Defeated
Black Winter: 3(1) Waves DefeatedGhoulidays: 1001(70) Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Sinnocence: 910(67) Waves DefeatedThe Snowpeak War: 115(7) Waves Defeated
Song of the Ateala: 102(0) Waves Defeated

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