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First Dragon Amulet: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


ArchivistX-Boost: Unlimited (10)
Mask of MajjiMask of Al'nold
Grenwog JrEpoch
Eternal LocketSnugglePanda
ChickenCow ArmorShadowWalker of Time
Shadow Warrior ArmorStan the ScanOrb
Dimensional TransphaserDoomKnight Armor
Summon Young Destiny DragonSummon Destiny Dragon
Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mk IIEvolved ChickenCow Armor
AnglerDoomKnight Variant One
Summon Gem - RicterildShadowrune Cape
PyromancerKathool Adept Armor
Weaver Wrap-Around IIcebound Revenant
Ancient ExosuitAscended ChickenCow Armor
Not-So-Tiny BubblesSummon Gem - Roktoru
Emperor LinusAncient Defender Mask I
Soulweaver's Hood IMagesterium Blade I
Atrea Dream Dagger IIDefender Cannon Mk. II
DeathKnight BladeGalaxy Edge II
SoulWeaver Hood IIIAtrea Dream Helm V
Rockin' Headphones IIIParrrrrotical Pete the Parrot
Blade of AweDragon's Crystal Ice VI
MonkaKaziUltimate Dragon Wings VI
Super Golden Phoenix Wings IVMasamune
Dravalkyrie VICuddly Dracolich
Noxious Doom Harvester WingsGalaxy Cowl IV
Golden Chickcalf VIIPenultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Blissful Starlight SwordIcy Battle Crown IV
Canopic CharmElemental Unity Defender XV
Ultra OmniKnight BladeDrAEgon Scythe
Atrea Dream Wings VIIIBlade of Destiny
Grove Tender BladeVanilla Ice Katana
Scythe of the Dark AmuletLight of Balance
Light of WisdomLight of Fervor
Baltael's AventailFrostfyre's Eye
Core KeyBreezefury Perfect
SoulSmith Sword XILovely Book
Jova's FuryAncient Defender Wings V
Ancient Defender Edge VIIShadowWalker's Visage IV
Chiffon Frostval Top HatEthereal Devourer
Fat WerepupScythe of the Energy Dragon
Judgement WheelAntipode Broadsword VII
Crystal Notched Belt IVAncient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements
Obsidian DragonBlade VIIIStormhawk VIII
Lightblade Caliburn IXShadowWalker's TimeScythe IV
ShadowWalker's Chakram IVEbil Incarnate Axe IV
SoulForged SwordFrost Moglin Knight's Glaive VIII
Feathers of Odium's Bane VIIIBlade of Odium's Bane VIII
Battlehelm of Odium's Bane VIIIHero's Armband
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of ElementalsWarding Girdle
Serenity's CourageNecrotic Sword of Doom
DoomKnight HelmDoomKnight Cloak
Mace of the North IXSoulforged Ring (Red)
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXIIWings of the Unraveler III

Bank Items

Badge of Valor (8)Ice Crystal (3)
Fire Gem (4)Amethyst Shard
Shard of the Spirit-Loom (7)Moglinberry Juice
Glob of Mwrn"Coal"
Frallmar's FangFrallmar's Fang
Glowing SnowflakeSlay Bell (2)
Illustrious Frozen Gift BoxIllustrious Frozen Gift Box
HeroPoint (9)Glob of Atgasedd
Frost Dragon HeadChickencow Teeth
Sludge BubbleDragon PvP Trophy (5)
Frost Dragon HeadAeris PvP Trophy (10)
Defender's Medal (3487)Booty Sniffer
Unlucky Doom Essence (10)Post-Adolescent Ninja Terrapin
Summon Gem - IlluminaTime Core Edge
Serpentine BladeIce Scythe
DeathKnight AmuletDeathKnight Cloak
DeathKnight HelmMr. Poofles
Ebil Incarnate Axe IIToppings
Oversized Rutilated RipperGrove Tender Visage
Grove Tender TwigsBig 100K Scythe
Sun God VisorSun God Scythe
Sun God CapeBlade of Awe
Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged)Navigator's Hat III
Ultimate Dragon Helm VScythe of the Nature Dragon
Light of PurityLight of Ambition
Light of JusticeBreath of Life
Scythe of the Darkness DragonMiniphage
Elvgorian GlacierUltimate Helm of EverluCk
Scythe of the Stone DragonScythe of the Bacon Dragon
Scythe of the Water DragonScythe of the Light Dragon
Wooden Sword of Doom IVMewphant IX
SoulForged ScytheSyzygy Key V
Serenity's GraceDoom Dragon Scythe


House Items

CrystalHealing Pad
VaultArtix Statue
Necro U HandbookDragesvard painting
Magic MirrorArmor Closet
Hydra Memorial PosterMiniature Minotaur
Memento MoriEasy Clean Aquarium
Traveler's Gryphon StatueWater Torch
Water TorchAqua Light
Aqua LightHaunted Wood Full Moon Window
Dragonsgrasp Copper FountainRavenloss Light Right
Soulthread VialsMurk Counter
Spade MaskElemental Roses
Practice Elemental RosesLeft Dragon Statue
Right Dragon StatueLarge Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Outdoor PotsGlowy Mushrooms
Double TroubleIce Crystal
Tapestry of the CapitolDark Night Trophy
Pellow VillagePellow Clearing Stone
Pellow Golden BonsaiPellow Golden Bonsai
Void Ship PlansStorybook Collection
Odium's Bane Display SetPortrait of Timmy


Full Moon: 53(1) Waves DefeatedWar at the Core: 51(0) Waves Defeated
Rising Fire: 1(0) Waves DefeatedWrath of Wargoth: 2(0) Wrath Wave
Pirates vs Ninja's: 24(2) Waves DefeatedDragonRider War: 19(0) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: 2(0) Waves DefeatedSerenity Before The Storm: 81(1) Waves Defeated
The Dark Night: 400(0) Waves DefeatedIce Cream Invasion: 37(0) Sweets Stopped
Friday the 13th: Weal: 801(22) Waves DefeatedBlack Winter: 10001(1) Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon: 2849(133) Waves DefeatedGhoulidays: 908(59) Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Sinnocence: 5440(358) Waves DefeatedThe Snowpeak War: 1165(22) Waves Defeated

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