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First Dragon Amulet: Saturday, June 30, 2012

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


Lansezeur's CompassFrallmar's Fang
Swordhaven Badge (TGH)Swordhaven Badge (TGH)
Mysterious Helm TemplateUltimate Blade Pieces
Proclamation Medal (SH) (21)Legion Bracer
X-Boost: Unlimited (2)Broken Doom Amulet Powder
Gold Cabit Tail (5)Stan the ScanOrb
Wings of The Thousand InfernosWings of The Hundred Flames
MiniphageElemental Unity Defender XIII
Fierce DragonLord HelmWooden Shard
Ostracon SuppliesOrnamented Seal Ring of the Papermancers
Consuming Cursed ScimitarUltimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Dragon's Wing VDragon Eye V
DragonKnight BladeForlorn Gloom Glaive
Necrotic Sword of DoomEscelense Dragon Defender Blade VII
Light of JusticeBattle-worn Doom Blade
Warlic's StaffAscended Claymore
Judgement WheelBlade of Awe
Twilly's StaffIrismancer's Staff
Nick's Toasty Cape VIIIUltimate Blinding Light of Destiny
SoulForged Sword

Bank Items

Fragment of Ethereal AvariceFragment of Ethereal Jealousy
Exalted ForgemetalDoomkitten Dander
FilamentChaosweaver Armor
ChickenCow ArmorEvolved ChickenCow Armor
DoomKnight ArmorTimewarped Medal
Dragon's PatienceAngler
Aeris PvP Trophy (60)Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mk II
Defender's Medal (209)Cloak Scrap
Summon Young Destiny DragonSummon Destiny Dragon
Dimensional TransphaserSummon Gem - Ricterild
FireworksCorDemi Battledrone
Unlucky Doom Essence (4)IceScythe
Ascended ChickenCow ArmorMaster CorDemi Codex
Kathool Adept ArmorAncient Exosuit
Jova's FuryBOOM-Voice Brew
Skull Crusher BlasterDragon Axe
Vaal MaskPoeLala
HawkarrotUaanta's Blaster II (Uncharged)
Shockingly Nice HairIll Fortune's Gain
Brightmist GreatstaveRoaring Chainsword
Cysero's HamstergeddonTomix Mask
Plushie TomixPlushie Seppy
ZardbirillaomgiphantUndead Chickencow
Woses IVCount's Cape
Cloak of DeidroCowl of Deidro
Corrupt ShadowReaper of DoomSpyblade of Alacrity III
Dragon Mage Wings IVSluagh Sidhe IV
Harvest Reaper VPirate Monkey Fleet Captain
Fierce LFAL CatFierce Prius Cat
Fierce Deatharrows CatFierce BraveSirRobin Cat
Fierce Baron CatDeath's Majestic Scythe
Extra Crispy Blade of DoomFierce Josh Cat
Eye of the Void IVEbil Love VII
Skullpiercer IIIWonderflonium Belt
Chained BlazeItty Squishie
Frost Vine Wings VSenior Soulthread Loop
Bubbly Cider KegDefender's Dragon Belt XVI
Dracabbit VIIICoggy
Faerie LightsWerewolf Fang Belt
Amber Axe of the Harvest VSand Sword
Dazzling Midnight WishPoker Titfer VIII
The MagisterGolden Maple Scythe XII
Dragon's Plume VDoomKnight Helm
Dragon Mage Hood VTaste of Freedom XII
Pumpkinator's EdgeGouda Blade
Neutral CloakTragic Cloak
DragonKnight CapeDragonKnight Helm
TimeShift ScytheTimeShift Visor
TimeShift CapeCinco de Mayo Blade XI
Sneegion Sword of DOOMChambered Eternity Love
Grenwog Dragon Egg Blade XIPetrified DragonLion's Flowing Mane
Resplendent CaliburnSpiraling Eternity Key
Dragon Carving Blade XAntipode Broadsword VII
Rolith's Hammer of ProtectionUnchained Blade
Wings of the UnchainedDazzling Midnight Wish
Soggy SpybladeScythe of Liberty
FreedomGrenberge Blade X
Traditional Grenwog Eggs VITreasure Key Sword
Unhallowed DeathKnight BladeDarkened Tree Branches
Darkened Tree HelmDark Chronokeeper XI
Dark TranscendenceDark Time Sword X
Crystal Dragon Edge XIIMalevolent 13th 13th Scythe
Pirate Cutlass IXDark Sepulchure Helm
Dark Legion CapeDark DragonLord's Edge XII
Sugary Eternity JoyEye of the Void VI
Rose Sand WrapAtrea Dream Helm IX
Atrea Dream Edge VIMoglinberry Void Cider Mug Sword
Unhallowed DeathKnight AmuletUltra OmniKnight Blade
Rotten Overgourd CoverGhost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
Fat WerepupMile High Stallions
Dragons Ex's Calibur VIIIMy Tiny DOOM Pwny VI
Ancient Naner IXPaladin Blade
Liberty WingsDragon Blade
Light of DestinyIce Scythe
Shadowfire AxeZorbak's Staff
DoomKnight CloakTournament Blade
World Destroyer WingsRunestone
Ring of Thorns IXFlying Saucer Belt IX
SoulForged SwordScratchy Rope Choker VIII
Doom Dragon ScytheSerenity's Courage
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals


House Items

Mage TableAlchemy Lab
Dragon NestLava Lakes
Healing PadVault
Necro U HandbookMagic Mirror
Armor ClosetOrb Of Saving
Light-stained Vanity DresserChickenCowLord Action Figure
Clyde the Stats MoglinStatue of Pandora
Grenwog Egg ClutchRavenloss Plushie Cabinet
Storybook Collection


Rising Fire: 27(1) Waves DefeatedWrath of Wargoth: 625(0) Wrath Wave
Ebil War: 281(0) Ebil Waves DefeatedTurducken: 1001(22) Turducken Waves
Winged Darkness: 1001(2) Winged Darkness WavesWar of The Dragon Roses: 1001(4) Rose Waves
War of the Dragon Roses: 1001(24) Dragon Waves13th 13th: 702(0) Waves Defeated
Frostval 13: 11(0) Waves DefeatedMaz: 1(0) booties collected for Maz
Serenity Before The Storm: 14(1) Waves DefeatedThe Dark Night: 31(2) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: Weal: 150(0) Waves DefeatedBlack Winter: 2(0) Waves Defeated
Archive E-189-L: 30(0) Paths Cleared

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